Simon Cowell: ‘I Still Haven’t Changed’ My Son’s Diaper

05/27/2015 at 02:00 PM ET

Simon Cowell may have finally met his match: a dirty diaper.

Although the first-time father welcomed son Eric Philip on Valentine’s Day in 2014, he admits that he has yet to tackle that aspect of daddy duty.

“I still haven’t changed a nappy, but I love being a dad,” Cowell, 55, tells Hello! magazine of his 15-month-old baby boy.

“I never expected to be a father, but I love it. Eric makes me laugh. He and I communicate very well because we basically like the same things — Scooby Doo, Disney movies, laughing at the dogs.”

Simon Cowell son change diaper
Courtesy Simon Cowell

But Cowell and his son aren’t the only ones constantly cracking up in their home. The Britain’s Got Talent judge’s girlfriend Lauren Silverman — who is also mom to 9-year-old Adam — can barely keep a straight face in front of Cowell.

“Simon’s house is now a family home,” she shares. “I have three boys now, including him. He’s lots of fun, he makes us all laugh a lot.”

She continues, “I think Simon has changed me. He makes me laugh all the time. I can’t get angry with him because when I’m trying to be cross, he just makes me laugh.”

Although Silverman is the leading lady among her bunch, the couple are looking forward to expanding their family — hopefully with a touch of pink!

“It would be lovely to have two and, yes, I would like to have a little girl,” Cowell shares.

Fortunately, due to a mix up during Silverman’s pregnancy with Eric, the proud parents have already decided on a name for a future daughter.

“When I was pregnant with Eric I was told by the doctors he was a girl,” says Silverman. “But he just fooled them. There were a few names floating around, but we had our name picked out and it would be lovely to have a girl.”

She jokingly adds, “The only problem is that I will feel sorry for her when she is older because she won’t be able to leave the house, and no man would dare come near here because Simon would be so protective.”

— Anya Leon

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S on

I wish parents wouldn’t admit when they have never changed a diaper! I picture that parent (usually dad) yelling for mum to come and change the baby, rather than getting it together and doing it! Your kid shouldn’t have to sit in a dirty diaper because you’re too scared to touch it!

shoppinggal on

So he’s an @ss in his family life, as well as on TV. Change a friggin’ diaper.

Luisita on

Is that supposed to be a “badge of honor”? Does he think he’s father of the year or something?

Stacey McRae on

How can you be a real father is you will not even change your own child’s diaper. The man is a TOTAL loser!

jgkiske on

Never changing your own child’s diaper is definitely nothing to brag about.

sandy on

Of course he hasn’t! He pays people to do that! does he ever dress down? The first photo is sad really! How about reading a book instead of shoving the video in his face?! Toddlers need interaction & lots of book reading. They love it!

guest on

I love Simon Cowell even after this statement. Simon, it’s really not that bad just change a pee pee diaper and you will see!!

Lynette on

Well Simon, just don’t expect him to change yours when you get older!

lmack69 on

precious picture.

Anonymous on

…..I don’t see why people are upset because simon hasn’t changed a diaper….if he’s paying someone to change them that’s one more job created.

amber on

I don’t get why people are upset that Simon hasn’t never changed his son’s diaper….obviously he can pay to get someone to change them…plus that’s one more job created.

mer on

Boy, I rarely judge or criticize people. But how incredibly stupid this is. Is he like proud of it? How can you have a kid and consider youself a good parent but never change his diaper?! Seriously, that’s completely insane.

jeannie on

That;s nothing to brag about. He’s also saying he has never had any tie alone with his son unless it was short periods of time. Father of the Year he isn’t

Jame on

Changing diapers is part of being a parent. Why he seems be bragging about this is beyond me, but knowing the size of this man’s ego, it is not a surprise. So I guess he has never been alone with his son either or he would have had to change a diaper or two or three. Now that is the real shame.

Matt on

well we can all sleep at night. I wonder if the person who wrote this story probably has a fancy journalism degree and ends up writing crap like this

Chouchou on

Well Simon I hope your child will change your diapers when you get old !!!!!!!!!!

Sjs on

Why are people so upset by this? If I could afford to have someone change diapers, I’d do it in a heartbeat! It is certainly one of the most un-glamorous parts of parenting. Wouldn’t bother me a bit for someone to take over the (pun intended) crappy jobs and just have the fun! And for those saying that he’ll need someone to change his diapers when he’s older — I’m sure he can afford that, too.

krtmom on

What a douche…and those shoes…really?!

itsallgood on


Sara K on

Now he knew he wasn’t going to win any points with that admission.

Guest on

The douche bag is not going to change diapers!

KL on

WOW… way to step up to dad duty! .. NOT, I’d be like get off your @$$ and change a fricken diaper for once!

KL on

And also… ya of course you love being a dad becuase you don’t have to do any of the crappy duties!!… literally… d-bag!

Dee on

Simon….you need to stop filling those cheek bones.

Diane Nichols cappetta on

Changing a dirtyt diaper was the best bonding times for me. Baby looks right at you giggling and playing with a toy or baby talking at each other

Melissa on

Some of these comments are so stupid. I’m 28 years old. My dad never changed my diaper when I was little… I’m doing just fine. It doesn’t matter.

gaymaddox on

If I had his money, I would have never changed a diaper either. Odds are very high he has a well qualified paid professional nanny to step in and handle the nappy situation when mom is busy elsewhere. People and their negative comments. The only person who has any right to criticize Simon for never changing a diaper is the baby’s mother. If she’s cool with it, these total strangers ought to mind their own business.

rosewood11 on

First of all, I love seeing Simon and Eric together. I’m waiting for a video of the two of them and the dogs. I understand Eric thinks he is one!!! What a hoot!!!
As for the diaper controversy, Simon made the boast before Eric’s birth that he wasn’t changing “nappies.” I think that was as much for publicity as other things he’s said, and I’m sure the statement that he’s still not changed a diaper is the same thing. I read once where he said he HAD changed a diaper or two shortly after Eric was born, and I’m sure he’d done so since, as well. As for being a good father, Eric clearly is quite comfortable with his Daddy. Simon is an avid reader, and just because you see him with Eric watching the Lion King doesn’t indicate that he never reads to him. Just be happy for the man and his family. Too few people are able to be truly happy, and it sounds like Simon really is. I hope it stays that way, and that Eric grows up to be the kind of man his Dad really is.

Tawny on

You people are insane. So despite ALL the other things he does as a father, he’s not a REAL father because he hasn’t changed diaper? Get real. He’s better then 70% of fathers out there who are deadbeats, have NOTHING to do with their kids and don’t take care of them AT ALL. I have a serious issue with vomit and I have three kids. I have never once cleaned up puke, my husband takes care of that. Does that make me less of a mum? Considering I do EVERYTHING else… but that. You people are so judgmental.

Brooke on

Come on….This is Simon Cowell we are talking about. None of us even thought he would stick around when Lauren got pregnant. The fact that he is with Eric at all is amazing to me. Let’s cut him some slack on the nappy.

Julia N. on

I don’t judge ordinary parents for showing a baby a video every now and again but this article/photo reveals that Simon is mostly a lazy dad. How has he not changed a diaper???????!!!!

Shae Hornnig on

I think Donald Trump admitted to never changing a diaper either. I just think every parent needs to know the basics of changing a diaper, it all part of parenting.

Anonymous on

He doesn’t need to change diapers, he can afford nannies to do it!

Dyanne on

How very sad that he’s willing to admit, much less brag about it! Hope he receives the same “care” when he can no longer take care of himself – wow, just lost the little respect I ever had for him…..his SON will succeed despite his Father, not because of him….