It’ll Be a Boy for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

06/22/2015 at 12:30 AM ET

Kim Kardashian West Pregnant Kanye West Expecting Son Kanye West Steve Granitz/WireImage

The rumors were trueKanye West and Kim Kardashian West are expecting a son.

The reality star broke the baby boy news late Sunday on Instagram, sharing a photo of the rapper reading to 2-year-old daughter North for Father’s Day.

“Precious moments like this when we were traveling on tour with you are what I live for,” Kardashian West, 34, captioned the photo. “You’re such a good daddy to North & you will be the best daddy to our new son too!”

Earlier in the day, she posted a sweet picture of West, 38, giving their little girl a kiss. “I’m so lucky to be married to a man who is so in love with his daughter, your bond is so irreplaceable,” she wrote. “Thank you for being such a good dad! We love and appreciate you so much! We’re so blessed to have you!”

After a struggle to conceive, the couple announced the pregnancy in May. The latest addition to the West family will arrive in December — and won’t be named South.

— Sarah Michaud

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jenn1114 on

Wow, she must have found out super early what the gender was.

Michelle on

^^or they purposely sorted the sperm for a boy since it was IVF. Either way congrats 🙂

dora on

20 bucks says theyll name their son easton (or some variation of that spelling)

ohdebbie on

Ok, gender selection pretty easy and/or common with ivf so no surprise it’s a boy. What is surprising is Kanye can read? :-/ and that photo of him kissing north – he looks like he’s looking for someone to hand her off to in the background……

Kathy on

Sorry, but I really can’t stand these people.

HJ on

Don’t you normally find out the gender of a baby (ultrasound ) between 14 to 17 weeks? So this would make her at least 4, 5 months pregnant and not showing (second pregnancies tend to show sooner). I may, and could have my math wrong….but she claims to be due in December. Even Decemer 1, she would now be only 3 months pregnant??!! Just asking!

LS0919 on

I knew she was having a boy as soon as she got her panties in a wad when the original report leaked.

Anne Ganrs on

I heard there are blood tests that can tell you the sex earlier than ultrasound.

Anne Ganrs on

North West is adorable. No matter what you think of her parents that is a cute kid.

Anonymous on

One of my many cousins is one of Kim’s best friends, so i get alot of info from the ‘grape vine,’ so to speak. Nobody was privy to the gender however, but a few know the name they’ve been calling him (or referring to him as,) but if i told you, you’d think i was joking. I’m not. I’m not a fan of the Kardashians, so i’ll spill it (not that anyone will believe me.) Unless they change it from now until the birth, his name will be Wilde. Told you nobody would believe me, but hey you’ll believe me in a few months (unless Wilde is merely an ‘it’ name.) Lets hope for the sake of the child, they change it to something proper.

Nichole on

I didn’t know it was possible to know the sex of a baby at 3 months. Kim is barely even showing, and is still seething because nobody cares.

Sandy Kay on

One thing the world does NOT need is another Kardashians/West kid! These idiots should not reproduce…!

Baddest on

Congrats to the happy couple. Now I wish them a few blissful years on a remote exotic private island

Rebecca on

Oh wow, Anonymous. I actually do believe you.

Wilde West, huh? That would be so freaking tragic if that kid got saddled with that. But I guess he and Nori can suffer together. -_-

Anonymous on

It is possible to find out the sex of the baby at 10 weeks from a blood test that is usually taken to determine if certain medical conditions are present. The blood test can concretely tell if the child is a boy but not that it is a girl, but of course if the test doesn’t say it is a by then by process of elimination the baby must be a by. This is how I understand the test to operate. So bottom line is yes, it is possible for Kim to be due in December and yet also already know that she is having a son.

Anonymous on

Typos in my above post. Last part should have read:
… but of course if the test doesn’t say it is a boy then by process of elimination the baby must be a girl. This is how I understand the test to operate. So bottom line is yes, it is possible for Kim to be due in December and yet also already know that she is having a son.

K for Krap on

My question is, who gives a rats a$$!?!?

Taylor on

His name will be Easton or Kanye.

alittlebird on

There are blood tests that can tell you gender and if baby has any genetic issues. It is called Maternit21. I found out I was having a boy 1 week shy of 3 months.

Betty Rubble on

Yeah, he won’t be named South. Just like she said they wouldn’t name their baby North.

trish on

congratulations boy and girl! God bless your family.

Bugsy on

That’s awesome . . . and to those a**holes and bitc*** who have nothing better to do, and no original thoughts in their ignorant heads except to rain on other people’s sunshine: Go F Yourselves. Congrats to Kimye and little North – health and happiness to all.

Ala Lemon on

When it comes to the Kardashians, the rumors are always true.

Luna-tic on

I still don’t believe for one second that Kim is pregnant. I am convinced they are using a surrogate. Soon she is putting on the fake belly. She doesn’t even look pregnant and the first time with north, she started ballooning straight away. And the fact that she hated every second of her pregnancy and the weight gain. She will never in a million years go through this again.

Kat on

All I can say, “poor kids”, with Kim for mommy and Kanye da daddy. Smh.

m on

I didn’t know that less than 2 years trying is called struggling to conceive….what a slap in the face to those that really struggle….

Kartrashians go away on

Ok congratulations now can you all please go to another planet and live happily ever after thank you

Biankita on

@m: that’s exactly what I thought. How can they call it “struggling” to conceive, when they have obviously tried for less than 18 months (assuming that they didn’t start right after North’s birth and that Kim’s about three months pregnant)? Over here in Germany, the the doctors won’t even consider testing your hormones, much less referring you to a fertility clinic, unless you are over 35 and have tried unsuccessfully for more than a year. But I tend to forget, that for such D-Listers as the Kardashians clocks are ticking differently.
However, the excuse of using IVF because of the medical compilcations Kim suffered with her first pregnancy seems to me pretty far-fetched. If her uterus’ lining was so damaged how could an IVF treatment better her chances of conceiving? As far as I am informed this method is used to help fertilise the egg, I wonder how it could have a positive effect on the egg nesting in the uterus? Be that as it may, the whole story has a bland taste to it. It’s hard not to believe that getting pregnant again and being once again able to fill the pages wasn’t happening fast enough naturally, so they took their money a had the baby produced in the test-tube. So in addition to ruling out any genetic defects, they could even choose the sex, how comfortable.
I really do hope the poor little tyke gets a decent name and won’t be pimped as much as his big sister, but I fear this hope is in vain.

button on

Well this is good news. Now that they’ll have one of each maybe they’ll stop reproducing!

Amy on

I’ve read the thread of emails below. My initial reaction is that only time will tell how this whole story plays out. That means the children — their parents — all of it. I pray for the West children that their parents will get this right. Who knows? Let’s re-evaluate this family 10 and 20 years down the road. Only time will tell….

lisa on

I see People has nothing interesting to post, were back to this insignificant family again


Can’t they keep anything private? Must every moment of her life be on Instagram?

maryhelenc on

She also said she wasn’t calling North “North.” And they weren’t having a boy. They’re probably waiting on the deal with Southwest Airlines.

Nanu21 on

Isn’t he to old to still be wearing raggy jeans with camo tee shirts but then again look how tacky his wife dresses…..two clowns!!! North will have a brother…….doesn’t get anymore exciting than that and maybe they will call him Bruce…..

Mary on

Darn. I was hoping for a girl just to piss Kanye off. I hate it when people in the public eye state their preference for one gender over the other. Do they ever think that their child may look back and see that “oh, Daddy wanted me to be a boy”?

Of course, I get so annoyed by anyone finding out the gender beforehand that I secretly wish that the test/ultrasound was wrong. Whatever happened to waiting until the baby arrived?

Sharon on

I bet when they did in vitro they chose the sex. Be real.

Linda marie murphy on

Wasn’t this news last week? Didn’t we already know this?

Lu on

This all adds up to nearly five months pregnant with a second child, and not showing at all. Unless Kim is a medical marvel, carrying the precious baby in her massive bum, this is fake like everything else the Kardashians do. I have no doubt there will be a baby but she isn’t the one having it.

Maybe name the baby Vain.

norosecoloredglspls on

well, People editors, this is shaping up to be the longest pregnancy ever. let me get my thanks in now. thanks. (too bad no one can hear the scathingly sarcastic tone in which I am typing this)

guest on

Somebody said Easton. That is actually cute.

Max Killen on

And this is news worthy?

Babs on

Please don’t saddle this poor baby a stupid stupid name. Use your common sense (if u have any)

Silly People on

$$$$$$$ That’s it haters, keep on hating, and People will keep on printing – stories, that is! $$$$$$$$

Congratulations Kim and Kanye!

gardenboy on

They just couldn’t wait to pimp another headline…this time from an unborn.Let’s just hope nothing goes wrong,this is waaaay too early to start with stories of future offspring.These people are unreal..

Justme on

Poor IGNori, she’ll be put on the back burner. I hope they don’t raise the boy racist like the father

Justme on

@lu, I agree. She’s not knocked up.

charlotte on

just what the world needs, another little turd 😦

jewels1972 on

You can find out the gender of your baby early on if the positioning of the baby is just right when doing an ultrasound. I found out at 12 wks because the baby was in a perfect position to see “it”: spread eagle with rump to the screen. There was no doubt we were having a boy! And there he was 6 months later. So it IS possible.

guest13 on

Okay so she can name him Easton West

Ashley on

Anne Ganrs: Actually I DON’T think North West is very cute at all….she is quite homely, plain looking, and is never smiling. Sheeeesh, wonder why? With those people as my family, I think I would feel the same way!

Gh on

If they underwent any genetic testing which is highly likely, gender can be determined usually as early as 7 weeks. Gender can sometimes also be revealed by ultrasound as early as 11 weeks.

cj on

i have nothing nice to say

heather on

who puts that much product in a baby’s hair?

I guess Kim can’t help herself. She can’t say these things to Kanye, she has to let the world know and just let it slip in there that they’re having a boy. How subtle Kim.

Lawrence McAllister on

How can a pre-born’s gender be identified if gender has nothing to do with genitalia? Kanye and Kim have to wait for the child to decide its gender.

MSS on

Since Kanye is an only child, it would be a lovely tribute to his late mother, Donda, to name the baby Donald. Perhaps Robert as a middle name for Kim”s father Two nice normal names. That will never happen

rachelle on

What are Kim and Kanye doing wrong? It seems like people are just saying negative things to be saying them. I have not seen any evidence that they are bad parents. I have not seen any evidence that they are bad people. She made a video with Ray J. A lot of people make videos of themselves making love. Hers got posted (some say by her mother). Kanye is a person who happens to speak his mind. So what? He’s living his life. He must be doing something right because people are still buying his music and he’s making money. Don’t forget, we made the Kardashian’s famous (and I don’t even watch their show). If they had gotten low ratings for their reality show, it would have been cancelled long ago. So, instead of blaming the Kardashian’s and Kanye for being famous, blame the viewing and listening public who keep them famous. They are so in love. Cut them a break and let them be happy. Hopefully they last a long time.

Anonymous on

They should name him Easton.

Plumeria on

Id prefer to hear WAY more about Kourtney’s kids than Kim’s.. enough already!

Justme on

@rachelle, guess you need to open your eyes and read the real world. IGNori is an accessory. This bunch had her fly on different planes than them. Parents are never home, always running amuck. Leave her with nannies 90% of the time. But I guess you see the material things they do, which I guess in your world is what it’s all about

Brooke on

This child will be called Easton. Book it, Mark it down…

Jayleen on

I’d bet they selected the sex of the baby when they had IVF done using preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). The 3 to 5 day old embryos are tested, and they choose the ones to be implanted. They wanted a boy, they only have male embryos used.

Lisa on

Wild West it is.

Juli on

There’s a test that uses the mom’s blood to determine the gender of the child. It can be done from the second month and beyond. I think that’s what Kim did to find out what the sex is.
Congratulations on the West family, it’s going to be one gorgeous little boy.

Georgia Calvi on

She’s named the baby Bruce Caitlyn. (not “South”) This is a 101% true story from the internet!

Sandy on

Stop it, Kartrashians. Like the DUGGARS, you are fame whores!

Shannon on

Just what the world needs, a mini Kanye! Like having one wasn’t bad enough!

desertqueen on

it was because Kim wanted to be pregnant with a boy is the main reason she couldn’t get pregnant as fast as she wanted, as her body did not allow the invitro male egg to latch onto her uterus, female eggs are better than male as they have been found to be stronger.look it up. anyway as Kim doesn’t want to be pregnant again after this she wanted to insure she would have a boy

meeeee on

Kim wanted to insure she would have a boy this time around as she doesn’t want to be pregnant again. they used in vitro to make sure they would have a boy, but her uterus keep rejecting the male embryo, that is how they knew so early on about the sex of the baby.

ll on

Kim had in vitro to make sure she had a boy this time around. it took a few rounds to get pregnant, per how they knew it was a boy from the start

Abby on

I read an article they are naming their son Wilde West. WTF is wrong with these people?

rachelle on

@Justme – I appreciate your responding to my post. I looked up what you said about North West flying alone without her parents. While it did pop up on, in touch weekly,,,,, ok magazine, and, I had yet to see it pop up on reputable news sites such as ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, etc. I tend to avoid the aforementioned sites because they tend to skew the news (and make it look negative) in order to make money or get hits for their websites, although TMZ tries real hard to have integrity. Even if she did fly alone, you made it seem like she was in the company of strangers. Could it be that her parents had jobs to do? I’m sure that if they had continued to fly her all over the world with them, everyone would have had a problem with that too. Please try to look at the whole picture before judging. Everyone does things that are questionable; although I do not see what they did wrong. No one is perfect.

SAR on

Great, she’s going to produce the Almighty Male Heir. Reminds me of how her hideous mother bragged about “finally having a boy” after three girls, and getting tons of presents from the family: “I should have had three boys.” Lovely.

The Kardashians and their extended family make me nauseous. Why are they even famous? Is there a worthwhile soul among any of them? I doubt it.

Donna on

I would like to see more of Kourtney’s adorable kids instead, too.
Chorionic villus sampling is a prenatal test given early on in pregnancy with many risks of miscarriage. It will give the sex of baby but seems too risky to pursue unless testing for chromosome problems.

R on

This comment is for the people saying they did gender selection. I don’t know if they did (and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they did) but there is a new blood test performed by the mothers blood called Materni21 (or something like that) that can tell the gender with 100% accuracy and test for multiple genetic disorders. The test is done at 10 weeks.

SAR on

I wouldn’t doubt at all that they did sex selection. Kanye wanted a boy and Kim, like a dutiful wifey, wanted to give him his precious male heir. After this kid is born, it’ll no doubt be, “North who?” in that household. It probably already is.

I feel sorry for any kid spawned by a Kardashian.

Hulk Smash on

Welcome baby South.

Anonymous on

Um name South sounds good.

Lady M on

I know many people are hoping for Easton, but I prefer Sur (pronounced Sir and means South in various languages). Plus it keeps with their cardinal direction theme. Sur West? As in Sir West? It sounds like a very Kanye thing to do. Either that or name all their kids names starting with N. Like Nathaniel, etc.

cheryl on

another California Rasian

cheryl on

Ahhhhhaaaa…a iV kid….lmao……… they really should not prduce…..North is nasty looking….