North West Gets Baptized in Jerusalem

04/13/2015 at 03:30 PM ET

Kim Kardashian North Baptized Israel
Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West had their 22-month-old daughter, North, baptized in Jerusalem on Monday, the reality star’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the ceremony took place at Cathedral of Sts. James in the historic Armenian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, which goes back to the 4th century A.D.

“They flew [into Jerusalem] especially for [the baptism],” a close family source tells PEOPLE. “They knew it was close to Armenia and it was always a dream to come to Jerusalem. There’s an Armenian quarter, and they did it at this old beautiful church. It was epic. So beautiful.”

The Kardashian-West family and Khloé Kardashian, who was named North’s godmother, touched down in the Holy Land on Monday after a five-day trip to Armenia. They’ll leave for Jordan on Tuesday, TMZ reports.

Nori isn’t the only one who took a dip during the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars’ Middle Eastern tour. Her dad gave a free concert in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, but it was shut down after the rapper jumped into a lake.

The spiritual trip is expected to be featured on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

— Tierney McAfee with reporting by Jennifer Garcia

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Tracy on

I wonder if the child has ever been in a church before today.

Just Sayin' on

Yeah because they are SO religious

arabrabbra on

HEY Christians worried about gay marriage – – THIS makes a mockery of your faith. Two people loving each other doesn’t. THIS, this absolutely DOES.

Callie on

That’s beautiful. Once in a life time event. As for Kanye jumping in a lake, no surprise. No tact, no class, no respect for what I’m sure was not just a lake but probably a sacred pool of water

Nanu21 on

Has North ever even been in a church before?????

rose on

I’m so confused… how is someone going to go on a “spiritual journey” and act like they are so religious, but then act like a tramp? I’m pretty sure god doesn’t approve of you being naked every 5 seconds and then acting like a Christian.

FelicityJune on

Jesus would turn in his grave, if he knew these freaks have been contaminating the holy land!!!

jewels1972 on

@FelicityJune: Uh, Christians believe that Jesus is not in the grave…He was resurrected and lives

melissa on

“It was epic.”
WOW. That’s why you’re supposed to get baptized, right? So it can be in the media and be described as “epic?” I don’t care what religion you are, a baptism should be a quiet and sacred event. Classy. As always.

Ms Brown on

I don’t care what you say, that’s freaken amazing!

Mon on

Who are they trying to kid? They are soooooo fake. Is this baptism in Jerusalem suppose to make them “spiritual people”?? “Role models?” “Good Christians?” Come on! They might kid some but they will never kid God! He knows everything!!! EVERYTHING!!!!!! I can’t believe someone could use something like this just for publicity! Outrageous!

Gh on

Why do these people think that it is ok to drag a toddler all over the world and subject her to dangerous crowds of crazy fans and paparazzi. They both should be locked up for child endangerment. They obviously have no consideration for the health and well being of their child. Why a simple baptism near the home surrounded by loved ones just isn’t good enough for them I simply do not understand. I am not religious by any means, but even I am extremely offended that they feel worthy to be baptized in the most holy place on earth. They are both terrible human beings. Who do they think they are? Apparently, God’s gift to the world.

NotKim on

Since when does baptizing a child mean you are pretending to be so religious? As for god not approving last I heard he is a forgiving god.Maybe more people should practice that and not take their dislike of someone out on an innocent child.

Patti on

Now she can come home and do other nude spread somewhere.. The whole family are nothing but pigs.

monson on

UgIy n!ggIet

Amy on

I always wanted Kanye West to go jump in a lake!!!

oh on

Seriously, these two blow my mind. Remember what happened to the Beatles when John Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus? Kanye walks around calling himself Yeesus and posted as Jesus on the front of Rolling Stone, honestly I think he really sees himself up there with Jesus. Its just incredible the arrogance he has. They think they are royalty but I don’t think they have much class at all.

Alesha on

“It was epic.” ???

Brooke on

Aaaaaand cue the wackadoo Christians to come out of the woodwork with their confident assertions of what god must think that coincidentally matches what they think!! Some of these comments would be comedy gold if not so pathetic. Baptism is MEANINGLESS and so are these sexist, racist, pro-rape, pro-slavery, bronze age religions that people cling to. It’s been over 2000 years. HE’S NOT COMING BACK!

Anonymous on

Just waiting for an international incident to occur if it hasn’t already.

LaVonda on

That’s good for her. But make sure its for real & not for making ratings for the show. Now baptize Kanye!!!!!

Karen on

It’s a once in a life time trip.Why night the river is right there.

bellabee on

Ah, I bet most of you making the hateful comments are church goers, eh?

Wow on

Why is she even being baptized? She has no sin….smh

anon on

To me, patently absurd

sue on

All for the show. Ratings rule their life.

Liz on

Did anyone explain to them that baptism is a Christian sacrament, not a photo opp?

Becky on

LOL What a disgrace for Jerusalem, not because of the innocent baby, but because of the rest of em’.

sandy on

Well I dont care for them, but this IS cool, I wonder what norths gown looked like? beautiful im sure, as well as the church, who cares what they believe or do, I dont.

Shari on

This simply makes me sad. I do not condone people that I know who have no religious values that suddenly hit church for the “majors” (Christmas, Easter, etc.). Same goes for this baptism. Kim/Kanye – do you think God will be fooled that you actually have faith? I recognize that the baptism is about your child, but how will you continue her spiritual journey??? Will there be any follow up at all by attending mass of any denomination, or a more religious component to your lives (which break about every commandment out there)?
I am by no means a holy roller, but seriously…..If this was not about publicity or your show, would you have cared to do this??? The kid is one and you FINALLY decide to have her baptized?
I certainly hope you take this seriously and try to bring some faith/God into your lives. Lord knows you certainly could use it.

kathy from fla on

Quite simply. WHO CARES?

gymluv on

I heard Kanye interrupted the baptism when Khloe was announced as the godmother. He said, ‘I know Khloe would be a good godmother, but Beyonce is the best godmother of all time’. The camera crew gasped, Kim shot him a look of horror, and Kanye threw himself into the lake. Of course E! will edit this all out, so just remember this exclusive.

skigirl25 on

Money can’t buy you God!!!
One of them must have laid awake one night and thought this goofy idea up!

Lydia on

The child nor the parents have been in or to church before today. It’s just another publicity stunt again. I wonder what was Kim’s church attire look like hummmm…I bet she wore black, very tight, and low cut and he wore black, had holes in it and sneakers.

Anonymous on

They are so religious that they wait to baptize their child at 22 months. It’s sad but the only reason they probably did it was for media coverage, photo op, storyline for their reality show and so Kim can have something to post on Instagram .

Heather on

Good for them. Glad they got that opportunity. It really is very sad how incredibly judgmental people are online!! It really is sad.

Marine on

some of you are such judgmental assholes. i might not go to Church every Sunday but that doesn’t make me less of a believer. I don’t need to go to church every Sunday to believe in God. Also how to you know if they are believer or not? some of you just love to hate on a person just for the sake of hating them. And from what my theology classes thought me was God forgives all, including the ones who like to judge and voice opinions on topics they have no information on.

freya on

I don’t feel their religious commitment . I think this is just a PR PLOY, You see if you really are serious about going to church and about helping a cause you don’t have to brag the media with you. Nah no matter what their show’s rating is still tanking.

exit82 on

No matter what the circumstances-or the reason-it was a lovely thing to do for her-well done

Anonymous on

With those two as her parents, some early soul saving couldn’t hurt…

Edie on

Spiritual trip. How insulting.

a.s. on

I’m surprised any church agreed to let the Kardashians inside given how “religious” they are. They wouldn’t know what is a religion even if it bit them in the ass, not the kids fault but still. The Kardashians are a walking sin after sin!!!!

larkwoodgirl on

Is there anything that these two media whores hold sacred? The Baptism of a child is a very personal event; not one to pimp put to the rest of the world. They have no shame.

NoDoubt! on

what a joke! these people don’t deserve attention, let alone this. the child will never be brought up right

Ilona on

KARDASHIAN IN A CHURCH …..i think it’s soo funny !!! ah ah ah