Riley Curry Continued Her Parade of Cuteness with an Actual Parade

06/20/2015 at 01:50 PM ET

The NBA Finals may be over, but their biggest star isn’t done just yet.

Riley Curry, the 2½-year-old daughter of Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry, stole fans’s hearts this season with her adorable antics during her M.V.P. dad’s many press conferences.

Stephen and Riley Curry
Noah Graham/Getty Images

Riley joined her father once again during the Warriors’ victory parade in Oakland, California, on Friday. Curry and the Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 6 of the NBA finals earlier this week, taking the championship 105-97.

The toddler rode on the team float with her father and expectant mom, Ayesha Curry, waving to fans.

Stephen and Riley Curry
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Riley seemed in awe of the thousands of parade-goers, but kept most of her focus on collecting the confetti that was falling throughout the parade route.

Later, she joined Curry at the podium while he gave a speech and even got a chance at the mic before stage fright took over.

Spouting out a one-word exclamation that sounded like “way,” the tiny tot quickly shied away from the microphone and covered her face — shy behavior from the normally charismatic kid.

After her brief moment in the spotlight, Riley returned to the float and went back to work on her confetti collection.

— Lindsay Kimble

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Lisa on

She is very cute but I wonder if this is too much attention for a little girl?

Jamie Girl on

Riley is so adorable. She steals the spotlight wherever she goes. Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors and the wonderful Curry family.

Carolyn on

Looks like there’s another one on the way.

Heather on

Such a ham, what a cutie.

Chi on

Yes his wife is due in July with their second child.

Mrs. B on

That little girl is the spitting image of her father.

K.B. on

What an adorable little girl! She has such a great personality, but I bet she’s a real handful! LOL!

Marky on

Her dad is an amazing, humble guy too. Love Stef Curry and ALL the Warriors! NBA Champs!!!

JustMe on

She is too cute! Just like her MVP father.

Anonymous on

Back in Oakland hope to run into Riley the rascal adorable daughter of MVP dad Steph!congrats to WarriorNation!NBA champs

kankey on

She is so beautiful look like her handsome father I love them

Anonymous on

The mother keeps trying to push Riley into the spotlight to see if someone will make her into a star or be in a commercial. There is nothing different about Riley compared to other kids her age. A lot of other players could have brought their kids up to the podium too for interviews, but they were professional and did not. Ayesha is a fame whore and trying to push her daughter out there.

casyk on

Clearly you are not familiar with sports ANONYMOUS. Tons of players in bring their children to the press room during postgame interviews. Happens all of the time, especially the NBA. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Dwyane Wade… many have done it. The Bulls’ Derek Rose had his son on his lap during interviews in their series vs. the Cavs, and not a word was said. Not even when he son was making faces at the crowd of reporters, sticking his tongue out while his dad was answering questions and trying to take the microphone.

soraya johnson on

i think the first time it was ok but its clearly tha ayeshia curry is pushing the issue bcz she knows this is business and the little girl is cute but when she is acting out then its not cute and its not that cute to let your children take over if the public and the people doing the interviews is annoyed with it then stop it its nothing cute about and out of control little girl and its clearly ayeshia doing it and if ayeshia wanted to be a star then she should of stayed in her acting career nobody is saying anything bad about the little girl but let her be a kid and stop trying to make her a star if she is going to be a star then it will come naturaly ayeshia with all that dam grinning we know you are steph currys wife and you dont have to over do it we see you with that big belly woman have several seats and keep cooking on your show and let that baby be a baby stop pushing her up their with her dad we know that its you and then comb her nappy hair or put some ribbons in it or something she is not that cute that she can strut that nappy ass hair without ribbons its too much stufff out here to make her look pretty and their is nothing cute about a little girl telling her dad to be quiet.

Annoyed on

Soraya you sound very foolish first Ayesha curry isn’t pushing her daughter into the spotlight she is always with her dad if you were a fan or saw their pics on ig you’d know this second Ayesha is a very successful chef with a degree in business and her own line of olive oil not to mention that her husband is the Nba’s mvp and now world champion so I seriously doubt that they are trying to “Push ” their 2 yr old daughter into anything lastly there is NOTHING wrong with their daughter’s hair it is in it’s natural curl pattern which Ayesha says she wants Riley to embrace and she says Riley likes her hair if you are a black woman please don’t promote self hate by calling a little girl with her natural hair nappy if you aren’t a black woman please don’t speak on a hair texture you know nothing about.

GG on

She is a gorgeous girl!

Dogman69 on

I am thinking that his wife better be real good at what she does because the “fish in the ocean” just got a lot fuller!

Anonymous on

Riley is a very cute kid.

Jill on

I hate Ayesha I know im probably gonna get criticized for this comment but I find her fake and not attractive at all. I mean what does she do for a living besides feed off of steph’s money. I know she is an actress and model but I’ve never seen her in a really big hit. and it was totally unclassy to criticize cavs fans with that stupid ass picture of riley sleeping, not funny and ignorant. she is fat and her clothes make me wanna puke, I hate how she tries to make herself attractive and skinny. she just isn’t about that life and she should stop trying so hard. but that’s just my opinion.

Nill on

Congrats to them!