Halle Berry’s Daughter Started a Lemonade Stand to Raise Money for Children in Need

05/03/2015 at 04:40 PM ET

Halle Berry Talking About Daughter Nahla

Halle Berry may be an Oscar-winning actress, but the Extant star says her most important role is mother.

Berry, who was awarded the Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA’s Kaleidoscope Award at the third annual Kaleidoscope Ball on Saturday in Culver City, California, spoke about how her own kids have inspired her to be a humanitarian, and realize the importance of children.

“[Children] are the most important, most vulnerable, most valuable assets that we have on the planet. To protect them is our duty,” said Berry during her acceptance speech. “Whether we have children or not, it is our responsibility.”

The actress, 48, is mother to two — Nahla, 7, with ex Gabriel Aubry, and Maceo, 18 months, with husband French actor Olivier Martinez.

“This year, I went to Nicaragua and I took my now seven-year-old daughter Nahla with me,” said Berry, who traveled for the World Food Program. “And during that trip, what I realized as a parent is it’s my responsibility to teach children the importance of taking care of children.”

Berry said her daughter saw many impoverished children in Nicaragua, but was surprised to notice they were still happy.

“She started to think, ‘Well, I don’t need two bikes do I? Wow, I don’t need 15 American Girl dolls, do I? No,’ ” said Berry.

The actress, who wore a mint green and grey gown, said when they returned home, Nahla was so “moved” by the children she had met, that she packed up many of her material belongings — including dolls and a bike — and sent them to Nicaragua. The conscientious seven-year-old also started a lemonade stand, which she continues twice a month, to raise money for children in need.

“I’m so proud of her,” she said. “It’s important to teach your children about caring for children.”

Lindsay Kimble with reporting by Matthew Cole Weiss 

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guest on

Now if she could only teach her husband not to hit.

Vee on

That’s very sweet of Nahla. She could have kept her things and just had Mommy write a cheque.

Anonymous on

Good for you, Nahla. And good job raising a thoughtful daughter, Halle Berry. And kudos on your award.

Sue d on

So touching. Not.

sash on

Kudos on your award and for raising a thoughtful daughter.

Guest on

It’s good that any child learn to be giving to those in need. And Halle, time to perk yourself up. Get a short hair cut, maybe a little pick me up with the plastic surgeon. Looking old, girl!

dysturbed on

Sue D, why are you always such a bitch in your comments?

erica2 on

OMG! I never thought I would say this but Halle Berry looks terrible & haggard! Her second baby and marriage to Olivier stole all of her age defying youth and beauty. Halle should stick with short hair long hair weighs down her face and makes her looks every bit of her age! On a kinder note I am glad she is teaching Nahla great values and to see the world beyond herself and wealth.

AbbyDogg on

What a crock of crap!!! Please – I can just see her daughter standing out at a lemonade stand. Right!

Pat on

I don’t believe this story.

Susan on

Wow she looks really old in that picture !!!!

slawson on

She can be 100 years old and I bet $1M she looks better then you pathetic broke hags commenting on her looks. I would love to see your pictures.

myuntidydesk on

Wow… some of you should be ashamed. Her little girl did something very noble and you all pick on Halle for looking a bit older. I am guessing you are the same type of people who laugh at the handicap and homeless. You are the dregs of society.

gymluv on

This defines a humble brag.

dd on

that’s the first bad picture i’ve ever seen of her, maybe she’s just getting older…it happens to everyone…if we are lucky.

Sara K on

Guest, what a superficial jerk you are. In other cultures, people age naturally without the use of plastic surgeons. Why do we have to keep to your standards? Granted, it isn’t her best picture, but – plastic surgery? Really? Let’s see YOUR mug! You seem like a real douche.

Charli on

Halle is looking tired in that pic

Anonymous on

What exactly is so hard to believe about this story? You nay-sayers can’t possibly tell me you’ve never heard of or seen a child do something to help those less fortune!

anonymous on

Nice that she raises a very thoughtful daughter.

Victoria on

I am sure Nahla is a wonderful little girl and both thoughtful and caring. But the fact remains that she learned these attributes from her father, not her mother or step dad. Those two are shady and are doing their best to stay in the spotlight. Thank God she has a dad who is doing his best to give her a normal life away from the media.

Maxine on

Good for her daughter to do good thing for children’s fund!

cds on

There are two photos of Halle, she looks good in the second photo. I think one photographer took a great shot of her. The other photographer did not do a very good job — the lighting is off. She still is a nice looking woman — everyone ages, time does not stand still for anyone.

Anonymous on

Victoria- Halle was one of the two main women (the other being Jennifer Garner) who worked to get the anti-paparazzi law in California passed. She doesn’t post pictures of her kids online (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), and we rarely paparazzi pictures of them. Therefore, I think it’s pretty say that she tries just as hard as Gabriel does to give Nahla a “normal” life.

Kate on

Who gives a damn what this f….king b… is saying , she will always use her kids, and she never had looks, fake teeth, nose, eye life, skin bleaching, eating disorder, and mental illness. Just plane crazy and ugly. And those people on here saying all the nice sweet things, are just as fake as she is. Halle will always be a fake a.ss b…..ch. with that old ugly husband, short and smelly looking.

Guest on

“It’s important to teach your children about caring for children.” – YES!!!

VitaShahs on

HHmmmm, Mommy Dearest 2015. Remember Christina had to give up her birthday gifts to orphans as a publicity stunt. I’ll be waiting for the remake Halle Berry style in 2030.

Anonymous on

She is damn right about teaching children care for other children!