Blake Lively: Breastfeeding Has Become a ‘Full-Time Job’

04/14/2015 at 01:00 PM ET

Sometimes, it’s as if busy Blake Lively has three babies to raise — and not one of them includes husband Ryan Reynolds.

“Somehow I find a way to do it all. It’s not having it all; it’s about doing it all,” Lively, 27, told Allure for its May cover story, addressing the challenges of parenting daughter James, born in December, while juggling acting duties and her lifestyle website, Preserve.

However, managing multiple enterprises does have its perks, including when The Age of Adaline actress used her site to reveal her pregnancy, likening it to her big Beyoncé moment.

“That was my way of owning that moment. I can’t be someone like Beyoncé,” she says while reenacting her pregnancy reveal at the VMAs, which involved the singer throwing open her jacket to show off her growing belly.

“But it was important for us. It was a struggle, because we want to keep our privacy, but we also don’t want our lives to be exploited by other people. So we did it simply; it was a quiet way, an elegant way.”

Blake Lively Allure magazine
Mario Testino/Allure

Lively also says Preserve is a venture that makes sense not only for her career, but for a growing family craving stability.

“It taps into so many of my own passions, but it also is a business that I can control. If I can be successful at this, I have security for my family and my babies,” she explains.

“I’m in a profession, acting, where it’s really for-hire — I offer a service that people hire out. I love it, but it’s not something I can control.”

For proof of her crazy schedule, consider her dedication to breastfeeding, which she considers “a full-time job … I’m, like, driving down the road, pumping.”

Her precious downtime includes mandatory bonding with her former Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants castmates, who have since become her close friends.

“Three of us have getaways, so we’ll go to different houses and kick our husbands out — now we’re all married women, and they all want to hang out with the girls,” she jokes. “They start lingering in the kitchen too long, and we’re like, ‘Hey, beat it! It’s lady time.’ ”

The new mother also makes it clear she’s never been her Gossip Girl alter ego — and has mixed feelings about the message the show sends to young girls who might get caught up in the opulent world it portrays.

“People loved it, but it always felt a little personally compromising — you want to be putting a better message out there,” she shares. “I would not be proud to be the person who gave someone the cocaine that made them overdose and then shot someone and slept with someone else’s boyfriend.”

Blake Lively Allure magazine
Mario Testino/Allure

— Kathy Ehrich Dowd and Jacqueline Andriakos

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Maria on

I hate when these stars talk about juggling all their duties an not having enough time. They have no clue of the real life and real working moms who have to work full time, with no nannies, no cooks or assistants. It shameful and insulting.

Brooke on

A full time job? Yeah, that’s called “motherhood”.

Linda on

What a genius…..good god…

Tracy on

Welcome to motherhood. Only the rest of us still have to clean the house, try and fix something to eat, grocery shop, and many do this with other children around.

Tasha on

I find her to be annoying!!

Good Gravy on

Yes… Us real mothers have it soon much harder! Shall we list the ways she has No clue what it’s like to be an actual mother? While we’re at it, why not list how she’s going to mess her child up by being a working mother. Then let’s get into how she doesn’t actually work and how real working mothers have it so much harder. But wait, she doesn’t actually work so that makes her a SAHM. We all know they just eat bonus bon bons all day and have it completely easy! These mommy wars are ridiculous. Stop.

DaisyMoon on

I don’t know who chooses what to sell on her site, but they’re lousy at their job.
The prices are laughable ($500. jeans / $600. dress that looks like a pullover / $335. hat…a hat!!/$1,000. travel bag) and even worse, the stuff is hideously ugly….AND there’s no organization…dresses, bra tops, hats, shorts, pants, all together on the same page.
One big hot mess over there.

SarahJane77 on

Who cares how much help she has? Or if she doesn’t really “work that hard.” There are plenty of SAHMs that have a lot less to do in their professional lives and still have hired help. Or SAHMs whose house is a mess & dinner isn’t gourmet every night, but their kids are happy. Every mother who sends her kid to day care has “hired help,” so I don’t really understand ripping on celebrities…or any moms for that matter.

guest on

She has a man’s name and now she did the same to her daughter with James. Awful, just awful. At the very least, Jamie would have been more unisex. It’s like Kimye naming the kid North, that’s her name so call her that, not “Nori.”

Mel W on

I don’t think it’s fair to criticize her because she’s a celebrity being a mom, I’m sure that brings other challenges and worries. Being a new mom is hard, and it sounds like she’s doing a good job, best wishes.

sylvia55 on

Perhaps it’s the chocolate she’s rubbing on her nipples that’s making a chocoholic out of baby due to the caffeine in the chocolate. I wonder if she’s figured that out yet.

anon on

Why do so many people seem to hate her so? I think every new mom faces challenges and everyone’s reality is their own. She seems like a caring mom, who is on cloud 9 like all new mom’s should be. Sure tired, sure figuring things out, but joyous nonetheless. People who are mean to celebrities just because they are celebrities, I wonder where that comes from…

Guest on

No matter how much money you have, when you’re breastfeeding, your baby owns your body and you have to think about it all the time. Being a celebrity doesn’t help her make breastfeeding convenient… But I guess it doesn’t bother me as much as some other people when a woman is rich or attractive or successful. Good for her.

SM on

“Somehow I find a way to do it all. It’s not having it all; it’s about doing it all,” …Ah, yes lifestyles of the disconnected and otherwise out of touch with reality.
It’s always easier to have it all or do it all when money is no object.

Karl on

Lots of chubby, jealous women commenting today I see…….

abigail on

Man, some of these women commenting must be really jealous. Who cares if she has hired help; who cares if she has a lot of money. It doesn’t change the fact that she is still a working mom…maybe she just has the benefit of choosing WHEN to work. Your ugly comments make you sound bitter and judgmental. How about encouraging other moms, regardless of their social status and occupation?!

Anonymous on

I don’t get her, at all.
Very average looking and she talks blather. They kept their privacy in an “elegant” way?! Get over yourself.

jaimesaare on

I think it’s awesome she’s nursing. I also can say it’s truly a full-time job when you have four children (all within a couple of years within each other) and breastfeed them all (while working from home, cooking, and doing chores). That being said, I give her props. I’ve met many who don’t make it through the first month.

Molly on

Regular people have the same juggling like her, just harder than her to handle. Many women have full time jobs yet to handle many daily activities. It’s real life. At least she has lots of money to make life easier than regular people.

Angelica on

I think she’s pretty. I’m sure she’s a great mom too!

NatesMama on

Yes, she probably has it easier than many new moms, but she’s still a new mom. Just because she might have help doesn’t make her any less of a new mom than the rest of us.

Give the woman a break. This is why Mommy Shaming is a thing. Its pretty horrible of us.

klutzy_girl on

@Sylvia – you gave me a good giggle. It isn’t a truffle as in the sweet chocolate variety, it’s the truffle as in the savoury fungi variety!

Birdie on

Hoi Ben,Via via ben ik bij jou blog terecht gekomen en ik heb wel een vraag. Namelijk, het psychologische interview wat houdt het precies in? Ervaarde jij het als moeilijk? Kun je misschien een paar voorbeelden van vragen geven die er worden gesteld? Verder vraag ik me ook af waarom jij DFA aanraadt. Grintee,Jan-Wollem