Savannah Guthrie: Being Apart from My Daughter Is a ‘Struggle’

05/31/2015 at 10:15 AM ET

Savannah Guthrie loves being a mom to 9-month-old daughter Vale — but has one ongoing struggle.

“Sometimes, I have to go away on assignment,” the Today host, 43, tells PEOPLE, “and I really don’t like being gone from her. It can be a struggle.”

Take Friday, for instance.

Guthrie was a long way from her New York home, filming Today at Universal Orlando Resort. As part of Universal Orlando’s 25th Anniversary Concert Series, Pitbull performed several songs on the show — and returned for a full concert the next day. Chatting backstage with PEOPLE, Guthrie and co-host Al Roker talked about balancing parenthood with their high-pressure jobs.

Savannah Guthrie and Baby Vale
Courtesy Savannah Guthrie

As a new mom, Guthrie often finds herself getting advice from her cohosts, all of whom have older children.

Natalie [Morales] has given me a lot of advice about being a working mom,” Guthrie says. “I recently said to her, ‘I feel so bad. Every time I’m away from her, I feel worried.’ And Natalie said, ‘I went through that.’ She actually wrote a blog post about it and sent it to me. I get great advice from my co-workers.”

One thing that makes the separation bearable: technology. “We have a camera set up right in her nursery, so I can get a live shot,” she says. “When I wake up in the morning and she’s still sleeping, I can see her.”

And when they’re in the studio, Guthrie can’t help but show off a bit. “We get a Vale update every day,” says Roker. “She shows us the Vale cam on her phone. It has made our set that much more beautiful. Since she has been a mom, the smile on Savannah’s face has become a permanent feature.”

“I FaceTime from the set, so she gets to see Uncle Al, Aunt Natalie and Uncle Matt [Lauer],” Guthrie adds. “So basically, during commercials of the Today show, we’re all saying ‘Goo goo ga ga’ into my phone.”

And which cohost is the best with baby talk? “Matt’s really, really good at it,” says Guthrie with a laugh. “He’s probably the best.”

Things will likely change as Vale gets older. “She’ll be able to come with me on some assignments,” says Guthrie, noting that Universal Orlando’s two theme parks would probably keep Vale happy. “I’m really looking forward to that day.”

— Steve Helling

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dirvish on

Sweet and well loved baby!!

Don’t infantilize that baby,news team! USE your words 😀

Bem on

That’s because yo aren’t supposed to be away from your baby daughter.

veggiemama on

Why have lovely babies if you’re not ready to mother them? I mean, work yes sure, but babies travel. She can afford an assistant or relative who travels with her, so she can see her adorable little baby every day.

CherylS on

Wow. Three comments in and the judging already starts. Savannah is usually on set in NY and isn’t away on assignment all the time. Some people also believe that it’s better to keep a baby in a routine and its normal environment instead of traveling a lot. It sounds like Vale is a happy baby with a lot of love in her life.

Izzie on

Darling baby and I, for one, would appreciate Ms. Guthrie choosing baby over annoying me for two hours.

Yep on

I’m guessing it’s her makeup but her face looks an odd shade of yellow.

Justme on

Oh boohoo

Kim on

Frustrating when we “glorify celebrity moms” for working and missing their children .. How about the rest of us full time working moms who do not even make a portion of these celebrities let alone have nannies or cars or makeup artists etc or the luxury to bring children with us ! Let’s start glorifying “real life moms” that have work to simply make ends meet.

Justme on

PeopleDOT how about an article on a military mom deploying for 6-9 months? This is a stupid article

annetteUT on

I made a decision to be a stay home mom before I had my 4 children. I wanted my children to be my first priority, not my career or anything else.
I understand some women must work in order to provide for their family, especially single parent households. But this is not a simple task. Many women struggle emotionally from being apart from their kids. I don’t understand women who want a career and a child especially when the husband makes plenty of money to support the household. Careers are better served without the children in the equation. I wish everyone the best in whatever situation they find themselves in. But maybe more thought should be given to the decision to have a baby if a women wants a career. Just sayin’

Liiz on

You can’t get those years back, the early years when you should be with your baby. Your baby misses you, she needs you. You need to be with your baby. Work less, or do the right thing and take a break from your job – it’s just work, not your child. Get the show to pay for a nanny on set, and to travel with you on location. Thanks for reminding me that I will never be sorry for the years I spent raising my own children. This article is full of a whole lot of denial about why mothers cannot be replaced by caregivers, and why a web cam is not a hug and a kiss and warmth.

Pfft on

You all need to stop shaming and judging this fellow mom. No doubt she worked VERY hard to get to where she is, and no doubt she worked hard to have that family. Like many moms who work, you don’t think it upsets her to be away from her baby? Stop being a bunch of catty trolls and support rather than tear down.

NotCute on

Baby looks like dad……not a good thing.

elysummers on

Welcome to parenthood. I’m sure plenty of dad’s feel the same way.

Tena on

What a dumb article People. I got advice. DONT WORK!! More advice. IT ISNT ROUGH when u have maids and nannys. This article INSULTS 99% of your readers who live without both and work. Show real people with real lives. Not a pampered princess.

actorlori on

Would you be making these same comments if Savannah were a man/father? Stay at home moms need to support working moms and vice versa, or we’ll never get the same considerations in this male dominated society.

Anonymous on

If you feel bad away from Vale, simple don’t work, you have enough money.

Guessed on

What a happy little dumpling. I bet she weighs more than her mom.

Dee Allen on

what a cute babie!

Tufteacher on

PUHLEEZE! Don’t confuse “high pressure” job with “high profile”. High pressure is a single mom, in a low paying job, who has to rely on daycare where she has a set time when she MUST pick up her child or pay exorbitant late charges, has to put on her own makeup (if she has time), no time or money for stylist, personal trainer, chef, etc., etc. Get a clue, Savannah. And check in on the real world of most working moms the next time you’re on assignment.

Anonymous on

Try staying home.

thesportygirl on

It amazes me how many people are so mean about celebrity mothers. Yes they have more advantages but it doesn’t mean they love their child any less or any more than a middle class or poor mother. What would be the point of taking her daughter to Florida for one night? I travel for my job and I wouldn’t think of bringing a kid for that. Also for those who say she should just stay home and not work is ridiculous. She took 3 months off and went back to work plus she works an early morning schedule and is off air at 9 and probably home by noon. We hate on people for being successful then we hate people for not trying harder. Every mom no matter what will miss their child when away from them. Yes some have advantages but that’s not their fault and they shouldn’t be punished for their success. Savannah got her law degree and then went into journalism. She didn’t just appear out of pure luck.

Tufteacher on

And one more thing: this is the reason why, after being a “Today Show’ fan for many years, I switched to CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose, Nora O’Donnell & Gayle King who are all about presenting the NEWS. “Today’s” Savannah Guthrie, Natalie Morales, Tamron Hall, are all about look at ME/listen to ME/let me tell you about ME in the style of celebrity entertainment shows. Matt Lauer & Al Roker try to inject some serious news tone, but have gotten sucked under by the girlie froth and fluff–not a sexist comment; I am a woman. If you want serious news to start your morning, switch channels.

Jennifer on

She should be happy no matter what. She able to have a baby. While so many woman cannot have own of their own. Lovely girl!

Kerry on

Geez, what sexist comments I see on here! She does not need to stay home, she has a career! It’s perfectly acceptable for the baby to spend a few days here and there at home with her dad. Women do not need to give up their lives to be mothers. I’m a working mom, and I don’t want or need to sit at home all day with my kids. And give me a break about criticizing her for having help. Yes, she does, but she works long hours for that life. And it does not mean she misses her daughter any less.

Sarah25 on

The baby does have a father. If she’s away, there is another parent at home. It’s like he doesn’t exist judging by these comments.

larry dusi on

wow, some really bitch- comments about being a working mother and missing her baby when and if she has to be away..would you say the same thing if a man said that? i doubt it, in fact i know you wouldn’t…clue: the day of barefoot and pregnant are GONE, thank goodness…ps..izzie, if she annoys you for two hours, get a job so you’re not home…OR don’t watch.

larry dusi on

wow, what a bunch of nasty comments!!! she’s a working mom, in a high profile position, that doesn’t make her any better or any worse than other working mothers…this isn’t the 1950’s. where moms didn’t have high profile jobs…how much money she makes has NOTHING to do with missing her child when she has to travel for her job….sounds like some really jealous people, she wasn’t handed this job, she,like anyone else WORKED to get where she’s at….is she not suppose to have a job that pays her good money?….would some of you say the same thing if it was a man making this comment? i doubt it.

Anonymous on

It’s a little hard to have sympathy for her. Most mothers don’t make a fraction of what she makes. Add in a hairstylist, wardrobe consultant, a nanny, a chauffeur, personal trainer and other perks, not exactly the typical stressed mother. I’ll bet as soon as it is diaper changing time, she probably hands it over to the nanny and says, “here, you take care of it”.

guest on

Then stay home…?

Barb on

What a sweet baby! Your child will make you feel that way forever. Loving, longing, confused, happy, sad, never knowing if you’re doing the right thing. Welcome to motherhood.

gymluv on

People need to calm down. No one said she was asking for sympathy. Motherhood is not a competition so women have to stop making it one. Support and encourage other mothers, don’t judge them and criticize them. Having money may make life easier but it does not stop the separation anxiety that many moms feel. I am sure she misses her kid just as much as a mother who is working for minimum wage. It IS hard to travel for work, without the baby.

sandy on

I wouldn’t trade every second I spent with my baby- it went by so fast!!! I feel for her because her instincts are right. Mom belongs with baby.

Tim G. on

It’s called sacrifice. Many people are willing to make the sacrifice, and many people are not. I won’t judge whichever way she chooses but be a big girl, stand by your decision, and don’t whine. The best choice seems obvious to me. Grow up.

Romancegirl on

Savannah, here’s the solution to your problem – STAY HOME! You can afford to, and if having your face on TV is more important than your child, then you have bigger problems. Stay home! Duh.


we all know her OOPS! baby …………….doesn’t care ! When you have a baby and it’s a mistake,you make sacrifices,MARRIED/BABY,all with in a year,come on ,no one feels sorry for you !

Jeanne on

I agree with so many of you….STAY HOME!!! So many new moms don’t stay home…..your career will be there when your children are in school full time. People spend time in school growing up, 4+ years in college to study for your future and then many work for a few years. Why can’t new moms give their newborns a few years at home and then go back to work when they are a bit older. Precious time with your children only happens once as they grow…..sacrifice a bit but many many parents just want that big house and vacations….give your children a few years and then go back to your career. I don’t feel bad at all

Alexis Santana on

I am so sick of these “poor spoiled” overpaid celebritis crying about their horrible lives. This Guthrie should thank her lucky stars…she makes millions of dollars, for what, reading a script someone else wrote? Google her experience…she “lucked” her way to the top ditching one husband for another who could help her out more….she was not trained as a journalist but as a lawyer. She is a lame reporter at best…She should be ashamed at herself moaning about her life. And she is in the same boat as Joan Lunden, making us all feel sorry for her and her “mom”. She has more money than most people with real mom issues…stop giving these spoiled brats any more notoriety.

Anonymous on

Avery- A sweet, innocent little baby is never a mistake. Unplanned, maybe (and really, we have no way of knowing whether that was the case with Vale. I know it’s shocking, but people DO plan to get pregnant without being married sometimes. ;)), but never a mistake.

Sarah25- Thank you! I don’t know why so many people seem to forget that Vail has a FATHER too…who is with her when her mom has to be away. Apparently fathers aren’t important to a lot of people here. 😦

And finally, how do we know that Savannah has enough money to quit her job and stay home? Being a celebrity does not automatically mean that you make buckets of money, and the last time I checked, none of us were privy to her bank account (or her husband’s, for that matter!)!

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that celebs can’t seem to win no matter what they do. I mean, people criticize celebs who take their children with them whenever the travel for work (saying things like “Kids need stability!” and “The kids should be in one place for their schooling!”). Yet when a celeb goes the Savannah route and DOESN’T take their child with them when they travel for work, they get criticized for THAT! I mean, really, what exactly are they supposed to do?!


Savannah Guthrie has chosen her priority–her career. She makes MILLIONS of dollars and could quit anytime. Enough w/the bull about “missing” her daughter when she travels. If that were the truth, she’d stay home and see her baby in person rather than “Facetiming” her. So selfish!

eusebio manuel vestias pecurto on

Good Luck with your guardian angel Mrs Savannah Guthrie

kaye on

Oh I see CelebrityBabyLover (aka “Anonymous”) is at it again. Can’t you take your sanctimonious attitude to another website?? You can change your screen name but your identity is blatantly obvious to those of us who have had to endure your tirades over the years.

13bigguns on

I am so tired of these tv people crying about being away from their families. How tough it is and how they suffer from it. Try being away from you family with no means of them to see you ca.. you, email you or get mail on a require bases. Through in eating crappy food, little to no sleep and getting paid a lot less. Try being in the military. She could make it one day.

Ronnie on

Quit you complaining or your job. I am sure you make enough money.

Ananonymous on

Savanah Guthrie makes $500,000 before endorsements. Quit your job to stay home and change the extravagant lifestyle!

arch on

Think of all moms and dads struggleing to make ends meet, low pay, bad jobs, no daycare.
Guthrie to even make that comment is an insult to all of those people who struggle just to survive and can’t afford a mansion, or best grade schools let alone college. Ms G get a new profession or just quit

James on

What a bunch of hater/losers posting here. Wow – go do something with your own lives instead of being so overwhelmingly jealous of this talented and nice person. She is working hard to balance her work and personal life – just like lots of us do. I had no idea People readers were so shallow and uneducated.

Barbara on

Why do people have to be so hateful and full of envy. If you have struggles like most people to, don’t take it out on Savannah. Work on changing your situation and maybe you won’t be so full of hate.

Tim on

Well know we know how All the MOMS & DADS that serve this great country when they are shipped out or 9, 10, 11 month or more at a time & time & time again for this country. & they don’t make near as must nor are afforded the abillity to contack their family when ever they feel like it because they are in COMBAT.. I feel for her.. but as a vet & the son of a vet & the Father of a solider. WELLLLLLL lets help them too.

katie geeez on

she is always in NY whats the problem? she could quit and not
make good money! she will learn when they get older what a big pain the ass these kids are just wait till they are teens and impossible to put up with Best of LUCk whiner

katie geeez on

why not just place her btw you and Matt ? if it annoys MAT I am
all for it cause he annoys me no end he should have fell off that BIKE LOL

Paul on

Stop complaining you make half a million salary a year you can afford to stay home.

Roger on

Oh this kid looks adorable!

richard on

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richard on

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