Kim Kardashian Blasts Reports She’s Having a Boy: ‘We Have Not Told Anyone the Sex of Our Baby!’

06/10/2015 at 12:45 PM ET

kim kardashian denies pregnant with boy
Vanessa Carvalho/Getty

Kim Kardashian West‘s personal life is subject to countless rumors, but the reality star isn’t playing around when it comes to chatter about her second pregnancy.

Following widespread reports that she and husband Kanye are expecting a baby boy upon her December due date, the mom-to-be decided to nip this particular rumor in the bud.

“We have not told anyone the sex of our baby yet!” she Tweeted Wednesday, once again clearing up that no, she is not having twins, and no, she does not have a surrogate.

She added that “nothing is confirmed unless you hear it from me!”

“Kanye was of course hoping for a boy, but he and Kim were just so thrilled to even have a second chance at being parents,” a source close to the family tells PEOPLE. “A boy and a girl would make things pretty picture perfect.”

Previously, Kardashian West, 34, addressed rumors surrounding her pregnancy by firing back so hard (“Pregnant KiKi does not play!”) that Twitter even contacted her to ask if she had been hacked.

Nope — just pregnant.

This pregnancy was hard-won, too — “Kim had three surgeries to repair her uterus,” a source close to the star previously told PEOPLE. “The inner lining had been so damaged that she was told conceiving on her own wasn’t possible.”

Now that North will have a sibling, another source told PEOPLE that Kim is “so happy” but “it hasn’t been easy. She’s nauseous full-time. She can hardly get out of bed because of it.”

That said, the couple are expecting a high-risk delivery “but are prepared. It’s been a long road, and they are just so thankful to the doctors because they said she would never conceive again.”

— Amanda Michelle Steiner with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Kimberly on

Who cares!! Women have babies everyday. Why are people even interested in these boring people.

Kimberly on

Kimmie must have put one vote of love in for herself. I doubt anyone on the planet really gives a crap about them!!

Katie on

I wonder if she started this boy rumor herself so she could get more publicity knocking it down.

nhnonna on

I’m with those posting below – WHO THE HECK CARES…..NOT I!!

Trish on

….and quite frankly, we Don’t care! Joker face.

Kaitllyn on

Kim…I have yet to see one rumor about you having a boy. It’s safe to say that no one cares what you are having #StayThirsty

Deb on

She needed to snatch the attention back from Bruce, so she had to come up with a good rumor! Because REALLY Kim…nobody in the real world cares what you are having!

Bem on

Whatever it is I’d bet the farm that they are considering “South” as the name.

Anonymous on

just like she “didn’t tell anyone” the name of North either….although it had been leaked months prior.

Etien De Lamothe Cassel on

It doesn’t mater, Dr. Frankenstein can change the sex. Just ask Caitlyn.

Marion on

Oh well you definitely have to put out a news alert to nip that rumor!!! It’s so important!!! Nth degree first world problems.

Anna on

I just love the LOL sandwiched in between. Grow up loser.

Brianne 1116 on

I’m due in December as well, and it is way too early to see the sex of the baby. You don’t find out till 18-20 weeks.

PacificGirl on

Umm, it’s either a boy or girl. Why is this newsworthy?

Beth on

Goog Luck! Best Wishes!!

Tara on

I’m sure such vain, superficial people as Kim and Kanye have used sex selection to guarantee a boy.

guest on

is she even out of her first trimester? How is she not showing yet, this being her second pregnancy?


she cant even know it herself, unless she did a blood test.

florida on

she finally wants to keep something a secret


I hope she delivers T-Rex……


Yet all you negative people have read the article, or at least the title, and taken the time to comment!

Silly People on

Yet you all took the time to click on the article and say something negative. The more you click, the more $$$$$ they make! Love it!!

Debbie on

Who really cares. And pretty sure it’s to soon to find out gender. My grand baby is due mid November and its to soon

Lala on

Need attention why can she be like others famous people and not be in any story

Sarah25 on

Why blame her? She’s NOT ASKING for all the dumb attention focused on her. However, if I had been her I would have just let everyone think I was having a boy. Who cares? Let them believe what they want.

Anonymous on

So sick of this dam family Barf go away.

Pam on

They already have a girl. So, of course this one is a boy. Their money bought them the best fertility doctors in the business to separate Kanye’s little swimmers and implant the boys. Modern medicine at it’s best…

Definitely old on

Has anyone else noticed that whenever any Kardashian speaks against their critics, People predictably uses the words BLASTS, SLAMS and FIRES BACK when reporting the story, in their attempt to give this ridiculous family’s words more meaning? I find it fairly sickening.

Lynda on

The sex of the child can be determined as early as 12 weeks, via some specialized testing. If the mother has had fertility challenges, is high risk, or an “older” mom, chromosomal tests are done to confirm the everything is developing correctly. One such test is called a C.V.S. It diagnoses chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome, etc. This test also identifies the sex of the baby.

Lynda on

There are tests that can determine the child’s sex as early as 12 weeks. These tests are given to women with a history of fertility issues, high risk, or advanced age. One such test is the C.V.S. test (Chorionic Villus Sampling). It diagnoses chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome, etc. The child’s sex is also discovered at this time.

Sheri on

Kim not that I really care about the sex of your baby as long as the baby is healthy. I do say this though if you know the sex you should announce it because you are always so vocal about trying to get pregnant, and the other things you and your family do. Nothing is sacred with your family.

Anonymous on

and they will either name it south or east and who really cares anyways that the pig is pregnant..they need to throw alot of chlorine in that gene pool

Sarah Singleton on


Sarah Singleton on

Sorry bout all the caps…my bad!

lilly pond on

Agreed, who gives a sh*t about what she is having.

erica2 on

You can find out the gender with a blood test, results are much sooner than an ultrasound. My friend found out she was having a girl in her first trimester.

sue's on

There’s a percent chance she could have a boy and fifty percent chance it’s a girl…lol

Lynn on

It’s funny to me how many people say they don’t care, but took the time to read this story and comment! LOL, now that’s a hoot! Obviously, you do care!

Paula on

And why does she think we even care? Bad enough to hear that they are reproducing again……

Courtney on

Kaitllyn – I don’t usually post on these things but your comment #StayThirsty – so hilarious.

Having said that – I do hope Kim has a good pregnancy and will be among the rest of the world looking at her “baby bump” – if that’s acceptable terminology nowadays.

Maria on

She want to exploit this child all on her own.

christine loewen on

Blah, blah, blah, blah… me. Are the only words that ever come out of this slug-sized brain midget.

celebrityknowitall on

I guess we have to endure any type of news about this family until she has that baby. They will be in the news media everyday until then and the public will be tired of hearing about them.

captainern on

can you tell us the sex of your father-in-law?

Nedra on

Who really cares about these people. They nee to stay relevant in any way possible. So sick an tire about hearing about these people. They make the news about things that do not even matter. Who really cares what she is having . Go away please . Both of these people make me sick and they are so irrelevant

Hotness on

All these ppl posting that they don’t care yet they took the time to click on this link and read the story or at leas skim it. #dumb #lol (And I’m talking about my own self here too.)

Anonymous on

So we will be forced to hear of every burp, fart, and itch of her big itchy ass until she gives birth!!!

Helen on

Let me guess? She will want a baby shower. Like she can’t afford one. Why Not send the gifts to a homeless shelter for pregnant mothers or to the Childrens Hospital. Or is this out of Their league

Bobbie on

— “Kim had three surgeries to repair her uterus,”

I doubt this, I think the issue was that this skank had so many infections they eventually thinned out her uterus walls.

bill on

reporting by Jennifer Garcia- don’t know who is worse the reporter or the reported.that journalism degree really paid off sure is sad if this is the best you can do!

Minnie on

Really sad that these two people are even allowed to reproduce e themselves!!

susan rose on

surrogate is not telling yet!

Deborah on

and they will name the little lowlife South East.

eddie on

OH terrific, now we gonna have a what? Souh West followed by a East West and then I supose a West West, oh wait how abut a Fuck West~!

Kate on

If she conceived via IVF like she said… she may already know. They can easily transfer the gendered embryo of your choice.

Ken on

Good name for either boy or girl south west.