Taye Diggs: Being a Good Father Starts with Showing Up

06/01/2015 at 03:00 PM ET

Being a fabulous father starts with one easy step, says Taye Diggs.

“Be there. How about that? Show up,” the actor, who has teamed up with Dockers to star in their Father’s Day #DadJam video, tells PEOPLE.

And the benefits go both ways: Diggs, who is dad to Walker Nathaniel, admits there is nothing better in life than spending time with his 5½-year-old son.

“For me, the greatest thing about being a dad is a tie between when I haven’t seen my son in awhile and he runs to me and says, ‘Daddy’ and when he’s asleep and I’m carrying him to the bed,” he explains.

The Murder in the First star jokingly adds, “Ah, he’s so cute when he’s asleep.”

Taye Diggs Dockers
Bret Hartman/AP

Although the 44-year-old is known for his impeccable sense of style, balancing his fashion-forward ensembles with daddy duty has its challenges.

“I love dressing, but when you’re a pops you gotta get dressed quick, and you have to be comfortable, and you gotta be ready to have stuff spilled on,” he says.

Fortunately, he’s found the perfect go-to pair of pants that go hand-in-hand with parenthood.

“Every dad should own … cargo pants because they have a lot of pockets,” he shares with a laugh. “Pacifiers and bottles and diapers and wet wipes and crackers and little toy dinosaurs and candy for treats for any child that has behaved or when you’re trying to bribe them. Yeah, cargo pants.”

— Anya Leon

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guest on

I think he meant that is the first step and then once you do that the rest is easy if you love your kid! Kids don’t want much just your time and attention.

Guest on

Kids like to think of their parents as someone who loves them and will be there for them, no matter what. So many kids today don’t have parents that spend time with them, or they may make promises and don’t keep them. Kids remember this as they get older. They remember every broken promise and every ball game that was missed. It does start with being there for them. That’s what he meant.

Easyup on

He’s a real dad! He knows what to put in the pockets!!

Guest on

It’s difficult for me to buy any of what this man says and am offended he’s offering parental advice considering he sacrificed his family life with his devoted wife and child so he could spend his free time sleeping with other women and partying in strip clubs. Before everyone’ jumps down my throat, I’m not saying people don’t split up and that marriages don’t fail and no one’s at fault more than the other person. I’m not even saying that this man doesn’t love his child.
What I am saying is that he’s a user…using his child as a marketing tool to convey this cool, single dad image that is an absolute joke. I just think the entire way the marriage ended and his behavior both before during and after the split has been despicable.
you want to be a cheater…you want to be dating another woman 3 weeks after you announce you’re separating..fine. But own it. Don’t act one way and then say you’ve had the hardest year of your life at the same time. Don’t craft this image like you are the parent doing all of the heavy lifting (where is his son now? With his mother on a world tour for the summer) let’s recount the facts here: in an 18 year relationship, 11 year marriage, small child. Present the perfect family life. Performing with and going on date night with his wife only weeks before they announce they’re separating. Lots of rumors persist throughout of him cheating on her but she always pushes through, never passing up an opportunity to talk about how wonderful he is. They separate. He’s whoring it up in clubs within days and within 3 weeks is out on a date with a woman who he’s now been with ever since. Contrast that with his wife, who weeks after made an appearance with the students of the charity organization they founded jointly and still referred to him as her husband and was wearing her wedding ring. Numerous interviews have touched upon how she did it want this to happen and how she was extremely concerned about the effect it would have on her son (the way her parents divorce had on her).
He then uses this as an opportunity to launch a new brand of himself as a single urban dad and does not waste one single opportunity to capture and share himself being a dad. Do you need to document every time you do something with your child to prove that you are being a good father?
Despite him being charming and loving his kid, I just feel that his number one priority in life remains himself. Sadly, that is the number one most important rule of parenting. Having a baby changes everything and your life in many ways has to alter, you have to grow up. That is something this guy cannot and wouldn’t do. So make all the commercials you want Mr. DIggs but one day your son will be old enough to a: Google you and b: realize that all the time you were managing your image as a father, getting tattoos, and lap dances could have been time devoted to the family life you’ve now cheated him out of having.

Anonymous on

Guest- Just because he was dating again so soon after the divorce doesn’t mean the split hasn’t been hard on him!

Anonymous on

Loved him on The murder in the first. So happy for him.

denise on

To guest with the long diatribe that verges on you sounding unstable-three words come to mind: bitter much and projection.

Erin on

THANK YOU, Guest! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Guest on

I have never felt so vindicated as I do tonight. Just look up Taye Diggs on Twitter and you’ll see. Finally exposed as the absolute phony disgusting piece of garbage he is.
Obviously did something to p@&$ that woman off and too arrogant (or wasted and high) to ever worry about people recording him and using it against him one day.
The timing could not be more perfect. Right when he’s trying to craft his “dad” image. So when you visit your son on weekends in NYC this is what he was actually up to? She also intimated that he pays her monthly—to be quiet,as a prostitute? Who knows? The point is however he doesn’t pay his ex-wife who put up with this nonsense for years (she doesn’t really need it—she’s doing WAY better than him career wise) but can throw money at this person? Despicable. And how crazy that I actually kind of feel bad for the girlfriend. She really thought she was something special there because he actually took her out in public every once in a while. Anyway, as the saying goes karma’s a $&@?!