Terri Seymour’s Blog: The Cups Runneth Over

06/23/2015 at 04:15 PM ET

Please welcome our newest celebrity blogger, Terri Seymour!

The British-born star is an actress and TV personality, and serves as a correspondent for Extra.

Seymour, 40, and her boyfriend, British model Clark Mallonare new parents after welcoming their first child, daughter Coco, in March.

She can be found on Instagram and Twitter @TerriSeymour.

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I had heard mixed reports from friends about breastfeeding: Some loved it, some hated it.

I’m happy to say I absolutely love it!

I’ll never forget the moment the nurse placed Coco on my chest for the first time. I had taken all the classes, so I had been told how important that bonding moment was, but nothing prepares you for the overwhelming love you experience when feeling your sweet baby against your skin.

It’s amazing how they know exactly what to do in their first moments on Earth almost more than we do! I was crying tears of joy, and baby Coco found her way to my breast and the bond began.

It’s all such a whirlwind. Here you are with this tiny baby, and you worry about whether you are doing everything right. I saw two lactation specialists in the hospital, and I even had a company called My Nursing Coach come to the house as I was worried I wasn’t doing it right, and that I wouldn’t be able to produce enough milk. Linda was so reassuring and supportive providing me with some great tips. Even to this day, I still text her for advice.

Terri Seymour blog breastfeeding
Courtesy Terri Seymour

Despite being sore, which of course is to be expected, I have been extremely lucky (knock on wood) in that Coco has been a natural and loves her milk. And of course, there are so many benefits: The baby’s immune system is boosted, and they are less likely to get sick, to name just a couple.

For us, the baby weight comes off quicker (without going to the gym … ugh, going to have to go back soon!); and I’m not going to lie, for the first time in my life I have boobs, and I love it.

Okay, enough boobs and back to baby!

Now nearly three months later, Coco has a great appetite and keeps me busy with her feeding schedule. Speaking of the little monkey, here she comes for another feed!

#MyLove #Coco ❤️❤️❤️

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The biggest surprise for me with feeding is how often the little one gets hungry. Coco likes to feed every two hours (but by the time you’ve finished it’s actually every hour).

Then there’s the pumping. Does everyone hate pumping as much as I do?! But as a working mum, it’s a fact of life, and at least we know our little ones have what they need during those guilt-ridden hours away.

While breastfeeding has been such an amazing experience for me and Coco, the biggest challenge for me has been breastfeeding in public. Coco loves to go out and be in the fresh air. I shouldn’t be worried about what people think as this is natural, but you can’t help that when people are staring.

I recently went out for lunch and was fiddling about under a muslin trying to breastfeed and my boyfriend Clark said, “You look ridiculous!” I jokingly posted a picture on Instagram and people responded with comments like: “Be proud,” “Undercover nursing,” “Don’t hide it.” That made me think, “They’re right. There is absolutely nothing to hide, and I’m so lucky to be able to do this.”

So calling all breastfeeding mums, if you have any good tricks let me know here or @terriseymour!

Terri Seymour blog breastfeeding
Courtesy Terri Seymour

— Terri Seymour

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Monika on

She’s adorable

Melanie Larsen on

I always wear an undershirt when nursing. pull your top layer up and you undershirt down and then only your nipple is showing . It makes me feel a lot more comfortable then a bulky blanket .

Heather on

Coco is so sweet!! The only thing that got me through breastfeeding was the topical cream. It really made a big difference for my soreness with my daughter who wanted to eat all the time. Good Luck!

hillary on

Glad she finally left Simon Cowell and moved on with her life!! It’s like she left Mr. Big and got Smith Jerrod. Score!

Angelica on

Her boyfriend is hot!

Libby on

Wow she looks nothing like her mom ! Is her mom 1/2 very fair and blue eyes?

Wild how genetics works. Dominant genes just don’t come around so much as we think.

Adorable baby!

Leah on

Dahlia on

I don’t understand this trend of celeb moms flaunting how they feed their children. Look at me! I feed my child! Get over yourself. You did not invent nursing. And you’re not doing anything heroic. (And I breastfed my kids, btw).

RNmama on

Dahlia- great job nursing your babes! I think it’s great these women sharing their experiences bc it really helps normalize it in hopes women won’t be ridiculed in the future!

Kat on

I’m the same age as Terry and there’s no way I’d date a 24yr old punk, let alone procreate with.

The baby is beautiful though!

Lisa on

What a truly gorgeous baby! The parents are blessed!

blessedwithboys on

Awesome story, but I would like to point out that breastfed babies don’t get sick less often. The truth is that formula fed babies get sick more often. Breast is not best, it is normal!

Kay on

Coco is so beautiful, she looks very much like your partner. I love her name by the way, it’s daring without being ridiculous, an absolutely perfect naming formula.

I feel the same way about breastfeeding! On the one hand, I want to be modest and prevent the people around me from being uncomfortable. Then I find myself thinking why should I have to cover my baby because someone is ridiculously offended by breastfeeding? My baby has to eat, they don’t have to watch. But then I chicken out and cover up anyway as to not make waves. I love to know if you have begun breastfeeding openly in your next blog post!

SFK on

OMGosssshhhh! That baby is every bit as gorgeous as I expected her to be, with those beautiful parents!!

Susan on

Not every formula fed baby gets sick a lot. I was formula fed as a baby and compared to my husband who was breastfed, I am the healthier one. He was always sick as a baby and toddler. Maybe I have a better diet.

Babs on

That’s dumb, you don’t cover your entire head, just the side that your nursing on and then the baby doesn’t have any distractions either. Its peaceful for the baby.

blessedwithboys on

@Susan, I didn’t say “a lot”, I said “more often”. You an your husband are two people, that’s not a large enough sample to draw any conclusions.

The baseline is breastfeeding. In general, babies who do not breastfeed are sick more often than babies who do breastfeed.

It’s back-asswards to make formula the baseline and say breastfed babies get sick less often. That language normalizes artificial formula.

Formula can be a life-saver, case in point my friend who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in week 39 of her pregnancy and had to start chemo 2 wks pp. That doesn’t make formula feeding “normal”.

Raini on

I can’t stop laughing at the cover up over your head, so funny! I understand though, I was a nervous wreck nursing with my 1st baby and fumbled around terribly. When my 2nd came the little modesty I had went completely out the window. I would warn people to either look away or look at a nipple coming out in 3,2,1. I did learn that a rogue nipple is like a deer in headlights, they can’t help but look. 🙂

Enjoy, the cuddly baby months go by so fast! (she’s beautiful BTW)

Ari on

What a beautiful baby!!

Guest on


s on

Get a nursing cover with a proper neck strap and those tank tops with the built in nursing bras…that way no one need to see your exposed belly or back, whilst you fumble around! Adorable baby and hot daddy!

Bri on

I am currently feeding my 4 month old and loving it!! And I totally underhand the cover over the head I used to use an udder cover to nurse but even then I would fumble about trying to see and help her latch while also trying not to expose anything and made it more difficult than if I hadn’t covered. But I’ve gotten to the point where I rarely care anymore. I will nurse out in the open and in public if I don’t have a bottle handy and if people want to criticize then that’s just fine cause I’ve learned to ignore ignorant people.

And I’m not a huge advocate for breastfeeding I mean if you would rather formula feed your baby more power to you. You are doing what you think is best for your baby and that is all that is asked of you as a mother.

And I love the fact that celebrities are on covers of magazines and on social media breastfeeding to help normalize it. Breastfeeding is a wonderful and beautiful thing and what breast were intended for.

Bernadette on

I’m a big supporter of breastfeeding anywhere and anytime the baby is hungry. This sarcastic video is hilarious! 4 reasons women should NEVER breastfeed in public! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LURZqBig734

Abby on

Coco is very cute.

Lauren on

@Melanie: I do the same thing with the double tank top. So much easier.

And nursing covers?? Forget that noise. My daughter would flip out if I tried to cover her. And sorry, but I’m not hauling around some awful bulky cape that makes you look like you’re wearing a mumu. They’re not necessary and not cute.

erica2 on

i have been exclusively breastfeeding for almost 10 months i am a working mother and i pump when i am away from the baby i hate pumping but i love that my baby boy gets a part of me when i am working! my son goes to daycare and it seems he always catch a cold from all of the germs i wish the myth that bf babies dont get sick often was true! terri and baby coco are a dynamic duo 🙂

Bem on

I hope the lactation specialists in the hospital I birth in will leave me the heck alone! Those women can be vicious and overbearing. I don’t like the idea that they can just barge into your room and start manhandling you and your baby.

dd on

she’s a very cute mom…
her boyfriend/husband is also very cute
and her baby is a little doll
i am glad terry has found happiness.
I kind of prefer moms to cover up during breastfeeding, i don’t mind at all if they do it in public, cuz you’ve got to feed ur baby …but it looks nicer to cover up chest and baby with a little towel or drape…just my opinion.

Sam33 on

That is the most beautiful baby!!!

Meghan on

I wear a tank top under my shirt and I also use a nursing cover (udder covers) that makes me feel more comfortable when I’m out in public. My baby is only a month an a half so we’re still learning what works for us too!
I wasn’t sure if I was going to breastfeed and decided the moment she was born it was something we were going to try. I am so glad that we did. My older child was bottle fed so I knew nothing about breastfeeding. I wasn’t comfortable feeding my newborn out in public. I felt so exposed – Luckily my sister was pregnant and had her baby two weeks before I did so I’ve gotten a lot of help and suggestions from her.