Carrie Underwood Walks the Red Carpet 3 Months After Baby – and Looks Stunning

06/10/2015 at 08:00 PM ET

Carrie Underwood‘s stylist took the wheel on this one — and hit a home run.

The superstar, 32, stepped out on the red carpet for the first time since giving birth to son Isaiah Michael in February, looking radiant as she was warmly cheered by her peers and fans at the CMT Awards on Wednesday.

“Having a baby definitely changes your routine, and I have to work around his schedule,” Underwood recently told PEOPLE of her exercise regimen while shooting the fall campaign for her new fitness line, Calia.

“Whenever he goes to sleep, I do the things I need to do for myself and make workouts happen when they can.”

The “Good Girl” singer — who will perform her duet “Somethin’ Bad” alongside Miranda Lambert — wowed in a Thomas Wylde dress and Jimmy Choo shoes, paired with Kimberly McDonald jewels and a Deepa Gurnani clutch.

Carrie Underwood CMT Awards 2015 red carpet
Rick Diamond/Getty

The musician chose an appropriate moment to make her new mama red carpet debut: She’s nominated for a total of five awards, including two for video of the year, two for female video of the year and collaborative video of the year.

Underwood announced her pregnancy last September with the help of their two beloved dogs, Ace and Penny.

And the proud country mama has been sharing adorable snapshots of her son ever since. In March, Underwood posted a sweet picture of her infant son clutching a little Nashville Predators hockey stick, a nod to his father, Mike Fisher, a forward for the NHL team.

More recently, Underwood captured an aww-inducing father-son moment of her two favorite guys snoozing while spending time with her in the studio.

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— Kathy Ehrich Dowd and Anya Leon

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Linda on

Gorgeous, gorgeous dress. I love bandage dresses with its modest look and it’s all about the pattern, not a woman’s boobs.

Anonymous on

She looks great! Good for her, but being 3 months post partum and busting my ass to lose the weight I’m not nearly there yet. Celebs are lucky to have the money to get a nutritionist and trainer. Not bitter just wish I could do that too! Love her 🙂

pat on

Blake’s Baby Girl Cassadee Pope must have been the first on the carpet. E’s Fashion Police said she was the best dressed so far. Plain and simple, they hadn’t seen CARRIE UNDERWOOD. Carrie looks beautiful, the dress fit her so well. Yes, it is gorgeous. Carrie also has MUSIC we can talk about.

Tess on

She looks great but something’s different about her. Maybe a bit older looking?

kitty62862 on

Carrie was petite to begin with, I expected her to be back to normal pretty fast.

She’s a beautiful lady.

Sacré on

@Tess – I think maybe her face is still a little fuller from her pregnancy. Plus she’s wearing a super nude lip color that really isn’t doing much to open up her face. But overall, she looks great for having given birth only 3 months ago.

Jenny on

Wow, that is a BAD wig!

J on

I know she’s covered but in my opinion that dress is way too short. Two more inches and I would have liked it a lot more. If she needs to bend over for something we’ll get a glance of her baby maker…

Brooklyn on

She looks great!!

ALK on

Why does she look like she is in her mid 40’s in this picture? She’s pretty and all but sure looks like she has aged quite a bit.

Yep on

Ugh, another “bounced back” from pregnancy story. Celebrities have money and time to do “bounce back” quickly. They also have to put in some work to do it because money and time alone doesn’t sculpt a body. Okay, so they’re luckier than most but also deserve some kudos. Can we stop getting these stories now? The same arguments always come into play and at the end of the day shouldn’t their body state be personal? They’re clamoring to get onto magazines if they feel great but when they don’t they chide the media for all the body focus. Can we just ignore the good and the bad and have everyone focus on their own body’s health? Ugh.

Anonymous on

I hope she’s wearing 3 sets of spanx

msliftbig on

What’s the obsession with celebs losing baby weight?? Is it that deep?

Ben on

let me get this straight? Carrie wins an award that is not on TV that no one got to see that is only news on the web :)~

Paul on

She looks amazing!

Librababe on

Another one of those “___ weeks/months after birth!!!” stories.

Really People, still doing articles like this? It’s so old. Get with the times.

(I always skip over these because they’re truly silly, but just had to say it this time!)

jmquinnn on

Why does People think that every women who gives birth is going to turn into a cow? Women like Carrie Underwood make their living from looking good. There is a big financial incentive to get back into shape. Besides, she was in shape before she got pregnant. Even if she gained 40 lbs., it would come off in three months especially if she’s breastfeeding.

Librababe on

Wanted to add: and I adore Carrie and she always looks fab to me. My comment was solely for People 🙂

Chouchou on

She looks great but her legs are too tanned compared to the rest of her body !!!!!

Marky on

Anonymous, use a DVD in your own home, while your baby is watching you, or napping. You don’t need a nutritionist, there is enough information out there to enable you to eat healthy on any budget. Seriously!? Why does someone always talk about how, “I could do it too, IF I were rich and could have a trainer, nanny, chef or nutritionist, etc, etc”!? Many women don’t gain 50-60 lbs each pregnancy, lie around acting as if they can’t put the baby down, and just go off about how impossible it is for the average woman. It isn’t, and many average women do it all the time.

Pam on

Love the dress. She looks gorgeous.Love the dress.

charlotte on

@Tess, I agree, she does look different somehow. Still looks great, classy, and well dressed. Exactly how a young mother should look! Congratulations on all the awards Carrie. You deserve them.

sandy on

She looks like she spent the last 3 months in the gym instead of bonding/caring for her baby!

Angie on

Never saw her has weight problems! She looks fit all the time.

Anonymous on

So happy for her having a good shape!

Elvin Posey on

country music today is nothing but cookie cutter pop rap music!
it sucks! the really talented songwriters like Cash and Nelson
are being ignored and blackballed just like Cash and Nelson
and Jennings were back in country hey day but the fans had
ears for real original music and they made it anyway! it’s almost
impossible to make any progress in this sad music industry!