Georgina Bloomberg: Co-Parenting with the Wrong Person Is Harder Than Being a Single Mom

05/21/2015 at 06:30 PM ET

The fairytale of a happily ever after is just that for Georgina Bloomberg.

The mom of 16-month-old son Jasper admits finding a forever love is not something that happens every day.

“Marriage is not super important to me — most end in divorce. I love the idea of being with someone forever, but I don’t think it happens very often,” the internationally renowned equestrian tells Cricket’s Circle.

“Marriage was coined at a time when people died when they were 30. That stability would be nice, and I am definitely open-minded about it, but I don’t need it in that way some women do.”

Georgina Bloomberg son Jasper motherhood marriage
Courtesy Isabel J. Kurek

Instead of relying on her former partner, Ramiro Quintana, to co-parent their baby boy, Bloomberg, 32, has taken on the role herself. Although the responsibility can seem overwhelming, the mom of one prefers to look at the positive side.

“Jasper’s father will always be in his life and be a friend figure to him, but he is not involved in the day-to-day,” she shares. “It’s hard, but it’s much easier to do it by yourself than with the wrong person.”

Motherhood has changed Bloomberg in more ways than one. After riding in a show while five months pregnant — “typically a big no-no,” she explains — the first-time mom admits her feelings have since shifted.

“I felt confident in that decision at that time,” she explains. “That said, now knowing my son, I wouldn’t do it again. It’s an unnecessary risk that isn’t worth it.”

But much like she once said she would never ride while pregnant, Bloomberg is finding other areas in which she’s bending the rules a bit, too.

“I also said I would never pull out my phone in the middle of a restaurant and hand it to my child, and I have definitely done that too,” she says. “Becoming a mother has made me a lot less judgmental.”

For more of Georgina Bloomberg’s interview, visit Cricket’s, the shoppable short answer for baby and toddler.

— Anya Leon

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Katie on

She is awfully casual about just deciding the father shouldn’t be involved anymore. Unless he is unfit or doesn’t want to be a father, you don’t just get to decide it is easier to be a single parent.

Trish on

She is right about one thing; sometimes doing it alone is far more better than having a bad or uncaring partner. I’m a single parent by divorce and I have a much easier time since I have full custody of my kids than some of the people I know who co parent. The financial aspect of it can be tough at times it’s so worthwhile.

Dana on

Katie.. did you expect her to air all her dirty laundry to the world and share with you all the gory details of their relationship? Just because it isn’t in the article doesn’t mean she came to the decision lightly.

Poppy on

She is awful cavalier about dismissing her son’s father from his life. That isn’t up to her, unless he is unfit for some reason.

kluttercrough on

“Most end in divorce.” Where are her data for that? And what about unmarried people who stay together? Also, if the divorce comes after the children are grown, maybe that isn’t so awful…. a relationship that lasts 25-30 years might not be said to have “failed.”

I agree that it’s a terrible idea to hand a 16 month-old (!) a phone. I assume she means a smartphone (hate ’em) and not something for simple dialing. Kids will become screen addicts soon enough, but before age 2? no. No, just no. Hand him a toy he can act upon and manipulate. Screen isn’t good for his vision or his interaction.

kluttercrough on

Nice photo. She looks a lot like Stacy Keibler

smithy on

Amen sister! My ex-husband has been awful to parent with. He’s dead weight to me and provides nothing.

Shann on

I guess becoming parents didnt make many of the commenters less judgmental.

Macs on

Seems like choosing to do it all by yourself fits in the same category as riding a horse while pregnant “seemed like a good idea at the time…”

mrsHolland on

“I don’t need it (marriage) like some women.” That’s quite an assumption, Cupcake.

Morgan on

She has zero touch with reality. She has full time nannies that travel with her, has never had a job and flies from her multi-million dollar farm in NY to her multi-million dollar farm in Wellington on one of her dad’s jets. Stopping occasionally in her $4.5 million dollar apartment in NYC. Not exactly a typical single mother. Ramiro was always going to be nothing more than a way to have a child that she wanted , and she has always gotten whatever she wants.

ej on

No offense to her, but im sure having money out the ass has influenced her opinion on this matter

Annie on

Who cares that it’s easier for her? How sad for her son. Fathers are vital to children’s lives, and fatherlessness really does affect children, as is backed up by exhaustive research over the last five decades. There’s a reason nine of every ten men in prison grew up with their fathers outside of the home. This is common sense. Shame on this woman for being so cavalier about her fatherless son.

seldomlysardonic on

Amen, sister! I do not know her situation, but if it’s at all like mine, I didn’t have anything to do with my daughter viewing her father as nothing more than a “sometimes dad” post-divorce. He did that all by himself. I often say it would be so much easier and less stressful if he’d just remove himself altogether. Co-parenting is not a concept he understands and simply likes to make my life miserable after what was an abusive marriage.

While fathers are important figures and children need both parents, they don’t need the worry, anxiety or lack of self-esteem created by selfish individuals who only parent when they want to. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

natsg on

Bravo and right on target Goergina! Most marriages end in divorce. It’s a matter of sooner or later. And yes, better to raise a child alone than with one who contributes nothing but trouble. Those here who criticizes your decision are not in touch with reality themselves…. wait until they live it what you have lived through….You have my total support in your very wise decision….have a fantastic life!.

megan on

” “Becoming a mother has made me a lot less judgmental.”
Except about other women

arijana birston on

i agree with her about it being hard having a wrong partner for your baby daddy. my daughter i 16 months old now and i’ve resented my husband for the past 16 months. he’s a bit more helpful now but he wasn’t helpful at all for the first 12 months of her life. i had to do everything on me own. he tells me he didn’t realize he wasn’t ready to become a parent yet but he’s 30 and it was his idea to have a child. i didn’t trap him or anything but he thought it would be a walk in the park. anyway it’s better to separate sometimes than being fed up and resentful every single day of your life. if i got divorced i would still let my husband come see his daughter every single day unless he was a bad influence or something

Anonymous on

Annie- Yes, but most of those studies fail to take into account several OTHER factors that could be leading to those children into prison and so forth (the fact that many single mothers are teenagers and that many are poor, just to name two).

arijana birston- If you haven’t already, I highly suggest that you and your husband get some counseling (for your daughter’s sake if nothing else!). Good luck! 🙂

Meg on

A son needs his father … Biggest mistake you will ever make …

Guest on

Good for Georgina to do what is right for her!

sally on

Kids need a father- I hope she let’s “dad” be part of her child’s life, not just a “friend” figure!

Leah on

I agree with “guest” who said she may be making the best of a bad situation.

I am a single parent, not by choice. My BF was thrilled when I got pregnant, then decided midway through the pregnancy that he didn’t want to be a dad. He moved and I haven’t seen him since.

I feel badly for my son who deserves a father. However after his “father” shows his true colors, I firmly believe we are better off without him in our lives. Parenting with someone who is a child themselves would have been terrible.

My son is a happy, smart, well behaved little guy and I’m sure Georgina’s baby will grow up happy too!

Being a single parent isn’t ideal, but it’s not the end of the world and the children can be just as well adjusted as any child. Look, the leader of the free world is a product of a single parent household!

Suze on

She’s extremely selfish.

guest on

It seems like the father has chosen not to be a part of his son’s life (based on this and other news stories…though some of those were from NY tabloid papers), but rather than bash him, Bloomberg is being polite and spinning it so that he still looks okay. He’s a guy who has been arrested several times for public intoxication, driving drunk, and assault, so it’d have been easy for her to really go after him, but she’s protecting not only him but her son when she says he’s not around much, but is always welcome to be a friend to her son…

Shawna on

Most marriages end in divorce? Really? Where is she getting this statistic from? The statistics I’ve seen is 40%. In my world is 40% most. And that 40% is mainly because people don’t bother actually putting the work into marriage anymore. As soon as the butterflies and the magic go away they end it. I’m surrounded with people with successful marriages, and no it is not always easy, but love and family are worth the hard work. My parents have been married 40 years, my husband’s parents have been married for 42, my sister has been married for 18 years and I will be married 16 years next month. It is possible.

Tim on

I’ve met the sons from mothers like her. You end up begrudgingly tolerating them and minimizing their presence in your life. Poor kid is going to be screwed up badly. Nevertheless, she’s the future of families. The globe over, marriage rates are tanking – and for good reason.

Welcome to Marxism, redistribution of wealth and fundamental transformation. If you enjoy a somewhat traditional life, enjoy what’s left of it while it lasts. If you don’t like tradition, take heart and be patient. You’ve already won.

T Smithers on

I don’t see her dismissing her son’s father from his life: she said he will always be there, just more in a “friend” role. If that’s the case, its likely he doesn’t want the full responsibility of parenting, but is happy to be there for the “whatever’s”. She said nothing about keeping him away.

As for parenting alone vice co-parenting – she’s right. When you aren’t having to balance a kid shifting between homes, different rules, etc. and all the decisions are in your hand… Well, Heck. It’s much easier than constant bickering.

As for marriage: I’m with her on that. I’ll never say never where marriage is concerned, but I’m also content with the idea of being in a relationship as opposed to signing a document that says “we’re married” just to apppease the universe on paper.

Anonymous on

There is nothing to make judgment about. If she thinks being a single mother is better for her, let be with it.

Dogman69 on

“Be a friend figure to him”, nice of her…She didn’t sleep with the wrong person the time her child was conceived. She is just know realizing she has regrets. Too bad, life is life. You had a child, now be a grown up and be a role model to your son. Same for the father, but it looks like he will have to go to court.

Stephanie on

I agree that in an ideal world that all parents can get along and co-parent together but that is not the reality. My ex-husband has seen his children for approximately 5 hours in 3 years. We live in the same town and I use to beg him to spend time with them because I believe the father child relationship is important but I don’t beg anymore. I think she was trying to say something in a politically sensitive way and not bash the father of her child.

Mya on

She’s got this effervescence about her, with all that financial stability she’s just a real person.