Carrie Underwood’s Trainer Reveals How the Singer Got Back in Shape After Giving Birth

06/05/2015 at 01:00 PM ET

Four months after giving birth, Carrie Underwood showed off her fit post-baby body in a photo shoot for her fitness line Calia, and now her trainer is revealing how the new mom got back in shape.

A typical workout session for the singer — who welcomed son Isaiah Michael in February — includes “a warm up and a cool down,” says Erin Oprea, Underwood’s longtime trainer (more of her workout tips can be found here!).

“Sometimes we’ll go for a run with lots of hills, stop at a park to do some pull ups, push ups, step ups and other fun body weight stuff,” she adds.

Oprea also mixes it up for the Grammy winner to “keep it fun and keep shocking the body,” she says. “No two workouts seem to end up the same.”

Carrie Underwood body after baby Erin Oprea trainer
Peter Stanglmayr/Dick’s Sporting Goods

Calling her client a “super motivated person with big goals,” Oprea sees the new mom three times a week for an hour each time, but adds that Underwood “tries to be active every day” depending on her schedule.

“Having a baby definitely changes your routine, and I have to work around his schedule,” Underwood, 32, told PEOPLE from the set of Calia’s fall campaign. “Whenever he goes to sleep, I do the things I need to do for myself and make workouts happen when they can.”

And though it might be tough for new moms to get back in the gym, one way to feel more motivated after giving birth is by staying active throughout the entire pregnancy, says Oprea.

“To be able to continue your regimen right after your pregnancy, you had to try your hardest to keep up with your workouts during your pregnancy,” she says. “Maintaining your fitness levels during will allow you to kick start your post much more quickly.”

And while women can’t hit the gym right after giving birth, one way to stay healthy is by “cutting out the junk food,” she says. “Focusing on nutrition first will really get your body ready for you and your baby. Once back in the gym, start slowly.”

— Melody Chiu with reporting by Katie Kauss

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Meghan on

Yes! And stop thinking you need to eat for two. Stop eating crap, sugar and fast food thinking that you will just plunk it off once the baby comes out. You should be eating just as healthily as you do before becoming pregnant.

Susie on

This is what I dislike about celebrity pregnancies. Reporters are so in awe about how great a celebrity looks after giving birth. I could look fab after too if I had a trainer, a house keeper, a cook, a nanny, etc. To say to make the time in the day to work out is much easier said than done. There’s always dishes to do or laundry to be washed or even get a meal together. Or even work full time and raise a baby. Not all of us has the luxuries these celebrities can afford and I’m tired of the media glorifying the bodies of celebrities after child birth. It ALMOST makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong when I still have 15 lbs to lose 14 months after giving birth to my second child

Anonymous on

These kinds of “articles” are ridiculous and misleading. So much of how fast a woman’s body “bounces back” depends on what type of body she has. I am naturally thin (not super skinny, just thin) and my body went back to it’s normal shape and size pretty quickly after giving birth to my two children, I was even in some size 2 prepregnancy jeans two weeks after. That was with no working out (Dr’s orders) and reasonable eating. Breastfeeding did help. But these stories make it sounds like these celebrities did the impossible.

Linda on

Agree with Anonymous. Body type really determines your post-pregnancy shape. There’s Carrie, who looks back to her pre-pregnancy shape. Then there’s Kelly Clarkson, who’s still plump a year after her daughter was born. I bet she eats right and exercises like all female celebrities do, who appear in public. Or Kim Kardashian, who obviously diets and exercises and is still larger than Carrie. In other words, Carrie is lucky her body is one that slimmed down. I know women who went from a Small to a Large and they’re still Large even though they eat right and exercise.

Anonymous on

If we had their money and didn’t have to go back to work 6 weeks after having a baby, we can look like this too. Articles like this makes women feel bad about themselves.

lucyline on

Shame on all these celebs and trainers who participate in any interview that serves to shame new moms. Booooo

kaye on

As long as people keep clicking on and commenting on articles like this, People will keep publishing them. I think there were 7 comments on this v.s. 1 on the article about Niki Taylor and the Red Cross (i.e. not what products Nikki Taylor uses to look the way she does).