Dylan Lauren Welcomes Twins Cooper Blue and Kingsley Rainbow

04/15/2015 at 02:00 PM ET

Dylan Lauren Welcomes Fraternal Twins via Surrogate
James Christianson

Life just got even sweeter.

Dylan Lauren and her husband, Paul Arrouet, welcomed fraternal twins, son Cooper Blue and daughter Kingsley Rainbow, on Monday, April 13, the proud new parents confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

Lauren, the founder and CEO of Dylan’s Candy Bar, and her husband, the co-founder of Marblegate Asset Management, “are celebrating the birth of their twins, a baby boy and baby girl,” says the couple in an exclusive announcement to PEOPLE.

“Her parents, fashion icons Ralph and Ricky Lauren, are overjoyed to welcome their first grandchildren and witness their daughter usher in the next generation,” Lauren’s reps add.

“It’s a dream come true for me,” Lauren, 40, says in this week’s PEOPLE. “We’re doubly thrilled.”

She and her husband, 44, chose a surrogate, she says, “because it was the way we wanted to start a family. I think it’s a wonderful option.”

Lauren decorated the nursery early with pastels, bunnies and blue and pink gingham in case the twins came before their due date (and they did!).

Now the candy entrepreneur is excited to share her love of all things sweet with the twins — once they are old enough. “I’ve been calling them the Twinkies, the M&M’s and the Doublemint Twins,” she says with a laugh. “Good things come in twos!”

For more on Dylan Lauren and her new family, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

— Liz McNeil

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Daria on

Happy for the new parents, but I do take issue with the statement “we chose surrogacy because it’s a wonderful option”. In my opinion, surrogacy IS a wonderful option, but only for a woman who cannot carry the child herself for medical reasons. I am not sure that that’s what happened here.

Marky on

Since none of us know why she chose a surrogate, why would any of us feel compelled to make rude remarks about it? That was what they did, it’s their lives and their children, so let it go, angry birds! There is waaaay too much complaining about someone’s choices when you don’t have a clue. Opinions might be an option if you knew the details; you don’t, so just say congratulations!

jckwcs on

Why is no one saying anything about the middle names. Blue and Rainbow. Seriously those children will drop those names in a heart beat. Cant parents just use normal names.

Juli on

Congratulations to the family.

imissmythyroid on

It’s really none of our business why she chose a surrogate. She may not be able to carry a child. I think that surrogacy IS a wonderful way to start a family and good for them!

Tracy on


Are people so stupid that they have to be told that twins that are a boy and a girl are fraternal?

Sharon on

Congratulations to Dylan and Paul on the birth of their twins! It amazes me how many people criticize other people’s life decisions. She and her husband chose a surrogate because that is what they wanted to do and they could afford it. Public figures are not obligated to justify their actions to people who read about them in a magazine. I wish them well. No explanation needed.

Magnolia on

Unique Names! I like!

@Tracy – I am the girl half in a set of girl/boy fraternal twins. Trust me… People are stupid and don’t understand basic biology. In preschool we were explaining the difference between identicals and fraternals.

mylifeyesterday on

I like Cooper and Kingsley, and no one really ever has a reason to use their middle names regardless, BUT, I can’t help but think how one twin got a single color while the other one got THE WHOLE RAINBOW. #favoritism #kiddingkidding

Anonymous on

The first names are super cute but good grief those are stupid middle names.

Anonymous on

She looks amazing.

Becca on

Such pretentious first names and ridiculous middle names.

Claire on

Thanks for pointing out that the twins are fraternal. I was totally wondering if the boy/girl twins are identical.

sally on

Another RICH selfish person, waiting until 40 to have kids and then to “choose” surrogacy- – why, so you don’t ruin your shape? She pretty much made it sound like- hey, I have a ton of money and no time to carry a child. Nor do I want to ruin my body. I will PAY someone else to go thru the process, because I can. It sounded really vile and I question it!!

sally on

She sounds like a snobby, spoiled rich kid- which we know she is. Pay someone else to carry your kids! UNREAL!!

Boston Mom on

Maybe she did pick a surrogate because she didn’t want to hurt her body….. And?? The problem is??? Why is that selfish?

Although some women do have kids in their 40s, it is also much harder on your body at that age than when you are younger, so that’s a possible reason also.

She didn’t hurt herself or her baby, yes, it is only a choice for those with money. But, I don’t see a reason to attack her.

kaye on

@Marky – why are you jumping all over Daria? Read her comment again – there’s nothing rude there – she’s merely saying/asking what any reasonable person would after reading the article. Seriously..

kjc on

My husband has a twin sister – you wouldn’t believe how often he’ll get asked if they are identical when he mentions it to people! He’s always very polite when responding… But like seriously people, think!

Dogman69 on

I say if you have the money, then spread the love. I am sure they help some family out very well to have a child carried for them.

Guest on

Congratulations to them!

Jenna on

In most cases, women who can’t or can no longer get pregnant choose a surrogate, I’m wondering – to save face – if he could not get her pregnant. It sounds curiously polite…which leads me to think it’s him.

Hunter on

It’s really not too much of a stretch to think that maybe they chose surrogacy from a number of options due to issues that they don’t want to reveal. Maybe she’s been advised she can’t have a baby, or can’t carry a child. Maybe they could have carried on with emotionally and physically draining treatment OR adopt OR try a surrogate.

From my own personal experience, having tried treatment and IVF; I wish we could afford surrogacy as our next step. We don’t seem to have anything wrong, make wonderful embryos that just WILL NOT STICK. I can’t tell you how this makes me feel. There are no words.

Adoption in my country is hard, long and expensive. If someone was willing to try using my embryos to have our baby – I’d jump at the chance.

Please do not judge until you’ve been through something similar. Not everyone is blessed to just have sex and then get a baby. For me, that is the true definition of spoiled. #sorrynotsorry

Volly on

She is using surrogacy, maybe she is not young enough to carry a child herself or she can’t carry a child herself.

Sandi on

How very exciting for the parents! Congratulations Dylan and Paul!! Cooper and Kingskey are truly blessed.