Stephen Curry’s Daughter Steals the Spotlight at NBA Press Conference (Again!)

05/28/2015 at 10:45 AM ET

Stephen Curry‘s 2½-year-old daughter, Riley, has officially become the real reason to tune into NBA postgame press conferences.

After stealing the spotlight on May 19 after Game 1 of the Western Conference finals, Riley returned Wednesday to accompany her father at the presser following his win as part of the Golden State Warriors versus the Houston Rockets.

And just like her first go in front of the press room cameras, Riley tried her best to borrow the microphone, treated the audience to a dance and had fun getting wrapped up in the curtains.

Stephen Curry daughter Riley NBA press conference
Ben Margot/AP

Here’s Riley yawning at the proceedings (same):

Here she is taking over the mic:

Here’s Riley making the best out of a boring situation by playing with the curtains:

And before she went to play in the curtains, she handed her gum over to a nearby employee for safekeeping:

Finally, here she is dancing up a storm, shaking off all the hating sportswriters who don’t think that kids should be at press conferences when their parents are often traveling away from home:

Of course, these press conferences aren’t the first time that Riley has upstaged her father. In a cute video posted earlier this year by ESPN, Riley acted as the judge of a segment called “Kitchen Warriors,” in which Curry was pitted against his wife, Ayesha.

Ayesha was the clear winner, as Riley told her father, matter-of-factly: “No, you can’t cook.”

Out of the mouths of adorable babes.

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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Babs on

She is super cute! I think she shouldn’t be at the press conferences.

amy on

Once is cute, two times is intentional. I think she is a beautiful toddler and all toddlers are wonderful and hilarious, but there is a time and place, and this is neither. However, if I was there in the room, I would have loved the entertainment.

amyinoaktown on

I love seeing her at the press conferences…it’s great that he is sharing this moment with his family. Making memories with his daughter. Not a big deal….the press should be used to the antics of fully grown men and think they are on holiday.

Cocolee94605 on

I just love seeing Riley ham it up with her dad. And as Warriors fan it’s a joy to see them together celebrating the major accomplishments of this season. I see nothing wrong with her being there – they just won a trip to the NBA Finals!!

tieraney on

She is adorable…as is her father!I hope when his wife gives birth soon its another beautiful girl (although I’m sure a boy would be equally as gorgeous!)

Mom in MD on

OK my sports industry daughter changed my mind on this adorable cute little thing!!! hahahaha The first time was fine but journalists are there to discuss their historic run and Riley’s antics can be distracting although sooooooooo cute!!! IF (we’re buckeyes for King James hahaha) he wins the next time let mommy hold her! The press deserves its time!

Catherine on

It probably isn’t appropriate for her to be there, but she is so cute and she’s hilarious to watch. When she was wrapped up in the curtain and just slowly walking towards him, it looked like there was a large ghost approaching him … I was cracking up laughing.

Carly on

She’s too cute! I remember way, way back in the day Allen Iverson used to bring his young son to these postgame press conferences. He was so cute and was the only reason I watched them!

whitney8580 on

I think she’s adorable and probably made a boring press conference even better. Her dad travels a lot and wants to share this moment with his family…it’s a big day for him too and not all about the press. How many athletes have walked off when faced with tough questions or been totally rude to the press during these conferences? They should be happy that it wasn’t just another rude athlete talking trash.

halez on

She is really darling and funny. He has a beautiful family. She probably shouldnt be in there though. Once wa fun, but these people have a job to do, as does her dad. She can wait with Mama until Daddy’s done working.

Sarah on

Oh my GOODNESS! Riley made me smile…she is too flipping cute. Love that she’s there with her daddy. Keep us entertained Riley with your cuteness…the world needs more of that!

Me on

@ 2 years old she is too young to be present at a press conference for adults. It is fine for Riley to be on her mother’s cooking show but not at a late night pres conference. GO WARRIORS!!!

Lisa Halliwell on

Dude needs to show some respect as this is his CAREER, it is okay if you want to bring your kids to events, but they should not be interfering with interviews and conversations. I am SURE he can afford a nanny or babysitter. This is obnoxious and disrespectful and he obviously has an attitude like it’s me and my kid, deal, well it’s not. This is work related, be respectful. AP does not want to babysit your kid.

will on

Leave the kid at home – this is your job.

Tracy on

Like Amy said, once is cute, the second time is unprofessional. It’s part of his job to do that press conference and not a place for his children to be crashing.

sandy on

yeah, I bet they all thought it was cute (sarcasm intended)

CGB on

What a cutie pie!

Marine on

I loved her. she made the press conference way more interesting. If those reporters can’t do their jobs just b/c of a 2 year old walking around then that’s on them not her. Plus its the same questions asked and answered every single time.

Monroe on

Adorable but inappropriate. If this was a corporate meeting at any other organization, let’s say on Wall St.., Would people think this was so cute? People have work to do and deadlines to keep. Save her for Bring our Daughters to Work Day.

Brooke on

Riley is beautiful.

She is also obnoxious as hell. Her parents need to teach her when it is time to goof around and time to be quiet.

Bett on

People (who think Riley shouldn’t have been there), get over yourselves. Basketball is a game for entertainment! A beautiful child hanging with her daddy who seems to actually love and care about his family (as opposed to quite a number of pro sports figures) is charming and makes me much more likely to follow the NBA finals.

Erin on

As a former reporter and editor, I understand the reporters’ frustrations. But let’s get real. These guys are not Woodward and Bernstein here. Anyone with a brain can predict what they are going to ask and what the athletes are going to say. That’s why no one except the news folks really care about the press conferences — unless there is something fun going on like Riley. I understand pro sports are huge business and that there’s a lot of money on the line. I believe the NBA knows this too, and realizes that a little fun and attention from nontraditional audiences (i.e. moms like me) makes the business even more consumer-friendly and robust. Sports franchises and the media depend on one another for success, and there’s nothing wrong with a little fun. No one’s forcing these news outlets to be at the media conferences, and their deadlines are not the NBA’s problem. Wake up and realize that this kid has brought you some new readers and viewers.

Mari on

I dont watch or care about sports, but the father daughter connection is adorable and she is a mini me of her father, beautiful child, but time to keep her out of the limelight since she is just a child.