Eric and Jessie James Decker: We’ve Chosen a Name for Our Son

05/15/2015 at 01:00 PM ET

It’s going to be a full house!

New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker and his wife, country artist Jessie James Decker, are already parents to 13-month-old daughter Vivianne Rose and the proud owners of two golden retrievers.

But despite their busy bunch, they’re getting ready to add one more member to the household: a baby boy.

The couple, who are expecting their second child in September, caught up with PEOPLE while promoting their partnership with Purina’s Paw It Forward to discuss everything from their love for dogs to how they’re prepping for the arrival of their son.

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PEOPLE: What is Paw It Forward? Why is this organization important to your family?

Jessie: May is National Pet Month, and it’s just all about giving back to your pets and showing your love for them and also for the pets that are in need — the dogs that are in shelters, cats in shelters that need to find homes.

We’re really big animal lovers and dog lovers. I grew up with dogs my whole life and we have a foundation called Deckers Dogs, so it just seemed really, really natural to do this.

PEOPLE: Being about five months pregnant and having a 1-year-old daughter, how are you feeling?

Jessie: I’m still feeling great. I get really tired quickly. I’ll have lots of energy and then I’ll just crash. I’m just working a lot and running after Vivianne, who’s just at that age where she is full speed. She is outrunning me at this point.

She’s not sleeping through the night yet, so I think the only difference is I’m a lot more exhausted, but thankfully I’m not sick, because I was really, really sick with her.

PEOPLE: You recently revealed the sex of your second baby — a boy! How are you preparing for a son after having a daughter?

Jessie: It is different. You’re so used to having a little girl. I always thought I’d be the best boy mom, but now I’m like, “I’m such a girl’s mom, I don’t know how to be a boy’s mom now.” I thought that totally was going to be my thing, so I guess we’ll see.

Eric: What’s funny is we used to talk to Vivianne in [Jessie’s] belly and I used to be like, “That’s my little girl,” and now it’s weird because it’s my son and I don’t know how to talk to him.

Jessie: He has a girly voice when he talks to [Vivianne]. He just gets really sweet and sensitive.

PEOPLE: Do you have any ideas on names yet?

Jessie: We picked out a name. We already knew the names before we even knew the sex of the baby so we had both names picked out for a girl and a little boy. I’m not sharing the name yet, but we definitely [picked it out early], even with Vivianne.

PEOPLE: Eric, when you were on your reality show Eric & Jessie: Game On, you often said you wanted many kids right away. Do you still feel that way after Vivianne?

Eric: She definitely is a wild child. No, I think it’s great. When number two comes we’ll see how the dynamic is. Obviously, they’re very close in age so it’s going to be great growing up so close in age. I still think I want three kids.

Jessie: I definitely think after baby number two, we are going to take a few years. I’ve been pregnant for two years straight so it will be nice just to have a couple years off and then we will have that third.

She’ll be the little baby of the family. I keep saying “she”; I think it will be a third baby girl.

PEOPLE: What has surprised you about raising a daughter?

Eric: I think it’s getting on the floor and being giddy, girly. If you were in a locker room doing that, they would be like, “What is wrong with this guy?” So just being able to have that feminine side of you and be girly.

PEOPLE: Do you want your son to grow up to play football like you did, Eric?

Eric: I know I want him to be in soccer and track early on — it’s good as far as developing athletic ability. Then if he wants to play football in high school he can, but I’m not a big advocate of third grade, fourth grade full-pad football. It’s just too much for me. Obviously, if he’s going to be a really good football player, I can’t not let him.

PEOPLE: Jessie, with you working on your music career and developing a fashion line, and Eric with spring training, do you think you will hire a nanny for help?

Jessie: Well, it used to be my sister [Sydney, 24] lived with us, [but] she decided to leave us and have a life of her own, so we’re not very happy about that. We’re very upset, we’re starting to feel it.

I know a lot of working mothers and working families need nannies — I think you gotta do what you gotta do — but I personally never wanted a nanny and I don’t think I ever will have a nanny. That’s why I had Sydney … I just felt good about being able to go to the studio for a couple hours and having [Vivianne] be with her godmother, her aunt.

It’s been really hard because Sydney has been gone now for over a week and I cried my eyes out when she packed the U-Haul up. I’m the mom and she’s like, “I have to start my own life, please let me go.”

PEOPLE: Do you think you will ever do the reality show again now that you have kids?

Jessie: Probably not anytime soon. Never say never. And we’re not ever against doing something like that again, but I think for now, it just feels weird to have cameras around my precious little babies.

I know a lot of my friends who have reality shows do it and it’s not a big deal, but for me, I just feel weird about it.

— Jessica Fecteau

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Sara K on

Just love this couple/family. ❤

Truvi on

I hope they continue their reality show in the near future. I liked watching them. They remind me of my family, minus the multi millions of course, in that our kids are close together like theirs will be. Come back to our living room soon.

yuka on

First off congrats to the deckers. Rug rats are fun and tiring. As a Jets fan I’m expecting big things from Eric this year…..if only we had a QB.

Carmie on

What a lovely family….Absolutely beautiful baby Vivanne is so like mom but , omgosh she looks so much like her daddy…..I really like the way Jessie feels and thinks….Great parents….

Sarah on

Love Eric and Jessie!

Anonymous on

“Third baby girl”. Doesn’t she mean “second baby girl”. The baby they are expecting now is a boy, so if they have a girl next time, they will have TWO daughters, not three!

Annabelle on

Jessie ostracized Eric from his sister that he was super close with. Vivi looks just like his sister and Eric and his sister look a lot alike. Google Eric Deckers Sister Jessie James fight and you can read about how Jessie called his sister a sl ut, she wants Eric to be all about her and her family but how would she feel if someone took her little boy like she did Eric.

Anonymous on

Anon, I was lost as well. I often am with her though.

I know the world loves the two of them, but I find her to be so annoying. Maybe it is her pictures on Instagram and the comments she makes. Not sure how to describe it. Maybe the selfies and the duck lips?

Also, she contradicts herself. When asked about a nanny, she said it used to be her sister who lived with them. The she said she would never have a nanny and doesn’t ever want one! Ummm, her sister was one. Just BC she is a relative doesn’t mean she was t one. I don’t buy for one second that she doesn’t have help. Own it. I can’t stand celebs who don’t own it. Working moms or even those with husbands that travel and can afford help, get some help! But own it!

Anonymous on

You know how sometimes you read people’s comments and you think, “How can people actually BE that stupid!?” That’s how I feel reading some of these….Like ‘Anonymous” who said, “She said, “She said THIRD baby girl, doesn’t she mean SECOND!?” I mean…I can’t even think of a good enough response to how dumb you sound. Just shut up. And then ‘Anonymous’ again, who said that Jessie contradicts herself by saying she’d never have a nanny, but then has her sister babysit….”Ummmm…her sister was one!” I just….it’s like…..Omg….How stupid are you people!? No…her sister isn’t one. Her sister is family, and also Jessie’s best friend. It’s like, you people just like to bitch and complain and rip her apart for any little thing you can think of. Just pathetic.

Charissa on

I highly doubt (and highly hope) that you don’t actually FEED your fur babies the poison that Purina makes…there is nothing that says “I love you” more than a bowl full of second rate, toxic food…

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