We Found It: Jessica Biel’s Lace Nursing Bra

04/22/2015 at 04:00 PM ET

Justin Timberlake may have been debuting his newborn son Silas Randall in the sweet snapshot he recently shared, but the first-time father was also celebrating the beauty of his wife’s newest role.

In the Instagram the singer posted on Sunday, new mama Jessica Biel was seen cradling her baby boy, who was busy showing off his team spirit.

But, additionally, it was the actress’s ensemble — a baseball hat, comfy clothes and a blue bra peeking through — paired with her fresh face that generated equal amounts of buzz.

Jessica Biel Cosabella nursing bra
Courtesy Justin Timberlake; Inset: Cosabella

Luckily, the hunt for Biel’s bra is finally over: She’s sporting Cosabella‘s Never Say Never Mommie Maternity Soft Bra ($84.50).

The lacy undergarment, which is designed after the brand’s popular Never Say Never Sweetie bra, comes in an array of colors and is equipped with easy clip straps for breastfeeding.

— Anya Leon

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Kim on

Jessica is so pretty and Silas is adorable.

Mrs. B on

I’m no longer a nursing mommy, but if I was I would not spend that much money on a nursing bra. You can get good, supportive nursing bras for half as much.

Julie B. on

The baby’s adorable! Her bra was the second thing I noticed… As a former nursing mom, this would’ve been awesome to have.💙 love it!!!

seabot on

Mrs B, I completely disagree. SOME women can find bras for half that. For me, that’s on the cheaper end of a good bra. Especially one that looks that good.

Emmaleigh on

@seabot…My. God. Your comment reminds me of my S-I-L, always bragging about what she’s got, what she’s getting and how much she can afford to spend. People like you, and her, suffer from some mysterious unnamed mental illness. People don’t really like you, they are just being polite.

CherylS on

Yes, you could find a supportive bra for half the cost. However, some women also want something pretty. My nursing bras were hideous and I would have loved something that made me feel a little more attractive I’m those newborn days.

kaye on

There are plenty of pretty, comfortable and affordable options out there – unless they went out of business since my nursing days – Bravado and Elle Mcpherson to name a couple.

kj on

Ridiculous price for a brassiere. When I was nursing I’d just lift the bra itself up. you can do that with any bra.

CallMeMaybe on

kj, people like you are the reason nursing mothers have such a hard time and get so much grief for doing so in public places.

KIki on

Are you surer this is the bra? If you look closely the straps don’t match. Jessica’s are smooth while the one pictured have lace. Either way, just find a comfy one. Pretty is nice but comfort and function are more important!

Guest on

Is that a little Memphis Grizzlies shirt he has on? What a cutie pie. He is adorable! Babies are so very precious, sweet and innocent. I guess most folks would not pay that much for a nursing bra unless they could afford it. But then most folks are not celebrities making millions of dollars. It is a pretty bra but way out of my price range.

gymluv on

Forget about the bra, where can we get the cute baby? Teehee

ejocham on

Ha! I saw that pic and actually thought, “I MUST find that bra for my next time around!” All my fave nursing bras were just SO UGLY.

Andrea on

She could have kept it a little less exposed.

Barbara on

Really? Does anyone have ANY privacy anymore? It’s a picture of her baby and you want her bra? Get a life, people!

Laura on

Pretty snazzy over the shoulder boulder holder. I like it.

Anonymous on

I read the comments before the article because when I clicked the link it took me there first. I expected the bra to be a ton of money. $84.50 is nothing, IMO, for a beautiful and sexy and nursing bra. I spent a little less than that for a regular bra last week.

Ava on

For someone like Jessica, that bra is inexpensive. For most women, it’s on the pricey end. It is, however, very pretty and I would have loved a few when I was nursing.

Anonymoose Winchester on

Man 85.00 is nothing for a bra when you are a FF like me. And I am broke and can only buy 2 or 3 every 18 months. Cheap bras are fine, but when you have jugs, you end up spending that over the course of a year.

Anonymous on

The price is not expensive at all since she make a lot money.

Marky on

When I was pregnant and later, nursing, I thought it important to have quality supportive, and even pretty nursing bras, and in retrospect, still think that’s important. I didn’t end up with my breasts on my belly button, nor did I ever feel as if that was a period of time when I was nothing more than a kitchen for my kids. Nursing moms deserve pretty things, too.

Susan on

That’s cute, but she should either wear a shirt that covers her bra or Justing should keep it off IG. Just saying. It seems like she is trying to keep up the sex appeal to keep reminding Justin that she is still a hot momma. Doing a good job of it too!

Jeanette Chastain on

Omg Jessica and Silas look so cute! I also love the Cosabella Bra that she’s wearing. Considering getting one for myself.