Hilaria Baldwin Bares Almost All in New Baby Bump Photo

04/11/2015 at 01:15 PM ET

Hilaria Baldwin pregnant baby bump

Hilaria Baldwin is six-and-a-half months into her pregnancy, and she’s got the bump to prove it.

The yoga instructor, and Mrs. Alec Baldwin, posted a pretty revealing photo Friday on Instagram.

“This is a loooooowwwwww baby,” she wrote, accompanying a mirror shot of her tummy … and not much else.

The couple announced her pregnancy, their second child together, on New Year’s Day.

Then she let the emojis do the talking: Hilaria added a few coy blue heart emojis a day later to tell the world they were expecting a boy.

The new addition has plenty to look forward to: Daughter Carmen Gabriela hasn’t even turned 2 yet, and she already sat front row at New York Fashion Week with her mom.

“I knew I was going to love her a lot, but it’s incredible how deeply,” Hilaria told PEOPLE in 2013.

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julie on

Gross….way too much shown for a Mom of one and step mother!

Nicole Seguin on

Who thinks she wants to be in PLAYBOY instead of PEOPLE?

Kim on

For someone who despises the press and has caused such a stir about wanting privacy, seems like she is ok with sharing her half naked bodie with the world. Somebody must not be getting enough attention.

LilahK on

I bet Kim Basinger is shaking her head laughing at Alec and his woman child. Why must she post all these selfies? She could share with her husband, family and friends. Attention seeking behavior at its best.

Pam on

Very low baby. He won’t have far to drop when the time comes.

Julie on

@ Kim, totally agree! She sure thinks a lot of herself. And by the way she’s always posting pictures of herself, she sure thinks she’s a celebrity. Tacky, the pic is just tacky, and so is she.

Catherine on

I agree with Kim, it’s weird that Alec hates the press so much but is apparently fine with his wife’s constant selfies. I’d be happy to give her privacy if she would just stop! 🙂

Georgia on

Inappropriate for public sharing – period. Some moments are meant to be private and personal and her judgment is clearly off…that or she is super attention-seeking. I don’t care to see my best friend or sister baring all in their sheer skivvies let alone some celebrity wanna-be who is uber-pregnant. #YouCan’tBuyClass

sue's on

Is there a reason we need to see her body? or she trying to throw it in Kim Basinger face?

gymluv on

Hilaria needs to learn a few lessons about class from a real celebrity mom, Jessica Biel. It is not a coincidence that Jessica’s pregnancy/baby news has an abundance of congratulations, while this picture is being ridiculed all over the internet. It is not a low baby I see in this picture, it is Hilaria’s looooow self-esteem and desperation.

LOL on

She looks great but that’s something her husband needs to see, not her Instagram followers. She could have shown how low that baby was hanging in something less revealing than lingerie. Not sure what she was going for, compliments? Just seems a little odd to fish for those from strangers.

Tessa on

Disgusting. Why is this necessary?? Nothing is private anymore.

Betty Rubble on

Maybe my phone doesn’t show the entire picture but I see a pregnant woman in a maternity tank top. Is that considered baring it all now?

Carol on

Tacky, tacky, tacky. Any chance Hilaria Baldwin is related to the Kardashians? She has the right complexion, not to mention the fame*horing.

Carol on

Tacky, tacky, tacky. Any chance Hilaria Baldwin is related to the Kardashians?

Tee Tee on

Betty Ruble, you aren’t seeing the whole post. The picture at the top has her dressed in a tank top. But underneath the article, there is a picture of her dressed very inappropriately. She’s wearing a black lace bra and what appear to be thong panties.

Tracy on

She looks great, but why do people feel the need to make such photos public?

mer on

You comment “nothing is private anymore” on a site that focuses on following private lives of celebrities. You’re funny.

mer on

Omg, how is wearing a black lace bra and what appear to be thong panties being dressed inappropriately? Inappropriately how? Her age, her state, this site? If you don’t like it, who’s forcing you to look at it? You people are so hypocritical and judgemental.

Tessa on

Um, no “mer”, this site is an entertainment site, and what celebrities choose to reveal about their private lives is up to them. She didn’t have to post this private moment. That is my point.

Vida on

Mrs. Baldwin, Please keep your private life private! Thanks

K.B. on

She really is carrying low. Maybe it’s a boy this time!

Guest on

Self consumed much?

Susu on

That’s way too revealing , somehow it doesn’t look appropriate , I have no idea why but Demi Moore showed more skin when she did her famous naked pregnant cover but looked a lot more classy

Hilaria just looks tacky

heather on

Doesn’t look as low in the pic with her clothed.

startermama on

If she wasn’t pregnant, and posted this pic of herself in the same underthings, would we care this much? Futhermore, if she were overweight, we would be applauding her for ’embracing her pregnancy body’ and proudly displaying it. I think a lot of the backlash is because she is attractive and in shape, and has confidence in herself. The thong is a bit much, but other than that, if I looked like her when I was pregnant (which I definitely didn’t!) I would probably be posting pics of myself half naked, too. Get it, girl!

Anonymous on

Another self absorbed celebrity wife trying to be relevant…a nobody. Sad

mike on

This girl is annoying!
Talk about desperate for attention!!!!!

Amela on

What a pig. Like her husband.

Vee on

The hair on the back of my neck stands up when I see the name Baldwin. Her husband is a repulsive human being in so many ways. I feel sorry for the children having him for a father and an attention-seeking mother.

Sara K on

She looks incredible!!

Barbara on

Gorgeous photos ,,,, she’s an awesome woman. So happy for them :))

merisright on

Tessa like u said it’s up to them on how much they want to share their private life. if you’re going to be on a site about people’s private life and complain nothing is private anymore I think you really mean “can I enjoy reading about private lives so I can say ugly things about them”

She put it on ig, don’t follow her. Complain to People not to put people’s photos of the shots _you_ don’t like in articles and see where that gets you.

Charlotte on

She is trash.

Hea on

Yes, because we couldn’t possibly tell that she’s carrying low if she wore, say, a tank top..?

Kristin on

What every man wants to see when they’re grown…. Selfies of their mom when she was pregnant with them wearing a thong.

meghan on

@startermom, a picture like this show a distinct lack of confidence and a desperation for validation.

Tami Warren on

Wow….talk about a group of snarky and bitter women. Those with the negative comments, are you jealous or something? Instead of sitting on your cellulite riddled butts and attacking people you don’t personally know, why don’t you turn off your computers and exercise! She is not showing anything inappropriate, women wear less on the beach and to a public pool. The only problem with her in the picture is that frumpy, overweight women who are unhappy in their own lives get to feel important and powerful hidden behind their computer screens and trash people they are jealous of from afar. It’s really sad and pathetic ladies.
When I was pregnant the last two times , I posted pics online of myself much like those. I was 40, with 2 adult children (and 3 grandchildren) as well as an 8 yr old with the next to last and then 42 with the last. I was proud of how good I looked. I’ve been pregnant 5 times and have no stretchmarks….I work out and I’m proud of how I look….. I’m now 6 months from 49 and people usually guess my age as 30ish….I have kids older than 30, so, I am proud of myself.
Hilaria Baldwin looks awesome to have a toddler and be pregnant again…I know how hard it is to keep your body from falling apart with back to back pregnancies. She should be proud and there is nothing wrong with showing it off.
Being fit and firm and looking good takes hard work, when you are successful at it, there is nothing wrong with showing it.
Maybe it will inspire some of the women that would rather toss on baggy sweats and their husbands old, oversize T-shirts to hide their flab while stuffing their faces with garbage like pop-tarts (that they poison their children with as well), to change their attitudes about their health and fitness (and their family’s as well) and improve themselves.
Just because you have babies doesn’t mean you have to look frumpy, flabby and nasty….even if you are home full-time. I have never worked outside of the home, being a full-time wife and mom is all I ever wanted to do. Just because I don’t have a full-time job away from home, doesn’t mean I should look horrible. I get up in the morning, workout before my 7½ and 5 yr old wake up, then shower and put one normal clothes (I don’t even own sweats) and do my hair and makeup. then get my kids up to start the day. I have always done this, even when they were babies. My husband loves having as he says, “A steaming hot wife” and I don’t have to worry about him fooling around with some 20-something yr old because he isn’t turned on by an out of shape, sweats wearing wife.
So, instead of tearing people apart because you are so envious and jealous that the stench of it comes across over the Internet, don something for yourselves and improve your lives……you will be amazed at how it will make the bitterness and hatefulness vanish.

me on

I think she looks beautiful! Her pregnant belly is cute. However, the picture is really revealing almost too much, it should have been done in a more tasteful matter not wearing that.