Kim Kardashian West: We’re Not Naming the Baby South

06/15/2015 at 02:30 PM ET

kim kardashian denies pregnant with boy
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The Wests are going in a different direction with baby names.

If you were expecting Kim Kardashian to name her second child South, guess again. In an interview with NPR’s weekly quiz show, Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!, the pregnant reality star insists that name is off the table.

“I think it’s so stupid,” the mom-to-be, 34, says. “I don’t like South West. North will always be better.”

Daughter North — who turns 2 Monday — already has the “better direction,” according to her proud mama. “I don’t think we’ll go with another direction.”

Previously speaking out about his daughter’s name, Kanye West told radio station HOT 97 that he doesn’t like it when people refer to North’s name as weird. The proud father explained that North’s name is “innovative and fresh.”

"No daddy's it's me necklace"

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Suffice to say the new West baby — whether it be a boy or girl — will have an equally impressive name.

And although rumors persist that the couple are expecting a son, Kardashian West took the time to put those theories to rest — again!

“We actually haven’t told anyone the sex,” she says. “I heard that we’re having a boy. I heard that we’re having twins. I heard that I’m not even carrying my own baby. I’ve heard so many things and most of that information is not true.”

One thing that is true: West is more than ready to be a father of two.

“Right now I just want to take some time to really focus on my album … focus on North’s birthday, just focus on my family and then be able to recharge, energize and then bring something of value,” he previously said. “I’m completely boring actually … I gotta focus on the kids.”

— Alexandra Hurtado

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life goes on on

Does anybody really give a chit, what you name that baby ?

Kim on

Ya mean like you denied you were naming your baby North?

Audrey on

β€œI think it’s so stupid,” the mom-to-be, 34, says.
Like North West wasn’t?!?

Anonymous on

In that case, may I suggest East, Mid and Far.

sharon Little on

My suggestion is Key…. Key West. works for boy/girl :}

Heather on

No different than naming your baby Apple! I don’t get why people have made North’s name such a big deal. It’s original!

Really?! on

So South is “so stupid” but North isn’t?? Yeah, that makes A LOT of sense… More proof of why I can’t stand this woman!!!!!!

kate on

Yeah, heard that same story when they told everyone they wouldn’t be naming their daughter North.

Kathleen on

May have to skip that episode of “Wait, Wait…” sigh…

Bender on

The name will be north 2.0

Logan on

North would have been innovative and fresh if her last name was not West. That just made it a tacky pun of a name, something that beautiful baby girl does not deserve.

Belle on

I don’t get why the name North is such an issue for people. I think it is purely based on opinions of Kim K and Kanye. You didn’t hear outrage when Reese Witherspoon named her son Tennessee…

Ally1 on

We all know it’s going to be Yeezus.


“MOST of that information is not true” so she probably is having a boy

Sandra on

I like the name Supreme West, Royal West, Go West( after the band from the 80’s) and last but not least either Kimchi or Honey Bee West.

Bem on

LOL! She actually responded to the public’s snark.
I don’t care what she says, that baby will always be South West to me.

Bunnie on

Glad to know that, now I can go on with my life, lol!

guest on

She also said she wasn’t naming North, North when asked in interviews while she was pregnant. And low and behold she named her North.

bec215 on

This may be the first time People quotes NPR on anything…. Why South sounds stupid as a name but North doesn’t is beyond me, but of course South doesn’t really offer anything to riff on like North -> Nori. Stupid is as stupid does πŸ˜‰

Taylor on

@Belle – it’s the name “North” coupled with the last name “West” that makes it sound like a complete joke name. Do you think that they would have gone with “North” if the last name was “Kardashian” or “Johnson”? I highly doubt it.

LA6226 on

I like how she thinks naming a baby “South” is “so stupid,” yet “North” is “innovative and fresh.” Haha do they hear themselves? That would be like saying ” ‘Up’ is just so clever and wonderful, but ‘Down’ is just lame and ridiculous.” These people being so famous and rich really reflects how morally and intellectually inept our society is.

gymluv on

Yeezus Jr. Of course his nickname will be Jeezus…because he was born under the North star.

Audrey on

β€œI think it’s so stupid,” the mom-to-be, 34, says.
Like North West isn’t?!?

Susan on

I almost cried when I heard KK on NPR. NPR! Intelligent people radio! And KK was on the quiz show to hock her selfie book.

christine loewen on

How about So So KuKu?

Tracy on

If it’s a girl how about Wicked Witchofthe?
If it’s a boy how about Wild Wild and then you could call him Cubed or W cubed?

Rachel on

Oh come on… they said it themselves that if North had been a boy her name would’ve been Easton… Easton West. And yet they act like people think North’s name is a joke. Well guess what, it freaking is. Poor kid.

Michele on

Tracy – LOL!

Amanda on

So South West is absolutely ridiculous and out of the question, but North was “innovative and fresh.” Oh, okay. Please just go away.

Anonymous on

You are stupid!!!

Kat on

Equally impressive name? I’m sorry but North West is the most idiotic name! Why not name the next kid Prime Meridian West? Or better yet Longitude West, or Latitude West? These two people COMBINED don’t even make an entire I.Q. point!!!

Brooke on

She thinks South “is so stupid”? Normal people think the name North is so stupid too. I kept hoping for that poor child’s sake that naming her North was a big joke.

Song4Ten on

If they think that name is innovative and fresh, they haven’t been teased at school for having a stupid name! That poor kid.

If they aren’t naming the new one South, how about Old?

shirley on

Please someone give them a book of baby names !!!!!

KL on

You think South West is stupid, but not North West?? Kim you are an idiot, what a relief the baby’s name won’t be South West!!!

Jenn on

If she has a boy, she could name him Easton & call him East πŸ˜€

pinkrockstar on

This family has so much drama! Kardashian/West/Jenner. I feel sorry for the children being born into it!

Commentor on

SO…I guess all her Southern fans will be upset that she thinks North will always be better than South. Oh, wait….no worries.

Ala Lemon on

They said the same for North… Then again, they could also name the new baby Easton. Easton West, that would be a change of direction…

Alex on

Cornell. Or Cornelia. Because they are such racial innovators. And because “D’Onda” sounds like “where”, in Spanish.

robinepowell on

I guess that just leaves East for the baby’s name, lol! :p East West

Zol on

Name the baby Kimmy Jr.!

Diane on

How about the name, Who gives a shit West?

kim on

either way it will be as homely as that girl NORTH they have.

CB on

How about “Go”, “Wild” or “Due”? Lol!

V on

It’s ridiculous to name your baby South West, but not North West? Right. Using words as names isn’t “fresh and innovating.” Had their daughter been given a less ridiculous name, people likely wouldn’t comment on it like they do.

Julie on

Hey guys it’s okay. I think we are all forgetting about EAST!!! Kim- That’s also an option. This is just too funny. Sharon I love the name Key lol

Anonymous on

Make a normal name. North is a ridiculous name.

Anonymous on

I think Royal would be a good name