Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Baby Bump in Tight Dress

06/13/2015 at 12:45 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West isn’t trading in her tight dresses now that she’s pregnant with baby no. 2!

Kardashian West stepped out in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday, highlighting her tiny bump in a tight-fitting gray dress while she browsed clothing racks at Celine. The reality star, who’s expecting her second child with husband Kanye West, announced her pregnancy during Keeping Up with the Kardashians on May 31. She is due in December.

Despite recent rumors the reality star is expecting a boy, the mom insists that no one knows the sex of her and West’s baby.

“We have not told anyone the sex of our baby yet!” she Tweeted on Wednesday, clearing up mumblings that she was expecting twins and using a surrogate. “Nothing is confirmed unless you hear it from me!”

Kim Kardashian baby bump

Kardashian West’s second pregnancy did not come easy. The star resorted to the help of in vitro fertilization to finally conceive after months of trying.

“Kim also had three surgeries to repair her uterus,” a source close to Kardashian West told PEOPLE. “The inner lining had been so damaged that she was told conceiving on her own wasn’t possible.”

Despite a likely high-risk delivery, the mogul is excited for daughter North West to have a younger sibling.

“I’m so grateful to even be pregnant when we didn’t think it would ever happen for us,” she said. “It is so worth it!”

— Lindsay Kimble

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Deb on

Oink…what a porker! Sad if she thinks that’s a good look.

Loveylidge123 on

Wow, fat shaming a pregnant woman? Even if you do not like her at all (I can’t stand that she is so famous) no one should fat shame a woman pregnant . Yes she dresses horribly while she was pregnant with North but come on … Where is the line? Just don’t fat shame her . She has a new life growing . I know when I was pregnant Iwouldnt want to be called names

Katie on

So apparently she didn’t hate the negative pregnancy coverage that much if she is wearing this stuff again. Reap what you sow Kim.

Guest on

Sorry, but I’ll never find it fashionable to wear clothes that don’t fit and when a dress is digging into your cleavage and underarms, so that your skin bulges above it, it’s too small. If she wants to wrap herself in spandex, wear low cut tops, or mini skirts, good for her. It’s her business, but at least wear clothes that fit. It’s not like she can’t afford to replenish her wardrobe as her body changes.

Melissa on

She’s pregnant people. Who gives a sh#* what she wears ?!Haters gonna hate,hate,hate,hate,hate. Yep she will get fat like most do when pregnant. Big whoop.

Truthfinder on

I just hope she changes her style sense for her children…I could really care less what she wears or doesn’t. But North and the new baby should be dressed in light and bright children’s clothes. Not the junk Kanye enfoces!

Truthfinder on

Spelling correct from above…ENFORCES!

Heidi on

Forget the envy of haters…..PLEASE keep posting Kim’s pregnancy journey along with anything, Kanye as well……. Enjoy reading here & enjoy the Kardashians/West/Jenners as a whole!! 🙂

FelicityJune on

She doesn’t look one bit pregnant. I don’t believe this shared for one second, somewhere out there, a surrogate is carrying her baby. She hated to be pregnant the first time, was moaning about how fat she was etc, I doubt she is doing this a second time. And all the yada yada about the surgeries to repair her uterus, and her terrible morning sickness is probably just one more puzzle piece to sell us the miracle of her “pregnancy”

choi on

Looks super cute and summery. Greg is such a soft pretty color.

Luisita on

I wish her the best but please, Kimmie, even a little more class!

Nichole on

Kim looks good, but wear shoes that fit. Every time I see her, her big toe is always touching the ground. And fat shaming a pregnant woman? I have no words.

Kristi on

She dresses like shit!

Lala on

And the story here is another woman who is having a baby. So why is this even q story

Margo on

Pure trailer trash

Ashley on

If she farts while wearing that thing, her dress’s gonna be ripped apart 😦

Annabelle on

Its wrong to fat same a pregnant woman but when you wear a size two dress when your a size 18 wtf do you expect people to say.

deb on

Throw back more pics of Kimbo orca, blubbering butterball stuffed in a double pair of spanks lol

Anon on

She sure looks uncomfortable in that dress! She should just wear loose fitting maternity clothes or at least wear the dress two sizes bigger than what she’s wearing now. I do get annoyed by her and her clan but I do wish all the best for the new baby.

Me on

For being almost 5 months pregnant, she sure isn’t showing.

And I find quite odd that this is suppose to be a high risk pregnancy and yet she’s flying all over the place, going at a fast pace with supposed horrible morning sickness and colds.

You know, if I had been working hard for months with supposed IVF treatments to get pregnant, especially after being told I would never have another child, I would SLOW DOWN and maybe not subject my body to constant stress, physical emotional mental. I would do whatever I could to make sure my body slows down and protects that fetus.

jackie jaws on


Susan on

Oh please you guys! Leave them alone. Don’t you ever get tired of posting the same old hateful stuff, day in and day out?! Get a life

Patti on

She looks like herself. A big fat pig.

Krystal on

Ok I don’t care for Kim Kardashian or her ridiculous husband one bit. But fat shaming a pregnant woman is low and very hurtful. Fat shaming anyone for that matter is just wrong.

Sandy Kay on

One thing the world does not need is more Kardashians-West morons…..some people should not reproduce….!

Melissa on

Kim looks beautiful. The dress is of a stretch material, and comfortable for a growing baby bump. Just because you’re pregnant there is no reason to wear a moo moo.

LaVonda on

Well I’m glad she’s pregnant. I got tired of reading that she is trying to get pregnant. Now she’s gonna make sure we see her out every chance we get. She gets too much publicity just for being a what fashion designer? We don’t see tommy Hilfiger, vera Wang, etc like we see her. They are also fashion designers. What’s up with that. Usually people run from paparazzi, she runs too them.

gina stoll on

That poor baby ….sausage in its’ casing.

Rodriguez on

She be a preety woman I would date her but her don’t like us Puerto Rican mens.

edie on

I just don’t know if I can do this again. Help us all.

Sarah25 on

Flaunting? Hardly. What a silly headline.

Sarah25 on

Instead of complaining, blah blah, and making comments about how you can’t take it again, how gross she is, etc., move on to something else. You must like it because you’re lapping it right up as if you can’t get enough stories about Kim Kardashian. I would lay bets you’ll be here every single day gobbling up every tidbit about her. It makes you look like total hypocrites when you say one thing but can’t stay away.

skigirl25 on

Boy, it’s unbelievable how many jealous ladies we have commenting on this post. Kim is a very, very pretty gal who couldn’t look ugly if she tried.

Yikes. on

Here comes heavy KK stuffing herself into heels and sausage dresses.

Patti on

Gross! Tacky, vulgar!Why does she always wear dresses which are 3 sizes too small?

Guest on

As if we needed a reminder that her butt is huge and keeps growing each day! Kim it’s called maternity clothes ! Wear them please for the love of God!

KimberlyDesperado on

Porky!! She’s always desperate for attention and now even more so now that the public is almost forgetting her since Caitlyn. Jenner took over the internet.

Mrs. B on

I’m not going to say anything about the weight she’s gained because she’s pregnant. What I will say is this- that dress is way too tight!!!

mike on

Looking good?…yeah right PEOPLE.COM,
She looks like a bloated whale! She looks disgusting!!!!! There is something wrong with her body and it has nothing to do with being pregnant. God, she looks like she weighs 200 lbs +!

Mari on

Fat shaming a pregnant woman? Yes,it’s appropriate if they go around wearing clothes that are obviously too small. She just wants attention, and she’s getting it for all the wrong reasons! Can’t these people just go away?

say what!? on

That’s NOT flaunting anything but fat and ugly @$$ hips. Give it up Kim! The only reason you wear tight clothing, is because you look really huge in regular clothing!

Justme on

It’s either a girl, or she is wearing her paste on belly to high

WED on

She’s always been a fat pig and will forever be a fat pig.

Justme on

Loveylidge123 she fat. Get over it.

Pam on

Both the dress and shoes are too small. Looks uncomfortable.

Courtney on

All of you are a bunch of fucking assholes. Would any of you like being called names like that when you or someone you love is carrying a child. Just because she’s famous for having little talent and a lot of money, doesn’t mean she’s not a person with feelings. Fuck all of your porker comments. Ignorant assholes.

Sunny on

Why don’t you wait to post until she’s NOT flaunting every lump?

stacy on

She is so gross. No class…tacky.

Guest on

What baby bump? It’s her butt! It’ has nowhere else to go so it’s moving forward

stacy on

Look at all the negative comments. Why do you do stories on her? Honestly? Who is she???? No prenatal woman with an ounce of class or dignity would be caught dead in this outfit

Guest on

Not just a baby bump… Kanye, get her a full-length mirror.

all on

Dress is nice, but not flattering up top. Also, what baby bump?

ST on

She looks like a little piggy stuffed sausage, So gross and unattractive!

ST on

She looks like a little piggy stuffed sausage, So gross and unattractive! Yuck…. I need to go wash my eyes out now

Patti on

She looks like an overstuffed hog

Anonymous on

Is this woman incapable of wearing anything that fits?

CC on

Her piggies(toes) are fat and ugly..How does her hair look long when its short?? Where does her weave go?? IVE got my own long hair????? She is weird..hollywood folks thats the way it is..Money Fame-Looks-Stuff-

Jeanette on

That’s a baby bump.? Oh please! I still think The Kardashians own people magazine.

MH on

Sorry, People, if she is wearing 2 pair of spanks, she is not flaunting but suppressing her baby bump. Not much of it anyway, the only bump is posterior, more like an oversized lump back there. Unattractive and bizzare and completely unrelated to the pregnancy.

Not a fan of all of the hoopla around the Caitlin Jenner reveal, but I DO LOVE that the Vanity Fair cover eclipsed KK’s big baby news.

Sarah on

Kim looks beautiful! Congrats on your new miracle on the way!!! Your daughter is beautiful!!!

Maria on

I don’t see a baby bump, just a wide load.

kelly on

WHO FREAKIN CARES ABOUT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa on

Gee….wonder how her va jay jay got so damaged??!!! Bet most can guess!! Ha!

Jessie on

Just because she is pregnant does not mean she should give up her sense of style… I mean, that dress looks a tad tight on her but being pregnant she has probably just gained a little bit of weight with all the hormone treatment. Who cares, really? I never usually comment on these but seeing people call her a fat pig and fat shaming her is absolutely disgusting. I just cannot believe people would say things like that about someone they don’t even know, especially.

Lasierre on

I do not think she looks fat, per se, but her hips look really very wide.

joanne1965 on

she looks especially icky…

Anonymous on

It’s not right to fat shame a pregnant woman, but considering it’s Kim Kardashian, tough shit. She deserves to look like a damn whale especially when she bitched and whined about being fat the whole time she was pregnant with North. I’m sorry, you get what you ask for. Oh! And what are they going to name this poor child?! “South West”?!

Randa on

Damn you to hell, Ray J!

Hally on

I just wish she would stop lying about her actual size. No way she’s a 2 or 4. Those are some size 14 hips

Suze on

Well, she dressed like that when she was expecting her daughter….This trashy woman will do anything for attention…even telling stories abut her “problem” pregnancy. Remember the 1st birth…..she was “early” due to high blood pressure ( she claimed….I always thought that poor North came early because of all the unhealthy thing her mom did
The least said abut this family the better…..but of course most of you who idolize this family have no brains anyway…..

Dee on

So gross. What a world we live in to idolize a phoney, shallow person. No class.

anderson on

Kim is very much pregnant her nose is so full. That is a true tell-tell sign when a woman is pregnant. I hope the couple have a healthy baby. Ok, we are waiting on the decided name

Tammy Lambert on

don’t see no bump at all!

Lisa133 on

Already dreading the after effect of her pregnancy weight gain & the subsequent pain we all surely will endure after she spends many thousands getting lifted, tucked, flattened, implanted, & defatted — then she wants us to look at her “vanity.” Sounds nicer than ugly cooter, huh? lol

Alex on

This chick thinks she is such a fashionista: Following yeezers’ dressing instructions. Instead of wearing lovely summer dresses, she stuffs herself into ugly, colorless tubes. So sausage! Her hips are a mile wide, prior to pregnancy. Ass, forgettaboutit! She is exponentially expanding…all over. Ick.

july smith on

Is she suppose to look great?

Nanu21 on

Evidently she did not even bother to look in the mirror nor take a selfie in that awful outfit which makes her look chubby and sloppy so time to give up all those skin tight fugly outfits so somebody please tell her squeezing into those dresses is not flattering……..get her a tent and some flip flops!!!!!

Sandy on

She is a whale when she is not pregnant.

AnnieC on

After all the insults and barbs she went through last pregnancy, you’d think she’d be smart enough to alter her style to something less pig-in-a-blanket! So let the snark begin because she deserves every last insulting comment.

Jess on

Wow, she must be up to 200 pounds already.

T on

Looks like baby coming ASAP based on her enormous size. What a whale.

SHT on

I am not a fan, but I think some of these comments are uncalled for. What she wears while she is pregnant is really none of anyone’s business but her own. I would not wear some of the clothes she does, but we all have the right to dress as we want.

Kary Marie on

Are those gray root hairs?!

D on

How can her baby breathe?!

Kuntrashians on

she back to ballooning like a blimp