Second Child on the Way for Billy Joel

04/14/2015 at 12:00 PM ET

Billy Joel Second Child Alexis Roderick
Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

It’s time for Billy Joel to start singing that lullaby again.

The “Piano Man” singer, 65, and girlfriend Alexis Roderick are expecting their first child together this summer, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The baby on the way — a source tells PEOPLE it’s a girl! — will be Joel’s second child. He has one daughter, singer/songwriter Alexa Ray, 29, from his previous marriage to supermodel Christie Brinkley.

Joel and Roderick, 33 — an accomplished equestrian and a former Morgan Stanley executive — have been together since 2009.

“Billy is thrilled to become a dad again,” the source adds.

They are keeping any further details about the pregnancy under wraps until they welcome their new addition, his rep adds.

— Tierney McAfee with reporting by Mary Margaret

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Wow on

He will be 86 or 87 when she graduates from college…or deceased.

Kathy on

All in the name of money..These old fart men crack me up with their younger girl friends, most all young enough to be their daughters…Do they really think these young girls LOVE them and want to be with them…Its all about status and money! How sad that these older men allow this to happen to them. Do you really think people are impressed…they are laughing at you and shaking their head with utter disgust.

Kathy on

My guess will be deceased since he’s a big drinker/smoker. His 29 year old daughter can kiss her inheritance goodbye! Wonder how she feels about dear old Dad with his girlfriend that is almost her age. What a great role model…not! Another GOLD DIGGER snagged another.

hanna on

How selfish of Billy Joel. Men after a certain age are not supposed to have children. Every year over the age of 30, a man increases the risk of his unborn child’s chance of having genetic diseases and mental illness (like schizophrenia and autism) dramatically. Just adopt or better yet, enjoy your grandchildren more.

lola on

EW EW EW and oh yeah…… EW!!! Come on who wants a spouse who is more that 30 years older than you (daddy issues) And why would you want that spouse to become a new parent again?!!! Not fair to the kid!! No one is guaranteed a long life, but this is a for sure thing that he will not be around when the kid is grown and needs its Father.

Nay on

I thought she was in her late 40’s.. ouch.

What?! on

It should be against the law to marry someone old enough to be your child.

Whatever on

If this was Madonna she’d get made fun of for having a younger guy but if it’s Billy Joel, a man, there will be much less criticism. I’m not saying their should be criticism; people should live and let live. (Even in the case of women of a certain age!) It’s the last acceptable discrimination.

Cecile White on

She looks way older than 33 in my opinion.

Nauseous on


paisley on

Congratulations Billy!

Sharon on

If I had a lot of money, I would buy me a boy toy!
They make you feel younger… Imagine that!

Chrissy on

Im of mixed minds when it comes to the age difference, however…what I cannot fathom is why any person would want a baby at 66 years of age. She will be 21 when he is 87. Old enough to be her great grandfather….not truly fair to the kid. Sure she will have tons of money, but at some point presence is way more important than presents. Joel has had issues with alcoholism and such…and most likely she wont have a father to dance her Sweet 16 dance with much less her wedding dance. He will not likely be around to see her graduate from high school much less college. Im not making any morality calls on Ms Roderick, but hey…you are young enough to be his daughter’s pal. All I am questioning is why??

SandyFeet on

Some of these comments are vile! Be happy for them and remember that love doesn’t come with a use-by-date. Congratulations to the parents to be.

Vee on

His girlfriend is 4 years older than his daughter? I’m a fan of his music but this seems just wrong. Will that baby have her dad in her life very long?

Dick on

Hi is a disgusting old fool! She is only interested in him for his money. Wonder how much Viagra he had to use?

Kimberly on

@SandyFeet, I agree. People can be so freakin’ nasty about stuff that doesn’t even concern them. For those commenting that he’ll probably be dead before the child is grown, you DO realize that people of ANY age die every day, right? I lost my father when I was ten, and he was much younger than Billy Joel is now! My own husband was killed a couple years ago in an 57. PEOPLE DIE. AGE isn’t always the deciding factor. If THEY are happy, that’s ALL that matters. Congratulations!

guest on

oh good, so his kids can come visit him in the nursing home after school…VERY irresponsible!!

veggiemama on

Grandpa. Grandpa. Oh, money, money, money.

Kim on

65! How unfair to the baby. Selfish.

Alana on

First of all, all these people who claim a younger woman can only be with an older man for his money are just speaking for themselves and don’t have enough imagination to realize that not everyone is like them. Second of all, the child will have one young parent, which is often enough. As for selfishness, which brand of selfishness do you like better? Should people with risky jobs such as military, police, firefighters etc have children? What about those who are infertile and obsess with having biological children which often results in more than wanted and multiples with disabilities? Do you all commenting have healthy marriages with people your own age who are not absent parents and had children when you were young, healthy, and rich?

Kay Pasa on

Yeesh….he’ll be 80 when she’s just entering high school.

guest on

Gross, just gross. Sperm donor.

guest on

And three times wed. Yes, three.

guest on

Kathy, you can have a great lover at almost any age, even twice your age or more. You love who you love and the sex is totally intoxicating. My best lover was twice my age. We were very lucky to be together for many years and my soulmate is missed terribly. BUT, having children with them, no. Not a good idea.

guest on

I agree Alana. Having had a long term relationship with someone much older than me, it had nothing to do with money. He had it and I didn’t get a penny when he died. I was in it for love, not money at all. We were deeply in love and I was totally satisfied sexually in every single way with him. Both of us did things with each other that we never did with anyone else. Our love story was hotter than 50 shades and there was no torture involved!

Lyds on

Every child is a gift and a blessing but I feel like it’s seriously off to be having kids in your 60’s. It’s not cruel to the parents but to the kid who is probably going to lose her father by the time she is 20. That’s just sad. 😦

Lauren on

Are you sure they don’t mean she is 43? Yowsa.

guest on

He’s not aging well so it may be love. Still, when you’re old enough to collect Social Security, stop having kids. He had a kid so he should be satisfied with that. If she wants kids, she should pick someone younger. Let’s face it, people die young for all kinds of reasons but odds are this kid will have very little time or even quality time with the father. Madonna is gross but she’s not getting pregnant by all her young lovers. Billy is being very selfish. He must want a boy to carry his legacy.

guest on

It’s a little incestuous to me that his daughter and girlfriend are close in age and name! Gross, just EWWWW.

Megan on

No way she’s 33. She looks like old hag faced Kathy Lee

Carol on

Next up, he will see the light, give up all unhealthy vices, be a devoted dad. Great for the new baby, a total slap in the face to his grown daughter.

KiKi on

Seriously?! OMG!

Ggood on

All the judging on here. You guys should be proud of yourself. I guess you all lead crystal clean perfect lives.

pwswan on

I wonder if he finds it a tad awkward that he’s dating someone who has almost exactly the same first name as his daughter. I guess, as long as he doesn’t get their names mixed up, live and let live.

J on

You two MORONS wouldn’t know decent music if it hit you upside your stupid heads……Who the hell are you two anyway?????

Dogman69 on

I can just imagine how well the conversation went when he broke the news to his daughter…”Honey, remember that sister you always wanted…”. About 26 years too late!

Dogman69 on

I think he should contact Paul McCartney…

Dogman69 on

“Sing us song about a Gold Digger, Sing us a song tonight…”, I can go on, on and on with this.

Lyanna on

Ewwwwww, come on, Mr. Joel! You should be a grandpa for crying out loud. The baby momma is nearly his daughter’s age? Just creepy.

lynnie on

Poor Alexa, now she will not receive all her dad’s money!! LOL

Anonymous on

She is with someone the age like his father for his money.

Kyle on

they should start building a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed nursery for Billy Joel’s second daughter which she’ll be named her Madison Rosalind Nyman Joel and they should hire Alexis’ mom Mrs. Roderick to be invited to her baby shower

Barb on

Let’s face it! She only got pregnant so she could get more money when they divorce. (or he dies, whatever comes first)

Frieda on

Hey – I have a father in his 80’s. He is just as disinterested in fatherhood now as he was in his 40’s. His father, my late grandfather, was a paternal and caring. He showed me love and set a good example for me. Too bad my much younger “age appropriate” father did not posses these same characteristics.
The age is not a relevant factor.
Care and concern are the most important factors.