Inside Ashlee Simpson’s Gorgeous Baby Shower at Jessica Simpson’s House

06/09/2015 at 09:45 AM ET

Ashlee Simpson Evan Ross baby shower
David Livingston/Getty

It’s no surprise Ashlee Simpson‘s baby shower celebrating her impending arrival was a relaxed affair.

The mom-to-be — she’s expecting a daughter with husband Evan Ross, 26 — was surrounded by 65 guests at the party, held Sunday evening at sister Jessica Simpson‘s house.

“It was beautiful weather and her house was the perfect setting … so gorgeous,” says an attendee, who adds that Simpson’s newly-engaged mom Tina helped arrange the event.

“It was very chill and almost like just a get-together than a traditional shower,” adds the guest. “It wasn’t focused on games [and was] more like a big party.”

Simpson, 30 — who “looked gorgeous” dressed in a “super flowy, Bohemian-style” outfit — also shared a little bit of the spotlight with her mom. “Everyone was talking about Tina’s engagement and about her ring. She seems really happy,” says the source.

“It feels new to me,” Simpson told PEOPLE in April about expecting baby number two (she shares son Bronx Mowgli, 6, with ex-husband Pete Wentz). “I’m like, ‘Here we go! We gotta learn how to swaddle again!'”

— Melody Chiu

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cds on

No mention of Diana Ross as a guest at the shower, as she is Evan’s mother. I mean, she is about to be a grandmother again, then again maybe she had other plans.

Jenb on

I’m always happy when couples tie the knot and start a family.. But there is something about this marriage that screams divorce pretty soon. I don’t know what it is but I so hope I’m wrong.

Ally1 on

Jenb, ‘That’s funny, I somehow get the opposite feeling when I read about them. I don’t know why 🙂 Hoping mom delivers a healthy, happy baby.

Pam on

Sad no mention his famous mother Diana Ross!

Tina on

Did I miss something? Where are the pics of the shower.

Susan on

JenB, isn’t that the case with all of the entertainment industry? I like them, and will give them the benefit of the doubt

Anonymous on

this baby will be so beautiful — pretty parents!

Sarah on

I hope her daughter doesn’t have Ashlee’s original nose!

Tina on

Where is her son? Seems she is never photographed with him anymore. Makes me wonder if her ex has him full time.

Melissa on

Is it customary to have a baby shower everytime you have a baby?? I thought it was just supposed to be for your first? Maybe I am mistaking ..but you know she probably needs more stuff, lol.

lol on

Check Diana Twitter she was there… Now if we only talked about everyone else’s lip sync failures like Beyoncé maybe, Britney ,jlo. You get the point right

Juan on

So what if she lip synched JLO made a career out of doing it.

elysummers on

She sure looks healthier than she has in the past.

Jennifer on

I guess the couple that shares clothes together…stays together.

Best of luck to them.

Sue on

Why do celebrities have showers every time they have a baby? Idiots.

guest on

To CDS, why should there be a mention of Diana Ross? The shower isn’t about Miss Ross, it’s about Ashlee and her pregnancy. Your post is silly.

heather on

Was that supposed to be an “inside” account of her shower? Because there wasn’t really anything to report.

IDK on

She went from Pete to this guy? Pete was such a stud, and this guy looks gay. Just don’t get it.

guest on

Susan, very sad when your only comment is a put down.

Nancy on

Will someone please PULL those DAMN UGLY HAIR EXTENSIONS out!!!!!! Ugh.

Karl Le on

Wow, Ashlee’s done some WORK on her face. I barely recognize her from years ago.

Katie on

Tina I wonder if his father doesn’t want him photographed that much anymore. A friend of mine had her third baby this weekend. She didn’t expect another after her second and got rid of everything years ago. She kept the registry simple and we showered her easily. I feel every baby should be celebrated but I won’t go overboard with gifts like I did with the first unless there is a huge gap. My cousin had her second girl two years after her first and the second shower was a simple diaper party, pedicures, and simple fun. She received a few other things but never registered.

Amanda on

He comes off as such a fem

Frank on


suzQ on

Wow, here’s one example of plastic surgery success. She looks really gorgeous since her new nose. She was always kinda Jessica’s homely little sister, but she really looks beautiful. Congrats to the couple and I hope they have a healthy beautiful little baby!

Kim on

It’s in poor taste to have a baby shower for your 2nd baby. Tacky

Von Goodman on

So his famous mother didn’t show up for shower?

charlotte on

This was anything BUT “inside Ashley’s baby shower”. Talked more about everyone else, than about Ashley!

Jo on

I’m sure her southern upbringing and family are so pleased that she is married to a bi-racial guy and having a bi-racial daughter. Of course pop is probably excited since the “Grandma” is a famous singer who slept with just about everybody, has been in rehab (for alcohol)and changed her name from Diane to Diana in the middle of a press conference in front of her band mates. CRAZY is the only way to describe it !

Anonymous on

The style of his clothes kinda strange not cool.

Marky on

Jo, you might be surprised at how little someone’s race means to MOST people in North Texas. We come from all over the world here, and race doesn’t matter to anyone I know. It’s been a very long time since anyone in this area cared what color anyone’s boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is…we are far more concerned with whether that person will treat our child well, and if they do…hooray, that’s what matters. My family is middle-class to upper middle class, and we are very multi-racial. Haven’t even noticed anyone nod their heads about it, let alone have anything negative to say. Wherever you are from, you need to work on your own attitude–those of us who live near Jessica and Ashley’s former neighborhood don’t care about color, and neither do they.

Marine on

did no one see the Diana Ross’ picture at the bottom?

Courtney on

@Jo, sounds like it’s more of a problem for you than the Simpson clan. And it’s hardly anything new for Ashlee, anyway — Pete Wentz is also biracial.

Gus on

Seems his mother has not been in public for long time, very private lady for sure.

S on

Jo, Ashlee was already married to a bi-racial man and has a i-racial chid in Bronx and ex Pete. Her family is used to it