Ashlee Simpson: Being Pregnant Again Feels ‘New to Me’

04/21/2015 at 11:00 AM ET

Evan Ross may soon be the novice parent of a newborn, but Ashlee Simpson wouldn’t quite call herself an expert: She thinks she’ll need to brush up on her baby skills, too.

“I think that no matter what, with every child it’s different,” the mom-to-be, who’s expecting a daughter, told PEOPLE at Monday’s screening of Ross’s new film, Just Before I Go.

“It feels new to me too, and it’s been six years, so I’m like, ‘Here we go! We gotta learn how to get the swaddle on again!’ ”

But the future first-time father — who Simpson says is “already amazing” — isn’t letting his nerves get the best of him. “A lot of times, nervousness is actually just being excited and I can’t wait,” he shares.

“It is the most special thing that I could ever think of, and I’m really excited.”

Ashlee Simpson Evan Ross Just Before I Go screening
David Livingston/Getty

Equally ecstatic about the baby girl’s upcoming arrival is 6-year-old big brother Bronx Mowgli, Simpson’s son with ex-husband Pete Wentz.

“He’s so excited! He has a little brother already, so he’s excited that he’s having a little sister now,” Simpson, 30, says, referring to Wentz’s 8-month-old son with girlfriend Meagan Camper.

“He actually said, ‘She’ll be so adorable! She’ll want to do tea parties!’ ”

Adds Ross, 26, “And he was like, ‘I’m not sure that I’ll do them, but maybe I’ll do them once in a while … ‘ ”

Simpson is “feeling really great” and staying in shape throughout her pregnancy with the help of Tracy Anderson‘s prenatal workouts. The exercises, she jokes, have even become a tag-team effort as Ross has started with his own training sessions.

“What is funny is that I’ve been bringing all of my boys to do it now! I swear to God, they do a different workout and it’s brilliant,” says Ross.

And although the mom-to-be admits she’s “sitting [while] he does the hard stuff,” Ross gives his pregnant wife plenty of props.

“What she does is actually amazing, and when I get to watch her do it, it’s the cutest thing in the world,” he says of her workouts.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Reagan Alexander

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Guest on

Please give your little girl a pretty, normal name.

Guest on

God what is that dead mop on her head? It’s so over processed, why does it not fall out? Just looks HORRID

arabrabbra on

Adds Ross, 26, “And he was like, ‘I’m not sure that I’ll do them, but maybe I’ll do them once and a while … ‘

REAL MEN HAVE TEA PARTIES with their daughters

Valencia on

Janet, I hope the marriage lasts cuz his mother, Diana Ross, paid a lot of money for the ceremony in her backyard. It would be a terrible waste!

Kate on

@arabrabbra he was referring to what Ashlee’s son, Bronx, said. You should probably properly read the sentence before you go bananas.

Guest on

@arabrabbra. He was referring to what Bronx said.

StopTheHate on

Then yes, you do have something against people of color. Don’t fool yourself, racists are in denial all the time, and it’s sickening…. Just sayin’

Kestrel on

He looks like Grey Worm!

cb on

i have never liked ashley, she looks trashy and doesnt seem like a good mother to her son. he is most always photographed with his dad. i hope she is good mother to this baby cause the dad looks even more clueless than the mom……..poor children.

A on

Evan Ross has always looked like the love child of Diana Ross and Michael Jackson to me. Anyone else see it?

MAR on

wow the only trashy people i see are the ones making the trashy comments about their marriage. did someone of you have a bowl of bitchy this morning?

Vanessa on

@ Just Sayin’ YOU ARE TRASHY. Go set up a home underground which can be your perfect little troll utopia.

Sara K on

He really dotes on her and I love it.

Anonymous on

cb- You can tell just by looking at photos what someone’s like, how much time they spend with their children, and what kind of a parent they are? Wow! I wish I had that power! 🙂

Anyway, I love how excited Bronx is about have a little sis, not to mention how into Ashlee Evan seems! 🙂

PG on

They both look really creepy!

Grace on

I think, with the exception of the over-processed hair, that she looks very pretty. It is nice seeing a pregnant celebrity not wearing a skin-tight dress or have everything showing. You’re pregnant, we get it. I’d much rather see this dress on the red carpet than a dress with half their boobs hanging out or their belly looking like it is going to split the dress open.

Anonymous on

Grace- I agree with you on the boobs hanging out, but what’s wrong with a woman showing off her pregnancy by wearing a form-fitting outfit? I think it’s sad that so many people seem to think that a pregnant belly is something that is somehow “taboo” and needs to be hidden!

PX on

Lets see how long their marriage is lasting.

charlotte on

they are just an unlikely couple to me. i would have bet my last dollar that he was gay.

kaye on

He’s a dead ringer for “Devon” on the Y&R. That’s all I got.

Anonymous on

Why can’t we be rooting for Hollywood couples- especially those with children- to make it instead of predicting how long it will be until they divorce?!