Wow! New Mom Carrie Underwood Looks Stunning in Fitness Line Campaign

06/03/2015 at 11:00 AM ET

A great motivation to get back in shape post-baby? Shooting a campaign for your fitness line!

On Monday, new mom Carrie Underwood did a photo shoot for Calia, and PEOPLE has the exclusive first look at the impressive result.

Looking fit and toned, the singer beams as she poses in the exercise wear, which can be found exclusively at Dick’s Sporting Goods and on the line’s website.

“Having a baby definitely changes your routine, and I have to work around his schedule,” the singer, 32, told PEOPLE from the set of the line’s fall campaign. She and Nashville Predators player Mike Fisher — who will celebrate their fifth anniversary on July 10 — welcomed their first child, son Isaiah Michael, in February.

“Whenever he goes to sleep, I do the things I need to do for myself and make workouts happen when they can.”

Carrie Underwood Post Baby Body Calia
Peter Stanglmayr/Dick’s Sporting Goods

For Underwood, the past few months has been all about juggling motherhood with her music and fashion career.

“I really haven’t taken that much time ‘off’ because there are always things to do,” she adds. “It’s been really nice to be able to focus my attention on Isaiah and our family. It’s been really good! But it’s been really nice as well to be creative, working on music, working on Calia. Making clothing that every woman can wear and enjoy makes me feel good.”

The perks of being a designer are pretty great too: “Definitely one of the most fun parts is all the great clothes I get to wear!”

As for her return to the stage — which kicks off June 9 at the Grand Ole Opry, followed by June 10’s CMT Music Awards and CMA MusicFest on June 13 — Underwood says she can’t wait to perform: “I’m excited to get back onstage.”

For more from Underwood’s shoot, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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lisa on

its very easy to get back in shape when you can afford a personal trainer, baby sitter when you are working out, dietician, and a makeup artist on hand at all times. Regardless, she does look great!

Lexie on

She looks great! I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look bad. Yes, you can get back in shape when you can afford a trainer and all, but you still have to want to do it. When you have a new baby, it’s exhausting, so I applaud her for having the energy and enthusiasm to get back out there and do it!

Dana on

Perfectly said, Lisa!

Just a Duck on

That’s what you’re supposed to look like 3 months after having a baby. It’s what my mother looked like, what my relatives looked like, what my friends looked like. Back in the day it was unusual to see a fat mother a year after having a kid.

Truvi on

She’s young and genetics play a factor. My mother was back in her jeans after two weeks and after I had my first child it didn’t take me long to slim down. Second child is a little different. For me anyway.

button on

I looked like that about 6 months after having a baby when I was 33 too. Now at 50, even though I long distance run and eat more carefully, sadly the figure is gone lol. This “post-baby body” stuff is ridiculous. I’m more impressed by older people staying thin. That’s when it gets hard!!

kaye on

Another day, another fascinating, informative article 😉

Sunnyday on

She looks like most women do without make-up, attractive but make-up makes a big difference for most women. Best wishes for mommyhood.

Julie on

@ Lisa….your comment sounds petty and jealous. I had a personal trainer; a DVD that whipped my body back into shape. I had a dietician; I cut out all the junk and ate healthy. I had a babysitter; my neighbor and I took turns watching each other’s children so we could workout, etc. No make-up artist, I do that myself. As Lexie posted, you have to want to do it and it doesn’t take a lot of money.

Robin on

She has said she doesn’t use a makeup artist. As for the babysitter, most gyms have nurseries and the gym I go to has a free personal trainer (otherwise there are a multitude of sites online that you can get a good eating regimen and workout schedule). She vegan which probably has a lot to do with the eating aspect of it. There’s no excuses these days for anyone unless it’s a choice to be overweight (which is my problem right now other than I just joined the gym!) OR it’s a medical issue that cannot be helped!!!!

Robin on

SMH.. I should really proofread before I hit post!!!! 🙂

guest on

She looks great because she took care of herself pre-baby, during her pregnancy and now. And I totally agree with the person who said you have to want it. Kelly Clarkson has all those things at her disposal too and obviously doesn’t take advantage of it. It’s all about what your priorities are.

Ann on

I think its ridiculous for anyone to say that its easy to stay thin/fit when you have a trainer, baby sitter etc etc…well, I always feel like that is such an excuse. Your basically saying that you can’t do it without additional help and so why bother! Please, everyone can be healthy and fit – its just a matter of wanting to. Everyone can cook healthier and clean up their diet and find even 1/2 hour a day to exercise..even if that means working out to a DVD at home…there are no excuses! There is a wealth of nutrition information online and fitness apps (many of them free) that anyone can utilize. Healthy eating/working out doesn’t have to be time consuming or laborious or expensive!

lori on

If I had access to a trainer and meals made for me, I would have had a body like hers after I had a baby….

rebecca on

@Lisa Your comment is quite ignorant. Why would she need a babysitter is my first question? She has been taking off since Isaiah was born, plus, her Husband Mike is home. She may of needed some help during the playoffs, but those are over and he is home. Sure she has a personal trainer, but you still have to want to get back into shape. Carrie looks so good because she still exercised until he was born.

rebecca on

@lori Yes she does have a trainer, but she doesn’t have someone making meals for her except her husband. They are super classy and down to earth people. They live on a farm. Carrie cooks for her and Mike and Mike also cooks. Saying you would look like that if you had access to a trainer is just an excuse. Look up Hillary McBride on instaram. Her Instagram is @mcbridehillary. She is a singer, but not really famous. She works out at home with her son Tobin.

Joan on

Good for Carrie. She looks great. It is very hard work and dedication to exercise after you have a baby because your body is adjusting and you get tired easily taking care of a new baby, etc.. I lost the baby weight in 4 months and it was not easy but I had to force myself to exercise and eat right. I feel better without the extra weight and can keep up with all the things new Mothers do. BTW-I did not have a personal trainer but you do not need one. Just keep motivated and you can do it.

Julie on

@ Ann…..excellent post!!! Tried to post the same thing but you said it so much better!!!

Ang774 on

Too bad they aren’t affordable for most people.

PAT on

Most fans can’t afford Carrie’s perks,…Hey she does work at looking beautiful for her fans. How would you like to see her with a rag tied around her head with same black shorts or holey jeans being her wordrobe daytime or on stage!

charlotte on

Perfectly said Lexie! All the money in the world won’t make someone get off of their lazy behind and do the work, so good for Carrie and all the other new moms out there, celebrity or otherwise, who do it. I applaud them all!

klransom on

that’s a “pre-baby” body too. She will have another before long

Pat on

There is no excuse for not taking care of yourself and exercising unless you have a medical problem that prevents you from doing so (You should always check with your doctor first). There are lots of diet plans for every type of person and ages and exercising regimes for everyone on line. You do not need a dietician or trainer. Just get up and get going and have the motivation to get yourself in shape. Get a friend to do it with you. Kudos to Carrie for taking care of herself and she looks absolutely gorgeous. She is one of the artists that is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.

JEN on

Her line of work out clothes are really cute but for me, they are a little pricy. I usually can’t pay $65 for a pair of pants when I can go to other places (K****) where you can use a coupon and get a good deal on the lines they have there. Maybe Dicks does have sales so I’ll have to watch but her line is very cute!

Trish on

A couple jealous ladies making comments. If staying in shape was so easy because you had money then every woman out there with money would be thin and in great shape, hardly the case.

Kelly Clarkson had her baby well before Carrie and doesn’t look like she has lost a single pound. Certainly she has access to trainers?

klutzy_girl on

I love the people that project on her and imply she only got back into shape because she had “a trainer, chef, nanny, etc”.

Keep telling yourselves that instead of making the necessary changes to your own lifestyle. Newsflash you can do it without any of those things you all just chose not to believe it because then you’d – gasp! – then have to be responsible for your own neglect.

grammyandrea on

I think she looks great. Love the long styling of the top. Hopefully the line comes in sizes for real women on their weight loss / fitness journey! When you look good, you feel good and it makes the work more fun and rewarding!!!

grammyandrea on

Just checked the online store site…too bad they don’t come slightly bigger than their XL (probably size 10-12) for the women wanting to look good on their journey! Kudos to Athleta for making their pretty styles available in 1X and 2X!! ….and before the nasty folks make their snide comments – I am very athletic & nearly 6ft tall and of proportionate weight. An XL is often much too small for me!

Sarah25 on

Lisa has made the usual standard comment about how a celebrity mother gets back in shape because she has a personal trainer, a baby sitter, a dietician, etc. I would be shocked if I didn’t see someone make this exact same comment every time a celebrity gets back in shape after a baby. Really, any mother can get in shape, celebrity or not, money or not. I did it without a dietician, and no personal trainer. You just have to want to and have the motivation to make it happen. Save your jealous, repetitive comments for another time.

Jr on

People, can you please stop focusing on everyone’s bodies? Tell us about their movies, shows and music. We don’t need you dragging their “bodies” into every article. Sheesh!

Bem on

She probably breastfeeds – quickest way to lose that baby weight.

Justme on

She looks great! And her workouts are showing🌺

Deb on

Carrie looks great! Her hard work and eating right has really paid off. If we all were that devoted to being healthy, we could all look and feel better. Kudos to Carrie! Looking forward to her return to the stage next week!

Paul on

She looks good and seems doing very well.

none on

Who cares, she a stuck on herself bimbo!!

Nale on

Unfortunately most people can’t afford like she has. Only hope most people have good opportunities like her.

Anonymous on

I’ve never had a personal trainer or chef. I have been a stay at home mom, work from home mom and work out of the home mom and over 10 years and 4 babies I have lost the weight within 3 months with all of them. It just takes self control and motivation, not only after the pregnancy but before and during it as well. Much easier to lose the weight when you don’t think of pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever you feel like eating and be less active. The recipe for weight loss isn’t hard, it is simple common sense eating food that you can pronounce the ingredients of and get moving.

Dianna on

@ Lisa.. even with all the money in the world some people have a difficult time.. look at kardashian. .. kudos to Carrie.. or should I say Cudos.. lol

Anonymous on

I don’t get why everyone’s saying these celebs get back into shape because they have personal trainers, yes they may but as a non celeb you can look like that too with out a personal trainer, eat healthy and exercise. We all make excuses as to why we can’t work out. I have two kids and still go to the gym every day with them, they are in the same room as me but gated off. I take books and toys so they can keep their selfs entertained while I get my work out in.

Anonymous on

All these haters !