See the First Pics of North West’s Jerusalem Baptism

04/22/2015 at 08:15 AM ET

Leave it to little North West to have one of Christianity’s holiest sacraments in a 12th-century Armenian Apostolic Church in Jerusalem.

“It was such a beautiful experience for my family to have North baptized in Jerusalem,” mom Kim Kardashian West tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue. “Kanye and I are so thankful.”

Six months ago, when Kardashian West, 34, started planning a family trip to Armenia, her ancestral homeland, an idea came to her: use the same journey abroad to visit the holy land of Jerusalem and have North, 22 months, baptized.

On April 14, the reality star and husband Kanye West, 37, flew to Jerusalem for the religious ceremony. Joining the couple was Kardashian West’s sister Khloé, who served as North’s godmother because of the “very special bond” they share, says a close family source.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West North baptism
Brian Prahl/Splash News Online

Kardashian West chose the historic St. James Cathedral in the Armenian Quarter of the city, for the hour-long Christian ceremony, which was performed by Armenian priests in both Armenian and English. The couple felt “having their daughter baptized there was such an incredible energy,” says the source. “They were so happy and at peace in Jerusalem.”

North, however, decided to save her own energy and sweetly fell asleep in her mother’s arms during some of the service, during which she had holy water poured over her head and was given a cross by the church.

For more of the family’s trip overseas, including North’s baptism, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Jennifer Garcia

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janice on

does kim oicture herself the Virgin Mary. wow

Suze on

These two have NO shame. They will use any occasion for publicity. Pathetic.

Really? on

Jerusalem isn’t the Holy Land, People! Israel is. Sheesh

Sandra on

First article I have ever read about she and her mate, Very nice.

Frank on

Kim looks like Michael Jackson. Minus the bleached white skin.

Sara on

I thought that picture was a joke

Curlyemma on

north has very hairy legs

Dean Martin on

WOW – Hair/makeup & cameras rolling on this “spiritual event”. How much did they get paid for photos People? Sad Sad Sad.

April on

Is that a photoshopped in picture? How awful

Dean Martin on

Know it was only for the publicity, but tell me – did Mr. Kardashian wear something other than torn up jeans & sweatshirt? Hopefully they at the least made a donation to the church.

Dean Martin on

April, I wondered the same thing. Must have used a lens filter for sure. They are very predictable, aren’t they?

Jewel on

This looks very photo shopped! North’s feet are filthy! On the bright side, at least they had the decency to get her baptized.

Leslie on

I’ not a religious person. but even I think that Kim Kartrashian trying to look like the Madonna is a sacrilege.
She’s such a disgusting tramp.

Catherine on

Interesting— where I come from baptism is a Christian sacrament, not a photo opportunity

rachel on

Please leave them alone. Kanye and Kim love each other very much and their daughter is their world. I think people are really bothered by how she became famous, but now that she is, let this woman live her life. I don’t agree with some of the clothes she wears, but that’s about all. Everything else, I have no problem with. She can’t help if “we” made her famous from a television show.

Amanda on

Congratulations North! K&K are so blessed to have the resources to do such a great thing for their daughter. Many Blessings North!

Diane on

This trash defiles everything that should be holy.

Carrie M on

On the plus side, I’m glad North had such a nice ceremony…

patty on

Having a baby baptized is so ridiculous. Baptism is for the remission of sins and babies are without sin. Such a joke….especially with Kim posing like she’s Mother Mary. This family…smh.

Carolyn on


Anonymous on

When I first saw this picture I thought it was a fake, Kim looks like she’s in a daze.

Anna on

lol yeah we’ve got a real virgin Mary here. LOL thanks Kim I can always count on you for the laughs.

unfaithfulwife77 on

I thought the picture was a joke too!! This looks like a meme, not a serious picture taken at a special event. Horrid family.

YouDon'tKnoMe on

Does this family keep ANYTHING private?

IMO on

Not for baptizing children, I believe they should make their own decisions as to what faith they choose,.

Still a Kardashian Fan!

Cat on

Anything, and I do mean ANYTHING, for a headline. Look up the word “hypocrite” and you’ll find their photo. If their lives personified Christianity, it would be a different story. Instead, this is a mockery. Shame on you, Kim.

Elle on

Being baptized is a religious & spiritual thing, not something that should be done for a photo op. These two have no shame.

AB on

Omg, she looks like a witch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah on

“Leave it to little North West to have one of Christianity’s holiest sacraments in a 12th-century Armenian Apostolic Church in Jerusalem.” Seriously?? Like she’s so much better than all people who (shock, horror) are baptized at their local parish. Baptism isn’t a competition or a photo op! It’s just as sacred and special no matter where it is done!

guest on

Babies are innocent, yes patty, but everyone is born with original sin. Therefore, a baby being baptized will be assured Heaven, in case something bad happens before they can make their own decisions.

Tina on

In Biblical times, Kim would’ve been stoned.

guest on

REALLY is there nothing they will not use for self-promotion. He thinks of himself as and promotes his work as Jeezus (Jesus) and writes his own bible and she tries to dress herself as The Virgin Mary while using her daughter as a prop in their never ending self-promotion. Unbelievable how low these two ghetto trash A-holes can stoop.

j on

Look at her standing there all virginal and holy while she takes her clothes off and sells herself every freaking chance she gets.

Nanu21 on

Khloe is looking good…….Kim not so hot!!!!

Anonymous on


lola on

Everyone takes pictures at their child’s christening! Their life is not on the same scale so you can’t even compare your experience with theirs. Some churches still require that your head be covered. She’s not trying to look like the Virgin Mary. Growing up ALL the women and little girls had to cover their heads in church. I’m sure over there they are still very traditional and require it.

Lydia on

They always need to be in the picture, and will do anything to do it, and now using North as there pawn. It’s a very sad couple. They never look happy, they dress as they look, no color, skin tight for her and shabby-holes no color for him. Kim needs to wear brighter colors and looser fitting clothes. We all know what your body looks like (ugh) heavy and hour glass shape.

Lillian on

That picture looks fake!

Hea on

If original sin were real then Kim would be the poster woman.

Rolyat on

How sac religious.

Emma Robinson on

For those who are saying that it’s sacrilege for her trying to look like the Madonna ( I assume it’s about the veil she is wearing) In many orthodox religions, women wear a veil to Mass out of respect. Just like how women cover their heads in middle eastern religions, or you’ll see Catholic Orthodox women do the same as it is tradition from before Vatican II came about, when the mass was still spoken in Latin. It’s probably the most respectful thing I’ve ever seen this woman do. Calm down.

Emma Robinson on

That being said, if I had the money and opportunity to baptize my child at the Vatican you bet I would jump on it.

Nancy on

**Rolling eyes for days**

Cat on

Christian baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision. It does not save one’s soul. It is symbolic. Having said that, I have never seen any evidence that this sweet baby’s parents are Christians. Christ said we will know them by the fruit they bear.

ciparliamo on

@ Janice…hysterical….what a farce…

ciparliamo on

shes doing too much surgery…way too much…

Anonymous on

Photo shopped…and ridiculous

mamaofthree on

While I agree that this has elements of a publicity stunt, there are some reasonable explanations for parts of it. In Eastern and Asian Orthodoxy (with the one exception of some Greek Orthodox) women cover their heads in church and when praying. White is the color of baptism and would be worn by a convert, but it isn’t unthinkable that her head covering would be white. Her father was Armenian Orthodox, which makes it likely that she was baptized as an infant. Even through poor decisions, she would be considered a member of the Church and would baptize her child since this baptism is for the remission of sins. However, all Orthodox churches I know of immerse fully, three times. And, it would have been done when she was an infant. Either way, it can’t be too negative for North to consider herself a part of the Church as she gets older.

mamaofthree on

Also, to respond to some commenters, Orthodoxy does not hold to “original sin”, instead to “ancestral sin”. Meaning, because of the Fall we do not have Adam’s sin, but we also do not have inherent holiness and we do have the propensity for sin. Babies who die before baptism are still considered blameless. Also, in this case, baptism is not an “outward expression of an inward decision” since it is not North’s decision. I, for one, am glad that baptism is available to children regardless of their parents’ actions. We all sin, and I’m glad my own children have this available to them no matter of my actions, even if they aren’t as public as the Kardashians.

kdm on

I am surprised that church did not just spontaneously burst into flames…..

Rose on

She looks like a Mummy with style. Lol

Valencia on

I’m gonna repeat what Patty said below: “Having a baby baptized is so ridiculous. Baptism is for the remission of sins and babies are without sin. Such a joke….especially with Kim posing like she’s Mother Mary.”
These people are shameless!

Valencia on

I stand corrected; it’s what Patty wrote above.

cucu on

another ridiculous stunt by these people

ToniMArie on

Did they photo shop Kim & the baby into the picture?!

Stef on

This looks fake…was this photoshopped?

fiona on

I’ve never liked the Kardashians, either, but to be totally fair– I don’t think she was trying to look like the Virgin Mary. Many traditional churches, especially in the Holy Land, still have strict rules about women covering their heads with veils or mantillas in Church. Judging by the elaborate garb of the two clerics standing behind Kim in the photo, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this Church maintains a very strict dress code.

Mourning Autumn on

If I were a Christian, I would start a campaign to make sure people do not look up to her as a reliable religious source. She is making a mockery of the religion. You can not be Christian and do 90% of the things she does. Okay, you can but, you look like a huge joke..

Marine on

some of you might want to do a little research. The Armenian church will baptize a baby North’s age. By doing so the child becomes a Christian and a member of the church. I was baptized at 9 months old. Not every church follows the same rules. So before you get on your high horse go do a little research.

Gina on

the picture looks absolutely fake…I wouldn’t be surprised if the baptism never even took place at all. As if Kim or Kanye really give a rat’s butt about religion.

sally on

What a JOKE!

mommytoane on

Are they even religious? I don’t think I have ever seen them come out of a church before. Why baptise your kid if you don’t believe, or are not religious.

Evelyn on

When a porn star gets to baptize her out-of-wedlock child in a church of God, we are coming to the end of time.

Mel on

Is she serious? Just proves you can be as dumb as dirt but if you have money you got it all. Kim and Kanye are a waste of cells.

nancy on

Why does she have her back to the Cleric performing the service?

cooper on

Wow! wherever Kim and Kanye are, the haters will follow.

charlotte on

Wow, that little girl is actually wearing something other than black and gray. Good thing there is a picture, otherwise I wouldn’t have believed it.

guest on

What is wrong with you people? It’s one thing to not like her and post ugly things when she does naked selfies (even tho she looks great), but this is her daughter’s baptism, have some respect. Even if you don’t have religious beliefs, have some respect please.

Doreen on

Who does his woman think she is?! She’s def not the Viirgin Mary!! LOL we all know she’s FAR from that!!! Who does Kanye think he is?! We know that answer! He thinks he’s God Himself! Beware of these people!!!

Sara K on

This just seems so pretentious. :\

Judy on

Not a fan of the Kardashians, and I question their motives, but I can say that veiling is common in orthodox Christianity as well as Traditional Latin Rite Roman Catholicism. So it wouldn’t have been an affectation, but an expectation of the faith. Veiling is an honor, because women are seen as sacred. (This is very different from Islamic veiling, which is about submission.)

Judy on

Oh, and it isn’t about her back being to the cleric. You face the people in the church when you recite the vows. Everyone there is witnessing you promising to raise this child in the faith. It’s a very serious commitment.