How Grandma Reba McEntire Bonded with Kelly Clarkson’s Daughter: ‘I Started Feeding Her!’

04/19/2015 at 11:00 PM ET

We know she’s an awesome mother-in-law, but how is Reba McEntire as a grandma?

As it turns out, she and and little River Rose have totally bonded — though it took a beat for Kelly Clarkson‘s 10-month-old baby girl to warm up to the country icon.

“Every time she looked at me, she’d start crying — just squawking! It was serious!” McEntire, 60, said backstage at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday. “So at Christmas at their house, I said, ‘Kelly, give her to me.’ I held her and started feeding her. She looked at the bottle, looked at me and smiled. We’ve been friends ever since.”

Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson Getty

Earlier in the night, Clarkson, 32, got emotional while introducing McEntire’s performance. (Clarkson married McEntire’s stepson, Brandon Blackstock, in 2013.)

“When I was at the ACMs nine years ago, I yelled across the crowded backstage to Reba, ‘I want to be you when I grow up!’ ” she joked, later adding, “So basically what I’m saying here, people, is that I have the coolest mother-in-law and you all can suck it.”

Clarkson’s hit “My Life Would Suck Without You” just got a whole new meaning.

— Michele Corriston with reporting by Darla Atlas

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Dumptruck Full Of Midgets on

“I Started Feeding Her!” Yeah cause Kelly the Cow Clarkson has eaten all her baby’s baby food since day one. Someone needed to intervene and help this kid get some food before Kelly devoured it all!

Miranda on

some babies just look ugly, hopefully with time this one will improve.

Jessie on

whats wrong with that baby’s head? it looks abnormally huge

Rebecca on

This baby looks unattractive, hopefully with time it will get better looking, but I seriously doubt it.

Anonymous on

That baby is adorable. Shame on all the nasty comments here.

rose on

Honestly the rudest comments ever. Heaven forbid sometime not be a Size 2! And let’s make fun of a baby. Yuck people like you are what’s wrong with the world.

spowalla on

The baby is adorable. Blackstock is Reba’s step-son, isn’t he?

spowalla on

@Rebecca: you seriously doubt it? Wow, you can predict the child’s future looks, huh? That must be a neat trick.

fiona on

omg, Kelly is huge. stop w/the ridiculous hairdo and concentrate on the weigh!

Juli on

River is the most gorgeous little girl. She looks so much like Brandon it’s crazy.

Debbir on

I will quote Kelly!! To all the rude people making horrible comments about Kelly’s weight and baby, “You Can Suck It”!!! Now this is my quote to the rude people with their rude comments “You are a bunches of Bullies who have Big Heads filled with a Little Brains”!!!

Frank on

It’s easy to insult someone while you’re behind a screen and no one can see you. Cowards and bullies: Dumptruck Full Of Midgets, Jessie, Rebecca, and Fiona.

gymluv on

Nasty people: Kelly is nicer than you, richer than you, can sing better than you and is obviously happier than you. It is your own insecurities that make you attack other people. And if you have stooped to making fun of a baby, well then, it is time for you to book some therapy and eat some chocolate.

Bee on

Wow, some of these awful, vicious comments… River is absolutely adorable, and Kelly Clarkson is far more talented than any of you miserable ladies who have nothing better to do than hate on a baby!

jamie on

what is going on with the haters tonight. kelly looks beautiful. just because she is not stick thin dosent make her hiddious. she a beautiful new mom and shame on u for putting people down. bet yall dont look like a milllion dollars…

dkjksk on

Blackstock is not her son. Shame on you. jeez. she is a stepgrandmother to that baby.

MB on

Reba looks amazing at 60!!!

Kata on

Yes, Kelly is not the tiny Kelly she once was. But she has more talent and heart than most bashing her. She is happy with a family and baby she adores. Few babies are in reality beautiful… they usually grow into it. This little one is cute. And healthy… which is what matters.

Ashley on

Umm, I don’t think Kelly needs any of you defending her so agressively. It’s not like she’s gonna read these comments anyway.
Other than that, she puts herself out there, so we’re allowed to comment and say our opinion.
And sorry, but she’s a fat, unattractive woman and that’s a fact. And no I’m not jealous of her, I look better than her, but that’s actually not much of an accomplishment since 70% of women look better than her, so go away.
I’m not gonna lie and say that she’s ‘curvy and beautiful’, only to make you feel better about yourselves.

Dee on

Kelly is very talented and I applaud her attitude at shrugging off haters…but she needs a stylist desperately. The dresses she wears, why Kelly why??

Loelle on

What is wrong with Kelly Clarkson? This dress and this hairdo look trashy and over the top. She can do better. And seriously – there is not one reason in the world NOT to get rid of extra baby weight. And I don’t mean a little extra-weight, but KC obviously put on several stone? That is bad for her health, period.

Sarah on

@Ashley, you can have your own opinion but what is the point in fat shaming someone on a public forum?! In my experience, people who feel the need to put others down are people who are extremely insecure about themselves. You should probably get some help for that! Along with all the fat shaming, baby bullies on here.

Anonymous on

Ashley- Comments like yours are not just stating an opinion, they are bullying, plain and simple. And that is NEVER okay! How sad that so many people apparently never learned (or have forgotten) what should be learned in Kindergarten (if not before!): if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

Anyway, I love Reba’s comments! And so what if she’s actually the baby’s step-grandmother? Blood is not the only thing that defines a family!

Becca on

River is so cute & looks like her daddy!! I love this family!

Rachel on

Well of course Reba and river bonded river loves her grandma and anytime grandmas can spoil there grandchildren they are excited. lol

skt on

Ashley you’re probably overweight your self.

Kristen on

I am appalled by all of the fat shaming and nasty comments about their beautiful child. Please accept those around you as they are. We have enough problems without all this negativity!

Moira on

Oh no. Everything about Kelly’s look is not flattering…the makeup, the hair, the dress. Time to hire a stylist? And that half-shaved head thing is so freaking ugly. Ugh! Reba, however, looks fantastic. Go grandma!

Lexie on

Great picture of Reba and Kelly. Kelly’s baby is so adorable. She always seems so alert and happy.
I just can’t believe some of the ugly remarks on here about a new mom and her adorable baby. Some people are just amazingly unkind.

Kristin on

Sad people making rude comments about a baby. I can’t believe the world we live in.

Callie on

Her husband is gorgeous, her baby is gorgeous and her mother-in-law is beautiful, what a life girl!

To all the haters and mean, nasty people out there – there’s a special place in hell for all of you. Learn to be kinder and nicer to each other. You are some of the most disgusting people ever!!!!

Ashley on

No, I’m not overweight, on the contrary, but nice try! 😉
FYI I only clicked on the story, because I saw the picture and it was really shocking how fat she has become. No one should use pregnancy as an excuse to gain that much weight. She used to look healthy, but she really let herself go, it’s not only the ‘baby weight’.

lilly on

What the heck is wrong with most of you ppl here, u all must be perfect, geez like who cares if the girl isn’t a size 2, if she don’t care what she looks like then u shouldn’t either, and by rudely commenting about her, do u think she’s gonna read any of your sick twisted comments? Make no wonder america so screwed up, all u do is insult and bash others, why not try and say something nice then be hateful you wouldn’t know all u guys are pefectand have perfect lives, make me sick to read your crap, she’s happy and has a baby, end of story.

Linda on

Love them all, but did Kelly shave the side of her head…….

Stephanie on

hey @Ashley, I hope you get fat. That is all.

Jackie on

Her husband is a very handsome man and she has an adorable baby, that being said….why wouldn’t she want to be healthy for them? And people need to get real. While shaming is horrendous, being overweight isn’t healthy and health should be a priority when you have a family. This is NOT healthy 😩

happy on

Its not about Kelly being heavy but there is something that makes her have an odd look about her. Not hating on her, just think she may need to change it up a bit. Her baby is beautiful, such a cutie.

jeana on

How can some of You people sleep at at night … I guess not having a soul does it .. U heartless winches…

PG on

So many negative comments! Why?

Anonymous on

Dumbtruck that was really rude. I see you must be the bully in your family.

jan on

Dumbtruck you are very rude and I bet you are the #1 bully in your family. Jessie and Rebecca very childish comment about a baby. I bet neither one of you were attractive babies so that is why you are taking it out on River, disgusting pigs the two of you. River is a beautiful little girl. I hope one day someone calls you out on the looks of your child.

joan on

when someone like Reba has been married to Brandon’s dad for as long as she has, step’s dont matter when it comes to inlaws and babys. My step mom and dad are grandma and grandpa. and my mom is grandma to my step brothers kids.

Tisha on

I came here to congratulate Kelly, and all I could do was think…how are people so damn cruel..

gene on

yep cuz like mother like daughter. that girl river will be as fat as her momma.

dang kelly is fat and ugly

river rose is one of the ugliest babies i’ve ever seen

Daria on

@Frank. I completely agree. It’s a cowardly thing that people do, not just making fun of other people’s appearance, but posting ugly comments about a baby! I am certain that the comments are coming from gorgeous individuals with impeccable bodies (NOT!). Actually, the only thing I am sure of, is that these people have no tact and are not familiar with basic human kindness.

Anonymous on

I saw Kelly on Ellen and was brought to tears listening to her speak about the comments people make about her size. She said what bothers and upsets her the most is when someone bigger than her comes up to her and says, if they think you are big, what do they think of me? It amazed me beyond belief how judgmental people can be. I feel I am either reading about how skinny Giuliana is or how fat Kelly is or how ugly a child is and I am in constant disbelief. Disbelief that you feel moms speak this way, but also that People allows these comments. Children become bullies because of their environment and what they have learned and hear. Based on what I am reading here, our children are doomed because they will be in school with the children of fellow mommy bullies. This world is doomed.

chris on

Kelly Clarkson is awesome and her baby is adorable. Reba is the coolest grandma ever. Love this family. They are so happy and content unlike the jerks making rude comments on here. Get a life, losers, especially Ashley. And Kelly doesn’t give a flying F what you negative jerk offs think.