Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Expecting Second Child

05/31/2015 at 10:05 PM ET

Kim Kardashian pregnant Kanye West Expecting Second Child

World, get ready for another Kardashian!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West are expecting a sibling for 23-month-old daughter North.

The couple “are expecting their second child, due at the end of this year,” her rep tells PEOPLE. “They are overjoyed and looking forward to his/her arrival.”

The news was delivered during a teaser at the end of the midseason final of Sunday’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and E! Tweeted congratulations to Kardashian West, 34, directly after.

Shown confiding in sister Khloé Kardashian, the reality star exclaims, “I just got the blood test back, and I am pregnant!”

Kardashian West has been open about the challenges she faced in trying to expand her family. “I complain so much about how I hated being pregnant, and I never thought I would be begging to be pregnant,” Kim told sister Kendall Jenner on an episode of KUWTK in April.

“Trying for baby number two is just not fun like baby number one … I’m like, ‘I’m ovulating in five minutes! Get over here!’ ”

And sources say West, 37, who has also spoken out about wanting more kids, has changed for the better since North was born. Says Kardashian’s trainer Gunnar Peterson: “A lot of people worry that being a dad will take away from work or couplehood, but Kanye has gotten better at everything since he’s become a dad.”

Now, the happy couple, who just celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary, are over the moon to become parents of two.

“Kim and Kanye love being parents,” a source close to Kardashian told PEOPLE. “And they love spending as much time as they can at home with the family.”

— Aili Nahas with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Patti on

The only word that comes to me is pitiful. They have one the don’t take of. Only want another to stay in the news.

Bugsy on

Awesome. So happy for them.

erica2 on

Here we go again…

Marissa on

Congrats! Awesome news!

Anonymous on

I can honestly say that I do not care for these two people, but North is a beautiful little girl.

Justme on

Look out, the chick is gonna be chubby again.

KanyeKimSuck on


Missy on

So every other day updates are what we have in store….lovely….go away already

Kimmie on

Oh. Dear. God!!! Batten down the hatches!! 😝😳

Justme on

Funny, baby number 1 was conceived while married to another guy. Of course it’s not fun now.

Maci on

I heard it was through surrogate…anybody else hear that? Not like it matters, but just curious.

Denise on

Congratulations, best wishes

Angelica on

I don’t think we know if they take care of North or not. They probably do but we don’t see it. Congratulations on baby #2. Children are a blessing.

Cowsgomoo1929 on

I guess this ones name will be south?

sue on

Here comes little South West…or maybe East West?

Missy on

haha I said East West because South West is an airline

Nichole on

They don’t even take care of the one they have now. I would have said congrats, had it been a Hollywood couple more responsible, and we know for a fact spend a hefty time raising their children.

msliftbig on

Famous or not, 2 babies in less than 3 years when you’re still newly weds is probably not a great idea…

Kate on

Ohhh GAWD. I can’t believe they’re procreating again. We don’t need another one of them around.

mary on

Between the K’s and the Duggars, might as well call People mag, the K and D mag. So glad I never buy People mag. Hope she has another girl so Kanye can have a fit, he can whine and cry I have to have a boy.

tiffany on

The article says to get ready for another Kardashian, but North is a West…

Tiffany on

anything for attention

Erin on

Yay…another kid to ignore! Does anyone really give a rat’s a$$ about these losers???

Jenb on

And the media circus begins..

Afrika on


Julie on

They don’t even know what to do with the first one.

dee on

They say they are expecting. Doesn’t necessarily mean she’s carrying the baby. I bet this is the set up to reveal they have a surrogate. Moredrama for thefake reality show. Bruce is by oing to be on Vanity Fair. She has to be center of attention.

Jessica on

I’m not a religious person but when I see these two I want to pray to Jesus to help us from this world gone mad!

donnasfineart on

TOP STORY!!! People are you employed by the K’s????!!

Diana on

The only good thing out of this is that they’ll hire more people. Unemployment will go down by a few.

Izzie on

Allow me to be the first to congratulate this jerky couple on the birth of South West.

Taylor on

They’re going to name this one, south west. Lmao!

Deanna on

Congrats to the west family.
Just watched the show so scary i know what it feels like to slide on black ice i only hope kim was humbled to the point to wear a seat belt. I have seen episodes were she never wears a seat belt…Do it for your daughter and now your baby on the way…reality check your only human…

tammy on

So I guess they will give this a dumba@@ name too. SOUTH WEST

Erin on

Lord help all of us who couldn’t give two ****s for the next 9 months of her face plastered everywhere with daily updates. #goawaykartrashians

SookieSookie on

Probably via surrogate.

LOL on

Congratulations to kim n kanye’s nanny on baby #2!
People expect 20-30 articles a day by PEOPLE about kim katrashian for the next 9 months.

Andrea on

North always looks miserable, she never smiles. Unlike Kourtney’s kids, who seem like happy children, North is always sad or pissed. Wonder why.

Deb on

Maybe this next one will actually be cute. North is a homely and sad looking child. I feel bad for her.

Anonymous on

Will this one be named South?

Guest on

That’s right Kimmie! Take your media back. Sick and tired of discussing T Swizzle’s GREAT video with Kendrick Lamar! !! Hahaha hahaha

sallyyesimae on

So,accessory-wise, she will now have a handbag (Nori) and a wallet (#2)… she should really go for an entire ensemble made of puppies, errrr, I mean babies. *eyeroll*. Sorry, could not resist with so many similarities between Kim and Cruella.

RazzleDazzle on

If they waited till the standard 3 month mark to announce, that means all this “oh poor me, It’s hard for me to have a baby. I’m having all this sex and I can’t get pregnant, wah wah wah” that we heard about not long ago was for show, because they already knew. Is there anything about them not fake and conniving? No, I didn’t think so.

yum on

In-N-Out Burger, LOOK out, here comes Kimmie! Ha!Ha!Ha!

Kilraa on

Congratulations Kim, Kanye and North! So happy for your family! Praying that this pregnancy will be easier on you, Kim.

Juli on


Annie on

Conceiving a child, especially after struggling with infertility, is always good news. I wish them the best.

Evelyn on


sue on

Congrats to both, a baby is a blessing from God.

nanamna on

Oh god lord really again! I was sure she would have to have a surrogate this time, she complained so much the last time! They could go shopping together and everything!didn’t her sister just have reign! And one of her younger sister just say she wasn’t pregnant! Omg, they could be the new 5 and counting! Keeping up with their stretch marks oops these mama’s don’t get them! God I hope she don’t name this one east or south or something like that!

Kris Jenner Said! on

Good!!! Kanye west said it himself when they had their first accessory…I mean child North that it could only go up…referring to their union. This is even better because this time it will go South!!! What comes up must go down OR better yet they can all go into oblivion.

GG on

A baby is a blessing but these two make me sick.
Prepare to be bombarded with thousands of absurd articles about this pregnancy… I may have to stop reading People.

Kelly on

9 months of his every day. Ugh

ana on

So they’re expecting South West!

majorrn1 on

They are expecting baby #2, notice that article does not say, Kim is pregnant with baby #2. This tells me that this baby is more than likely by a surrogate. They let the nannies care for North and now Kim won’t even carry her own child, has to pay someone else to do it. God this woman is so vain………..

Summer on

Why was she having fertility treatments and IVF when North isn’t even 2 yet? I thought that was only for women who had trouble conceiving…

itsallgood on


Sandy on


kay on

Well at least North will have someone to go to therapy with someday.

Grt on

South West?

Anna M on

Ahhh another baby that does not smile. Bet this baby will be named South.

spowalla on

Oh no.

michelle on

South West is on the way.

Chloe on

Kim said on Fridays Entertainment Tonight show, she was NOT pregnant. So I’m betting she’s using a surrogate and its twins.

Debbie on

Big Woop!

just sayin... on

Oy vey…

Erin on

People who are saying she’s not actually pregnant, that it is a surrogate, E and the screenshot in the link both say that she is actually pregnant.

Janice on

PLEASE…..Enough already! Agree with the comments that the media circus begins again. They don’t need anymore attention. Please stop reporting on them. Let them live their lives and keep them out of the media. I have personally boycotted all realty TV shows and cut out my cable TV just down to the basic channels. I wish PEOPLE magazine would report on the type of stories they had 20 years ago. About “real people” doing good things in life!

Anonymous on

I just threw up in my mouth.

stacy on

congratulations; can’t wait to see healthy and beautiful baby number 2

Alia on

@Momma, I completely agree with you. She was NOT close to 3 months pregnant at the Met gala just recently. You are so right, there is proof in the half-naked dress. I too believe this is pregnancy-by-surrogate, although she seems the type who would want to carry her baby herself. I don’t know, all I know is she cannot be physically pregnant herself.

Hater on

Kim and Kanye travel the world and never take their daughter with them. I don’t get why you have a child when you are STILL MARRIED to someone else and then you get married, and show on TV how you have sex every 3 minutes.. and then you have another one. Kanye probably wants a boy, and thats why. Maybe it was in their pre-nup that she has to give him another child, a boy, or he is gone.. Why have another one you won’t be around to parent.?

christine loewen on


cyclone on

well they have 3 more names to use, East, South and West…Yes West West.

Guest1709 on

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it said NO ONE ever.

heather on

It’s not via surrogate. I saw a clip of the show and she said “the blood test came back…I’m pregnant.”

Amanda on

I’m not really a fan of the Kardashian Family, but hey, I’d rather see someone that has the money to support a child have another child instead of someone on welfare having another child.

Jan on

Baby North is so sad and grumpy looking. She is always dressed in black & does not seem like a happy baby. These two clowns (Kimye)… don’t seem to care for this first one, why bother having a second one?

Denise on

Congratulations !! One last thing.. All these negative and ignorant comments mean nothing to them… Keep your hatred to yourself… It’s not cute and it makes you look stupid!! Before you spew your nasty comments, look in the mirror and reflect on you and your life…

Eli on

I bet People is excited…now they have something to report on ad nauseam instead of the Duggars now that people have figured out how sick that family is.

rose on

There are never going to go away are they? ??? 😦

Ana on

Her daughter is only 23 months old. How big could her struggle with infertility be? More like a struggle with having patience. Many couples struggle for years. She is so used to snapping her fingers and getting what she wants.

Dee on

Are they going to him/her South West? Lol!

bby on

Wanna bet…a few weeks from now she will fake cry how she MISCARRIED…and more drama later, it will eventually be via a surrogate like she always wanted. All this fake drama for ratings, public sympathy….and almighty $

Kelly on

Just when I thought we were on a break from these to egomaniacs.

Andrea on

I’m usually on the positive side of baby announcements, but Kim and Kanye make it really difficult for me to say anything nice. After seeing these two with North at the zoo while in Phoenix for the Super Bowl, I can honestly say they should not be breeding. And I’m not saying that because I have a bias against the couple. They spent time with North, didn’t do anything parentlike with her. The nanny did all the dirty work. Kim and Kanye used the poor kid for attention.

Anonymous on

Lets hope their next kid get a better name!

Marc on

Great! Another Diarrhea Baby!!

Guest on

How is two pregnancies in three years fertility problems? Give me a break!

Ana on

oh boy…hopefully she’s only pregnant with one. I see where people think it may be via surrogate, but wasn’t she against using a surrogate?

Lala on

Great another child for the nannies to watch. The good thing is she giving one person a job to watch her kids

Emma on

More money outta his pockets when she divorces him, and lets look forwards to her struggling to stay in her skinny clothes, uh those two are annoying, don’t mind the others so much, but ugh….. move on already!

Missy on

The clip from their upcoming show is her in the Obstetrics office getting a sonogram showing the baby and her blood test results. Its not a surrogate…shes actually pregnant and EARLY in her pregnancy…very stupid to release this information considering the chances of miscarriage in early pregnancy

Darlene on

Congratulations! So happy for you both, I know it has been hard getting pregnant again. I truly hope the new baby & you Kim, have a wonderful, safe, pregnancy & a healthy baby & mom!
😄. 💞 👦🏿 👩🏻 👶🏽 👶🏽 🍼🍼. 👏👏💞🌟✨💖💜💙💚💛💗

Lkl1 on

Too bad you can’t pick your parents. Here comes Easton!

Darlene on

These negative comments on here are actually funny! I never knew there were so many unhappy, miserable people reading People magazine! 😄
And the spelling is atrocious!

Don'tCare on

My cell phone is flickering. People is treating this like urgent news! Who cares? Next thing I will do is unsubscribe to something I never subscribed to. I boycott everything KTrashian and if I watched the shows, I would boycott all companies who advertise on the show. If I watch an awards show, the idiot opens up his mouth and proves me right about him. Only another idiot would marry Kanye and Kim certainly fits the bill. The poor kids and the poor kid to be. Infertility is definitely a plus for this sickening family.

CeeEmZee on

I bet she copies Beyoncé – it’ll be a surrogate and Kim will wear fake belly pads. Then after the baby is born she can brag about how far she “got back into shape.”

Brandy on

Really People? Do you honestly think this is news? Kimye will say anything to get attention. After all, they are competing with Bernadette.

Anonymous on

South West?

junket on

Kanye was an only; North should be an only! It’s great for everyone! she is so cute, why create an also-ran? And “South” is not as good a name as North, so, one and done! William and Catherine messed up by having a second. North is enough!! and come on Kim, those swollen feet and ankles, ick! and you’ve been married only a year…yeah, I know, you knew each other for years, but … and more buts

jessiemaystorm on

I wonder what they’ll name this one? East? Wild? Congratulations to them anyway 🙂

D.J Chill on

Congrats Kanye and Kim!!!!

D.J Chill on

Happy Birthday brother

ginny on

He never smiles and you hardly ever see them together why bring another child into the world….They never look like they are happy together when you do see them together.

wwndd on

Congratulations, two of your children will have the same baby daddy!

mommytoane on

Sad. I don’t really get why she’s so frustrated trying, when she’s barely been trying. I know people that try for years to have a second baby. She’s been trying what a year. Pathetic.I hope the nanny is as excited as Kim is to have another baby under her care.

casmia on

God help us. They’ve done it again. The world has gone mad.

CJ on

I wonder who the father is?????. Seriously PEOPLE are we going go have to go through the daily grind for 9 months about these two over inflated egos “gifting” the world with another child who looks miserable every day?

D.J Chill on

All you haters stop hating on Kim and Kanye. I’m happy for them and now North West will have a sibling East West.

Anonymous on

WHY DOES PEOPLE INSIST ON WRITING EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM??? I used to read EONLINE, but then when they got too much, I was happy here..that is until People sold out.

Anonymous on

Please have your Kardashian spayed or Neutered today.

D.J Chill on


mary on

She is gonna make it like she is the only person having a baby n then get so so fat wish her well but. get ready for all the crying

Charlene on

OMG! Are we going to have a South West or East West now? So glad I got my “5 free People” magazines in the mail. Then it was my choice to continue or not. I’d say, “NOT”. It is either the Duggars or Kardashian’s now, no real news stories. People Mag should just change their name to D&K, or K&D… whatever fits. It has turned into just another rag mag like “The Enquirer” or “Star” magazine.

natalie on

i don’t understand why people are so awful to her. he’s a douche, yes, but watching the show, the ones who are kind of jerks are khloe, scott and kourtney. congrats to kim!

LS0919 on

Any nannies need a job?? They’ll be hiring several soon.

Guest1991 on

I am just wondering completely out of curiosity, will the new baby’s name be East West? or South West? Please don’t hate me!

maryhelenc on

Congrats to them. I hope Kim has a safe & healthy pregnancy.

However, my friends & I did giggle about the name prospects such as:

South (middle name BySouth)
Wild (middle name Wild)

You know. Traditional names, rooted in history.

Morgan on

Remember everyone the majority is what is relevant. As trashy neglectful mom kim k push her way closer to early forties in a few yrs, she has to do something in life, to keep her un-educated disgusting self relevant. so VOILA! This is it. Just let them have their little cute family. Truth is we rarely see the baby 1.)smile with kim and we sure know that #2. she rarely see her daughter/rarely around her,and 3.)North is an accessory to her. The lil boy she will have or little girl will be the same. I feel bad for North.., But let them live their life, we ALL know what the truth is here. She has to keep thinkin’she is “relevant,when IN REALITY
she is no longer that relevant,and imo never was.”

jb on

It’s just for attention Brandon and leah had a baby shower and bruce is in vanity fair

jujoki on

mmm i wonder if she’ll pull a beyonce with the fake bump and all, I mean, she hated being pregnant and has been talking about surrogacy and stuff… I don’t know why, but I have a funny feeling about this. I mean, she’s been working out and saying how thin she was, posting pictures from years ago… so pregnant again? Nah. Deflating baby in 3..2..1…

Morgan on

people remember,
kim is almost early forties in just a few yrs, or so.
she has lost ALL and or most popularity, she do NOT look as she did prior to multi-facial bad surgeries,and body surgeries, et.al,
she is envious of TALL MODEL HEIGHT natural face,natural bod kendall jenner,
age nineteen, KIM K need this talk for media.
I do not care, if kim is pregnant again. i know it is all for media,since we rarely see her with NORTH WEST.
Poor North.

nina on

such wonderful news. congratulations!sweet couple!

Kathy on

Oh great, another baby she can ignore and only bring around for photo ops.

Diane on

Wonder if they’ll name this one South West.

dirvish on

Poor little girl looks like she’s missing her nanny in that pic, Awww

Melissa on

Yay! So she can cry all the time about how being pregnant is awful and how bad she hates it and its ruining her so called figure. Neither one of them takes care of the one they have now. They are both so wrapped up in fame that is all they care about.

Teri on

And this is important why!??

Dimbo on

These ‘people’ should not be allowed to procreate.

NickyAngel on

People Mag is the Kardashians’ personal blog.

Cali lady on

Ewwww enough Kardashians in this world!

Carol on

Oh dear God!!’ They shouldn’t breed ‘nn

Tara on

sad news

weezer on

No, not another one!!

Just me on

North is a beautiful little girl and I hope this new baby is healthy, but I could care less about Kim & her repulsive husband.

mary on

If not named South, how about EASTon West. 6-7 months more of this, ugh.

norosecoloredglspls on

if the struggle to conceive was real….congratulations. if this were another story line…..shame. either way, hope the pregnancy goes well and mother and child are healthy. i only ask that People refrain from printing every dam n movement this family makes.

Nanu21 on

Kim loves to spend as much time as she can with North….what is stopping her from being a full time mom 24/7….its not like she is some big star in demand….keep it real, Kim

MissScarlett on


Saddie on

OMG look at her face..she’s starting to look like the olsen twins….wtf did she do to her face?

Jo55 on

Please let it be twins – you’ll push the Duggars right off People’s feed!! Never did I think I would see the day that these two would be the lesser of two evils.

Michelle on

Not sure what’s more disturbing — another baby, or that they think it’s cool to kill animals for completely useless purposes.

gardenboy on

She’s now recycling ways of getting the attention she craves 24/7.I’m sure if the last media frenzy is anything to go by,she’ll max out on this earth shattering news and,of course,will conduct herself with privacy and self respect so as to safe guard the anonymity of the child.
Oh look,another pig in flight!!

K.B. on

While I’m not sure I am happy these two are procreating again, I am happy we won’t have to hear how many times a day they are having sex, trying to conceive.

Joanne on

Please dear God, don’t name it south!

life goes on on

More nannies, making babies, but not parenting them is the easy part.

heather on

Seems like more of a PR stunt than actually wanting to have more kids.

Ginger on

Nothing snarky to say this morning. I wish them well.

Amanda on

Congratulations! So happy for them…Now MY turn! haha..been trying so hard myself.

Patti on


LOL at People for calling her look during her first pregnancy “trendy” while it was trashy. People has no idea of what’s “trendy”. Kim Krapashian is crappy but certainly “trendy”.

Shayna on

Funny how people had an article yesterday about her whining about no being able to get pregnant.

Now we will all be subjected to seeing her wear non maternity clothes & looking like a stuffed sausage. I feel sorry for the baby & even sorrier for the weird name that these two dimwits will come up with.

Chris jaymes on

Another one of Satan’s spawn on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sue on

Anything for ratings and money. Next episode will probably be “oh, the blood test was wrong”.

Just a Duck on

And what’s better than one frowning toddler in black, screaming in the front row at Fashion Week? Two!

Patty on

Wasn’t this episode filmed months ago? Why is she not showing?

MJT on


lori on

Time to hire 3 more nannies!

Guest on

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! North is a beautiful little girl. But that’s it. No more Kardashian news. I’m sick of it. Go away!

misspiggie on


Julie on

I have to eat my words, I honestly never thought she would be pregnant again. I thought for sure a surrogate.
Now we get to hear second by second details of the next nine months. **sigh**

Anonymous on

Who gives a sit? I love reading people.com but enough with the Kardashians…

Beth on


Nycgirl437@gmail.com on

Well shut my mouth. I was sure this was all a ploy to explain her getting a surrogate.

Guest on

Oh boy, another one!

Cb on

I would hope that if she is pregnant and not using a surrogate that she takes better care of herself this time. Preeclampsia is a very serious condition, and yet she was traveling all throughout her last pregnancy.

guest on

Why did she need a blood test to tell if she is pregnant? Oh well congratulations. Your gonna catch up with Journey eventually.

Guest on

Watching a bit of the episode yesterday, during the car accident she didn’t even see if her daughter was ok. She didn’t even glance over at her afterwards or check on her. Her maternal instincts were not there at all, it was all about her. Sad for her kids.

Kara on

Why is she famous? And why are millions of people interested in her life? I have searched on Google, I only read about a self-centered person with no talent. She is quite unknown in my country and according to my English friends, I should be thankful.

eusebio manuel vestias pecurto on

Congratulations Mrs Kim Kardashian

Sam on

Why does this have to be news…..

Linda on

This is news? Why can’t we see information on heroes that represent America on a daily basis.? Saddens me to no end.

Maureen on

Will she move out of her mom’s house now?

Janie on


Jea on

EWWWW! Who cares about the WHITE TRASH HO!!??

Carina on

Well at least it isn’t Miley Cyrus…she’s a nitwit I greatly fear of procreating. This one? She’s just going to aim for coming across as a magical Pregnancy Unicorn because we all know she failed the first time around. Get ready for the tasteless Parade. Any Baby is a Blessing though. So Congrats to the new child on a whirlwind life.
Personally, I’ve been struggling with conceiving and recently decided to take a fun break with my husband……Glad I won’t have to see her plastered on every Preggo Mag for the next few months lol

catt on

Dammit where’s the manson gang when you need them lol

Suzanne on

When is the baby due?

Marine on

wow some of you are bitter hags. she takes North with her you complain she doesn’t have time to be a kid, she doesn’t she’s not taking care of North. Some of you need to work on yourselves before calling her names and dissing the way she parents. not your kid not your problem.

Truvi on

Congrats to them. It seemed to be a very big struggle to get pregnant a second time. We take for granted how easy it was to get pregnant and there are those couples out there who may need help or it doesn’t happen at all. Another child is a huge blessing.

cb on

oh gosh here we go: constant media attention, horrible outfits, tons of tmi !!
why cant this couple do anything normal ?

Niko on

“I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it said NO ONE ever.”

LMFAO!….thanks for the laugh, Guest1709-:)

Rain on

Great. Just what the world needs, another Kartrashian.

guest on

Kimye Jr.!

KL on

Yay! Am actually really excited for her!

Valarie on

Ooh very likely they’re going to name him/her South West.

Roni on

More kids!! Daddy Kanye is never around, just more publicity for the Kardashins

Tiana w on

Is it normal to announce a pregnancy so soon considering it has taken her this long to get pregnant due to complications? I don’t think SHE is physically pregnant. I think she has a surrogate.

Mandi on

South West is on the way!

AKrietz on

If Kimye wants to have another child there should be no problem with that. Of course they have a right to have as many kids as they want. All I want is to not hear about it constantly. I don’t want to read about her whining about how fat she is getting, like last time. I also don’t want to read about how Kanye is spending most of his time overseas in Paris or wherever. He apparently likes to get her pregnant, yet isn’t all that crazy about sticking around through the pregnancy. After all, Kim becomes no longer fun, or sexy in his eyes, and he can’t stand that. I don’t understand why Kim wants to go through all that again, with this overbearing braggart. Is she doing it to keep him close, so she doesn’t lose him? Or is it because she wants to remain in the limelight, which is slipping away from her and shining on her two Jenner sisters?

charlotte on

It should be against the law for these two jacka$$es to procreate! Just what this world needs……NOT!

Daisy on

Thanks for the awesome comments! I haven’t laughed that much in ages. Only thing: shhhhhh with the name guessing games. You know they “don’t know ‘nothin’ bout naming no babies”. Don’t give them ideas! 😁. Just an observation that, though: I find it quite convenient that They announce this the same time Caitlyn, fka bruce, made her/his coming out interview. Couldn’t take it that she has a more interesting story than Out West’s impending arrival Kimmy? Sorry but couldn’t resist. And all you kartrashian lovers get over yourselves. People have a right to express their dismay at PEOPLE’s loss of credibility as a newsworthy magazine, and the influx of illegal immigrants Kimye hired to raise their babies. It’s all in good fun–don’t take others’ opinions so seriously. It’s creepy. 😁

senior on

i really love the couple…….

Anonymous on

Congratulations to Kim on the new addition!

Tamu on

They are not good parents to the one. Most unhappy child ever. They are not parent material.

KL on

I was actually excited when i heard! But oh boy.. whats this one’s name going to be???? South West?

Anne on

Yes, women do get pregnant and have babies………so what! Let’s just keep giving this family of fame whores more attention than they deserve and forget about people in this world who actually have a positive impact on our lives………………..shall we???????

Mandi on

There gonna name his Wilde West – mark my words!

cheryl on

another califoria raisin