Molly Sims: My Baby Has Only Cried 6 Times – Ever!

06/10/2015 at 02:00 PM ET

Molly Sims has a serious gift that is sure to make all mothers jealous.

“I don’t know why, but I make calm babies,” the mom to Scarlett May, 11 weeks, and Brooks Alan, 3, tells PEOPLE. “She’s probably cried six times in her whole life! I don’t know how.”

But despite Scarlett’s calmness, Sims, 42, says expanding her family with her husband, producer Scott Stuber, 46, has made things “very busy.”

“Having two kids is definitely a game-changer,” says the author of The Everyday Supermodel.

Molly Sims daughter son family photo
Gia Canali

However, Sims admits she’s learned quite a few things the second time around. “I had much more trepidation with Brooks because I didn’t know what I was doing,” she explains.

“With her, it’s like, ‘Okay, you’re pooping, you’re eating, you’re drinking — we’re good!’ In that way, it’s been really good.”

Plus, having another girl in the family has given Sims a new appreciation for cute baby clothes.

“I always thought I was a boy mom, but I have never had so much fun dressing anyone in my life!” she says. “I’ve become the cliché I didn’t think I’d become. It’s like, ‘What do you want to wear today? Pink or hot pink?’ ”

Big brother Brooks is also loving life with his baby sister, who “just started smiling.”

“We were FaceTiming with them the other day and he said, ‘I need to see baby sister!’ ” shares Sims. “He loves her.”

— Ana Calderone with reporting by Aili Nahas

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kaye on

She’s exaggerating – I hope. If not, I think it’s cause for concern if your infant has only cried 6 times by this stage.

Emily on

Well, Scarlett won’t be able to stop crying the day she reads this article and realizes her mom is a complete idiot.

Ash on

This is actually concerning. Babies are supposed to cry.

Emily on

Well, Scarlett will not be able to stop crying when she reads this article and realizes that her mom is a complete idiot.

Anonymous on

So, she is insinuating her baby is more calm (doesn’t cry) because of her mothering? Kind of crappy thing to say. I agree with the previous posters, the lack of crying is concerning. Does she stick a bottle in the baby’s mouth every time it looks like she will cry?

Kendall on

I seriously sit here shaking my head at these articles. Do celebrities really think we believe this?

Emily on

Well, Scarlett will never stop crying when she finally reads this article and realizes that her mom is a complete idiot.

Ellie on

Clearly this makes her the best mom out there and all other moms are inferior to her greatness!

mer on

@Kendall and @Ellie, I’m with you 🙂

Susan on

Good for her. Bragging does make some people feel better about themselves. I hope it was her words taken out of context like they sometimes are in these interviews. If she did say this, let’s hope these kids aren’t putting her into a false sense of security. She doesn’t have older kids yet who will be more independent. Sometimes things like this come back to bite you back.

Sunny on

Six times? Really? My first reaction to hearing that is that there is something wrong…. And if it’s a blatant exaggeration (why??) , I give her a serious eye roll

Emmalee on

She is not bragging. Just as some babies are screamers, some are very calm. My third son never cried- when he was hungry, he just started wiggling and grunted a bit. He is a completely normal, highly intelligent 11 year old now.
How can you be nasty about someone having a good baby?

Lindsay on

I love that with this article is a picture of her family and the baby is clearly about to cry. Haha.

SAR on

I think dressing babies of either gender is fun. The clothes are so tiny and cute.

mia on

The baby is crying in the picture. Smh

jessica on

lol it looks like baby is crying for the 7th time in the photo xD

dana on

The baby looks like she’s getting ready to cry in this picture.

gigi on

Bull S**t

Anonymous on

Yet she’s crying in the picture.

clarakenny on

Some babies don’t cry. My daughter barely cried. I could probably say the same thing, however, she had severe GERD and vomited all day and was uncomfortable for 7 months. At 14 months it still effects her daily. Thank god she didn’t cry, because controlling the GERD was a 24 hour a day struggle. Everyone has their ups and downs in parenting. I think Molly is simply highlighting her up, Why focus on the negative right? Like she said, having two kids is a game changer. Being a mom is the best and hardest job.

Ilona on

The baby is crying in the picture !!!!

SFK on

What a beautiful family!

Marley Persimmon on

Congratulations, everyone hates you now, Molly. Why do we have to be competitive about EVERYTHING? Why do we play the “My _______ is better than yours?” with every stinking thing?? This makes me really dislike the woman. Not jealous of her, I think she’s full of it. The only way a newborn doesn’t cry on a regular basis is if something is wrong with it. It’s not bragging rights sister. But good effort trying to make the rest of us feel inferior…

j on

I really don’t like this woman. I agree with all that have said, that could be a sign of something wrong…babies cry to express themselves. It’s part of their life.

Anonymous on

Looks like her baby is crying in this pic now…lol. all babiess are different. God bless her if her baby doesn’t cry often. She’ll become a more intuitive mother to decipher what her child needs with the cues of crying.