Elizabeth Smart Welcomes Daughter Chloe

05/31/2015 at 10:00 AM ET

Elizabeth Smart Welcomes Daughter Chloe
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Elizabeth Smart recently became a mom.

She and husband Matthew Gilmour welcomed daughter Chloe in February, her father Ed Smart confirmed to the Salt Lake Tribune earlier this week.

And though she’s become a notable activist for causes including underage sex trafficking in the years since her 2002 kidnapping and subsequent rescue, Ed Smart said Elizabeth, now 27, won’t bring this part of her life into the limelight.

“It is totally private,” he explains. “This is something she is keeping to herself and not trying to have out there.”

Smart, who wed the Scottish-born Gilmour in 2012, told PEOPLE last year, “That is my greatest aspiration — to be a mother,” and that starting a family with Gilmour would happen when it happens.

“We’ll start having kids and see how I handle that and then go from there,” she said at the time. “I don’t have a predetermined number in my head.”

— Adam Carlson

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Katie on

Wonderful news to hear. I’m happy to hear hear she didn’t let her horrific experiences break her down and ruin her chance for a happy life. Enjoy her.

lynnie on

That is wonderful she is moving on and able to put the horrific part of her life behind her. Congrats!

Anonymous on

She is a very brave young woman…I’ve admired her strength of going on and forming a beautiful life after that horrific kidnapping experience. With all due respect to Mr. Smart….if Elizabeth wants to keep her private life private, should he be announcing it in People magazine? That seems contradictory to me! Best wishes to you Elizabeth!

Leah on


KellyGreen on

Wonderful news! Congratulations, Elizabeth and the whole Smart family!

Kathy on

Such a strong women she came to be. Happiness to her and her family.

nanamna on

This just made me happy! Congrats to the new family! A February birth and with their anniversary in February also that is a whole lot of happy! Love the name! Blessings to them love that they got to keep it private and to themselves and in this day and age with all the Internet and all that is rare!

LR on

She deserves all the happiness in the world. Congratulations!

Boston Mom on

So very happy for her!

Guest on

She is such a good example of why we should put tragedy and trauma behind us so that we can resume living happy lives. I am a 9/11 survivor and it reaffirms for me that moving on and refusing to let that horrific day permanently traumatize me is absolutely the right way to live.

Susan on

What an amazing example of having faith to overcome such a terrible life event. We all have something in ours lives that have an impact us but moving forward and not allowing these things to ruin our future is a great testament to her sheer will and faith. Congrats on Chloe, she has an amazing role model.

kb on

Wishing the young family many blessings, good memories and happiness for years to come!

Tracy on

Congratulations on the new little blessing. I wish them nothing but happiness and joy.

mary on

So happy for her and her husband, love the name.

Chris on

Congrats! Hopefully everyone will respect her privacy and wishes in keeping her daughter safe – she more than anyone realizes the dangers faced by children in this day and age!

Catherine on

Anonymous — the article says her dad told a reporter for a local paper, so no one announced it in People magazine. Most likely that reporter had already gotten the info from somewhere and then asked Mr. Smart for specifics and he told them she wants to keep it private. I doubt he leaked the info, her family has always been very supportive of her.

Vivian on

Only 6-7 more to go. Good for her. #CelKing

Anonymous on

Congrats to the entire family. Pretty name also

marlena on

I know she wanted to keep it private but congratulations to her and her husband……after what she suffered she deserves nothing but happiness

marlena on

Congrats to them….even though she wanted to keep it private it’s such wonderful ….after the hell she was put.through she deserves nothing but happiness

Robin on

Congratulations Elizabeth Smart on the birth of your baby girl. So wonderful you are finding happiness after such a horrific ordeal. Wishing you the best in your future.

Debeaux on

@Anonymous, Her father did not voluntarily announce it. He was asked if it was true. She has kept it under wraps since February.

whitepolka on

Awesome news! So happy for Elizabeth and her husband on the birth of their daughter!

whitepolka on

This is awesome news, I”m so happy for Elizabeth and her husband on the birth of their daughter! Congratulations!!

Luisita on

Wonderful news!

Jenny SIlls on

Wonderful. Each day and each step you take you are further from the past. It will not go away but you young lady have risen above it and continue to soar.

emma on

Congratulations to her and her husband

Hazelsjam on

Mr. Smart is a big mouth ass. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

gymluv on

Babies are such a blessing and bring such immense joy. I am so happy for her and her husband. She is one incredible lady that deserves only the best in life. Good for her for keeping the baby’s birth out of the spotlight. I have so much respect for her strength, candor, class and faith.

Catherine on

I definitely did not know she was pregnant, let alone a mom. I am so happy for her, her husband, and their wider families. She is such a great example for young adults, youth and children. I do hope she can get the privacy she wants- I know she had to move her wedding up since the media found out the initial date. I hope the media will respect her wishes for privacy, as she never chose this life.

susan on

Wishing this new family nothing but blessings and happiness and a lifetime of love and privacy.

myuntidydesk on

Elizabeth Smart is an inspiration to countless people who have had a tragedy in their lives… that you can go on and be happy and live your dreams. Congratulations to the Smart family on their new member.

ImALadyToo on

Vivian, exactly what business is it of yours how many children this lovely, young woman chooses to have?!

julie on

She deserves nothing but joy!

Sara on

Good news. So happy for her!

Lexie on

What a surprise! Sending congratulations to you and your family! Enjoy the love, laughter and joy your baby girl will continue to bring into your life.

Megan on

How lovely — congratulations!

suzann on

Elizabeth is beautiful on the outside and the inside.

Kat on

Congratulations. Elizabeth is an inspiration to many and good for her not wanting her life out the there documented in the tabloids.

tlk on

I wonder why her father would announce this if she wanted to keep it private . If she would not have been stolen from her home the world would not know who she is. I’m thankful for my anonymity in this life. Bless her and her family.

Stacey on

Am I wrong didn’t she have two girls to the jerk off demon that held her hostage for years?

Catherine on

Stacey — no, you are thinking of Jaycee Dugard.

Anonymous on

Thank you for keeping your family life private! I never put pictures of any of my grandchildren on Facebook!!

burnett on

elizabeth,why did you wait 3 months to say you had a baby

Ann on

So happy for her! She deserves all happiness.

Becky on

So happy for her!!!