So Cute! Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Maxwell Mimics Mom with Swimsuit Pose

05/26/2015 at 09:00 AM ET

It looks like Jessica Simpson and her family had a memorable Memorial Day weekend.

Simpson took to Instagram Tuesday to post some adorable photos of her 3-year-old daughter, Maxwell Drew, who proved that she is not only a mini-me of her mom but also that blondes do have more fun.

In the first photo, Maxwell¬†strikes a modeling pose — hand on hip — in Janie and Jack’s red-and-white color block swimsuit while perched in the sun.

Jessica Simpson daughter Maxwell swimsuit pose
Courtesy Jessica Simpson; Inset

In the second picture, Simpson and husband Eric Johnson‘s daughter puckers up to the camera while leaning out of a pool.

“Kiss,” Simpson captioned the sweet shot.

Simpson, 34, and Johnson, 35, also have a son, Ace Knute, 2 next month.

— Wade Rouse

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AppetiteDeluxe on

Her kids are adorable

Tara on

It’s never too early to teach a girl to use her body for attention.

drgrady on

She is so cute!

Juli on

Maxi is gorgeous!

Jim on

I’ve never hated on Simpson. She may be a bit flaky but seems to have a good heart. That being said, this is the first time I’m disgusted. There is nothing cute about a little girl that age posing like that. She isn’t a sex symbol – she should be playing in the mud and chasing butterflies, and not showing off for the camera. As a mother or father I would end up questioning what I’m doing that is turning my child into something that thinks it is okay to pose like that for the camera. Kids should be kids. The kid doesn’t even know what she is doing but Simpson thinking it is appropriate is disturbing. If my little girl or boy started behaving like that I’d be worried.

lisa on

She is cute. But isn’t this a little sad? Or is it normal for little girls to pose like that – I don’t know, I don’t have any daughters.

charlotte on

i am not a fan of Jessica Simpson, but i have to say she has absolutely gorgeous children!

amyinoaktown on

way to sexualize your child at 3 years old….

Nanu21 on

She just needs to be a little girl…..will grow up fast enough!!!

Mandy on

I can’t believe some of you are making me defend Jessica Simpson! I honestly don’t care for this woman at all, but I have pictures of when I was little posing like this as well. Its not a big deal. Also who cares if the child had been in a 2 piece? I’ve put my daughter in them as she wants to wear what mommy wears. If you have a problem with it, don’t look.

Christie on

Did she get injections for that kid the same place Jenner did? And is pimping your toddler a good idea? I guess when you want to get press it is. Pathetic.

Marc on

She’ll be Sucking Dixxx by age 8 just like her mom!!!!

Roxanne on

Its sexual for a child to pose with their hand on their hip and to blow a kiss? Good to know, adding it to my list now.

cb on

jessica has very cute kids. but what would it hurt to brush their hair before taking a pictures ? maxi and ace always look so unkempt.

kaye on

@Mandy – but are your pictures splashed all over the internet for everyone – including pedophiles – to see?

Kay on

Maxwell is gorgeous, a perfect blend of both her parents. As for the people sexualizing the three year old, leave the poor girl alone. If you want to live a very modest lifestyle that is completely up to you, but please don’t dare say that Jessica Simpson is purposely attracting pedophiles with a picture of her daughter blowing kisses.

M on

I don’t think Jessica Simpson purposely set out to sexualize her daughter. The little girl posed, she found it cute, and posted it. That said, there are a lot of sick people out there who will not view this as a cute baby posing like a big girl. They will view it and get aroused. When you post pictures of your child to the public, you do not have control over who views it, or what their reactions will be. I am only responsible for my own actions and don’t tell others what to do, but I never post pictures of my baby. I only share them with my family and very close friends. The thought of a pedophile looking at my baby’s pictures makes me want to kill someone.

jlduke55 on

The only people sexualizing this child are the ones commenting about it, Jesus. She’s just posing in a swimsuit! If you think this is sexual in any way YOU have a problem.

Anon on

Seriously some people just love to hate on other people. Regardless of celebrity or not in real life many parents do the same and are proud of there kids. Jessica is no different. In anther note there are many fashion shows of kids fashions with other children posing etc. there are parents of children that all do the same. I would hope many of you grow up quit the hate and enjoy some very cute pics of a very proud parent as many people and parents post many identical pics Some of you travel site to site just to post hate it’s nonsense mean and immature

Tonja on

Wow. Some of these comments are just disgusting. Jessica has a society really does suck.

Emily on

Could-be pedophiles see your children everyday and may “get aroused”. You won’t know who they are and you can’t avoid them. This has been the reality since forever, long before the Internet. Hiding away because someone may sexualize your children is sad and I hope that’s not what we’ve come to as a society.

Anonymous on

Her daughter is only 3 years old, looks growing up fast. She needs having a normal life like any other growing up kids.

kaye on

@Anon – “hate”??? Are you serious? I think you need to invest in a dictionary and look up the word hate. The people commenting on this post don’t come to mind – instead think Hitler, Obama, Idi Amin, etc.

gilbert dl on

As cute as the little girl is, I believe her mother and father should be very wary of posting these kinds of picture online, or anywhere else, for all to see. Unfortunately there are many weird pedophiles out there who would find these photos a huge turn on. To see such a young child assuming “Adult” type poses and expressions.

Mark on

Jessica needs more careful about posing these kinda sextual pictures on social media. You never know who will use these pictures to do something.

Meena on

@Anonymous-the fact that you include Obama with Hitler and Idi Amin is tragic. Nothing President Obama has or has not done compares to that.

kaye on

@Meena – good catch. Meant OSAMA, NOT President Obama. Unfortunate typo.

Anonymous on

Perhaps she wants to be like her mother, guys. When I was young, I used to pose because my Mum was a model, and I wanted to be like her.

How is this picture provocative, but little girls in beauty pageants, strutting their booty in swimsuits with fake tans and makeup in front of old men and stuff is ok?

Makes sense. Not.

fatalreview on

way to teach her how to be a ho and get what she wants using her looks right out the gate-they will be living off her income very soon