Drew Barrymore: Two Kids Is ‘Even Better’ Than One

04/27/2015 at 10:00 PM ET

Drew Barrymore is a busy lady.

With a huge movie career, a production company and her Flower Beauty cosmetics line, her number one focus these days is her daughtersOlive, 2½, and Frankie, 1, with husband Will Kopelman, 38.

For Barrymore, 40, one of the most important and challenging things about being a mother is watching out for her daughters’ safety.

“I think as a parent sometimes I feel very overwhelmed with all that there is,” she told PEOPLE at Safe Kids Day in Los Angeles.

Even with all of the worries, Barrymore is loving being a mom to two adorable little girls. “Two is even better than one. I can’t believe it,” she shares.

Drew Barrymore Safe Kids Day
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When asked how Olive is handling her big sister duties, Barrymore says, “She’s great. She’s awesome.”

With two young children to take care of, one thing Barrymore isn’t worried about is getting back to her pre-baby weight. “I think it’s crazy to worry about that. It takes nine months to build, it takes nine months to unbuild, at best,” she explains.

Barrymore isn’t letting the media or anyone else’s opinion of her post-baby body get to her. “We just have to take pressures off,” she says. “They’re so silly and ridiculous. It took a year and I’m not even there, but it’s fine. I’m so okay with that.”

As for her daughters’s recent milestones, Frankie just had a big one — her first birthday was Tuesday! — but Barrymore is hoping to add another one to the list soon. “I’ve been up all night doing sleep training,” she says.

— Abby Stern

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J on

*ARE her daughters

Shawna on

And I just lost all respect for Drew Barrymore. Sleep training is barbaric and abusive. Teaching a child they can’t depend on you and their cries will go unanswered is completely wrong. Of course I will get bashed for saying this as many people do sleep training and want to convince themselves it’s okay.

Alex on

@ Shawna: completely agree with you!!! It is a shame that parents still thing this is acceptable.

Anonymous on

Shawna- There are many different forms of sleep training, and not all of them involve completely ignoring your child’s cries (for example, one method involves sitting by your child’s crib and calmly reassuring them when they cry, both verbally and with physically contact such as patting them on the back. Then after a few nights you move a bit further away from the crib and only do verbal reassuring, then a few nights later move to the doorway, and so on until you’re back in your room and baby is falling asleep on his/her own) .

Drew could be doing one of the gentler forms, for all we know!

Guest on

Sleep training seems harsh sometimes, it does work for some kids and may not work for some others.

Samantha on

You are completely wrong. When my son was 6 months old, he was up every hour. During the day he was cranky and miserable from lack of sleep. It was affecting his eating and weight. This wasn’t just a couple of nights, this went on for almost 2 months and was getting worse. I decided to try sleep training. It was neither barbaric nor abusive. Obviously you’ve never had to do it, you’re just judging people for something you know nothing about. Guess what? After 2 nights of MINIMAL crying, my son was sleeping for 12 straight hours. He was a completely different baby. So much happier and well rested. He is now 4 and the happiest little boy I know.

Sam on

I agree that not all sleep training involves ignoring your crying child. Even then, the Cry Out Method is effective for most parents. I don’t judge.


And I just lost all respect for Shawna for judging someone without knowing all the details. It;’s hard enough to be a Mom….support each other, don’t tear them down!

J on

She should do whatever the fu@k she feels like doing. You twats can fu@k off.

Trutharian on

She has become a frumpy housewife and lost her sparkle