Kimora Lee Simmons Welcomes Son Wolfe

04/14/2015 at 02:00 PM ET

Kimora Lee Simmons Welcomes Fourth Child Son
Jeff Vespa/Getty

Kimora Lee Simmons is feeling fabulous.

The model and entrepreneur her husband, financier Tim Leissner, have welcomed their first child together, son Wolfe Lee Leissner, a rep for Simmons confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

“We are filled with joy, adoration and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our son,” the couple tell PEOPLE in a statement.

Simmons, 39, is resting and doing well after the delivery, and Leissner, 45, is “ecstatic,” according to the rep.

Simmons is already mom to daughters Ming, 15, and Aoki, 12, with Russell Simmons, as well as 5½-year-old son Kenzo with Djimon Hounsou, while Leissner is dad to two daughters, ages 9 and 12, from a previous relationship.

Wolfe’s new siblings are “happy, excited and helping out,” the rep tells PEOPLE.

— Patrick Gomez

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Callie on

Can we stop calling her Kimora Lee “SIMMONS”? She hasn’t been Simmons in years! I mean, she’s on her third husband people, come on

krtmom on

Four children with 3 husbands! Seriously she needs to get her tubes tied!!!

Cecile on

Hopefully, this will be her final marriage and last child. She is nearly as bad as kate Winslett and Chrissy Brinkley, who both have three children by three different husbands. Congrats anyway Kimora.

arabrabbra on

She’s a baby collector. She will need a baby closet like she has shoe closet purse closet clothes closet…

jennie on

Lawd, slow down girl. Hey I am sure shes making a killing in child support though.

Cecile on

Kimora Lee Perkins-Simmons-Hounsou-Leissner-?- Just enough space left in her name for a Chang! Every man she marries is richer than the one before I will give her credit for that.

Dee on

Why does she keep her ex-husband’s name? That’s super creepy. I’d get it if she didn’t remarry and had kids. Keep the name of your children. But once you remarry then it become awkward at best with the new husband and in-laws.

Just Me on

I really hope the baby takes after her. She has sh!tty taste in men. IMO

debra40 on

with all of these children from all of these different men, isn’t anyone afraid of AIDS or STD’s anymore? or at least protecting themselves against these things? it seems that the answer is no.

Mom Of Twinz on


Nadia Nyc on


Kim on

With her 3rd baby daddy. Nice

Anonymous on

Get it Right people! This is only her 2nd Husband She was not married to her son’s father it was a commitment ceremony.

Anonymous on

She technically still has SIMMONS as a last name she never changed it for business reasons

justme on

He is an employee in Goldman Sachs and he is a very nice person.She is much wealthier than him.So stop hating them.Congrats to the couple.

Layla on

Why are u criticizing her, that’s her life. She has the money to mantain a dozen kids. Congrats to her.

Jennifer Spare on

4 kids with 3 baby daddies….yikes! Glad she has money to support them though!

Bobbi on

I’m not a Kimora Lee Simmons fan by any means, but the rude comments about this being her third “baby daddy” are seriously rude and is not at all a testament to who she is as a person. She had relationships with men, whom she thought she loved, whom she created beautiful children with and unfortunately, those relationships didn’t work out. At the end of the day, she and the fathers of her children can afford them. Go attack the woman living off of the government, jobless and collecting welfare with a collection of babies and baby daddys. You people are ridiculous.

Janice on

Why are people being so mean about Kimora? Is it because she’s ethnic?

Kate Winslet and Christie Brinkley also have four babies by three different husbands. Sometimes life happens. Kids can’t help how they got her.

mer on

Haha, came to see how many judgemental women will bring the four kids by three men comments. So? It’s her life and it seems to me she takes good care of her kids. That’s all that should matter.

myuntidydesk on

If she were the average person and having four kids with three different men, she’d be considered trash.

Anonymous on

Actually everyone should “Google” her husband he is a billionaire financier.

VeronicaStyles on

Four kids, three different daddies. Need I say more?

Damn Gina on

Seriously?! Why does she need to have a child with every man she marries?

Michelle on

Congrats to her. Families come in all forms nowadays. I don’t think it’s necessary to shame her for having four kids from three dads. She was at very different times in her life and she is very close to both dads and they make up a wonderful and loving blended family.

Anonymous on

Agree with the other comments on here. Seems like she’s been around the block a few time at 39! 4 kids with 3 different daddies? Ewwwwwww

Congrats To Her on

Kimora is Blasian. Half African American and half Korean and none of her ex’s are “baby daddies”. She was married to each one.

Pbbbssst.... on

Kate Winslet has 3 kids with 3 different men but she’s great. Double standard.

Tommie on

She is beautiful.

Anonymous on

What difference does it make how many children she has and with whom she’s procreated? May she be blessed with health and happiness!

Kat512 on

What difference does it make how man children she has and with whom she’ procreated? I have kids with 3 different fathers as well and they are loved, healthy and truly happy individuals. Now talk your smack about me as well and I’ll continue to love, smile and be content in my life and choices!

Mandy on

Kimora kept her first married name because of business reasons.

Angela on

I am so happy for her! Congratulations Kimora!!!

Ala Lemon on

I had no idea she was expecting again. Congratulations on the new baby

1SoaringChick on

If she ever authors a book on how to snag upwardly mobile men (in less than 12 months), I’m preordering it LOL. Seriously, I wish them the best!!!

guest on

stay married for a while. sheesh. like a marriage merry go round. have some pride

Kim on

They won’t last. Her track record says that.

casmia on

Keep on cranking out those kiddos, Kimmy… gotta secure the old nest egg with alimony and child support payments. Three different baby daddies- you GO girl.

Kim on

How nice. 4 kids with 3 different last names

Nicky on

Wow there are some judgmental people on this forum. She has the money support all of her children quit comfortably and you people are acting like your saints and virgins lol, that have made no mistakes in your life. You may not agree with her lifestyle choices but that doesn’t give anyone the right to be mean and vindictive

sheletha deason on

She named the baby wolfe wow

Haha on

She’s a genius at attracting rich men. I don’t think she’s any more cute than the next girl, but she knows how to get them.

Lol not to be mean, but this kid will look white, one of the kids look black, and the other two look asian. Lol a true blended family.

CalmDownNutjob on

Um, Callie…she uses the last name SIMMONS which is why she’s addressed that way~! I mean, come on!

sheletha deason on

hey if she like it I love it there are so many women and men who have several kids and just as many baby mommas/daddies so what as log as they are not being abused or neglected thata all that matters some people need to stay in they own lane CONGRATS KIMORA and Leissner

saburo on

Or maybe don’t judge the welfare mom either, whoever said that up there? In what way is your worth as a human tied to your worth as a dollar sign? Jesus.

Rodriguez on

@Haha! You don’t know what this kid will look like until you see him. You probably thought Zoe Saldana twins would look white. but seeing photos of their hands and legs they are both darker than she is. Not to be mean about it.

Jessica on

These names! You can tell there are three different men here.

Anonymous on

How many ‘baby daddies’ do you need? Yuk!!!!

Anonymous on

How many ‘baby daddies’ do you need . . . . YUK!

thejuliedaniel on

Goodness, all these women on here bashing her for either being married three times or having children by three different men. We need to build each other up ladies, not tear each other down!

Congrats Kimora! Children are a blessing and you are blessed indeed.

Carol on

It is her life, her choices, her men and her children!! She is fortunate enough to have a good relationship with her children’s fathers and she s quite capable of taking care of them financially. She appears to be a very loving, hands on Mother and I wish her every happiness.

Jay on

Another baby by yet another man. Wow!

Sheeena on

Guess she has a new cash register to carry her into retirement. Russel’s money was drying up since his kids are getting older and Dijimon never had much money to begin with so she had to find another sucker with enough money to carry her on through.

meggy on

She’ll be on to her next husband very soon! #TrackRecord #BabyDaddy

thisfoodtastesgood on

I am disappointed at these judgey comments (4 babies with 3 husbands–gasp). So what? If you didn’t choose that for you, that’s fine. She did. That doesn’t make her a “bad example for her daughters”. It shows them it’s okay to move on with life if you’re not happy. Congratulations on the birth of a healthy baby that looks to be very loved and welcome. Quit being such haters.

cherrie on

Congratulations! May you all enjoy health, wealth and much love for many years to come.

ohnoyoudidnt on

I thought you people only cared if the woman was married, well she was. If you can’t say she was sleeping around, you make her being married 3x’s wrong, it’s her life, her children, and whatever makes them happy.

Ann on

This is her second husband since divorcing Russel Simmons, Its time she stops using his last name. She has not been a Simmons for several years now.

lisa on

Dang! Everytime she changes husbands she has a kid….4 kids by 3 different men. Can’t she get it right?

lisa on

4 kids with 3 baby daddies……dang!

lisa on

Good for them

lisa on

Wow….how old is she now?

Romey on

When did she get a divorce and get remarried? I can’t keep up with this chick!….smdh…

Bobbi on

@saburo, I never said judge those on welfare… Maybe that was the wrong way to convey my message. I merely was presenting the fact that unlike the welfare recipient, Kimora Lee Simmons’s decision to make all of these babies doesn’t affect any of us, because our pay checks aren’t garnished to help support her or her children. Don’t twist my words.

Jen DC on

Congratulations! I wonder how Kenzo’s going to take not being the only boy…

Let’s see:
Successful (both at modeling and in business)
Healthy and gorgeous children
Healthy relationships with her children’s fathers

And even her first ex-husband (Russell Simmons) has called her current husband “family.”

FYI: She was married to Russell for 6 years; in a 5-and-a-half-year relationship with Djimon Hounsou; and is now remarried. So now, years’-long relationships make someone slutty and worth this level of insult? I’d like to see the celebrity whose life y’all are satisfied by…

Anyway, this is all to say that I am so very sure that Kimora is worried about your opinions of her life choices.

Carrow on

Congrats to the family. Can’t wait to see the new addition. I bet he is gorgeous just like all of her children.

Tearra on

I’m confused? I thought the comment section on a birth announcement was supposed to be for congratulations? Not for catty b*****s to air their personal grievances about a person they don’t know, have never met and who has done nothing to them.

I guess it makes you all feel better to put down other people.

CN on


Nancy on

I cannot stand her….she is a big mouthed know it all. Add classless to that list as well…..damn…I bet fathers day is a busy day in that household!!

Chuck Winslow on

American gold digging at it’s best. PHAT sales must be down so she needed another sugar daddy. Most importantly, WHY is this news? Seriously Kimora, what type of message are you sending to your daughters and sons. This family is so blended it’s got to be an awkward mess when the entire brood gets together.

Jan on

These people would rather she have all of her kids with one man and pretend she loves him ’til death do they part, just so she isn’t judged. Most of you are too afraid of what others think to leave the man/woman you are no longer in a real relationship with, stay with him/her until you’re too damned old to get with someone you can have a real relationship with, and live a life of regret just so no one can say you had more than one “baby daddy” or husband or a failed relationship. Get a life, a better one than you have. That’s what she has done, repeatedly.

Bean on

Congrats Kimora Lee & Wolfe!

Really? on

I didn’t realize the amount of husbands you have had determines whether or not you are “trash.” I thought perhaps it was the person you are, and I’m sure all of you all insulting Kimora know her personally;)

Mandi on

Well now that baby has popped out she must be on the prowl for a new baby daddy/husband/companion.

Anonymous on

Who are any of you to judge this woman about her personal life. At least she not on social service and some of you maybe.

vicky on

She is tooooo much.What is she trying to show the young girls she has?That it’s ok to have several men and have babies with different fathers.That’s crazy and sick and maybe she needs help.Going for rich men,having babies with them then leaving them is SICK.Maybe she thinks she is ok but i don’t think she is happy with herself or if she really love’s herself.The wealth she has is making her go crazy and if she has close friends who really love her they need to help her.It’s about time

BB on

Just a guess…but she may be keeping the last name of Simmons, because her entire name Kimora Lee Simmons is a brand. She has the KLS Collections etc….but anyway…just a guess….

Pooh on

Here we go with the negativity again man….Congrats to Kimora Lee.

missy mason on

congradulations kimora lee. nice, nice….new husband, new baby, nice. you go girl! if you have more babies you rock! awesome family.

missy mason on

why are comments soooo negative about kimora lee sharing her life journey. she happy, children are happy, the men she married are now rich/ happy because of her. They have nothing bad to say about their ex wife whom now moved on. The negative comments please you all move on…..kimora lee you rock girl! congrads


Anything to keep the money rolling. No such thing as being in love with these men.

Queen on

People on this thread need to get off their high horse and get over themselves. Times have changed, and people can marry and have kids with whomever they decided. Anyone having a problem with Kimora Lee needs to get out of the dark ages and come back to 2015. People are making comments on here like they know her personally, and all you know is what you read about her. Congrats Kimora!


Keep up the good blessed work Kimora, GOD PUT WOMEN ON EARTH TO BARE SEEDS!!!!!!

Pod on

Congrats to Kimora and the family!

Jtb on

This makes her fourth child and Leisnner’s third. So why aren’t you judgemental ones talking about him?

KL on

Wolfe… really

cher on

Unreal 4 kids with 3 Differnt Dads…….Get the tubes tied……..Stop breeding all th ese kids with multipical men….Sicking.

cds on

I decided to read all the comments before I posted my comment. My impression is, if Kimora were a blond white woman the comments that are negative, wouldn’t be so harsh. Undercover racists all around. (LOL)

Jane on

Kimora is a nasty woman, lost all respect for her. She needs to be an example to her older girls.

Abby on

cds on May 15th, 2015

I decided to read all the comments before I posted my comment. My impression is, if Kimora were a blond white woman the comments that are negative, wouldn’t be so harsh. Undercover racists all around. (LOL)

CD if you read stories from awhile back Kate Winslet received this same backlash when she had her 3rd child with her 3rd husband. Don’t look for racism where it doesn’t exist okay?

exit82 on

She’s been 39 for at least a decade now

Marie Budden on


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