Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Welcome Son Silas Randall

04/11/2015 at 10:05 AM ET

Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel Welcome Son Silas Randall
Kevin Mazur/Getty

It’s official: Justin Timberlake will be passing on his suit and tie.

The singer-songwriter and his wife, actress Jessica Biel, have welcomed their first child, son Silas Randall Timberlake, their reps confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

Reps say mom and baby are doing well and dad is “ecstatic.” Further details are not being released at this time.

Silas was the middle name of Timberlake’s maternal grandfather Bill Bomar, who died in 2012, while Randall is the musician’s own middle name, as well as his father’s first.

After months of keeping Biel’s pregnancy under wraps, Timberlake finally confirmed (on his 34th birthday in January) that the couple were expecting a baby together.

“Thank you EVERYONE for the Bday wishes! This year, I’m getting the GREATEST GIFT EVER. CAN’T WAIT,” he captioned a photo of himself kissing Biel’s bare baby belly.

According to Timberlake’s hashtags, the couple were making guesses as to the sex, after opting to keep it a delivery surprise.

Weeks before she gave birth, Biel, 33, celebrated her own birthday — and Timberlake once again took to Instagram to shower his wife with love.

“Happy Bday to the sweetest, most GORGEOUS, goofiest, most BAD-ASS chick I know. You make me smile ’til it hurts. I love you like crazy,” he wrote.

And the shoutouts continued as Timberlake picked up the innovator award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 29, calling Biel his “best friend and favorite collaborator.”

“I can’t wait to see our greatest creation yet,” he said. “Daddy’s heading home right now to innovate by learning how to change a poopy diaper and get my swaddle on!”

— Anya Leon

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Mel on

Congratulations!! That is awesome! Nothing better than meeting your child for the first time. Wishing them well. Love his name, quite different.

Kate on

Awe congratulations to them!! I really like the name Silas.


Congrats You Two❤️😘😋

MHR on

Great name! Congratulations Jessica and Justin!

Kendall on

Blessings and love to this sweet family. Love the name.

Celeste on

Aww, congratualtions! I love the name.

Anonymous on

awwww!!! Baby Timberlake is here. Congrats!

chris on

Very nice. Congratulations.


Interesting name! So happy for this couple

Moira on

Congrats. Great name.

Suez on

AWESOME name. It’s unique without being tacky and made up, strong yet not traditionally macho. Very nice choice, good job Timberlakes.

Anonymous on

Congratulations! Wonder if they chose Silas for its meaning – three – as the are now a happy family of three. All the best to them during this time.

KaaJaa on

Awwwww happy for them and can’t wait to see the cutie!! Congrats to them!!!

Maggie on

I knew they would give the baby a nice normal name. I love the name. I’m so happy for them.

Dee on

Congrats to them.

Lilyflower on

Congrats! Love the name.

JLM on

Awww congrats to them! They will be good parents. JT has been SO excited…He’s gonna be a great Daddy ❤️

Grace on

Love the name! Congrats on your new baby. Lots of love and happiness (and the best reason for sleepless nights).

Annie on

As the mommy of a five year old Silas, I obviously love the name – just hope this doesn’t push it over the top into popularity.

caffeineandcarbs on

Interesting name…congratulations to the happy couple!

sue good on

I’m surprised everyone loves the name Silas. Most people must be VERY young they don’t realize it is an old man’s name and not that complimentary.It falls under the same area as “Elmer,Otis,Milo.” But maybe Silas will become a “cool” name due to the fact his parents are celebs.

maryhelenc on

Congrats! I love love LOVE his name!

NS on

That’s my son’s name, but I changed up the spelling (sylas). It’s strong and everyone always comments how they love it. Congrats and God Bless JT and Jessica!

Juli on

I was just yesterday wondering when/if she had already given birth! Congratulations to Justin and Jess on the birth of baby Silas, Justin sure sounded excited and anxious to welcome the little one.

Anonymous on

Not 1 single negative comment? Wow! I must say it’s rather refreshing…

Katie on

Finally, a celebrity baby name that’s unique without being ridiculous! Love it!

Anonymous on

Congrats to the new happy parents. I don’t like the name but it’s their baby and to each their own. I hope the baby continues to bring them love and happiness. Cheers.

SandyFeet on

Congratulations to the Mom and Dad!! And a BIG welcome to baby Silas.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to the Timberlakes. One of the coolest men I know is named Silas. He is nice, funny, and a joy to be around. God Bless You All.

Deanna on

Really like the name. Bet Silas is going to be a real looker when you consider the parents.

Vicki Wathen on

Great news! Congratulations to both of you – raising and loving a child is the very best thing on this planet – enjoy!!!!

tiffany on

As a mom of a 12.5 y.o. named Silas, I’m quite fond of the name. Congrats to the new parents!

sue on

Congratulations! So sweet that they named him after Justin’s Grandfather that he was so close to. His middle name was Silas. Love it!!!

Mon on

Aw so happy for them!!! Blessings to all three!

Missy on

Why is there sad and mad faces on this story?? Get your life people…..Congratulations to this beautiful couple!!

Leslie on

@sara It’s pronounced SY-luhss. I like it…But am I the only one who just thinks “Duck Dynasty” when they hear it?

kim on

My 5 yr old grandson is named Silas Jacob. When he was named in 2010 there were only 324 people in the US with that first name so obviously I love the name! Also love them as a couple. Best wishes to them and hope they live long and happy together.

msbunky on

Congratulations to Jessica and Justin on the birth of your sweet little Silas. Wishing you both all the joy your hearts can hold. Silas…welcome to the world! You’ve got some pretty cool parents…may your life with them be blessed, just as you have blessed them.

Gina on

I like his name 🙂 I wonder if Justin will allow Jessica to be in any of the baby photo’s, it’s always all about JT.

Nicole on

Congratulations to the Timberlakes! I love the name Silas, its different. I know that Silas is going to be one loved little boy 🙂

Amy on

That’s going to be one good looking baby.

mandii99 on

Congratulations to Jessica and Justin on the healthy birth of their son, Silas Randall Timberlake. A strong name commemorating Justin’s side of the family. First, Middle and Last. I have regretted for 45 years that when my son was born, my husband’s middle name became our son’s first name. My husband’s deceased father’s first name became my son’s middle name, and, of course the last name was the same. That I didn’t INSIST that part of my son’s name was commemorative of the incredible men on my side of the family, was my fault. No haters, please. Mom to Mom, I’m thrilled for Jessica. My regret is my regret only.

Tara on

it’s so irritating when celebrities don’t confirm a pregnancy but can’t wait for the birth announcement/pictures

nikki on


Sophia on

Congratulations but both the first and middle names are about Justin Timberlake. The baby boy is Jessica Biel’s son too. I mean their choice of course, but it’s just bizarre.

SMH on

@ sue good: Old names are making a comeback and have for years. If you’re going to be negative, please be current with the times.

Callie on

That’s going really old school with the name but I love it! Congratulations!!

Pimpeloentje on

Congratulations to the proud parents!
By hearing the name Silas I always think of “The da Vinci code”…
Am I the only one?

Janie on

Congrats to both! I love the name Silas! Wonderful news!

Smithy on

Congrats to them.

Elle on

Good for them. Is he going to be faithful to her now that she had his baby?

Me on

Silas? As in Angels and Demons? Awsome character in the story, but he may be teased someday

Jessica on

Such a perfect name! Love it. Congrats!

Barbara on

I am not a celebrity worshipper, but I love this couple and couldn’t be more pleased for them….welcome little Silas!

michelle on

Nice name. 🙂 I currently live in Brazil and its a common name here. Pronounced, “sea-las”..

Anonymous on

@Sophia. You know people name there kids after the father all the time. It’s has nothing to do with it being all about the father. Some people just want to continue to pass the name down. If they have another child Jessica might give her parents name next time.

Suez on

@Sophia how is it bizarre? Plenty of first born sons are “jr”‘s in some form. Justin’s grandfather meant a lot to him and passed away a couple years ago, I think it’s fitting. And why do you assume Jessica didn’t like the name just as much?

Jamaga on

I am not a jealous person, but dang if I’m not a little envious of Jessica Biel. I love JT! Congrats to them!!

AppetiteDeluxe on

I for sure thought they were having a girl! Congrats

Guest on

To those complaining that Jessica’s family isn’t represented in the baby’s name, pooh on you! I’m sure she is just fine with her little boy’s name. I expect she had as much influence in the choice as Justin did. I love the name Silas, different, but not Hollyweird, bizarre or overused.

starbbycat on

People generally seem positive about this event. Sorry but I am wondering what Jessica’s contribution is in the name, or is it as usual with JT always about JT?

gymluv on

Love a celebrity couple who cherishes their marriage and pregnancy enough to try to keep details private. It is so refreshing. A new baby is such an enormous blessing, congratulations to the new mommy and daddy. Silas is one lucky boy!

T on

Congrats to Justin and Jessica!! I love that the name is different, but a good different. It actually has great meaning and ties to the family. Best wishes to the family!

eana1 on

CONGRATS! I believe they’ll be GREAT parents! And who knows, maybe Silas will grow up to marry one of Jimmy Fallon’s daughters, which will make their bromance LEGAL! 🙂

Jane on

Congrats to them on the birth of their, undoubtedly, beautiful child. And thanks to them for giving that boy a normal, yet uniqueness ame!

Leanne Deal on

Congratulations! Love the name!

Jayne on

It is not unusual or weird to name the first born after the father/grandfather. Future children may well have names from mom’s side. Very traditional.

Moe on

Great name! Great family! So happy to read a happy story about a celebrity family you really want to celebrate for a change. Welcome to the world, Silas, what a lucky little guy you are!

Molly Eire Photography on

I think it’s refreshing to see them name their child based on family, instead of trying to give their kid a name that nobody else has. Nothing wrong with either, but in this case, it’s very nice to see.

Lovely name!

Debbie on

Congratulations! Love the name! Is there a family meaning to it?

Ginger on

So glad to hear about the birth of their first born. May he bring them much joy and happiness.

Water on

Hmmm hahah okay!

amyinoaktown on

Congrats! Like Silas….nice strong biblical name, but could be a family name as well.

Debbie on

Congrats to the beautiful couple!

AnonymousTKO on

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Timberlake!!!! I like the name Silas, reminds me of Silas Botwin 😉 they grow so fast, enjoy the little moments!!!

Gaby on

I KNEW it was a boy.

Anonymous on

That name has a lot of S’s in it. Lol

Guest on

This makes me feel old. And I’m glad they said baby belly instead of bump

Becca on

Pretty name! It’s unique, but not “out there”, ridiculous or embarrassing like 95% of Hollywoods kids names.

Texas Gal on

Congratulations to the happy family! Love the name Silas!

To each their own on

Congratulations to them. A child is such a blessing and I wish them lots of happiness for the rest of their lives.

Lexie on

Congratulations! Have a cousin named Silas, who’s just a few months old. Never would have guessed it was such an old name. Some of the old names are quite beautiful and I’m glad to see them coming back to be used again.

Krystelle on

It’s nice to see a celebrity couple name their child a name with meaning.

MJ on

This is so wonderful! They have both seemed so excited for the birth of their son, they are a truly blessed family.

Chris on

What a great daddy he will be! Can’t wait to hear the songs that result from the pure happiness Justin must be experiencing!

kali1998 on

Congratulations on your baby boy.!!!!!!

Anonymous on

FINALLY!!!! A wonderful NORMAL name for a baby!!! Congratulations!!! You will now know what true love is! ❤

kali1998 on

Congratulations on your baby boy!!!!!!!!!!

Susanne on

Wishing the three of them all the best. They both seem pretty level headed. Love the name of the baby!

Mich on

I love the name Silas! Reminds of the gorgeous guy on the show “Weeds”. His name was Silas on that show. Congrats to Jessica and Justin!!

nancy on

Congratulations on your new addition…take your time and enjoy the most beautiful miracle!

Amber on

Officially the sexiest daddy on Earth!! Lol
Congrats to the Timberlakes!

Anonymous on

So now people have to make sure they include names from both sides of the family if they want to name their children after loved ones? SMH

Anyway, congrats to them!

fran on

Congratulation to the both of you love the name, wishing both of you very well.

sosbaiji on

Congratulations mommy and daddy!

dd on

that’s a nice family name

Dawn on

I don’t know what the big deal is My daughter s named after my husband’s mother and grandmother. I love her name and I had a lot to say in her name. I love my husband and I loved that he was passionate to name our precious miracle after two strong women.

deanna on

Congratulations timberlake family

alice on

congratulations love Justin Timberlake

lifebesideluke on

So does this mean I officially have to give up all hope for JT and Britney?

Volly on

Congratulations to them.

tchiles50 on

Congratulations..Justin And Jessica. On The New Arrival Of Your Son Silas. May You Enjoy Every Single Day With The Love Of A Beautiful Combination Of You Both.. God Bless You Three.


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