Kourtney Kardashian: Why I Named My Son Reign Aston

04/13/2015 at 09:00 PM ET

Kourtney Kardashian son Reign Ashton name
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When it comes to naming her children, Kourtney Kardashian is on point with her choices, creating names that are on trend and meaningful.

After finding out she was pregnant with her third child, the wheels started turning to come up with a name that would compliment her first two children, Mason Dash, 5, and Penelope Scotland, 2½, with longtime love Scott Disick, 31.

“I’m never certain [with names] until they’re born,” the reality star and designer, 36, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

But once she settled on Reign Aston, it was perfection. “I love it!” she adds.

“I actually had the name on our list with Mason,” she explains. “Then with Penelope, I had it on the list but spelled R-A-I-N.”

And for her third child, which Kardashian was convinced was a “girl in the beginning,” she was once again leaning towards Rain as the name. “Once I found out I was having a boy, we just changed the spelling again,” she says. (And her 4-month-old baby boy has some pretty cool initials, R-A-D, which is a fun added bonus.)

Now back at work focusing on her Kardashian Kids collection, which launched at Nordstrom.com Monday, the eldest Kardashian sister is settling into her role as working mom and enjoying her time designing with her two sisters Kim, 34, and Khloé, 30.

“We put so much into it and were constantly sending references to each other,” she notes.

“We take a lot of pride in the line and we’re all kind of perfectionists and very detailed oriented,” she says while explaining why the line has had such success.

The collection, which is a personal one for Kardashian as a mom, reflects her own style and that of her children, and Kim’s daughter North, 22 months, who all have their own unique tastes in fashion.

“Mason is very picky with what he wears,” she says with a laugh. “I think it’s fun to let him have that expression. He’s all about comfort.”

Penelope on the other hand is similar to her mom, but very much a “girly girl,” Kardashian says.

And for baby Reign? “He has an amazing wardrobe,” one that’s chockfull of hand-me-downs from his siblings and cousin North, she admits.

Kourtney Kardashian Kids
Courtesy Kardashian Kids

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— Jennifer Garcia

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Shocker! on

What do you know? Another FREE ADVERTISEMENT for the Kardashian family!

innerjuju on

On the list of ‘Worst Celebrity Baby Names Ever’. Thank goodness for Rocket Zot or Reign would have placed higher.

julie on

Kourtney has precious children and really seems to love being a mom. I myself like Rain for a girl better. Her name choices are always different but it seems to fit her personality.

Just Sayin' on

“We named him Reign b/c we want him to be a spoiled pretentious douchebag. He comes from a proud line of douchebag warriors, we want him to continue our legacy!”

nanamna on

What does she mean by the names of her kids complimenting her other kids names ( with a last name of disk does really anything compliment that) and come on we are supposed to believe the new baby has hand me downs ( and from penny and north) excuse me no

Ellie on

Not a bad name, when u compare it to Gwyneth calling her child Apple. That for me was the worst one ever!!

MissScarlett on


maryhelenc on

@nanamna: when I chose my daughter’s names, I wanted them to sound like they were all siblings & complimented each other too. I wanted them to all have the same feel I guess. My eldest has a “unisex” name, so I didn’t want to choose super feminine names for the other two or they wouldn’t sound right. Lots of parents feel that way.

Carly on

Ok, so why did she name her son Reign? Because she liked it and had it picked out for her other children?

Norah on

OK, so I thought it was because Scott calls himself “lord”, and so “reign” was a nod to Scott’s delusional title! And the Aston part, I thought was because of Scott’s love of fancy cars — you know, the Aston Martin… Clearly, I put way more thought into this than Kourtney did!!! Lol!!!

Ima Great on

dumb spoiled brat from hollyweird. dumb names.

Grammar Police on

People, the word in the article should be spelled complement. You are using the wrong word and that should be the last thing a publication does.

Jennifer on

So her first two dodged the bullet and the third one took it. Terrible name.

Skinnyminnie2006 on

@Ellie, Chris Martin picked out Apple’s name-his manager’s daughter is named Apple. Gwyneth was so tired from the birth she did not want to argue with him. It was pretty well documented at the time. And that’s not as bad as Moxie Crimefighter or Pilot Inspektor. Apple and Reign are pretentious, but not hideous.

gymluv on

Of course he has hand me downs from a girl because North dresses like a biker dude who is going to a funeral. Unlike her mommy who attends memorials dressed in a bright red dress, sleeveless, with deep V that shows her boobs. Because the dead are not the center of the universe, Kim is. Ironically the dead deserve more respect than Kim, yet Kim shows them none.

Marc on

She’s more Re+@rded than actual Re+@rds!

Mandy Johnson on

I’ve been watching KUWTH since season 1 & I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the show! The family is GREAT, no matter what people may say. You all are very blessed to have such a close nit family & Ms. Kris is an awesome mom & manager. You all have so much to be thankful for. Especially your BEAUTIFUL TEETH! I would do anything to have teeth like you all. I’ve went to sleep & had dreams that I was getting my teeth fixed & I was with Khloe, Kim, Kourt & Ms. Kris, May God bless you all, XoXo-Mandy Elizabeth Johnson

Mandy Johnson on

Also, I have to admit I do genuinely love the name Reign Aston. It is so different & has edge to it but its definitely perfect along with Mason & Penelope. Kourtney Kardashian is the PERFECT MOTHER & PERFECT PARTNER to Scott Disick. The word PERFECT may be a little extreme but in my opinion she’s very near perfect, including she has PATIENTS that I wish I had,,,Very Blessed Family :))

Marie on

LOL @JustSayin’ and @Norah! Best comments yet! I thought Aston (Ass Ton?) was a nod to Aunt Kim.

Ala Lemon on

I’ll have to disagree with Kourtney, Reign as a name doesn’t fit well with Mason and Penelope. Maybe because I’m not a fan of the name in the first place, I find it tacky. Inverting his names, make it Aston Reign, would have been a much better fit, in my opinion.

Anonymous on

nanamana- If this were Kim we were talking about, then I’d agree with you about the hand-me-downs. However, Kourtney seems to be much more down to Earth- and much less about appearances- than her sisters (in fact, I would say that, apart from Rob, she’s probably the most “normal” one of the bunch!). So I don’t think it’s that far-fetched that she uses hand-me-downs. 🙂

dd on

the name sounds a little pompous, but hey, it’s her kid!
The picture i saw of the baby…he sure was a cutey!

Anonymous on

Kourtney should follow her family’s tradition, name her son starting with K…

mary on

She had no choice, Scott is Lord(gag), she had to name him Reign to keep him around.

Nanu21 on

The new Duggar baby was in the news so naturally a Kardashian had to also be included…..why are any of these people in the news daily? What has happened to reporting real news????

Cass on

I have nothing against the name but I don’t think it goes with Penelope and Mason – two very classic names. If her first had been Reign, I probably wouldn’t have blinked twice (at least not after North West)

Toots on

Because Satan was already taken?

April on

Because they think they are royalty, and the only thing got them anywhere was a video with Rayj.

April on

In all reality the name these wannabes pick out!! One is a direction, ones a jar, one is power and one is a weaver. Note that none of them are kkk’s guess it’s not as cool as their mother thinks

Al K. Dhuh on

I don’t care for any of the kids middle names (Dash, Scotland and Aston). I also like Reign better for a girl’s name.

Al K. Dhuh on

North is an even worse name. It sounds like a joke. Poor little girl will get teased about it in school all the time.

Vanessa on

Not to make a big deal out of this but: seems a little odd that she specifically insists on assigning the name Reign to a boy and Rain to a girl. Does she feel that a “power” name like Reign is inappropriate for a girl…??

Evelyn on

And the Lord doth Reign…!

Sara K on

So where did the “Aston” come from? I don’t mind Reign so much (although it’s certainly more feminine sounding than masculine) but “Reign” with “Aston” … I dunno. Aston in general is a poor choice. For goodness’ sake, it starts with “Ass.”

Sara K on

Nanamna said it – “Aston” with “Disick” is just an awful idea. Ass + di(si)ck. No.

Guest on

Nice name! Congratulations on her new addition.

Dove on

This is old news.

ME on

The entire Kardashian klan is completely vapid and a shining example of what is wrong with today’s so called celebrity culture. If I had to pick a remotely tolerable Kardashian, it would be Kourtney because she seems to be the most into her children instead of the family’s public status. But there is no denying that she comes across as a Snooty Rich Beeyatch.

Brenda J LaGrone on

I beat her to the name Reign A. for my son by 13 years. He is on the YouTube channel Reign I. He is an amazingly brilliant young man.