Kelly Clarkson Will ‘Never’ Have to Schedule Sex with Her Husband

04/14/2015 at 10:00 AM ET

Kelly Clarkson‘s got it all figured out.

The singer and her adorable 10-month-old daughter River Rose are featured on the cover of Redbook‘s May issue, and although Clarkson is loving life with her little lady, she knows the importance of making time for her husband, too.

“I always swore ours would not be a relationship where we have to schedule sex,” the new mama says. “That is never going to happen.”

Clarkson and husband Brandon Blackstock value their relationship above all, with what she calls “oxygen-mask mentality — take care of yourself first!”

Kelly Clarkson daughter River Redbook
Ben Watts/Redbook

But that doesn’t mean Blackstock is her other half. “Goodness no!” the American Idol star, 32, says of the saying. “He’s a whole and I’m a whole.”

The “Heartbeat Song” singer also addresses those who continue to criticize her body after baby.

“I don’t obsess about my weight, which is probably one of the reasons why other people have such a problem with it,” she explains.

Kelly Clarkson daughter River Redbook
Ben Watts/Redbook

And while the grass may seem greener on the other side, Clarkson still has plenty to be grateful for in life.

“There are just some people who are born skinny and with a great metabolism — that is not me. I wish I had a better metabolism,” she says.

“But someone else probably wishes they could walk into a room and make friends with everyone like I can. You always want what someone else has.”

Kelly Clarkson daughter River Redbook
Ben Watts/Redbook

— Andrea Park

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Anonymous on

AND she wonders why no one wants to duet with her. This is not something that anyone wants to read or think about. I realize it keeps you on the front page (somehow?) but it isn’t for the right reasons. Your weight, sex life, baby sleeping in its own bed… It’s an information OVERLOAD that makes us not want to click on anything to do with you. So when you actually do something relevant, we aren’t going to care. Please find a new publicist or disappear and be a mom for a while.

sue on

Not this again. Still promoting her record and defending her fatness. She’s too open with her private life. It will come back to haunt her when she’s getting divorced and fighting over the kid.

Krista on

I obviously don’t know her personally but she seems like the real deal and that’s why she is successful. Good to see someone have a kid and put emphasis on bonding with their child instead of starving and exercising so they can pose on a cover and tell us how they lost 50 lbs and we can too. Tired of fake, self absorbed celebrities!

Anonymous on

She is beautiful. Keep doing what you’re doing Kelly!

Just a Duck on

You can be thin and make friends easily. I’m not from a metabolically blessed family, but I keep my weight in check. I don’t want to have diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, atherosclerosis, osteo arthritis. If you’re fat it gets you sooner or later. It’s completely her decision, but choosing to be obese comes with severe consequences eventually.

Kmoo on

So they place an arrow near her crotch and say open for a preview, lol. What is wrong with the editors these days.

Kate on

Wow, Kelly sure is passing the judgement left and right these days. She’s been married what, less than 3 years and her first baby is 10 months? Hm. Let’s see where they’re at in 10 years… just saying. More power to her, but I said a lot of the same things when I was a young newly married mom. Sometimes it’s not so easy as it sounds!

Christina on

I love it when people with no long term experience in a given area start spouting the ‘Nevers”!

sally on

love her and think she’s beautiful but she needs to stop with the to much info! stop commenting about your weight- you look fine. In fact I saw a picture of your mom and your built just like her and that is what it is! talk about your music & leave out the personal stuff!

Pam on

Kmoo, I didn’t notice that, but when you pointed it out, it cracked me up!

sue's on

Why do we need to know about her sex life?

Lyla on

I swear she has the happiest baby alive!

wifemotherwonderwoman on

It seems as though any time a celebrity comes out and says “I’m comfortable with myself and how I look”, it brings out the worst in people. It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and fat-shame, judge, and pretend that you know who these people are and what is best for them.

Regardless of her weight or health, she should be celebrated for taking all the criticism in stride, and focusing on the people in her life that matter; not the people who get to remain faceless and spew venom and hatred her way.

She’s talented, she’s real, and she’s a Hell of a lot more successful than most of the people being nasty to her.

asdfasd on

For me its difficult to sympathize with a celebrity who wishes they could lose weight (i.e. her wishing her had a faster metabolism). Their lives are so easy. If I was a famous singer I’d hire a personal trainer, chef and whoever else to make sure I was skinny and gorgeous. Your job is based on talent yes, but also looks play a factor. I’m young and normal weight but working out and watching what you eat is hard with a normal office job.

Rebecca on

I love her dress! Can you please include a link where I can find it? Thank you!

Hmmm on

I’m with Kate on this one. I am always thankful for bold strong women, but she comes across quite judgmental while asking not to be judged. I love her strength and passion, use it to lift of women of all walks in life. I am hard working mother married to a hard working man and we have two small kiddos and no help, the exhaustion is easing, but it’s still hard and honestly sometimes being able to fall asleep next to each other is in itself heavenly.

carole on

She shares far too much with anyone who will listen..

Her weight is up and down like a lot of us…for me that is not the issue…her stylist ought to be fired. I never see her in anything that is flattering to her…most of what she wears is for a smaller person….

Mike on

Sorry but that Redbook photo looks photoshopped. If she doesn’t ‘obsess about her weight’ why does she always talk about it?

bec215 on

@Sue – what you’re calling Clarkson out for is nothing different from millions of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat users and bloggers are doing every day – oversharing. What’s your real issue wit her that you seem to read about her “not this again”, then stop to take time to trash her?

lilly pond on

Gross. Who cares about her sex life!!!!

bec215 on

@Anonymous – jealous much?

Steph on

I have to know who designed that red and white dress!! I love it! Oh! and I love Kelly!!

Andrea on

Too much info! She should focus on losing weight instead of having sex.

Anonymous on

I love how people seem to think Kelly is judgemental. She is honest, genuine, caring, talented, humble, beautiful…but judgemental? She has no problem sharing her opinion, answering a question, or cracking a joke…but judgemental? Also, listen to to her song “You Can’t Win.” It seems fitting…


I love Kelly and Just exactly the way she is!

Sunny on

Kelly Clarkson is the real deal, and it’s refreshing. She doesn’t stonewall, she just throws it out there for everyone to see. Not everyone is going to appreciate her honesty, but that’s who she is. Doesn’t bother her in the least what people think of her.

River is adorable!

Dana on

Perhaps if others were not as publicly judgemental towards her she would not feel the need to publicly defend herself??

Karolina on

I feel like if she really didn’t care about people’s negative comments or isn’t bothered about her weight then she wouldn’t constantly talk about it .. but she does which tells me differently. I almost feel like if she stopped talking about it others would as well.

Diana on

It is embarrassing all of you who sit behind a keyboard and criticize someone you don’t know. Don’t care to hear about her, then don’t read the story! It’s not like she’s a Kardashian and is constantly trying to be relevant in the news. Someone asks her to do an interview and she does. Grow up and quit being a cyber bully!

NotaKardashianfan on

So why they would put this on line I really don’t need to know about your sex life. I kinda puke inside my mouth..

Anonymous on

Give it twenty years honey. Trust me, things change.

Rose on

Give it twenty years honey. Believe me, it will change.

Suzanne on

Why is the cover pointing to her vagina and asking me to open there for a preview? 😳

Kendra on

Good thing her daddy is cute b/c River looks just like him!

PAT on

I feel terrible for this girl after reading every interview she does. I’ve read another article from this magazine…she said some people can be skinny,but she can walk into a room full of people and become friends to them all. Maybe to much being Reba’s stepdaaugther, married to Reba’s stepson Brandom Blackstock., Reba’s husband being her manager. Could feel she is being over-shadowed. I’ve often heard tell those that talk about sex all the time maybe the one that isn’t getting much. By the way WHO puts sex on a SCHEDULE.

katie on

Did the public really need to know this?

fiona on

not that she looks that heavy, but with her money, she could have her own chef along w/a trainer and be a lot thinner. I’m surprised that she doesn’t want to go that route. slow metabolism is an excuse – just take off some weight. you are an entertainer and in the spotlight so just get busy and shut all the naysayers up. btw, her baby is adorable.

Poppy on

Rock on Kelly! I’ve been with my husband 20 years and the thought of having to schedule sex with my him cracks me up. We’ve been lucky to nurture our marriage in spite of having kids. I’ve never been one of those women that forgot about my husband once the kids were born.

LA6226 on

When she first began dating Brandon, she lost weight. She would say things like he would go to the gym and she didnt want to be a lazy a$$ sitting on the couch; that when your partner is fit, it encourages you to be fit….OK so did that go out the window the minute she got pregnant. It’s her business. But my point is the PR flip when weight changes drastically one way or another. This topic should just be banned from media bc there’s no right way to address it without scrutiny.

Cass on

“But someone else probably wishes they could walk into a room and make friends with everyone like I can. You always want what someone else has.”
Odd comment. She strikes me as someone I wouldn’t be friends with because she annoys the h*ll out of me. WAAAAY too open about her life – I can only imagine what she tells her friends :S

Rain on

LOVE to read this. She seems sensible and real. Be healthy, enjoy food, f**k everyone who criticizes it, be whole YOURSELF, make time for your marriage, baby sleeps in her own bed as it should be … it’s about time. I cannot stand “attachment parenting” BS and people who (ew) let children sleep in their bed and then wonder why their partner cheats or leaves. Ya gotta make time for yourself and each other — oxygen mask mentality is absolutely correct. Good job Kelly Clarkson!

It’s about d**n time.

Razzle on

I’m guessing some people don’t understand how an interview article works. The interviewer asks the questions, the interviewee answers them. Her statements are not being made without prompting.

Lyanna on

When are we going to learn that fat does not mean “unhealthy”. All of my “healthy” Aunts are dead. All of my heavy Aunts are in their 90’s. Go figure. She’s perfect to me.

Kate on

Way too much information! Her child will be able to read this someday. Gross!!!!!

unfaithfulwife77 on

I love Kelly!

gdburts on

Why do people feel the need to talk about their sex lives? As far as I’m concerned, if you can freely talk about it you must be extending us an invitation to join you.

Anonymous on

So this is the main online article today?! Pretty pathetic. I don’t care about her weight or her sex life and would rather read about someone who is out there doing good things in the world instead of someone trying to stay relevant by making boring statements….

Callie on

I understand she is comfortable with her body which is great but she needs to lose some weight; she cannot be comfortable at that size. Also, I think the clothes she wears make her look bigger than she actually is. I mean, most of the dresses she wears are not flattering at all! Kelly – hire a stylist!

dancer92136 on

First, so people actually understand. She asked to do an interview…she is asked questions…and she answers them. Period. She is very open, and real about who she is, and while many may find this too much. I find her honest and refreshing She is the first to say what works for her doesn’t work for everyone. I don’t get all the nasty people. And, like I try to do with the Kardashian and Duggar overload (which is ten fold from the Clarkson article) don’t read them if you don’t want to.

Sara on

Some of you commenting seem really angry for some reason, it really doesn’t make any sense. She is saying what is right for HER, not everyone else. She’s saying that everyone, including all of you (and myself) wants what we don’t have. She is saying that she is comfortable with herself how she is and that’s a GOOD thing. You don’t have to be skinny to be happy with your body and you don’t have to be skinny to be healthy. She does work out, she says so all the time, but she JUST had a baby. She isn’t being judgmental in the least, unlike many of you . Sheesh.

Anonymous on

What a cute baby but did EVERYONE need to know about her sex life?

maryhelenc on

I can’t wait for her “I lost 60lbs & I’m so happy to be healthy” article in 6 months, just like every other celebrity. Nothing wrong with struggling to keep your weight in check. I’ve worked hard to lose 100lbs & I’m STILL slipping up here & there & have to remind myself to put down the donut & workout. Living healthy is a commitment to yourself & your family to keep yourself healthy & well. Kelly is going to ride this “I love my body” train until Her name is no longer in the press & then she’ll “magically” lose a bunch & rave about how she feels so good in her svelte new frame. She’s been doing this for years. There’s nothing wrong with saying “I’m overweight & I need to work on this so I can be a good role model to my child.” It’s not about a dress size, it’s about teaching kids active & healthy living.

Kathy miller on

Why do these celebrities feel the need to overshare every detail of their lives? Can’t they just do their jobs and keep the topics light and simple?

Phan on

Maybe, just maybe, if she stopped consuming more calories than she burns she could lose weight. There’s really one explanation for her weight issue. She overeats. Most of the obese people in the world don’t have thyroid or metabolism problems. They have eating problems. Sorry.

Emma Jane on

Your are so nasty. I’m European and I find sex normal. It’s a normal thing to talk about it. I get the anwer of Kelly: She is often on tour and in many movies they speak about sheduled sex… She got probably asked about it and she answered it honestly. So she said that’s not for HER. So it’s ok to talk about it, so what? You are supposed to have sex to have a baby. So please, stop talking like sex is such a bad thing. Yes, there are molesters, rapists ,etc. But sex is beautiful, too: Without sex there wouldn’t be kids. And she didn’t share the sex poses or something, so it’s not TMI. My gosh, are some people prude… Sex is something natural…

And I really applaud Kelly for being comfortable in her own body. Looking at the skinny models and actors…. I find her refreshing. So if she’s comfortable with herself – so why not? She’s allowed to say this . A LOT OF people are currently commenting on her weight so Kelly is forced to talk about it in interviews. And she’s saying that she’s ok. Go girl! She’s talented, successful and amazing!

If you don’t have anything nice to say, think it for yourself.. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing… No wonder the world is coming to an end with this nastiness… People should be nicer to each other.

ourenglishtea on

And that attitude is why marriages fail. You are not roommates, or just buddies who happen to live together, have sex and make babies. You are not 2 separate people when you marry; you are joined and become one whole as a couple. This love affair with separateness while pretending at marriage is what causes “irreconcilable differences”, “growing apart”, infidelity and parenting conflicts. If you want to hold onto that precious sense of separateness then don’t marry.

Marriage is a denial of self for the good of the other and the marriage. We may not be one another’s “better” half but we are supposed to be what completes the other person; if not than what value does any marriage have and what is it good for? Why bother with it at all.

Just Sayin' on

Kelly, you are awesome. Upbeat, and she seems such an optimist. Rather than dwell on the “negative”, she appreciates the positive, imagine that?!? Contrary to this popular culture obsession, having a “super healthy strict diet” and a gym membership you worship daily isn’t all there is to life. And doing all that will not guarantee you will live forever, b/c, guess what? No one does! Try some moderation people. Stop and smell the roses. Play with your kids! Eat that donut! Read a book! Put all your energy into one task rather than juggling and multi tasking! Try it! It won’t kill you, you posse of anal/micromanaging/attachment parenting/the next big diet crazed/Starbucks sipping/spin class attending/exercise legging clad/manicured/hair blown out/superficial ladies. Take a chill pill and manage yourself. You all don’t know everything!

Anne on

Lol. Says the girl with one child. Wait until you have two or three. You’ll schedule it or you won’t be having it.

Crystal on

Way to go Kelly! ….

Although, I couldn’t help but notice that horrible red book cover…. Really there is an arrow pointing to her private part… Saying ” open here for a preview” …. LMAO …. 😉

Sara K on

People are so funny. All of you who are posting here most likely have children, and have had sex umpteenth times, yet it offends you to hear another mother simply say she makes time for her husband and won’t ever have to “schedule” sex? I’ll bet if she were your favorite celebrity you wouldn’t mind as much. It’s just because it’s her, and she can do no right in so many readers’ eyes. Ridiculous. Everyone has sex, stop being prudes. If you don’t like what she has to say, skip on past the article and certainly don’t take the time to respond!

NV on

Her son looks so adorable!

Guest on

Kelly is an amazing singer. I respect her talent and I am happy for her. People commenting saying she talks too much about her weight and personal stuff – do they realize that is what the interviewer asked and what the magazine chose to write?

Jean on

OK. So Kelly Clarkson is heavy. No problem. She is definitely still very beautiful woman. I was however shocked to see her on American Idol last week in that horrible dress. The very least that the stylist could do is dress her in something attractive. The Redbook cover is darling. The American Idol dress was a disaster!

Amanda on

omg you people need to relax and have fun… She is a new mom who is happy and excited about her life and isn’t ashamed to be who she is… Those are the people we should look up to. She is happy and telling people about it. You don’t have to read it. I for one and proud she isn’t killing herself to get back to her pre baby shape.

Marie on

I think she is beautiful the way she is. And her baby is sooo cute. But don’t really need to know about the sex stuff.

Andi on

Where can I find that dress. I love it!

cassidy on

She should worry about her weight I think that it’s unhealthy not to. I think she should just avoid giving advice on anything really her baby is only 10 months and it’s her first…..even when you have 3 kids it’s always different for every one.

CJ on

Your beautiful just the way you are!

Anonymous on

Having a better metabolism has nothing to do with losing weight -.- that’s just being lazy and giving an excuse..that’s what every fat person says now these days. All you really need to do is count calories, fats, carbs and proteins and there are calculators online that can help you with that. Seriously how many fat people were around in the 50s-70s hardly no one… NO EXCUSES!!!

Diane on

I don’t see where she is talking about her sex life! All she is saying is that she makes sure she gives time to her husband, not only for sex but just making time for him! Get a life people! Don’t like what she is saying don’t read.
Simple solution!!