How Rebecca Romijn (Almost!) Got ‘Totally Busted’ By Her Twins

06/10/2015 at 06:00 PM ET

That was a close one!

Rebecca Romijn almost spilled the beans about the Tooth Fairy to daughters Charlie and Dolly, her 6-year-old twins with husband Jerry O’Connell.

“Right now, Charlie has just lost her two front teeth, so she’s struggling with her S-es,” Romijn, 42, tells PEOPLE.

“One of my friends said, ‘Girls, you should really hang on to your teeth because I still have mine and I’m so glad that I do.’ They said, ‘Oh, we want our teeth!’ And I say, ‘Oh, you guys, the teeth that you’ve already lost, look, I’ve got them right here.’ They went, ‘Wait. Why doesn’t the Tooth Fairy have them?’ ”

Rebecca Romijn
Courtesy Rebecca Romijn

After realizing that she was “totally busted,” Romijn had to think on her feet to fix the sticky situation.

“I said, ‘Oh, the Tooth Fairy brought them back to me after she came and got them from you,’ ” she explains.

“So then when Charlie lost her two front teeth, she left a note with her tooth under the pillow saying, ‘Dear Tooth Fairy, Please make sure you bring this back to my mom.’ ”

Nice save!

Romijn also shares that she has no qualms about bringing her daughters, whom she says are “little budding artists,” to the set of Skin Wars, the body-painting reality competition she hosts on GSN.

“I have a lot of conversations with other parents that don’t let their kids watch Skin Wars — and obviously that’s a very personal choice for parents, whether or not they think that that’s appropriate for their kids — but my kids are true artists,” she shares.

“Obviously we don’t have issues with the human form, so our girls are very happy to spend time on set at Skin Wars.”

The second season of Skin Wars premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on GSN.

— Andrea Park with reporting by Lanford Beard

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klransom on

No issues with nudity (which is great) but you lie to them about fairies? How stupid.

Me on

Good catch!

I still have all my teeth, as my mom kept them as well. Actually, I’m missing 1 tooth as I had to have my last tooth pulled at 18 and because of OSHA, the dentist kept my tooth and no matter how much my mom begged, he wouldn’t give it to her. My teeth were just crazy strong and uncooperative lol. I wish I had known about the OSHA stuff because I would have worked more to pull it, as I’d pulled many of my teeth, including 3 in one day and each had a long root still attached to the baby tooth.

dondie on

“Romijn also shares that…”

“Share” doesn’t mean “say” or “tell.” That sentence should have begun with Romijn also says…

natch on

She’s laughing about lying to her children? What does she say the tooth fairy looks like? Where does the tooth fairy live? And the tooth fairy can fly? How does the tooth fairy visit 4 billion children? Make believe is fun in books and on TV shows, but not in real life.

Kate on


Is English your second language, by chance? “Share” has multiple meanings, including to share information. In that way, it can be used synonymously with words like “say.”

ImALadyToo on

Natch…..there is lying, and then there is fantasy that encourages imagination and creativity. The excitement of The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus was wonderful as a child. I appreciated what my parents did. Too bad you don’t know the difference between lying and fantasy/fun.

Emily on

Wait….you mean the tooth fairy isn’t real??!

Katie on

My kids each wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking if they can keep their teeth. For each first tooth they received a book and a couple dollars.