Kim Kardashian West: Doctors Have ‘Recommended’ I Find a Surrogate

04/27/2015 at 06:05 PM ET

The struggle has been real.

Kim Kardashian West admits that she is not quite ready to take doctors’s advice when it comes to having another child.

“They have recommended to me to get a surrogate, and I would like to hold out a little bit longer, and still try,” Kardashian West told Matt Lauer on the Today show Monday.

She adds, “I still have hope, so I’m just going to keep on trying.”

Kim Kardashian West Surrogate Today Show

It’s been no secret that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and husband Kanye West have been attempting to give their daughter, North, a little bother or sister.

“More kids can’t come soon enough,” the reality star told PEOPLE in January. “We’ve really been trying for another kid.”

In fact, according to Kardashian West, 34, they’ve been trying “500 times a day” to get pregnant.

However, it hasn’t been an easy task for the duo. “They say if you’ve been trying [to have a baby] for a year, then you usually need a little bit of help,” Kardashian West has said. “I had a tough delivery, so I understand what my challenges are.”

Though Kardashian West admits that the topic of adoption hasn’t been brought up, it’s not completely off the table. “Never say never,” she tells Lauer.

Despite the frustrations, the proud mom is not forgetting to count her current blessings every day. “I think you get over it to the point where I’m so blessed that I have one and I don’t want to take my focus off of her so much,” she explains.

With North’s second birthday around the corner — she turns 2 in June — the fashionista admits that her hubby is becoming a bit more strict when it comes to their baby girl’s safety.

— Christina Dugan

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Shawna on

Why am I having a very hard time believing her? Anyone else I would feel bad for them but with her I think it is all a big act to get attention.

Amber C on

I don’t believe her for one second. She would rather pay someone than get fat again.

SLB on

What doctor jumps to that conclusion – that’s the oddest thing I ever heard.

Hmmm on

I get the strangest idea that this “mention” is her laying the groundwork for using a surrogate and avoiding another pregnancy. Also get the he feeling that none of the Kardashians directly participated in Bruce’s interview so that they could each have their own interview. But maybe that’s just me.

rachel on

I agree Sara. I have a hard time believing her. I don’t want to judge anyone’s fertility issues, but she seemed to hate being pregnant, not to mention how much weight she gained. Combine that with how vain she is I’m sure she can’t stand the idea of putting on weight again and having to stop botox treatments, etc. Hiring a surrogate would be the much easier route.

Aussie cathie on

And child experts recommend she never have another…

charlie on

Someone is just looking for an excuse to use a surrogate because
she doesn’t want to get fat again and doesn’t want the public to know what a vapid shallow person she really is. She needs to focus on actually raising the child she already has

Jane on

I Think she’s full of crap, She made the whole seeing a fertility doctor a part of the show so she could say she needed a surrogate. She had so much negative press with her first pregnancy and she probably doesn’t want to gain all of the weight she lost. She’s just obnoxious and I’m so over the damn Kardashians (and Kendall and Kylie) why don’t they just go away like Paris HIlton did!

Jenna on

Maybe it’s a sign, Kimmy. High powers don’t want you to breed again.

Catherine on

So I thought this interview was supposed to be about her supporting Bruce. The topic sure turned back to her pretty quickly! Regardless, I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

Guest on

Why doesn’t she “like” get that stick out of her a$$

tara on

Doesn’t want to gain weight again – what does she expect?

tara on


Bill on

Maybe Bruce Jenner will do it.

LOL on

In other words, I don’t want to put my body through that again!

Katie on

Oh how convenient!

guest on

I think it’s one of those things where you want so badly what you can’t have. She complained so much when she was pregnant and in her defense did seem to have a rough pregnancy. But now that she is having problems she is on a mission. Especially when Kourtney gets pregnant looking at Scott. If its meant to be it will be.

QDPie109 on

In sorry but I don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth. She is kidding her self if she thinks people believe this story. This is all about keeping her in the media, poor Kim has problems getting pregnant which is a slap in the face to woman who really have issues. Kim just own up to the fact that you don’t want to gain the pregnancy weight.

NicuMom on

I’ve had fertility issues for 3 years. Never once has my RE recommended a surrogate. Unless your body is incapable of safely carrying a pregnancy to term or having a safe delivery no Dr recommends that route.

guest on

A surrogate is probably only one option that she has and in the way future if other methods don’t work. She got pregnant on her own the first time, carried a pregnancy and had a healthy baby. I doubt that at this point a surrogate is her only route. I suffered infertility for 3 1/2 years and never once was a surrogate brought up.

Tara on

I am so glad everybody else sees past this. There are so many more steps before surrogate. I know because my sister in law had difficulties conceiving. She isn’t even taking hormones yet.

Marz on

You’d think that a doctor would recommend at least a few round of IVF before jumping to using a surrogate… It’s not like she can’t afford the IVF treaments!

martina on

My friend had a baby through a surrogate. She had cancer at 26, carried the first child to term, almost died giving birth to her – and then was categorically told she would DIE if she tried again. So yeah, I understand that. Kim Kardashian, a healthy as a horse young mother of a healthy toddler? Lies, ugly lies. These people have no shame.

Steven on

If your placenta is not delivered as it should, which happened to her, then it can cause serious future issues. The same thing happened to my grandmother and she died following her delivery. Thanks to modern science we have better outcomes. My wife and I went through some issues with fertility and I have compassion anyone struggling to build their families.

HJ on

I find her whole story very odd. I would never judge anyone, when it comes to trying to conceive a child of your own, but when she tells her family on their ridiculous show that she and ding dong are having sex “like” as she ALWAYS says, “like” 500 times a day, really? Looks “like” somebody needs more attention. Is that possible! …the attention and the..oh my gosh, two minutes I can never get back by writing this 😦

tk on

She doesn’t need another accessory.

Blake on

This sounds so rude but I believe that she just doesn’t want to gain weight again/go through childbirth again so she’s fabricating this entire story so the public won’t jump to that conclusion and make her seem conceited.

Julie on

oh ya, who knew that was coming? From the show she has been putting on about trying to get pregnant but still doing waist training, etc., there was no way she was going to get pregnant.

Cricket2.0 on

Secondary infertility is a real thing and I really don’t think people should jump to such nasty conclusions about her reasoning. Even if it’s true, it doesn’t effect your life so I see no reason to hate on it so much. Maybe her doctor thinks her body can’t handle childbirth again.

April on

Big deal. Maybe she shouldn’t have done everyone and anyone! Too many youknowwhats ruins it for kids down the line

Erica on

Sorry Kim. No one believes you. It’s your vanity that’s preventing you from getting pregnant again.

Turner on

I call bull***t. Plain and simple. Kim has been laying the foundation for this gargantuan lie since her last pregnancy “damaged” her image. This bogus story is transparent. Kim is a foul creature.

kk on

who care about Kim, just staying in the spot light. Please her sister will have the baby and who care. we are sick of the family all the bull s–

Rachael on

500 times!? Don’t believe her for a second.. anything to keep themselves in the news – go away already

Mary on

From the way she described her condition with North, it sounds like she had placenta accreta. Since the cause is unknown, how does her doctor know for sure it will happen again? Oh that’s right, he/she doesn’t. While placenta accreta can be very serious, it’s quite a leap for a reputable doc to recommend a surrogate when it may or may not happen again. Besides, if the doc thought her life was in danger, he’d tell her NOT to get pregnant again at all, which she says she is trying to do ‘500 times a day’. I’m calling BS…

Kris on

I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s on the pill.

sky on

She’s a control freak, that’s why she won’t go for the surrogate concept.

meghan on

Attention seeking liar.

meghan on

Knock off the Kim Kardashian West bull. They will be divorced within two years.

My2Cents on

She doesn’t want to get pregnant again. She complained the entire time she was pregnant before. This whole surrogate thing is a bunch of crap.Just pay somebody to birth your child & let’s move on.

mary on

Who will it be, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, or Kris?

Amanda on

I love the commenters on here who have no idea what they are talking about. Kim’s pregnancy with North was not easy and she had multiple. serious complications, including pre-eclampsia which can lead to serious, even fatal, complications for both mother and baby. It usually causes babies to be born prematurely which as most people on here would hopefully know is not good. I am not a huge fan of Kim, I feel indifferent towards her, but just felt the need to say something. No one should pick on another human when they know nothing factual… especially the other mothers. How would you feel if you couldn’t give your child a biological sibling, the natural way like so many other women can in a heartbeat? I am not saying there is anything wrong with adoption or surrogacy.. just something to think about.

Amanda on

Cricket Secondary infertility is a painful reality for many, but since their daughter isn’t even 2 years old I cannot imagine they have been trying for much more than a year….especially since they got married less than a year ago and I do not believe for a second that Kim Kardashian would risk being pregnant at her wedding. She is making a mockery of anyone with real fertility problems. Surrogacy is usually a last ditch option if there is either no physical way someone can get pregnant (no uterus) or they cannot bring a pregnancy to term. TONS of women experience pre-eclampsia and don’t need a surrogate and go on to have more children themselves….many of those women who delivered much earlier than 36 weeks
KK doesn’t want to be pregnant again…if she were just honest it would be much less offensive to those who experience real fertility issues…who try for YEARS to get a/another baby

NoDoubt! on

I recommend you don’t have any more children! PLease! please! no child deserves to be put through what you and Kayne do and how you act. I feel so bad for the child you already have.

Paula on

Her Plastic Surgeon probably recommended that to her… so vain and fake

Lucy on

Cricket 2.0, I agree with you.

kestl on

You’d have to be a moron to believe this…there is no way she’s going to wreck her body with another pregnancy.

Joda on

Kim is very blessed to have North and may I add she IS A BEAUTIFUL BABY. I think kim should consider adoption, but she has to make certain North is accepting of this option as her little girl may not want to share her mama, especially with a child who is not Kim’s biological child. Therefore, if she decides to adopt, North needs to be asked how she would feel about this new child coming into her home and sharing her parents. Kanye your new video is awesome, North makes it that way and it is good to see a father and daughter together.

joda on

Kim I think u should adopt, but make certain North has a say as she may not be accepting of a new child coming into her space that is not your biological child. Kanye your video is awesome as North is BEAUTIFUL.

SusieQ on

The whole bunch of Kardashians and Jenners are pathological liars, I don’t believe a word that comes out of their dishonest mouths. She hated being pregnant the first time, it is a fact and this surrogate stuff has always been the plan. She barely pays attention to North West, how on earth can this narcissistic, shallow, egotistical, greedy, no talent person possibly give two babies a mother’s attention and love that both need. And can her face look any more plastic? It just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Hope she keeps out of the Calif. sun or her plastic face will melt right off.

Lindy on

Even if she were having fertility issues, that doesn’t necessarily mean she can’t carry a baby herself… she just might need IVF or IUI to help her get pregnant. And I have a hard time believing that her Dr suggested it to her… I can’t imagine that she would be publicly announcing that prior to even having a surrogate being pregnant with her baby. Seems weird, she’d have tons of weirdos harrassing her, asking her if they can be her surrogate.

I have been a surrogate, and have so much sympathy for those struggling with infertility… but I just don’t believe thats the case here, I also think she just doesn’t want to balloon up again and have a hard time losing the weight, or have to deal with all that pregnancy and child birth encompasses.

Vail on

She is laying the groundwork for surrogate because doesn’t want to get fat!

KeiraReese on

There is no way she would still have pieces of placenta left in her for 2 years. That is bs, people are so stupid to believe her, she would have to have that removed long ago or else she would have been really ill and or die. LOL! Also what complications did she have while pregnant?? She complained of really bad pains in that one episode where she went to the doctor but the doctor couldn’t find nothing wrong with her and her baby was just fine, so what complications???

RaggedyAnn on

You know what bothers me most is that the Kardashians are sometimes referred in mag articles as “America’s Royal Family.” WTF! How did that happen. Besides last time I checked, America is a democracy, duh! The only reason why perhaps they are called “America’s Royal Family” is because they have been on TV forever and are all over the place. Every time I turn on TV it seems one of them is on TV discussing something mindless or someone is talking about them. And this is just not the E! channel that i see this on. I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone at times. Now that Brucilla has come out as a woman, more focus is gonna be put on him, which means more focus on the Kardashians. Geez, make it stop already!

hmm on

Oh whatever, she was apparently just fine until Khloe had fertility issues and then suddenly Kim had possible issues. Then North was a surprise baby and she acts like it was planned out and so hard to do to make the kid.

She has nerve complaining of all these issues in Khloe’s face after all the pushing and whining she did to Khloe to try different ways to have babies.

Tena on


How Americans can continue to tolerate these manipulating pieces of trash is beyond me. The idiot just doesn’t want to get fat again. She is the scum on the bottom of my shoe. Go away.

Sandra Lee-W on

Let’s do the math. April 27th Kim stated her doctor suggested she get a surrogate, but she is still waiting and hoping. Two weeks ago she announced she was almost 3 1/2 months pregnant. At 6 weeks when trying so hard and regularly going to the doctor, she would have known she was pregnant prior to the interview. Actually, it’s not hard to believe a woman who whined, moaned, bitc*** about getting fat during her first pregnancy, would use a surrogate so she doesn’t have to go through it again. Her body is her career. Other women have done the same thing. Obviously, she wouldn’t admit it because it doesn’t make her look good. She is pretty flat at the stomach 4 months pregnant. The surrogate will be paid and quiet. Win-Win