Vanessa Lachey Introduces Daughter Brooklyn Elisabeth

04/18/2015 at 06:15 PM ET

Baby number two makes life twice as sweet!

Vanessa Lachey, 34, shared an adorable family photo on her website of her with husband Nick Lachey, 41, son Camden John, 2, and 3-month-old daughter Brooklyn Elisabeth.

“Family is EVERYTHING! Love, The Lacheys,” she wrote along with the photo, by Justin Coit.

“PS: Thank You ALL so much for the love and support you continue to give to me and my family. I am very appreciative and grateful! Let me know your thoughts on the website and what you’d like to see more of. Recipes? Party Ideas? Fashion? Mommy Ideas? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. X”

Vanessa Lachey First Photo of Brooklyn
Justin Coit/Vanessa Lachey

Brooklyn was born in January, which was also announced on the proud mama’s website.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how it felt to hold her in my arms for the very first time. Mommy, Daddy and big brother Cam love you so much already, Brooklyn!” she wrote at the time.

— Jessica Fecteau

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Barb on

This woman irritates me like a raunchy fart that dissipates but never leaves the area.

amy on

Wow! This is the picture they need to turn to if they EVER hit a difficult patch in their marriage…it’s that good!

Moi on

Jessica’s kids are SO much cuter

Moi on

ugly kid

Cindy on

What a beautiful picture the Lachey’s!! Negative people should just go away.

Lexie on

Cute family. I hope they stay as happy as they look now.

Cindy on

Oops…what a beautiful picture of the Lachey’s!!

Truthfinder on

Now THAT’S a GREAT family photo!

Maria on

Beautiful Family

meme on

Oh man that lil boy is brutal to look at. Got the face of the lephrachan from those old scary movies.

LilahK on

Beautiful family! Congratulations!

Anonymous on

Beautiful family, but not a safe way to pick up your child. Even without tugging at a child’s arm, you can easily pull it out of the socket. Scary and horribly painful.

Stop on

So many Jessica Simpson stans in here acting like their fat icon isn’t washed up and useless. Why do you have to hate on these two and their kids? Your fatcon is living her own life now.

DaisyMoon on

Who DOESN’T have a blog?

Carrie on

Beautiful beautiful family!! Whoever says otherwise is just jealous.

Ellie on

Why does it look like she is wearing a night gown? She couldn’t wear some nice silk slacks?!?

Ayisha From Brooklyn on

I’m a Brooklyn Girl born and raised and it annoys me to know end when people name their children after the Borough, when there probably never been there or even from the brough. Ugh

Commentor on

Jessica and/or her kids are not at all relevant to these people, their children, this photo or this article. Go find something written about Jessica (that she didn’t initiate herself with a photo she took herself) and climb into that. Leave these people alone.

LOL on

Hahaha the trolls are really out tonight! Goodness.

Meghan on

Haha!! Nice try Commentator! Trying to be important on here but nothing but a People Mag wannabe!

Um, remember the hot tub screwing pictures? The multitude of drunken girl antics? The less than classiness she managed to snag Nick to begin with? Yeah, this is describing Vanessa Minnillo and NOT Jessica Simpson Johnson. Clearly, Nick loves a ho in the sheets and visibly in life.

Greg on

Vanessa is Eurasian and the daughter looks like her.

Anonymous on

It’s hard to believe she’s the same woman that was playing around with knives and Lindsay Lohan.

mer on

I never really knew what these two were famous for, I know them only from this baby site. And I love them. This is just one gorgeous family. I’ve been enjoying watching them progress, their thoughts and feelings. It’s just nice to watch something working.

Anonymous on

Meghan- Yes, she was a bit wild in her twenties. So what? A lot of people are. Typically they grow up and settle down, as Vanessa appears to have done. It’s also worth noting that Jessica (don’t get why people STILL insist on bringing her up on posts about the Lacheys- or vice-versa!) has had more than her share of less-than-classy moments.

Anyway, Brooklyn is adorable!

Ana on

LOL Barb you cracked me up with your comment!!!

Its a shame Nick and Jessica didn’t work out.. they would’ve made gorgeous children…much cuter than the children they do have with their current spouses.

Tisha on

Beautiful family!

Ashley on

That family picture shows genuine love and happiness. How refreshing.

Mom Of Twinz on

Why so my hate for Vanessa? She’s not the reason that Nick and Jessica’s marriage didn’t last. To compare who’s children are cuter, is childish.

Mary Alice on

Gorgeous family!

kaye on

Nice picture, but it looks like she forgot to get dressed and is still in her nightie. Oops.

Krista on

Some of these comments are out of line. Making fun of how children look, really? And to bring up what someone did almost 10 years ago before they were married or had kids is pointless as well. People change. I’m sure we’ve all done things we regret, we were just lucky enough to not have it plastered all over the web like celebrities have to deal with.

meghan on

Meghan, get a life.

SA on

First off, I could not believe that there is not a story about Jessica Simpson at the same time People Magazine showed the lovey Lachey family picture. I am so happy for Nick, he deserves to be happy.

Anonymous on

After reading Meghan’s response, my question is how can someone be so hateful? Your vitriolic attitude is not impacting the Lacheys one iota.

Smh on

You should never hold a 2 year old like that. It’s not cute, it’s dangerous.

Daria on

Never fails to amaze me how many people leave not just negative, but insulting comments. If it’s about the adults – it’s one thing, but what did the kids ever do to you? I wonder whether every person that leaves comments about other people’s kids’ appearance would welcome criticism of their own kids’ looks. Maybe they should post their own kids’ pictures for us to critique and compare.

NNL, on

Why don’t they get more original with names for the children and stop naming their kids after other celeb children?

Sara K on

I love this cute family. What beautiful parents and children! Love the children’s names, also.

Guest on

Clearly Nick and Jessica were not meant to be. And who can blame him for wanting out. Jessica is pretty but she is nasty, and he liked sports to much. She wouldn’t shower, she was a slob and it drove him nuts. And someone says Nick just wants a “Ho” in the bedroom, well Jessica was one, so it clearly wasn’t about sex. They have both moved on and are happy, and thats how life should be. You can say what you want about Vanessa but Eric Johnson is a picture of Sainthood himself. Just be happy for both couples.

Juli on

It’s a gorgeous family picture. Brooklyn is getting so big, she doesn’t look like she’s only three months old.

Jane on

I heard that this chick Vanessa hates to admit that she’s half-Filipino, and for some odd reason, she often says that she’s half-Polynesian instead. If this is true, well damn honey – why are you so afraid to be proud of all sides of your heritage?

I guess she thinks its more exotic to say that one is ‘Polynesian’ instead…


mytski on

Do not ever ever ever ever lift a toddler by the wrists like this ever again! We’ve done it with our toddler to prevent a fall and he ended up with a Nursemaid’s Elbow. Nick and Vanessa, if you ever read this (sure), find the info here:
What you are doing in this picture is the number one best way to misplace your LO’s elbow joint. Please stop. 🙂

Victoria on

Moi and meme – Wow!! To pick on a two year old really says a lot about yourselves. I hope karma doesn’t bite you both in the a$$.

Ellie and Margaret -she’s not wearing a night gown. It looks like a maxi dress. Did you see the cover on People magazine when Jessica had her daughter? Now that was a night

NNL – what do you consider an original name? We named our daughters after an actress and a singer.

She could be Polynesian or a Pacific Islander. It depends. Do your research, Jane.

I’m sure they didn’t swing him by his arms but merely lifted him up for this picture. Calm down people.

Last but not least I think Nick and Vanessa are perfect for each other with beautiful babies.

kaye on

Hey People, can we get the deets on the nightgown? It’s gorgeous 🙂