The Truth About How Kim Kardashian West Got Pregnant Again

06/02/2015 at 06:15 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West Pregnant IVF

Having a big family was always a dream of Kim Kardashian West‘s — and something she just assumed would fall into place when the time was right.

But after having daughter North, who turns 2 on June 15, the reality queen had an inkling things might not go as smoothly the second time around. Her first pregnancy ended in a complicated delivery due to preeclampsia, a potentially dangerous condition in which a woman’s blood pressure skyrockets during pregnancy, as well as placenta accreta, where blood vessels from the placenta grow into the uterine wall and remain attached.

Kardashian West, 34, and husband Kanye West, 37, tried to expand their family for eight months, but it wasn’t until the couple had the help of in vitro fertilization that they were able to conceive.

“Kim also had three surgeries to repair her uterus,” a source close to the star tells PEOPLE. “The inner lining had been so damaged that she was told conceiving on her own wasn’t possible.”

With the help of her fertility doctors, Kardashian West had IVF treatment with hormones four months ago, which sadly didn’t take.

The next month, the couple conceived using IVF, but on Kardashian West’s natural cycle, without hormones. (And no, the source says, she isn’t expecting twins!)

Kardashian West is thrilled — but having a hard time with the pregnancy. “I have the worst morning sickness, day sickness, night sickness,” she told reporters Monday night at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards. Adds the source, “this pregnancy is very different because she’s sick all the time. She’s very nauseous and very tired.”

The source says the pair are expecting a high-risk delivery “but are prepared. It’s been a long road, and they are just so thankful to the doctors because they said she would never conceive again.” The source also says this pregnancy will also likely be Kardashian West’s last because of the complications she’s already experienced.

For now, her priority is to simply take care of herself until the new addition arrives in December. “She’s trying to rest and doing what she can to not get preeclampsia again, but there’s a chance she might,” says the source. Adds Dr. Lisa Masterson, an OB/GYN who has not treated Kardashian West: “[Her condition] does tend to repeat itself. The best thing she could do is just be healthy — eat right and exercise.”

Struggles aside, the miracle of being pregnant isn’t lost on the expectant star. “I’m so grateful to even be pregnant when we didn’t think it would ever happen for us,” she said. “It is so worth it!”

For more on Kardashian West’s struggle to conceive and all the emotional details, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Jennifer Garcia

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drgrady on

Good luck to them.

Mandy on

Am I the only person who believes nothing this person releases to the public? I don’t think Nori was even premature. Her early pics did not look like a preemie. This family is all about attention. I feel sorry for the kids. Hopefully the nannies give her plenty of attention.

Kimmie on

North is going to be a big sister:)

rachel on

I’m confused. It says “the couple conceived using IVF, but on her natural cycle, without hormones.” How is that possible? I’m all for IVF and consider it a huge blessing to those who use it, but how do you do it on your natural cycle? If you’re going to transfer embryos you need to shut down your cycle first and then prepare your uterus for transfer.

Dawn on

8 months is NOT a long time to deal with fertility struggles! Most doctors won’t do more than oral fertility drugs for AT LEAST a year with secondary infertility. She should be grateful that she has money for the specialists and could go to them at all. I have a friend who has had 3 failed ivf attempts in 3 years. Kim is blessed and doesn’t even have the sense to realize and treasure it.

lol on

Blah blah blah, have you seen Caitlyn? lmao suck it kimye. Nobody cares about your spawn.

life goes on on

Did she not say, she probably would never conceive, because she had an illness ? She probably took the pill before I guess, his money, finally wanted her to get pregnant. Do we have to listen to all that shit coming from that family, they are just gross and are all sociopaths, only into to themselves. There are people hungry in our country.

Stan on

Kimmy the Pig says, “Oink!”

Kimberly on

I don’t care to know how anyone conceives and i don’t need their homemade tapes and or music videos to help me understand it even better. Why can’t they just tell us she’s expecting. Not that we care about yet another Kardashian. Perhaps this one will be named South. Which their ratings and attention would go South PDQ.

Charlie on

He always looks like he is pissed off.

Laura on

Oh man, the drama! Invitro after only 8 months. That must be so hard. Try waiting four years.

Deb on


Frazier on

The internet really displays the negativity of the American public. Regardless of your thoughts on this couple, you chose to read the article and comment, which only adds to their fame. I hope those posting nasty comments re-evaluate their lives if they are over the age of 25.
I wish this couple goodwill and luck with the pregnancy since it appears it was difficult to conceive.

lala on

I’m sorry but she’s been soooooooooo sick but still going out for shopping excursions, red carpet events, etc… I call bullsh!t.

This woman’s life is all about her image and she lies to fit the image she wants the world to see.

She’s already been caught lying and doing reshoots to appear like the better person in said situations.

Peanut on

it’s very hard to believe this is such an important pregnancy to her and she is prepared for whatever. If you know it’s going to be a high risk pregnancy, and it matters to you, you stop flying all over the world, dressing yourself in too tight outfits, and injecting yourself with botox. this is another attention seeking move. i wouldn’t be surprised if they announce “a miscarriage” a few weeks down the road, b/c it really doesn’t seem that she is pregnant.

Pj on

I’m sure there is plenty of news in the world other than Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy….which I’m sure we’ll hear every little detail (rolling my eyes) or Bruce Jenner’s transitioning. Would be nice to open up the People site and not see either one for a change. I think we’ve all gotten the message about both by now.

kay on

It is also rumored that she and Kayne are just a PR arrangement, so I’m not surprised IVF was used, as I think it was for North too. I’d believe that over Kim’s TMI “we’re doing it 500 times a day” proclamations.

Lisa on

Who cares?? Honest to God, sooooooo uninterested. Sooooooo many other people and things of sooooooo much more importance and interest. Please STOP. Thinking their public relations team must be paid mega bucks to constantly pump out this drivel. Just stop, please stop.

donnasfineart on

LIMELIGHT!! That’s all she wants now that Jenner has been on the news for 2 days!! I agree..there is NO WAY North was a twins were 8 weeks early & were a heavy 5 lbs each..her daughter wasn’t close..And IVF only after 8 months which is total BS becuz she was running all over taking model shoots..everything she says is BS!!!

Jayleen on

@Dawn, she actually got pregnant after FIVE months. They started trying eight months ago, and she is three months along. She didn’t have infertility by any stretch of the imagination, and to pretend so is disrespectful to every woman who is dealing with true infertility.

ehanesrn on

Well, she is indeed “nauseous.” I won’t argue that.

Anonymous on

Try doing FIVE rounds of IVF after trying naturally for 7 yrs. And there is absolutely NO WAY she did IVF without hormones. That is so laughable!

Anonymous on

@Mandy, you are an idiot. Not every child that is born before their due date will look premature. In fact, some babies a fully developed before their due date because this whole process is not an exact science. I am 5 months pregnant and I have high Iron count, having to see a specialist who is constantly checking on my kidneys to make sure they are okay and won’t shut down on me. I also have, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, extreme morning sickness where I have had to go to the hospital several times for treatment. As a result of all these complications, my pregnancy is high risk and I have a high probability of delivering my baby several weeks early. From your point of view, does this mean that my baby is going to look premature…no because all the anatomy test on my baby has proven that it is longer than normal and a bit bigger than the average baby because both myself and my husband are over 6 feet. If you have nothing nice to say about the Kardashian’s why do you bother to click on this article just to insult them and show your ignorance. This woman has had a hard time making her dream come true once again to add to her family. Sharing this story to me gives others going through the same thing hope, don’t S**t on that to make yourself feel good.

MO on

I don’t mean to be negative, but is it REALLY considered a struggle when their daughter isn’t even 2 and the JUST decided (under a year ago) to have another child?!? I know people who have struggled 10 + years to have a second child. She is lucky and should be grateful to have even had one child, because so many women can’t conceive. Just seems a bit “dramatic” to have called a “struggle” and jump right to IVF because they were frustrated can afford it. I am happy she got what she wanted, but she needs to be more mindful of what a “struggle” really is.

Katie on

She had three surgeries?? When?? She seems like she’s always on vacation or somewhere else. I’m truly thrilled for them if they really want another child for the joy of the experiences rather than seeing a pregnancy and baby as publicity. If they use nannies to help them while “working” then fine but I hope they take over the good, bad, and the ugly when they are home. I sadly think the nasty stuff is left for others. Parenthood isn’t all wonderful moments.

west on

Nothing like wearing a shear dress with granny panties underneath when you are pregnant. She is gross, the outfit horrendous!!!

west on

Nothing like wearing a shear dress with granny panties underneath when you are pregnant, horrendous!!

Melissa on

B!+ch please. I’ve been dealing with fertility problems for 10 years!! 8 months pffttthhh. Awh cry me a fu(king river ya inconsiderate tramp.

Anonymous on

@rachel @anonymous Google “natural cycle IVF.” Some reproductive endocrinologists are offering IVF but only retrieving an egg from a follicle produced during a “natural cycle” ie no fertility drugs. The thinking is that the body will naturally select a better egg on its own, and it’s cheaper. I am an OB/GYN and the reproductive endocrinologists I worked with during my residency 5 years ago were offering this.

sue on

I’ll be glad when I can open the internet and see the Kardashian name as much as I see Paris Hilton’s name now. Almost never.

Guest on

How is this news? The truth??? It was featured on a KUWTK epsiode!!

Chuck Nielsen on

So happy she’s pregos again!! She shows the world a woman can be the sexiest woman in the world even when she’s 8 months pregnant!
She is the perfect role model for young girls today too, comfortable with her body and not hung up on what the haters think! Kim is what every little girl should aspire to be!

R on

And they probably implanted a boy for Kanye !

R on

Probably implanted a boy to make Kanye happy

Shannon on

She struggled to conceive and then is complaining of morning sickness?! I know many woman who would welcome morning sickness if they could have a child!

aubrey on

she lies about everything so the show has more viewers-gotta add drama…

R on

@ Chuck, god help the girls of today if they look at KK as a role model. The world is going insNe.

Guest on

Playing it fast and loose with the word ‘truth’, People magazine.

I don’t think there were any true infertility issues (never heard of a doctor that would consider 8 months long enough to start treatment). I really think all of the trials and tribulations were created to add drama to the second pregnancy, which would have gotten far less coverage otherwise. I mean, really, does anyone honestly think a doctor recommended a surrogate after 4-5 months of trying to conceive? It’s all PR.

LRenee on

Kenwood probably skin baby kitten each and every day if it meant getting pregnant. She has no concern for anything living but her own.
Selfish selfish couple, Karma.

Alicia on

Why are they trying so hard to take Caitlyn spotlight? Or this is fake or I would seriously consider to evaluate her doctors abilities as “good doctors”. Apparently money can buy you anything, IVF after eight months of trying seems crazy to me

Truvi on

To all those writing mean/disrespectful comments be careful what you send out to the universe. Geez they are people just like the rest of us with daily struggles. The only difference is they have a lot of money. Sure money can make things easier but they are still a family with problems.

Deb on

I love the title…the truth about how she got pregnant…the same way hundreds of thousands of women get pregnant all the time. We can all sleep better now knowing the truth. Good luck to this second child who will also be schlepped around like an accessory all over the world. Oh please.

Just shoot me on

Oh great! 8 more months of seeing her get fat and post selfies and pics of her in ill fitting and extremely inappropriate maternity clothes!! Yay!! Said no one ever!!! Also, what the F is she wearing in that pic?! Who wears that while preggo!! #justshootme #goawayalready #hellnoimnotjealous #fertilityprobsmyass

susan on

All of this is ironic, of course, because KKW got her fame from spreading her legs.

kailaa808 on

Please feature stories of real people struggling through infertility. Eight months without success isn’t a story, it’s a blip. Talk to those who’ve been trying for years, how insurance companies will only let you try IVF once in your lifetime, if at all … how people are mortgaging their homes, taking loans and selling engagement rings to try to start a family. That’s a story.

Whatever on

She has morning sickness, day sickness, night sickness…well dang, thats how i feel whenever i see another cruddy Kartrashian article.

kailaa808 on

Come on. This is not a story. Eight months without success? Try talking to the women who’ve been trying for years, whose insurance companies won’t cover IVF and if they do, it’s one attempt in a lifetime. Talk to the couples who have to mortgage their homes, take loans or sell engagement rings to pay for it. This is a blip, not a story and surely not worth space in your mag. Talk to real people for a change.

G Maritz on

This article is ALL LiiiiEEEESSSS!!!!!!
Everyone knows that Kanye has been cornnnholinnggg’
Caitlyn Jenner and Justin Beiber.

Sue on

Along with most of what comes out of this twits mouth, I’m having doubts about Placenta Accreta. I’ve read about it and I don’t recall the idiot being out of the limelight long enough to have had this and recovered, also, I could be wrong on this but isn’t a hysterectomy right after birth the common treatment? Why insult women who have real struggles? These stories aren’t going to make us like her more.

Cali lady on

We have North West.
Next child will be South West


Confused on

I think she’s lying. I suffered fertility issues and my doctor wouldn’t consider IVF until after a year…not eight months. I suffered the same complications she SAYS she experienced with North and you know what? I didn’t rish the health of MY CHILD or myself getting pregnant again. I had a four year old son, a teenage step-daughter, and husband to stay healthy for. We adopted or third and became foster parents but I read they didn’t want to consider adoption…what because a child isn’t blood that makes them less than a biological child? Sick of this couple’s lies. Go away and get a REAL job Kim.

Jane on

There are some seriously nasty and hateful people on this message board, my goodness! You don’t have to like her and just because you don’t see her fertility problems completely on camera/didn’t see her having surgery doesn’t mean it didn’t happen and doesn’t make her problems any less legitimate. I personally can’t stand her as a person, but I would never be so cruel as to diminish someone else’s problems. Yes, it sucks trying for ten plus years, but that doesn’t mean the person trying for 10 months is any less hurt and upset! Imagine seeing your mother and sister pop out babies like it’s nothing and you have to have surgery to make it happen; how would you feel? Put yourself in someone’s shoes before you disparage them!

Confused on

I think she’s lying. I suffered fertility issues and my doctor wouldn’t consider IVF until after a year…not eight months. I suffered the same complications she SAYS she experienced with North and you know what? I didn’t rish the health of MY CHILD or myself getting pregnant again. I had a four year old son, a teenage step-daughter, and husband to stay healthy for. We adopted or third and became foster parents but I read they didn’t want to consider adoption…what because a child isn’t blood that makes them less than a biological child? Sick of this couple’s lies. Go away and get a REAL job Kim. Kanye…just shut up!

Still fedup on

This piece of trash is an insult to everyone who has had infertility problems. We waited for 18 years for our daughter. That is right Kimmy, YEARS, not minutes or months. That is hard, but we were lucky a lot of people never get to have their dream. And then all you do is bitch and moan about how sick you are. Be grateful for what you have you insensitive cow. And you couldn’t just let Caitlyn have her moment in the sun could you? No, you had to try and steal the spotlight from her.

Grt on

Ten stories a day on kimbot and klan. I have had enough! Peace out. I am done with this site.

Dorrah on

Looks like her promiscuity finally caught up to her. Too many stds can render you sterile. Good.

F them on

Vapid, selfish people should not be allowed to procreate. I hope these children have good nannies.

Jane on

@Confused, just because your one individual doctor wouldn’t give you IVF before a year doesn’t mean that every single doctor in earth follows the same practices. Each woman is different and would be taken on a case by case basis. Why would you just automatically assume she was lying? And what, do you want a halo because you chose to adopt and she didn’t? She’s said numerous that it was not out of the question, but they would try a surrogate first. Some people just prefer to have biological children, and you can’t make someone feel bad for that.

JC on

I am so happy for this family, I pray she has a healthy pregnancy. Babies are a blessing and this one is very lucky to be born into this family.

JC on

Many prayers to the West family. And of course their extended,family, peace and love:)

Alia on

If this was a normal person, I would feel for her. however, I have a hard time believing a word that comes out of her or the “source’s” mouth. (Why do I get the feeling the “source” is Kris). Since no one leaked any information prior to Kim herself saying it, I’m wondering why this “source” cannot reveal their full name?? Surely Kim gave the OK for the “source” to release the information now. This is why I don’t believe what comes out of their mouths. Everything is planned and all the “leaks” from “sources” are planned. For the time she’s been pregnant, they’ve been running KUWTK episodes about her trying to get pregnant. Did they mention IVF on the show?

cantstandkimye on

So gross on so many levels! Can’t stand this couple!

D on

Well, no wonder her insides are really messed up, it’s because of how she was soooo promiscuous!! She only has herself to blame! She ought to be thankful she never got AIDS!

Jaime Vergara on

We really want to know how she got pregnant? I thought that was a simple and routine procedure!

Jennifer on

“when a megalomaniac loves his brainless creation very, very much they lie very close together on camera and make a baby.”

rose on

Wow! Lots of nasty comments! A baby is always a blessing. Just because you or your friends/family had fertility issues doesn’t mean you have to get salty with Kim. We all know that the same rules do not apply for celebs. Drs will move mountains for them just so they can claim it.
I just hope she takes this pregnancy seriously and takes it easy. Preeclampsia is no joke and a risk to both mother and child.

Nycgirl437 on

Great. Now I feel guilt for thinking this was all a ploy for surrogacy. Welp, never thought I’d feel bad for Kim, buuuut now I do.

Sunny on

She’s pregnant. Whoopie ding. How she became that way is hardly newsworthy. If she had done it naturally, would you be writing about if she conceived doing missionary or doggie?

ciparliamo on

i wonder hiw many of her problems has to do with all the surgeries shes had to rearrange everything to look desirable and curvy…

Mrs on

it’s bad enough she bares her boobs & arse…….
HOW one gets pregnant is quite simple: one takes a penis, inserts it into a vagina, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOm

Tangerine Mcdaniel on

I hope she have a healthy pregnancy and delivery

Laura on

First a baby is a miracle so I hope that is not lost on Kim and Kayne. BUT eight months to conceive a second child is not long at all I cant feel sorry for them. I have and 10 year old my husband and I thank god for everyday and have struggled with secondary infertility for 7 years. So I have to laugh at 8 months

K on


Meghan on


Pj on

Has everybody forgotten the fact that she wore that corset 24/7 so she could have the small waist for her nude photo shoot. And then she wonders why she had trouble conceiving….brains are not something these people have and the lies that come out of their mouths makes any normal person cringe.

Kelly on

Poor baby! 8 months of trying Infertility treatments. She has a baby she is not inferitile. We have been trying for 8 years, 4 failed if cycles, $40,000 down the drain, and a heartbreaking delivery at 17 weeks. Come talk to me about infertility.

Lala on

This would be a good story if she was having quintuples lol she would be so fat and I don’t think her husband would touch her. Oh I think it’s so funny Kaye was putting in a cup for her.

Cathy on

Community Center!!!

vcb2 on

OMG. Already with the whining and complaining? It’s nausea and fatigue, which is normal in the 1st few months. Kim may very well be facing a very difficult and high risk pregnancy, about which I don’t mean to be flip. Hopefully, she and the doctors discussed tre pitfalls and she’s prepared to take necessary steps to limit the risks and dangers. She has the $$$ to do nothing challenging for the next few months. She needs to be sensible and do what she can to enable a successful outcome.

Carli on

Damage to her uterus? Not surprised there with all the men she’s been with. Probably abortions too and we won’t even talk about STD’s which can do some damage.

Rebecca on

With most of the American public FEDUP with Kartrashian/West/Jenner headlines monopolizing every media form, I wonder how long would it take to pay PEOPLE magazine off via GOFUNDME for those of us sick to death of having these self serving, self indulgent, toxic people being shoved down our thoats! Seriously! How many fricken headlines about them does anyone REALLY want to see? How many of us care about how North will “cope” with a new sibling. Blah blah blah ad nauseum. I cannot read any site these days without dozens of trivial ‘articles’ regarding their every move and health issue.

Pfft on

As someone who went through 5 rounds of IVF…she’s lying. You can’t do IVF on your “natural cycle” the whole point of IVF is to shut down your system, and use synthetic hormones so that doctors can completely control your levels, and medication levels. You have your follicles monitored frequently, then you’re put under and they are retrieved at precisely the right time. They are then mixed w/ sperm, or ICSI is done and then after 3 or 5 days, the best embryo’s are put back…nothing about IVF is natural. She’s lying or she’s a f’ing idiot. probably a little of both.

Anonymous on

Quick Caitlyn Jenner , release a statement that you too, are expecting via IVF !

Moira on

So happy for them…..Babies make the world go round and yours are beautiful

Luvmytwins on

She could do IVF hormone free if they’d had frozen embryo’s fromn last attempt that failed and then used Herndon cycle and during normal ovulation time implanted the embryo to match her regular rhythm and it would be hormone free without all the Dr. Visits and monitoring. Then their chances are less successful than the regular IVF but easier physically, mentally, and financial though this is not concern for them. Hope she slow down and stops jet setting everywhere for the health of them both, but she probably won’t.

Tink1972 on

I had placenta accreta with my daughter and the only option was a partial hysterectomy. So something on here does not ring true. I was close to death and there is no way to detect it until after the birth of a baby

Alexis on

Do we really have to have a weekly report on this pregnancy for the next 6th months? Nice timing by-the-way, Kim. You knew about this for 3 months and waited to share the news when Caitlyn/Bruce decided to make her debut. Nice.

Natalie Bernstein on


julz on

Funny how she announces this in the middle of Bruce’s transition. She is such an attention whore! Way to go Kim, perfect timing.

weatheredstorms on

Rachel, conceiving on a natural cycle means they implanted the embryos when she would be fertile. They would just have to know her cycle, using ovulation predictor kits would help with that. But no you don’t always have to go through medications to go on their timeline after the eggs have been fertilized with sperm

Jessica on

Fvck these irrelevant aholes.

Lilly on

No one Believes anything that comes out of your filthy mouth. You are gross and tacky attention hog.

Anonymous on

I guess we do care, right? Otherwise we would not be here. I do believe that reality shows were created to showcase the bizarre, and I know they are scripted because I was once a reality producer. So, ultimately, it’s up to the audience to decide that they don’t care anymore.

j on

Does this dumb skank think a child is like a handbag? She can choose the best one that goes with her outfit when she goes out?? Sad story.

Anonymous on

Coincidence that she had to announce it the same day that the Caitlyn photos came out? Attention seeking no talent

MJ on

So sad how her face is looking now, I used to think she actually pretty. Like she had a natural beauty, kind of exotic you know?, sadly that was wayyyy back when she was barely famous. Now she just looks weird, plastic, like a wax doll, like WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WOMAN?!! Sad!, Sad!.

Anonymous on

PLEASE no more

Andrea on

Don’t get me wrong I’m very happy for them… I don’t enjoy them very much but she really needs to take care of herself… That whole “waist training” that they do does not help either… I hope after her second child she doesn’t care too much about her body image and more about her children.

Cecily on

FYI to the commenters saying a natural cycle IVF is not possible, or ‘laughable.’ That is exactly how I conceived. As much as she drives me nuts, and I almost NEVER click on a Kardashian story, as they make my skin crawl- I couldn’t resist, having been down the road of infertility (way longer than 8 months!). I did a natural IVF cycle with no hormones… They retrieved my one natural egg, did ICIS, and transferred it back 5 days later… And it was successful. So it is certainly NOT ‘laughable’. Waaaay cheaper than conventional IVF, and for me it was also about not taking another round of a ridiculous amount of hormones (I had tried that as well).

rose on

Vomit. .. I don’t even know what else to say.

Alex on

Everything that is released is done deliberately to get a reaction. While I am happy that the world was not burdened with her cycle info, every day will be marked with some p.r….about the kid, about the other kid, how wretched preggers mom is, how blessed they are, blahdyblahdyblah.
Some may say, well don’t read the articles. Okay, so I wont. But this crap is on any and every mindless/non-crime related program I happen across.
The Kartrashians are very unwell people.

Alex on

Oh. And for the “3surgeries”, guess what? They were D&C’s. They are done everyday for various reasons. NO BIG DEAL. 1 Tylenol and it’s over.

FelicityJune on

arrrg so cute how they are trying to sell her “complicated” pregnancy with loads of health issues to the public. Of course, nothing in KK’s life is normal, she has to have drama about everything. I don’t believe this crap for a second, and I already feel sorry for that poor unborn child. Kim hasn’t got a maternal bone in her body and hated pregnancy and weight gain the first time. Her poor firstborn is dragged around like an accessory and she is going to do the same with the second one. Poor babies!!!

Kestrel on

Here’s 2 more people who claim to be Christian but never think that God was telling them not to have more kids.
Ah, religion. As Make Your Own as a salad bar.

Tisha on

Wear flats, eat a low salt diet..lots of fruits, and veggies.. And keep moving..that should ensure her to a healthy pregnancy… God bless her

Nancy on

Okay how about this? Kim STAY HOME and rest . . raise your daughter and GIVE ALL US a BREAK from your face for oh, I don’t know . . a year or so . . or FOREVER!! WHEN is the MEDIA going to STOP with these people???? PEOPLE Magazine??????? And I don’t believe she had 3 surgeries . . when????

Jamie on

I can’t stand them, I can’t but I was curious as to how she happened to get pregnant after North’s complications. I also wanted to add that regardless of what I think or anyone else thinks, when Kanye looks at Kim and North, he looks so happy. It’s really lovely and I envy her in only that I wish I had someone devoted to me as Kanye is to her and North.

Just me on

What is the fascination with Kim and her useless husband? Please pick better stories to talk about. I am so tired of this family and just wish them and their stories would go away….PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Jane on

Ack! There should be a law against those two skanks reproducing again. That first child is hideously ugly and miserably unhappy. The damage to Kim’s repro tract was probably done by the thousands of poundings it took in her porn star days.

Lisa on

What is going on with the lower half of her face? She looks like the Joker in this pic.

Anonymous on

Sad what People magazine has become.

Nanu21 on

Is she saying she will be out of the spotlight this time around taking care of herself? Really! she is full of herself all the time so lets hope she stays home with North being just the wife/mom but bet old hubbie won’t allow that as they have to be seen and recognized…….Yawn!!!!

Kat on

OK Kim, stay home, rest, we don’t wonna see you out and about flaunting your behind and getting photographed all over the place. Take care of that baby.
I’m I the only one who thinks she’s gonna kick Yeezus to the curb after the 2nd baby arrives? LMAO.

Ivfexpert on

I do not like Kim kardashian by any stretch of the imagination but for people to say that she did not have infertility because it was only a few months isn’t fair. If this article is true, she had to have 3 surgeries to repair her uterus. Her infertility was short because they knew the cause and could address it right away & it was a mechanical issue if you will… Not DNA or hormone related. It’s those struggling with the unknown or age-related reasons for infertility who have the long process because unknown is a guessing game & age-related is a battle against Mother Nature.

As for natural cycle IVF… They follow your egg development on your own cycle. Take the egg out when ready, fertilize it & put it back. Your natural cycle does prepare the uterus for a fertilized egg. The hormones in traditional IVF are mainly to get a crop of eggs for many embryos to increase success. Those hormones can be tough on your uterine environment. Since her problem was uterine & she didn’t need a crop of eggs, natural cycle was a good option for her case.

Patty on

They keep saying she has “extreme” morning sickness. I had extreme morning sickness (twins) and was sick morning, noon and night. I don’t see how she could be flying all over, getting glammed up and making appearances. Call her strong if you want, but the fact is, when you puke every 15-30 minutes, all day, you can’t do that. Did she stop shaking hands, turn around and puke and go back to shaking hands? I don’t think so.

lori on

Dear God you would think Kim is the only woman in the world that has been pregnant. We all go thru complications Kim AND People

Christina on

8 months!? What respectable Doctor will give you IVF when you have only been trying for 8 months. I know this is mean but I kind of hope she gets so fat with this one that she disappears like Rob did!

PacificGirl on

Rachel I conceived through IVF on my natural cycle without hormones. They basically take the egg after triggering ovulation, fertilize it and put it back. No horrible daily shots to make a bunch of eggs. As my doc says it only takes one and it did for me to get my beautiful son. Kudos to Kim for bringing awareness to this procedure.

Janet on

No, I really don’t want to hear the details of how she got pregnant. I learned that early in life. Shouldn’t there be a law forbidding these people from breeding? They are like a fungus.

lola on

So happy for them!! Babies are always great news. Just dreading what the name will be.

Author Arthurs on

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Lllie on

Like all things Jenner, the real world cares nothing about the Kardashians. PEOPLE is only re-enforcing my decision to not renew my subscription. None of them have ANY talent or morals. They are role models to no one.

Lllie on

Kudos to “Janet” for being spot on…..!!!!!!!!

I don't care on

Isn’t it funny how she says she’s pregnant again on the same day Bruce comes out as Caitlyn?!

Kate on

If she is being honest that she conceived through IVF, it gives me hope. I’m starting the IVF process next month but only after 3 years of trying unsuccessfully.

Anonymous on

She is so gross. The vermin of Hollywood, CA really need to stop portraying themselves as better and more caring than average middle-class hard working people.

Smuv on

She is so gross. The vermin of Hollywood, CA really need to stop portraying themselves as better and more caring than average middle-class hard working people.

Anonymous on

She is so gross. The vermin of Hollywood, CA really need to stop portraying themselves as better & more caring than average middle-class hard working people.

toots on

CONGRATS!!!… Kim & Kanye seem like adoring parents. Plus, I’m glad they finally got married… It’s nice that Kim has always been such a romantic at heart! A lot of people can learn from that! Hope that Kim & baby stay healthy!!~~

Kayla on

This is a big slap to the face for couples TRYING to start families! My hubby and I have been trying for two years and the emotional toll is heart wrenching 😦 I know a number of women who’ve been struggling for 10 years! So you have the money for IVF great. Good for you. But don’t rub it in other hopeful mothers faces. You don’t know the meaning of emotional pain Kim. You’re just upset you couldn’t get what you wanted right away.

Shelley on

This is complete BS. From someone actually struggling with infertility Kim should keep her dramatic antics in check. Struggling with fertility? I think it’s just a media ploy. You ask any woman how she’s actually struggled to get pregnant and her story will be 1000x worse and she has a fraction of the money. Kim, go away.

Anonymous on

Maybe had she not gotten chlamydia she wouldn’t have suffered infertility and needed to have 3 surgeries to repair her uterus. What an insult to real couples who face infertility.

Mia on

It is sad to see so many angry and hateful people on here. I wouldn’t call myself a “fan” of the Kardashian’s but I don’t hate them either. Often hate is a result of one’s own insecurities. I don’t understand why people who “hate” the Kardashian’s bother to read the article and then take time to comment- why bother to read it? As they saying goes… misery loves company. Why not try to find something that makes you happy and let go of what doesn’t? Seems like a whole lot of personal issues on their part. But fine hate who you want, what bothers me and why I decided to comment was a result of the stupidity being spewed here…people like KATE who are new to this journey shouldn’t be mislead, and what’s sad is a lot of it is coming from people who have been struggling with infertility.. they should know better. I have struggled with infertility for many years. 4 years ago I started treatment. After many treatments and 3 IVF’s (actually my last IVF was with the same doctor KK used- which is what peaked my interest in this article) I think I know a little about IVF and fertility struggles.. and let me say no two cases are identical. Kudos to IVFEXPERT, PACIFICGIRL and CECILY for their informed expertise. As it’s been stated… 1 year is a guideline but not a requirement. And this is usually only the case when the infertility is unexplained… which was not Kim’s case. They knew the problem so waiting was not going to change anything. KK is 34, so for those who may not know… 35 is already considered advanced age, so she also doesn’t have the luxury of waiting especially if she is hoping for more children. Also, it is absolutely possible to have a natural IVF cycle- in her case I think it may have been a transfer during her natural cycle which is TOTALLY possible. So yeah not totally natural since she most likely had embryos on freeze that were used for the transfer- but as the article stated it was done during a natural cycle which is possible. For all those hating on her being able to afford IVF – why does that matter? If your issue is with the health system (which I completely agree with it makes no sense that fertility isn’t covered by (the majority of) insurance because it is no different than any other health condition) but please don’t spew your hatred here, get off this board and call your local politicians to get laws changed. Don’t diminish her desire for a child just because she can afford IVF and a nanny. How is having a nanny any different than a babysitter or a child care center? Should we all be stay at home moms? Believe me I (and many of my family members, friends) would love that but some of have to work for a living. People keep in mind that not all people work 9-5 so some people need a nanny.. and regardless of what you think of how she makes her money or how she got her fame she does work. She has a show, a fashion company etc etc… for those who think that celebrities don’t work- as the saying goes if it were easy everyone would be doing it. Many work 12 hour days minimum are constantly away from their families, etc. Yes it has MAJOR advantages but there is also a lot of sacrifice. So, yes it is work. And for those saying how can she possibly be extremely sick, have surgeries and still be working… you either must not work or you have the luxury to take time away whenever you want. As a person who worked through serious morning sickness and many procedures/surgeries relating to infertility it is totally possible to go puke then come back and keep working or have surgery and be back to work 2 days later- some of us don’t have a choice.. . Stop hating and judging. Also for those who don’t think that secondary infertility is a REAL struggle, you should check YOUR selfishness at the door. Just because you have a child doesn’t mean you don’t deserve or want another child just as much as someone who doesn’t have any. Yes adoption or fostering are great but there is nothing wrong with wanting your own biological children either. Kudos to KK and many others like her who deal with this struggle and still do all the other things they need to do. It isn’t easy. I appreciate KK coming out and sharing her struggle.. it is not easy, but it’s important for people to know that this exists, there is hope and you’re not alone. You can think whatever you want of this family but there is no denying that in this week alone they have brought attention to 2 major issues that have been ignored for far too long and I for one give them props for that. I wish KK and Kanye (neither of who I am a “fan” of btw) the best of luck with their pregnancy and I hope they have a healthy sibling for North to grow up with.

Mia on

One more thing to add… how ignorant for anyone to make any assumptions as to why she is infertile, especially comments made by those who are dealing with it themselves. First off the article stated her issues were a result of complications from her first pregnancy.. so for anyone to say it is because of the number of sexual partners she’s had etc is plain ignorance. If being promiscuous resulted in infertility then nearly the entire world would be infertile. Use common sense people. Makes me sad to think there are so many mean people in this world.

Anonymous on

Glad she is honest how she got pregnant and we know how she got pregnant now! Good luck to them.

kali1998 on

Again today? It’s the same day? More Kardashian.

kali1998 on

I’m sure my comments are being deleted because I’m putting a lot of shade on People Magazine for not having enough brains to find something or some else to write about.

Dr. Sherry on

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Vee on

It’s next to impossible to imagine her being a good mother. Her daughter will grow up focused on the things that she can fix surgically when she is old enough and will be taught that appearance is everything. Such a shallow life.

T on

Wow, I can’t even process the hatred exhibited in some of these comments. You would think some of these commenters who have suffered from fertility issues in the past would be a little more sympathetic. Sorry some of you suffered for years, but many of you may have also had the luxury of time. KK – as young as she is – is not “young” for purposes of having a baby (due to egg quality and quantity issues) and time is not on her side. Under these circumstances, 8 months seems perfectly reasonable.

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Guest on

Here it is 2016 ( Oct ) and news has it that Kim said North was a “surprise” really? Geez….I just read an article about ( in another magazine ) how tough it was for Kim to conceive North…..She will do anything for attention……lying whore.

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