Maci Bookout Welcomes Daughter Jayde Carter

05/30/2015 at 09:00 AM ET

Maci Bookout  attends MTV
Theo Wargo/Getty

Teen Mom OG‘s Maci Bookout is now a mother of two.

Jayde made her grand entrance at 1:59 p.m. today. She weighed 7 lbs., 15 oz. at birth,” the reality star Tweeted on Friday, May 29, tagging boyfriend Taylor McKinney. “She is beautiful and as healthy as can be!”

As for son Bentley, how will he handle the role of big brother?

“He’s so excited for the baby,” Bookout, 23, told PEOPLE in March of her 6-year-old little boy. “And I’m excited for him to have a sibling. I think it will be good for him to finally have to share the spotlight.”

Bookout, now a Chattanooga State college student and full-time social media marketing specialist, says that although daughter Jayde arrived first, marriage isn’t out of the question.

“We definitely want to get married and we’ve talked about it a lot,” she said. “But we aren’t trying to cram it all in at one time. After the baby comes and we get settled in with parenting two children, then that will definitely be our next step.”

— Adam Carlson

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LS0919 on

Congrats to Maci, Taylor, & Bentley! She is very blessed after having that car accident that could have been much worse.

Tara on

so it’s these people’s job now to have kids eh?

Bem on

Why do we make celebrities out of these idiot girls?

meme on

I watched the show and never saw this guy Taylor without a beer and he’s not very attractive… Why are these women settling for “nothing” so early in life?

Lala on

Lol Tara. Is your job to talk $h!t

Mary on

Tara, it clearly says she is a marketing specialist. Just because she is on TV means she isn’t entitled to have more babies?

Lala on

Ppl are going to say their thing. But I bet if it was your fam you wouldn’t say anything. Congrats to the couple that I don’t know.

Guest on

Tara I agree with you. These people aren’t celebrities. She was on a TV show idolizing teen pregnancy. Now, we are going to give her more press having another Baby with a different boyfriend. Just great…

bitterbess on

I guess she hasn’t learned. Still no degree and now with two children. Why can’t these girls get married and then have a baby.

Me on

Can you help who you fall in love with? So what if he isn’t attractive! He clearly loves her and she clearly loves him! What gives you the right to be so judgemental! She has the right to do whatever she wants in life because it’s HER life! And by the way, she’s not 16 anymore! She’s a beautiful young woman that has everything going for her! You don’t have to have a Masters or a Degree and get married before you start a family!

sullyj on

Why is everyone being so hateful. So she had a kid at a young age, is it personally affecting you? No so why the rude comments toward her? Just remember people in glass houses…..

natalie on

it’s pretty ignorant to say the show ‘idolizes’ teen pregnancy. research shows teen pregnancy has gone down since the show started. i frankly do not want ANY children after watching that show. LOL

Ted on

“Congrats to Maci, Taylor, & Bentley! She is very blessed after having that car accident that could have been much worse.”

She survived a car accident yet her life is still a train wreck.

sandy on

My gosh, how could anything so tiny carry & deliver a baby??!!!

msliftbig on

Wow judgmental bunch you sour pusses are! They both have jobs and she’s no longer a teen, let her live! And news flash, not everyone gets married just because they have kids! Congrats to them and I wish them the best.

Tori on

Maci is a wonderful mother. I’m very happy for her.

sg on

She is judging Farrah for doing porn and calling her a bad role model. She gets knocked up at 16 and now she has two kids with two baby daddies. What makes her a good role model??????? Just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandy on

She is a good mom. So what that she’s not married? Her & her ex couldn’t make it work. It happens. She’s not on welfare & why does it matter that she doesn’t have a degree? Lots of people don’t & have kids.

PV on

Congrats to her on a new addition.

mommytoane on

Being a teenage mom on a reality show makes you a celeb now eh? Good to know.
Either way congrats to the mom and her new little addition.

Jennifer martina on

who care that the bich had a other baby and she need to married then had a other baby now she got to kids and no jobs to pay for her kids.

Valarie on

Yeah she is on reality TV because she is a teen mom, right.

Hm on

It IS better to be married several years before having a baby. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. You should REALLY know someone and know the relationship will last long term before bringing a child into it. A baby is not a tool to keep a man or persuade him to marry you. It is a human being who most certainly WOULD be happiest in a two parent home.

A lot of the same people who say people don’t need to be married before having a child coincidentally still have a chip on their shoulder from their own parents’ divorce. And they want to bring a child into the world knowing they will feel the same pain?

Carina on

Kudos to her, she does seem like a lovely mom. I don’t judge her personally as it is her life to live. But she surely does not deserve the title of “Role Model” to any sort of youth. At the end of the day, she is still another teen mom who is struggling to finish earning her degree now with two children from two less than reliable or ready men, she is unmarried still…thankfully not to the new baby daddy as he looks like an alcoholic verbally abusive jerk in the making when he learns how hard parenthood really is, also she has to basically foot the bill for everything as he couldn’t even afford an engagement ring after her being pregnant for nearly 7 months, oh and can’t forget little Miss Snobby herself wants to turn her head down at others for living their own lives…. Yeah she’s no role model. Give me a break. She’s just another young mom in 21st century. Nothing special to note about her. Congrats to her healthy baby girl though. That is something special to note.

catherinezickgraf on

I’m so happy for her! May every baby be celebrated, as they are all gifts from Heaven no matter when and to whom they arrive.

catherinezickgraf on

Also, you cynics are disgusting. Get lives, people.

NotAFan on

Can’t believe she hasn’t learned to keep her legs together yet!

Amanda on

Exactly Hm, it has been proven time and time again that growing up in a two parent home is best for a child. I am not judging because I know pregnancy happens, my first was born before we got married…but to plan children out of wedlock is just irresponsible and selfish. As parents we should try to set up our children for the best from before they are even conceived.

Either way, Congrats to Maci, I truly hope everything works out for baby Jayde’s sake.