Carrie Underwood: Why Motherhood Is ‘Easier Than I Thought’

06/11/2015 at 10:00 PM ET

Carrie Underwood son on tour cmt awards
Rick Diamond/Getty

Carrie Underwood prepared for the worst while she was pregnant, but baby Isaiah Michael has exceeded all of her expectations.

“I think I honestly expected — it’s gonna sound weird — but I expected the worst,” she tells PEOPLE, fresh off her history-making sweep at Wednesday’s CMT Music Awards. “I’ve never been around babies before, to be honest, but he’s so laid-back!”

The country singer says both she and husband Mike Fisher have been pleasantly surprised by how easily the three and a half months since their son’s birth have gone.

“We’re laid-back parents and he’s a laid-back baby and … it surprised me that it’s a little easier than I thought it was gonna be,” Underwood, 32, says. “I think I just expected, like, screaming, crying baby all the time, and he’s just happy and smiley and gorgeous.”

But the happiest time of all?

“In the morning, when he first wakes up, he’s the sweetest. He’s a morning baby,” the proud mama says. “He is smiley and laugh-y and happy and cuddly and that hour, the first hour he’s awake, is just the best.”

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— Andrea Park

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Anonymous on

and it helps to have a nanny??

Poppy on

lol If I didn’t have to do anything a mother typically does, I’d think it was easy, too!

saraht1119 on

Oh Good Lord, Carrie. He’s been alive for three months. All he does is sleep, eat, and poop. I’d love to hear how easy it is once he is mobile and can get into things and get hurt if you turn your back for 2 seconds. Or once he starts talking back. Lol, girl, the first 3 months are usually the easiest apart from sleep deprivation.

kaye on

I think I just expected, like, screaming, crying baby all the time, and he’s just happy and smiley and gorgeous.”
She should compare notes with Molly Sims!

saraht1119 on

Omg, he’s 3 months old! They are usually not much trouble at that age unless they have colic. He can’t move and get into things or talk back yet. Tell us how easy it is in 10-12 years. LOL!!!

Anna on

She actually doesn’t have a nanny and mentioned how the baby was asleep on the bus outside the awards 🙂 also posted a pic of Mike and Isaac sleeping during a studio day. Bravo to her for doing parenting like the ‘normal’ folks!

Anna on

Doh….Isaiah, not Isaac…dang auto complete.

Lovely on

Wow…the hateful comments. Jealous people judging and assuming. Some celebs really are human. Or do you just look on here to celebrate their idiocies and failures? Be happy.

CF on

Oh come on ladies! There are really hard things in the world and then there is motherhood. She’s not saying its not hard or she’s not worrying about his future or feeling frazzled sometimes. But there is so much joy, too. And especially in the beginning, you just look at your baby with awe and amazement and happiness. At least for me, I wasn’t consumed with “this is so hard” thoughts. Of course, it is hard and there are lots of crazy moments. But give her the happiness. Give yourselves the happiness.

Linda on

Ask her again when he starts school and his real personality comes out.

Holly on

All these loser moms are so angered by this article! Lol – some women are stronger than others. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself. I love how positive Carrie is! She’s a real woman

Summer on

Wow, what a bunch of bitter women! She didn’t say it was easy, she said it’s easier than she thought it would be. Considering she pretty much conjured up the worst scenario of a baby screaming 24/7, I’m not surprised she is relieved it’s easier!

momma21 on

He’s only a few months, lol quickly, someone let them know there’s more to come.

Klynn on

Geez most of u are so nasty, can’t u read when she says she expected worse and not every celeb has nannies. And I’ll just say I am a nanny, and the kid I babysit since she was 6 weeks old, is an actual perfect child, I was expecting a baby to cry all the time, or act out and go through terrible twos, and I can actually say she is the most sweetest, loving, caring child who never cried, always thinks of others and is perfect in every way, not all kids cry and scream and act out, so I think Carrie must be doing something right

Rebecca on

Poppy, what is that suppose to mean exactly? Meaning she doesn’t work? Of that’s what you mean then you are so wrong. She recently posted a photo of her husband, Mike, holding Isaiah and sleeping while at Carrie’s band rehearsal. She still has to work. She may be famous, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work. She is currently working on a new album and there is a lot of work out into a album. They don’t have a nanny either, sure they might have a baby sitter for events like the CMT awards, but Carrie even said in her acceptance speech that he is right out there in the bus. She breastfeeds him, he needs his Momma.

saraht1119 on

I don’t think it’s bitter women commenting. It’s women who have been mothers for longer than 3 months, lol! Get real! Of course it’s great she’s happy! It’s just the thought that you could have ANY idea of what motherhood is when your first baby is still a newborn that has us laughing and making the comments that have been made.

Yasmine on

This was me when my little guy was a few months old. Until he became mobile, so for almost a year now. Little Bass-Turd stopped sleeping through the night, screams for fun, climbs up the furniture and jumps off because his little 20 month old brain tells him he’s invincible!

People tell me I look great and ask me my secret – I’m run ragged by my kid. Even the immediate newborn phase wasn’t this hard – because I got to nap when he napped. Toddlerhood Sux the big one!

Kate on

All the negative comments sound like people who are just Bitter and Jealous .

Anonymous on

Sad sad jealous women out there. I said the same thing when my first was 3 months old and there’s no nanny in my house. Some of us just have easy babies. I’m glad things are going well for them! I believe our attitudes do a lot to influence our babies and calm mothers tend to have calm babies. Uptight mothers tend to have difficult babies…

theona on

kid’s probably doped up from the cosmetics odors. God, her NOSE, her mouth, her everything …. I need a blindfold! She is soooo hard to look at!!! And her eyes, which would be the most acceptable part, are so gooped and clumped up you can’t even find the pupils.

She is homely and I find that intolerable. So I look, sometimes, just to confirm it; it’s just … raw disbelieve on my part. HAHAHAHA!. And no, I am not envious, nor am I jealous (ick), nor bitter. Just repulsed, but otherwise mighty happy!

Anonymous on

I’m in the same boat. It’s really not as hard as some make it look.

Anonymous on

Uptight mothers tend to have difficult babies? You sound like a scientific genius.

Guest on

Yes, they are cute and cuddly when they are young babies. Keep living! We ALL love our kids but let’s get real here, motherhood is NOT easy and it is definitely the most rewarding job a woman will ever have.

lilybee on

Lol, so far so good, but wait until he starts running around!

Kim on

LOL. That baby is only 3 1/2 mos old. Wait until he’s a toddler.

duh on

Probably easy for you with a nanny, personal chef, housekeeper, etc. The rest if us have to do all of that on our own!

Annonymous on

I have a 7 week old and motherhood is harder than what I thought it would be. Granted I have a baby with colic so that makes a huge difference

Valarie on

Seems she has an easy parenting. Good for her.

Tiffany on

Yeah, he’s a baby…That is when they are “easy”.
I always find it funny how mom’s that have only been so for a few months seem to know just everything. LOL, good luck to you lady.

Anonymous on

Count your blessings, Carrie! I hoped for the smiley, sweet, laid back baby and I got a colicky, reflux, cried 20 hours a day baby for my first, lol! Luckily once he outgrew that he was a dream and still is at 15! My daughter was a dream baby and then #3 was exactly like his brother!

klutzy_girl on

Wow, I can’t get over the b i t c h y comments the majority of you MOTHER’S are posting. You know it’s not a competition or a race, right? Stop being so hateful and mean and just perhaps your lives might start becoming a little more joyful.

Enjoy motherhood and what it means to you Carrie!

kaye on

@Summer – newsflash – I can’t speak for everyone else, but I come to the site for a laugh or two and a bit of celebrity gossip and take most of the content with a grain of salt. I can’t recall ever feeling bitter or jealous….Methinks you are reading too much into people’s comments. Chill.

SMSinTX on

It probably also helps that you are rich, don’t have to work, and have everything you or your baby could possibly need, Carrie.

Edyie on

Goody for her I would expect nothing less. That dress she had on at the awards show was very inappropriate. Way way too short. There were younger girls than her dressed much more classier.

Tani on

LMAO- She hasnt even left the gate yet.

guest on

These biatches with money kill me. HE$$ YA it’s easy if you have no money worries or the typical worries that us average folk have. I hate these celebrity biatches!

Anonymous on

Snark, snark, snark … you people are so ugly.

guest on


Anonymous on

As soon as I read the title, I knew there were going to be a bunch of angry/bitter moms in the comment section. I don’t think she is saying that she has motherhood all figured out, she just has a nice laid back baby. Let her enjoy it, even if you didn’t have one! Sounds like she really enjoying being a mom! Good for her!

Marley Persimmon on

Some parents get lucky, some don’t. She seems too nice to be saying this to make others feel inferior, at least I hope not. Some babies are difficult and colicky. It doesn’t mean that parent is not as good at parenting. But we take those kinds of comments personally and she should realize that. Also, if you have a nanny and help, it’s only fair to mention that too in the ‘easy’ part of it all. It sure as heck would make life easier, sister!

I do give her a pass compared to the Molly Sims “my baby’s cried like 5 times” story of a couple days ago. That’s was just ridiculous. You win, Molly, you win. Happy now?

Skiwoman on

No surprise with all her hired help

Skiwoman on

No wonder with all her hired help

LAC's mom on

I thought the same thing and was prepared for the horrors. The infant / newborn stage was easy for me. But when they turned 3 or so, parenting got much harder! I’m still working at it. Every parent is different and reacts to the change in their own ways.

pat on

OK! We’ve seen enough of Carrie Underwood in last two days to last a year. We have gone from the Duggar Clan to Carrie. This is just as they did when she came from The Idol. Burned people out with her. I’ve been trying to like her and now after this week its turning again. Funny not heard very little about Reba being on the show…

Donna on

Talk to us when hes 2. lol 🙂

Claire on

I absolutely love these kinds of articles. Every time I see one I pop some popcorn and sit back with my laptop to watch all you mommies go after each other like Bloods and Crips 🙂

Mari on

I was very fortunate to have an easy baby too! Geez ladies, lighten up!

Cassie on

Women here who are mothers hate being mothers and were not financially prepared to deal with all the costs that comes with having a child.

And any working mother who has a nanny has to compete with the nanny and pop in once in a while to remember who the mother is.

Anonymous on

Boy, with all that negativity you women are putting off it is no wonder your babies are probably high strung.
Sometimes all of you telling expecting mothers how awful it is turns out well because some babies really are laid back…and I say that and my oldest child is 11, so I am not ‘fresh out of the gate’. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11….all good ages and I enjoy my kids very much. Are there bad moments? Sure, we are human, but not nearly as many as I was expecting with all the horror stories.

Anonymous on

I felt the exact same way (with no nanny, and as a single mother). I realize I was very lucky, but I too got one of those happy, easy going babies who slept through the night at 6 weeks and only cried when she was hungry. Obviously there are lots of difficult moments in motherhood, but there are so many incredibly joyous moments too, and when I think back to my baby’s first few months, those are the ones that stand out to me.

Keri on

Not all babies are hard to look after or difficult, I have two kids who never cry even when they were infants. They are now 4, and 5 and still great kids, they are mannerly, listen well, and rarely fight, they share a bedroom and not only sisters but best friends, hopefully carries boy stays laid back and a well rounded kid, and if she has a nanny or doesn’t who cares as long as the child is looked after and is a good kid. There’s too many mean, judgemental, crazy, negative ppl here, if you don’t have anything nice to say u should.just be quiet.

Renee on

I think this is lovely to read! My first had silent reflux and would scream for hours at a time in my arms…. I wouldn’t wish that on any parent.
Be happy that she hasn’t had to endure what some of us have.

matt on


Garman on

She is a fortunate lady!

Shawna on

You called your child a b@stard – that is disgusting!

As for Carrie – yeah I think she got lucky with an easy baby. And yes, she probably thinks it is all her skill. She will learn otherwise in the future. All new parents (of easy babies) are like that. I was too. I had a baby boy who slept great, barely ever cried (maybe once or twice a week at most) and was just the easiest baby ever. I thought that all the parents complaining how hard it was must have just not been able to hand it as well me. Then I had my first daughter. OMG she was on the breast 20 hours a day, cried constantly, never slept… I thought I was going to lose my mind. She was like that for a year! I realized very quickly that my son had just been an easy baby and I wasn’t mother of the year.

Lily on

I hope some of you understand that your comments are considered bullying. And how many people have to die before you get it through your heads that bullying hurts people.

What have her looks go to do with anything? To even comment on the fact, you must be so jealous. Remember, you are not the epitome of perfection. Your harsh words about it make you an ugly person. I would rather be “ugly” on the outside than the inside.

B on

I have known parents that have a super easy baby for their firstborn……but that second child always throws them.