Alyssa Milano Says Breastmilk ‘Is Nothing Short of a Miracle’

04/09/2015 at 10:00 PM ET

Alyssa Milano Breastfeeding
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Alyssa Milano is continuing to speak out about bottles of her breastmilk that were confiscated at the Heathrow Airport in London.

“I realize there are much larger issues going on in the world. And I don’t want to turn this into a bigger issue than it is but I will say this … breastfeeding my children has been one of the greatest joys of my life,” she tells PEOPLE in a statement.

“Every ounce of milk I’m able to produce for my child is nothing short of a miracle and to watch that milk be thrown away without any regard for my baby, was heartbreaking. It’s not the fault of the security in the airport; they’re following orders to keep us all safe. But I do I feel it is a policy that needs thoughtful reconsideration.  I’m glad this has started a dialogue. My only hope is to make things easier for moms, breastfeeding and formula feeding moms, everywhere.”

The actress first called media attention to the issue when she posted several Tweets about it on Thursday, including one where she wrote,”Why can you test my toiletries to make sure they are safe but you have to throw away my breast milk?”

Milano is mom to daughter Elizabella Dylan, 7 months, and son Milo Thomas, 3½.

— Sheila Cosgrove Baylis with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Catherine on

The only time I’ve ever had anything confiscated at the airport, it was a very expensive bottle of sunscreen that I forgot was even in my carry-on. I was so mad at the time because they just threw it in the trash right in front of me. I can only imagine how angry and hurt Alyssa must have been to have her breast milk thrown away. Couldn’t they have scanned it somehow?

strawberryjam on

My husband took some bottles of ensure in his luggage and forgot they were in there, and security said they could test them and then he could keep them, but it would take a little time. Noone even said we had to throw them away.

Angelica on

They could of at least asked her if someone could pick it up for her and take him instead of throwing it away..
@catherine id be mad too if someone threw away an expensive bottle of sunscreen! They should at least give an option of storing it somewhere like a lost and found or something.

DM on

Why did she need to keep it if her baby wasn’t even with her? This seems ridiculous. Rules are rules. Know them before you board a plane, and stop with all the self-righteousness.

Edie on

Couldn’t she just nurse if she needed too? It’s ridiculous that they threw it away but not surprising.

lily on

Get over it. Rules are rules, & she wasn’t travelling with the baby, so of course she can’t take the breastmilk with her unless its in her checked bags. If she was travelling with her baby, then there are allowances made for milk, formal, etc. We’ve been living with this rule for 10 years, it’s not thing new & someone who travels as frequently as she does ought to know better. It was her oversight, & the airport did everything correctly. @Angelica, there are options other than throwing something out….you can go back to the airline & check the item, you can mail it to yourself, or most airports have a storage area…but these things all take time & most people don’t have enough time to rectify their mistakes.

lyrical on

I didn’t read the article, only the headline. How embarrassing for her. If breastmilk is a miracle, so is urine, so is phlegm, so is diarrhea and a sucking chest wound. Breastmilk is a fluid excretion. All mammals produce it for their young (and so do pigeons!). It is the opposite of miraculous; it is “natural” and nearly unavoidable! It’s great to feed one’s young, but miracle? Uh, no. Now if someone produced fountains of bright green breastmilk, that might seem miraculous, or at least special.

I would have been FURIOUS to have my milk tossed like that. It pisses me off that TSA personnel throw ANYthing away, what a waste!

Just a Duck on

I’m so tired of hearing about this woman’s boobs, baby and breast milk.

Andrea on

Someone shut this saggy tit loser has been up. Breastfeeding is disgusting. Who wants a kid sucking their private parts? Cavemen times are what titsucking kids are.

Anonymous on

Let me guess @DM and @Edie, you’re not mothers..? Because here’s the deal. Sometimes when you’re a working mom you’re forced to travel. But even with a schedule that takes you away from your baby, if it’s important for you to breastfeed (read all about the benefits – I wont get into them here) then you pump. So to prepare for your impending trip, you breastfeed and then pump extra. And while you’re away, you still need to pump (even without the baby) to keep your milk supply up. That way when you get home, you can still nurse your baby on the schedule he/she is accustomed to. So you save up before you leave, you pump while you’re away, and you give your baby the pumped milk when you return. It’s hard work pumping while traveling, really hard work. But we do it because our baby needs it. So it’s infuriating and really discouraging to have to throw it away when you know your baby is counting on it and you worked so hard to provide it.

Anonymous on

ANYONE who knows about the process of breastfeeding and needing to travel understands Alyssa’s frustration. Liquids get tested all the time in airports without being thrown away.

Sara K on

I agree; that would be very upsetting.

Tonja on

I hope you never have children Andrea. There’s nothing disgusting about breast feeding. Sounds like you belong in a cave.

guest on

Good Lord stop being so over enamoured with a bodily function. If its SO HARD to breast feed then bottle feed we don’t want to hear your complaints when its your option.

Andrea on

@tonja trust me I don’t want any pesky kids. I enjoy my breasts perky and sleeping in on weekends!

PD on

If water is not allowed on board for passenger, neither should breast milk. Its a safety issue. Didn’t matter what the liquid was–rules are rules.

really? on

Why was she in London??? Not for work I presume — remember she quit working on ‘Mistresses’ because it moved from plushy California to Vancouver and she said she wanted to spend more time with her family.. so I guess was her family with her at Heathrow??
I don’t feel sorry for you Alyssa.. follow the rules like everyone else… just cause you’re celeb in the States, doesn’t mean squat in London!!

Tracey on

Not sure why different airports have different procedures. My daughter was away from her son on a trip with me for 4 days, we carried 24 bags through SF airport 2 weeks ago, they tested it and that was it. No hassles, they tested it like they do all liquids carried on.

Anonymous on

guest- She’s breastfeeding because she wants to do what’s best for her baby!

And how in the world are people getting from her statement that she thinks she’s above the rules because she’s a celeb? Apparently you didn’t see this portion of it: “It’s not the fault of the security in the airport; they’re following orders to keep us all safe. But I do I feel it is a policy that needs thoughtful reconsideration.”

guest on

Anonymous – she is clearly ranting with all these tweets so lets not pretend she’s not throwing a tantrum. If she wanted whats best for baby she would be home with her baby so she could breast feed it AND there is nothing wrong with formula or supplementing with formula if you are going to be an absentee mom during breast feeding age. What she seems to want and so many rude parents want is for the world to bend to their and their kid’s convenience. They don’t want to follow rules, they want others to listen to their screaming kids without complaint and in many cases want society to pay for it. Sorry, you inflict your kids on the world you deal with it.

Mandy on

Again a lot of hateful women on here bashing someone they don’t know. This is a stupid policy. If you are away from your baby, you have to pump. When I went back to work I had to pump 3 to 4 times while there so I could continue to feed my daughter. She brought this up for other mother’s as well so hopefully they won’t have the same thing happen to them. Andrea I doubt your breasts are very perky & I’m sure you will always be able to sleep in since no one is ever going to want to live with a hateful person like you.

Callie on

Hating her so much right now! She doesn’t want to make a bigger issue of this than it is but that’s all she’s doing!!!! She didn’t have her baby with her and there are laws to follow, get over yourself girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

If the rules you can’t carry water at the airport, so you may not carry breast milk in bottle. It’s the rule you have to obey.

dawn wlls on

It’s utter nonsense to act as if she couldn’t bring the milk with her of course- it just has to be in containers of 3 ounces or less. Is she that stupid or does she think she’s special!? The rules about how much liquid you can carry on have been in place for years and were highly publicized. She can take a ship but she CAN’T make up her own rules just because she feels entitled. She didn’t even have the child with her so she’s hardly breastfeeding in the sense she was trying to use here, anyway!

People Reader on

Yes, Alyssa, we all know you have breastes ( mispell)…..happy now? seriously? With all the real issues women face across the globe, this is the one you take high profile?? Silly.

anne on

Perhaps someone could tell me why she didn’t just pump and throw it away? The baby wasn’t with her. How was she going to keep it fresh till she could get home and feed her baby? She (and idiot publications) are making a story about nothing.

Tiffany on

She’s only saying it’s nobody’s fault because of the backlash. She said she pumped out 5 ounces after she got on the plane. Her baby wasn’t with her, so clearly she’s somewhere eating something. I’m tired of all the outrage & running to the internet to complain when you’re forced to follow the rules LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! This is right up there with the woman who bought her disabled daughter a coach ticket, then tried to sneak her into 1st class. The rules are for EVERYONE. Just trying to ‘start a conversation’ my foot!

Sencho on

It’s a bodily fluid, just like any other. No more, no less. And just because it came out of Ms. Milano does not imbue it with any special powers or importance. What an ego this one has!

aly on

In her previous tweets yes she was absolutely blaming the airport. This wasn’t a case of the airport not allowing her to bring breast milk back, she did not have it stored in the proper sized containers. If making sure her daughter has breast milk is that important to her, you would think she would have checked out the rules before hand to make sure she was following the guidelines for bringing it back. Instead she just assumed it was fine and started whinning like a toddler when she didn’t get her way.
And before anyone judges me, I had massive supply issues with my daughter, pumped every 2 hrs for 6 months to give her breast milk and didn’t even have enough milk for an 8 oz bottle. I know how important every little drop of breast milk is, especially when you’re tied to a breast pump the whole day, and how heartbreaking it would be to have it thrown away, but I would sure I knew the rules of bringing it back before I started whining about the law.

Kimberly on

Oh good grief, rules are rules and I doubt she’s the first to have this happen. The only time you hear about this woman it’s something to do with breast feeding. She seems a bit obsessed. Trust me sweetie, life will go on without a few bottles of breast milk.

Katy on

She’s right about one thing: there are more important things going on in this world. How is she unaware of the liquid limit on airplanes? It’s been strictly enforced since 9/11. It can be frustrating but it’s for our safety. Breast feeding is great but get over yourself lady. If you’re that obsessed with breast feeding then don’t leave your offspring behind when you travel.

Julia N. on

Guest says “there’s nothing wrong with formula if you are going to be an absentee mom during breast feeding years.” BINGO!!!!! BINGO!!!! No offense but ordinary moms don’t go jet setting very much at all. I’m tired of reading about these “celeb” moms that preach about the “miracle” of nursing yet they are constantly off doing something away from their precious infant. Stars have the unique luxury to take time off with their babies and they obviously don’t want to.

meghan on

Oh God, give it a rest already!

mommytoane on

I understand her being upset, however I’m sure she had a good stock of milk set aside for the baby as any mom traveling would. All airlines have different rules about breast milk while flying without baby. Alyssa has a right to be upset, but she should double check all rules before she boards another plane to avoid this sort of meltdown. The rules can’t be changed just because she is famous. I’m sure she will have no problem replenishing her stock.

Anonymous on

I am very curious why they threw this away because traveling with breastmilk IS allowed.

Pixy14 on

I’m confused…..when I flew with my baby (who I was EP’ing for) they were able to test my breast milk just fine. Is it as country specific rule? So confused. Baby food and milk is an exception to the rule in the US. It requires additional screening, but is not generally an issue. Airports are not toddler/baby friendly. We have to bring food and milk with us!

Laura on

Shut up already! Rules are rules. The airport has their rules clearly stated on their website. Took me all of 2 minutes to find! Safety and security is not a debate. I applaud the airport for enforcing the rules in order to ensure her safe return home to breastfeed her baby.

According to Heathrow Airport:
“Can I carry breast milk in the cabin?
If you are travelling with a baby or infant you can carry a reasonable amount outside of your liquid bag for your journey. To assist security screening, please do not carry these items in a flask. If you are not travelling with a baby / infant all your liquids must comply with the 100ml rule. Spare supplies should be packed in hold baggage.”

Anonymous on

People a telling her to “shut up” and calling her names are missing her point. She is posting this for dialogue and hoping the rules be reconsidered to help nursing mothers, so they don’t have to throw it away. In the US, they test it. That is her point….she says it clear as day, policy that needs reconsideration!

I wish other women would stop the angry, hating, words. Some of you are so nasty.

Give me a break on

In the good old days, mothers never had the convenience of breast pumps, etc, so suck it up, girls. You aren’t special because you got knocked up, and your babies aren’t any more special to the world just because they dropped out of your wombs. Get over yourselves!!!!!!!!

JustAnotherMom on

Anonymous (that posted on April 11th),
People’s reaction to Alyssa are because of the rant she went on (as others have said, the temper tantrum she threw). Only AFTER she got a ton of backlash about her behavior, did she say how it was not the security agents fault, and that the policy needs some reconsideration. Before that, all she did was throw a fit. There are several of us posting on here (who are breast feeding moms) who do not agree with how she behaved. Saying she threw temper tantrums and saying she wants attention and all that other stuff, is not being nasty. I may have skipped some of the comments, but all I read were people saying their opinions of how Alyssa handled this situation. I didn’t see any nasty comments (and AGAIN, I may have missed some comments). I also agree that people should not be nasty when they comment about things, so hopefully no one took this to that level.

MartyPants on

Did she expect a pass given she is a C-list celebrity? Rules are rules. You can pump more and more can be made… it’s not an organ that was tossed, Alyssa. Get some perspective. Why not take a selfie to show how awesome you are?

Anonymous on

Airport has rules, so just follow the rules!

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Anonymous on

A mom of 2 and I breastfed both. Was at home with the first, but went back to work with the second. Pumping is not an easy task, especially if you are interrupted or in a hurry. I imagine pumping on plane wasn’t easy and you have to do it to continue to provide for your baby and to keep yourself from having issues (won’t go into that). I would of been mad as well. It takes a lot of work and is very beneficial for the baby. Think they could of gave her some different options, instead of throwing it away