Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Introduce Daughter Poppy

05/15/2015 at 06:55 PM ET

Less than a year after tying the knot in New York City, designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent are taking on their most passionate project to date: fatherhood.

“I’ve always wanted to be a parent,” Berkus, 43, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I had hoped that I would have this chance, but I didn’t want to do it on my own.”

“Until recently, we didn’t think it was possible,” says Brent, 30. “But we’re fortunate to be legally married and things just fell into place. We’re really thankful.”

On March 23, the couple welcomed daughter Poppy Brent-Berkus. Surrounded by the surrogate’s family and their own, “everybody was hand in hand” for the birth, recalls Brent.

“Surrogacy can be about science, it can be about money, or it can be about intention,” adds Berkus. “We were really lucky to have everybody that was involved in allowing us to have our daughter be excited for us.”

Nate Berkus Jeremiah Brent daughter Poppy first photo
Cal Bingham

“Our paternal instincts kicked in almost instantly,” he tells PEOPLE. “She came out with her eyes open, looking around like she had been waiting for us.”

Settled into their new roles, the guys are giddy with excitement over Poppy.

“I’m chewing on her knee caps when I’m changing diapers,” says Berkus with a laugh. “Both of my grandmothers used to say, ‘I want to take a bite out of you.’ And I would think, ‘These crazy ladies! That is so gross.’ And now I get it.”

Jokes Brent, “I find myself wanting to take bites out of her face or lick her like The Lion King.”

The duo are busier than ever with diaper duty and their careers — Berkus has collections sold at Target as well as Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores and runs Nate Berkus Associates, while Brent is hard at work with his own firm, Jeremiah Brent Design — but they’re making sure to keep any meltdowns “to another room,” says Brent.

“We actively work to keep the energy in the house calm. There’s always music playing,” he shares.

As for those endless changing sessions, they’re actually something Berkus looks forward to. “I never thought I would be so excited to be 10 inches away from a filthy diaper as I am,” he jokes. “I live by her diaper schedule.”

As Brent sums it up, “It’s funny how quickly things just fall into place.”

Nate Berkus Jeremiah Brent daughter Poppy first photo
Cal Bingham

For more from the Brent-Berkus family, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Jennifer Garcia

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Lexie on

Congrats, guys! Love the name!!

Leah on

She’s beautiful! Congratulations

Kay on

Such a beautiful family! Poppy is gorgeous, and it is so wonderful to see a child so wanted and adored by her parents. Wishing the Brent-Berkus family many years of happiness.

sheila on

so beautiful. wishing this stunning family a life full of happiness. so sweet!

Kris on

What an incredibly beautiful family!

Rose on

This may be unpopular but I can’t imagine growing up without a “Mommy”. It’s not that she won’t have 2 loving parents – but again, no one she can call “Mom”. That’s tough. I’m 51 and lost my own mother 9 months ago. It’s so hard to be without her now – I can’t imagine not having had her as a child and young woman.

Kat on

Don’t try some BS around this kid, those kids can see right through you, lol. Cute pie!

LOL on

Aww congrats!! So cute.

Lyla on


I have two gay fathers and I never felt like I was “missing” anything. I have two loving parents who loved me more than oxygen and would do anything for me, which is more than a lot of people my age can say. No offense, but that way of thinking is ludicrous and precisely why people try and stop gay and lesbian couples from marrying.

Katy on

Cute little girl!

susan on

Shes is gorgeous guys and looks like a Poppy too! Born on my 52nd birthday. Congrats, Beat Wishes and much happiness to this beautiful family!!!

Kat on

She’s so cute! Congratulations and well wishes to this beautiful family ❤

Luisita on

Such a beauty! Congratulations, Daddies!

Rose on

@ Lyla,
No offense taken – and I have nothing against gay marriage. Nor am I saying that this little girl will not be loved. I believe I stated she would – my feelings were just that it would be hard not to have a mom – plain and simple. I don’t think it’s great not to have a dad either. That doesn’t mean you weren’t loved enough or that someone is always loved enough if they have a dad and mom. There are just natural benefits to enjoying a loving relationship with a mom and a dad and this little girl will never enjoy the relationship of a mother and daughter. I look back on my life and the love I had from my mom and can’t imagine not having it. It doesn’t matter that my dad loved me or if I had 2 or three dads loving me unconditionally – I wouldn’t have ever replaced my mom for it.

Summer on

Beautiful! So happy for them! Rise, I get what you’re saying, but consider this – you don’t miss what you never had. You miss your mom and can’t imagine growing up without her because that was your childhood. I’m sure Poppy will feel the same way about her parents one day.

Mary on

What a little cutie!

Kathy on


I grew up with a very abusive “mother”. Not all people have wonderful memories like you do. Hold them dear, just like I’m sure little Poppy will with her memories of her dads.

Catherine on

What an adorable baby!

Vickie on

Poppy is just adorable!!! Congratulations !!!!!

Claudia Wallace on

What a beautiful child! Congratulations guys! ❤

Rose on

@ Kathy, I’m so sorry you had to endure being raised by an abusive mother. I’ve never met my husband’s mother because she was also abusive and he cut his relationship off from his mother before I met him – which was many years ago as we’ve been married nearly 21 years. So I do understand that just having a mother does not guarantee a good relationship. I think we can all agree that sadly there are abusive parents out there and it is not gender specific – nor immune from Herero or gay couples. That being said – yes, my relationship (while not perfect in every stage of my life) with my mother was loving and irreplaceable in my life. It is that hope that all children have that chance to have that is all I was pointing out.

Sara on

Such a cute little family! So happy to see a majority of positive comments towards gay couples having kids! It’s so refreshing! My brother is gay and as someone who always knew I can tell you it is NOT in any way a choice. My dad is a minister and he even says my brother was just gay from toddler-hood on. There was no getting around it. So, I’m happy people are embracing it and being more positive about it!

There is nothing wrong with having two dad’s instead of a traditional family. It’s the love provided to the child that counts. I can promise you this girl will be far happier than a kid being raised by two verbally abusive hetero-parents. She will have plenty of females in her life to fill the ‘mom-shoes’ in…ummmmm OPRAH?! 🙂

cassie on


CG on

She is beautiful! Wanting to lick her is the cutest thing ever. 🙂

LisLu on

I am envious of anyone with two loving parents. I have a mom and dad that were not very good parents; my mother was verbal and physically abusive and a father that was more concerned with hanging out with his friends than being a parent. Being raised by a heterosexual couple is no guarantee of happiness. My parents are still alive; our relationship is strained at best. Poppy is a very lucky girl.

Michelle on

So don’t bash me, because I’m honestly curious. How does this work in terms of a biological father? Are one of these men the biological father, or is donor sperm used, or can it go either way? I realize it doesn’t matter who her biological father is, as we all know that you don’t need a biological tie to be a daddy! Wishing them a lifetime of happiness.

Emma on

@rose, that is an antiquated way of thinking. My mom and dad separated when I was three because my daddy finally started being true to himself and acknowledged that he was gay. He found my steppdaddy when I was five. My mom died when I was fifteen.

My stepdaddy is the reason that I am still here today, a college grad, with a good career, a husband and three beautiful children and an amazing step daughter that I love as much as my biological children. My daddy worked long hours as a homicide detective and my step daddy would get off of work as a social worker at five. He made sure we did our homework(there were six of us), dinner was on the table(when we were with them which after my mom died was all the time) and went to bed on time. When my mom was dying he made sure she wasn’t alone in the hospital when my other step daddy was at work. (Also amazing, I was blessed. Yes, to all those haters out there…I am a Christian and believe my daddy and stepdaddy will enter the gates of heaven.)

When I had a hard time dealing with mama’s death and was cutting myself, my stepdaddy noticed first and made sure I had help, gave me all the love in the world and even took two years off of work to homeschool me until I was mentally stable to return to regular school.

I appreciate the fact that you are NOT judgmental and thank you for that. My two younger brothers my dad and stepdaddy had together are so loved, so well adjusted, and do not question why they do not have the traditional family or a mommy. To children raised by gay parents…to.them that IS normal. Again @rose, thank you for being respectful with your comments and I hope that I have made you understand a gay family’s way of life a bit better. I am open to more questions if you or anyone else(non-trolls) have any.

maryhelenc on

She’s so precious! They sound so happy. I love it. Congrats to them.

guest on

She is adorable!

Joni on


taylor on

She is so Cute!

Hmmm on

@ Michelle – it depends on the couple and what they decide. Some both donate, some couples have one dad donate for one pregnancy with the plan for the other to donate on baby #2 and I know a couple where one of the dads’ sister donated the egg so his partner contributed the sperm (yup, just like the mofy episode).

starbbycat on

@Rose, I agree with you – no Mom – what? I also can’t imagine a girl being raised by 2 men – sorry haters just can’t see it.

gametime68 on

Poppy? Is that a child or a pony?

canadasue on

She is gorgeous and her dads appear to be over the moon. Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness together!

Hmmm on

@ Emma – thank you for sharing all of that. It’s always good to get perspective from people who have lived it. (Though I am sorry for the struggles you endured) I’m betting your dad and step-dad are pretty strong people. Thinking of when they must have gotten together and become family, it could not have been easy – especially with your dad being a cop.

Jay on

Aww such a beautiful baby girl, love her name!

Shirley on

Rose,there are many children that’s just have a mom ,or a dad,not both.Thru our. Last wars many children just have one parent.
Most children. End up with a set of grandparents to fill that space,and if lucky. 2sets.
Nate will make a wonderful parent to a little girl

Lisa on

@Rose, I completely understand what you’re saying. While my mother was abusive and my father was never in the picture, I was raised by the most wonderful, loving grandmother anyone could have ever asked for. She was my rock, both mother and father, and I couldn’t have been loved more by anyone. That feminine figure was my Rock of Gibraltar, so to speak, and I can’t imagine not ever having had her in my life. That’s not to say this little one won’t be loved as much, but there’s something special about that female figure, at least in my eyes.

Emma on

@Hmmm, thank you so much. I had amazing role models…both gay and.straight. we lived in South Carolina but my daddy didn’t care what others said about his sexuality…he is a former Marine…he.uses the do not back down mentality. My mom also taught us that.there was nothing wrong with our daddy, love has no boundaries. I’m blessed for that. My stepdaddy taught me how to be a step mom. You don’t try to take the other parents place…but you love that child and would do anything for them. You don’t make them feel less than your other children. You stay on friendly terms with the other parent. My mama swore up and down my step daddy was her best friend. I had amazing role models. I know not every divorce is like that but my parents was and they found partners that loved all of us children the same. I don’t think I had hardships. I wish my mama could see all four of her grandbabies but I know looking down smiling at them. I also know that my kids have three doting grandpas and grandma on earth and a papa and nana in heaven who watches over them. I’ve been through a lot but I have.more love than most. I am.blessed.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

She is one cute Poppy…congrats to the happy family!!

Jenny on

Congratulations ! She is a beauty ! Wishing you much love and happiness with your family and your new baby girl!

Cecile White on

Adorable baby. I love the name Poppy for a girl.

Kendall on

Sweet baby girl!!! Congrats to the happy family!

myuntidydesk on

Adorable. I’ve seen Nate on TV shows with kids and he is a natural. This is a very lucky little girl.

karen on

Holy smokes that is a GORGEOUS baby!! Congrats!

LS0919 on

She is adorable!

Thankful on

@lyla, @hmmm, @emma @kathy and all others I just wanted to say thankful for sharing your personal stories on here, some of which brought tears to my eyes. As a 35 yr old married mother of three you’ve given me hope that there are loving families in this world, we just need to ensure we create that atmosphere within our families. Coming from a single parent home, then a home with an abusive stepfather to now an unhappy marriage, I now have renewed energy from your stories to create a happy family life despite all of the challenges. So i’m thankful to you for sharing.

jmquinnn on

What a lucky little girl! Not only does she have two devoted parents, I bet her nursery is fabulous!

Human Cobras on

It’s sad that people can’t let two consenting adults love and have the same rights as everyone should have.

It’s not special rights. It’s equal rights. Get it right. Plus, religion has NO place in politics or dictating the way one lives their lives. People should be themselves not pretend to be something they’re not.

Ala Lemon on

Gorgeous family and the daddies are positively glowing! Congratulations!

melissa on

I agree with some of the posts. I could not imagine my life without my mom. She was my best friend! Although I respect two loving parents raising this little girl, I do feel they are denying a child of a mom. Two men can provide a loving home, but they will not be able to relate 100% to having menstral cycles, or womanly advice girls need from a mom. They are DENYING this to Poppy.

Sandra Ramos on

What a beautiful baby girl! For a minute there I thought it was a pic of my own daughter Sassy! She is so gorgeous!! Congrats to the both of you!

Debbie on

Congrats to you both! She is just perfect. Take lots of video of her, it will be hard to remember how tiny she is right now. So happy for you guys!

Guest on

I think LGBT people can make wonderful parents – just wish they would have adopted.

K.B. on

What a beautiful baby! And, how adorable is her name? ‘Poppy’….. I love it! Together they are a gorgeous family. I wish them all health, happiness, and love.

Meme on

@ Lyla

So, are you saying that Rose doesn’t have a right to feel as she does just because YOU were raised by two GAY fathers? Rose is right, there are many things that a man just can’t understand and a woman does NEED that motherly figure. Perhaps you didn’t need that, good for you. But Rose most certainly has a right to FREEDOM of SPEECH. And so do I.

mer on

This comment section is so nice and civil, no negative comments. Awesome. Thank you, ladies. Hopefully, we are moving to the place where hateful people won’t take up so much space.

Dianne on

Oh she’s so pretty! What a true blessing may she live a happy healthy joy and lI’ve filled life~congratulations to you both!

life goes on on

Congrats to the little family and best wishes for the future. She is gorgeous.

Karolina on

Awww, both a beautiful baby and name!

Diana Sanchez on

What a beautiful baby! And congrats to the happy couple! Much happiness and love.

Amy on

Congratulations! What a beautiful family. Every child should be blessed to have two parents that love them. She’s a lucky little girl.

gracie on

@gametime68…Poppy is a beautiful name…no different than other floral inspired names including Lily, Violet, Rose, Daisy, Hyacinth. Why would you refer to it as a name for a dog?

Anonymous on

Wow! That little girl is beautiful! And her name is so pretty and timeless. Nate and Jeremiah seem like loving, devoted parents who have FINALLY gotten something they’ve always wanted. They make a great family! Congratulations!

I just want to say that this is the nicest, most positive comment section I’ve seen on is a long time! It’s awesome to have so many people showing support for these new parents and, to an extent, gay couples everywhere. I’m very impressed with the civility of almost all of the comments!

Jen on

I don’t understand some of the thinking on this thread, about this little girl being “Denied’ a mother or missing out because she’s being raised without a mother. I don’t think the comments are homophobic, but I do think they are sexist. Plenty of women are raised by single fathers through simple circumstance; being that their mother died or simply left the family (and yes, that absolutely does happen), and turn out to be wonderful women who don’t feel their lives were missing something.
I think what these women are really doing is judging the parenting capabilities of men in general. I rarely see comments stating that single mothers or lesbian parents are not capable of raising boys without a man, or that they can’t figure out how to teach a boy things about their bodies because they have different plumbing.
Children need loving, attentive, and nurturing parents; their gender doesn’t matter in the long run!

Dogman69 on

I wish he would have positioned his hand elsewhere. It is very distracting!

Julie on

“I’m chewing on her knew caps….!” How cute is that. Babies are scrumptious….meant to be chewed on. I’m not sure who is cuter….Poppy or these two guys! Sweet family!

Anonymous on

What a cute, and lucky little girl she is to have two dads.

sally on

why do gay guys always have girls?
these two should get on their knees and thank modern medicine for allowing them a chance to go against nature and have a child. good luck.

Sara J. on


They are not DENYING her a mother. How many single women go out and have kids without fathers via sperm donor? They aren’t denying their sons of fathers. Most of them have plenty of male figures in their lives to give advice to when those issues come up.

I was raised by a single father and both my brother and I didn’t feel denied of things. My dad did a great job raising us and broaching tough topics when they came around. My aunts were like surrogate mom’s to us. When I had questions I always went to them or my older cousins. It’s all about who you surround your kids with and how honest and open everyone is with one another.

The whole “Denying the kids a mother” argument is silly. Mom’s are awesome…I am a mom so I know this for a fact…but, love is what matters the most. Plus, gay dad’s are fabulous on so many levels. They can take on the female issues with ease. I have several gay friends so I know this from experience! 🙂

Laurine on

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Terri on

Beautiful family. I’m very happy for them.

Bee on

This child most likely has grandmothers and aunts. It’s not like she’ll exist in a strictly female-free place. I am 10000% PRO FAMILY, no matter what that family may look like. Poppy is adorable and so are her daddies!

Holly on

May your little family continue to live your dreams!

Fawn on

My parents never wanted me and almost had me aborted. Poppy is so lucky that she has two people that really want her.

Angel on

Congratulations to you both….She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL…Everything is perfect about her. Her features are exquisite and her name is so, so WONDERFUL….POPPY…What a perfect name for YOUR little Angel.

Anonymous on

Adorable little girl! They look over the moon!

Game time, pretty certain it is not a pony, but I did take off my glasses before reading the site. So, I may be wrong 😉

My friend and her partner are raising two girls and many people feel they are being shortchanged because they don’t have a father. They have many father roles, including Grandfathers, Uncles, etc. I know to some this isn’t the same. My cousin, who knows them as well, has reminded people that she lost her day before she could sit up. I reminded these people that I have a friend who last year lost her husband in his 30’s while she was pregnant. This is not the only one I know. I know husbands who have lost wives. I am sure we all do. So, saying they need a mom or need a dad is not true. That is not what a child needs, as many grow up without it and live happy and fulfilling lives. What they need is love, comfort, safety, and happiness. That can be done by one parent or two and two guys, two women or one of each. Love is love.

Anonymous on

Congrats to Nate and Jeremiah!

Jen RichardSaunders on

SO HAPPY for Nate! I love her name and she is a STUNNING baby, he and his husband will be amazing parents ! ❤

kate on

That’s a lucky baby. Every baby should feel this loved and wanted. Congrats!

Janis Burke on

What an adorable baby!! So happy for you Nate. Such blessings have come your way. F is looking out for you.

carolew on

Congratulations to both of you!

Rose, I am the same age as you, and I lost my mother when I was fifteen. I haven’t had anyone to call ‘mom’ for a good many years.

My father and I had ‘difficulties’, and I ended up in foster care for a couple of years. I’d much rather have two mothers, or two fathers, than no parent at all.

My point being, we aren’t all lucky enough to have a mother for the entirety, or even a good portion of our lives (I lost mine at a very crucial point). Those of us who lost early, sometimes had other women step in (sometimes not) on occasion. These two men have their families. This child will be loved and taken care of by many. That’s the best of both worlds imo.

Exie Hunter on

Precious baby and daddies!

K. on

@Lyla (may 16,2015) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you ! Couldn’t have been said better. You may never read this so much time later, but I f you do…. also Lisa and @Rose. Men and woman are not the same. In all of nature females play a singular and unique role in bearing and caring for newborns and infants. Until a man can give birth and bond hormonally (after giving birth) or breastfeed, they can’t be a total substitute. Adoption is one thing, but to deliberately create a child that will be deprived of even the chance at this kind of relationship is tragic.

K. on

@Lyla (may 16,2015) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you ! Couldn’t have been said better. You may never read this so much time later, but I f you do…. also Lisa and @Rose.

Lisa on

I love this couple. They are seriously the cutest couple ever! I thought Nate was awesome before, but I like him even better now with Jeremiah. Jeremiah seems like such a nice guy and I love his work. They have a beautiful, VERY LUCKY little girl! She will be so loved! I wish them all the best and look forward to seeing more of their designs!

Cynthia on

These guys are so great! I get such a sense of love and compassion from them. They will be terrific parents. Poppy is a lucky girl.

Nancy Hansen on

Really enjoying watching their show and seeing them with their daughter. It makes me excited to see my son and his husband start a family. I may get that granddaughter yet. Beautiful family.

Nancy Mauthe on

Why doesn’t the little girl “Poppy” smile????? Show me a pictures of her smiling. I am questioning that picture of them look where Nate B. hand is??? This is wrong, and should not be. What will she grow up to be??? Sad to bring another child into this world with two Dads or a Dad who is a Mom?????

Julie Henson on

I just love you both and I’m so happy for your little family! Just wish your show was on every day!
With love,

Trond on

Congrats! Been watching your remodeling show, absolutely love it.. you are such a creative team! and so sweet the little cameo’s with Poppy.. she’s a beauty!

Linda on

Rose,Having A mother and a father is what God intended. God created Adam and Eve. A man.and a woman. Had God created 2 male (or) 2 female. The human race would have ended when they died. God made male and female, so they could reproduce. I’m not the author of what I just stayed I’m simply stating a fact.
I believe Nate & Jer are nice people, but God calls their lifestyle an abomination. I’m just quoting what God’s Word tells us. I mean no harm.
I can say as for myself personally I would only want a dad and a mom, and that’s deffintally only want that for my children. This precious little child doesn’t know any better at her age. She’s as happy as a clam right now. Who knows how she’ll feel when she gets older.