Alyssa Milano ‘Not Okay’ After Breast Milk Is Confiscated at Airport

04/09/2015 at 10:30 AM ET

Alyssa Milano breast milk airport
Rob Kim/Getty

Alyssa Milano‘s pot of liquid gold is running dry.

The actress found Heathrow Airport in London less than charming when her bottles of breast milk were confiscated while she passed through security.

Nine hours after admitting that pumping on a plane was “difficult,” the actress — mom to daughter Elizabella Dylan, 7 months, and son Milo Thomas, 3½ — took to Twitter again to express her upset when her hard work did not pay off.

“@HeathrowAirport just took my pumped breast milk away. 10 ounces. Gone. Not okay,” Milano, 42, Tweeted.

“They said they would let the pumped milk through if I had the baby with me. Why would I need to pump if I had the baby with me????”

According to Milano, the airport was willing to test her toiletries but threw her breast milk in the trash. “It was less than 5 ounces per container. Why is my shampoo okay,” she Tweeted.

In her final frustrated Tweet, Milano even offered a solution to the airport’s policy. “I would have happily spread milk in different containers (which I travel with) to comply to those liquid rules,” she explains.

“Instead, milk was taken away with no discussion. Shampoo, lotions, et cetera were simply tested and handed back with no issue. Makes no sense at all.”

Heathrow responded via Twitter, writing, “Hi Alyssa. Unfortunately, without a baby present, the government requires all liquids in carry-ons to follow the 100ml rule.”

— Anya Leon

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beez on

I feel for her. It’s sad to see even 10 oz go to waste.

K on

While I understand how frustrating it must be, that has ALWAYS been the rule. What sort of security would it be if someone could get something terrible through a MAJOR INTERNATIONAL airport by hiding it in breastmilk and get a free pass? Of course it looks suspicious that she doesn’t have a baby with her. When you fly, you have to pump and dump.

The law is the law. You’re not special just because you’ve proven your genitals work. That’s the bottom line.

Lyanna on

Oh give me a break! What a bunch of shan. They just threw her baby’s food in the garbage, nice. K? Really? Genitals? Think you need a road map.

Merry on

There is no excuse whatsoever to them dumping her hard pumped milk. That was her baby’s nutrition. Every mother who has ever pumped knows how precious that milk is! Shame on Heathrow Airport! And, to the person who linked breastmilk with genitals-what?? Breastmilk is food for your baby-boobs are not genitals in that sense!

Philippa Raphet Meeng on

It hasn’t always been the rule, only for the last 10 years or so. And the fact that they threw away her breast milk only shows how ridiculously paranoid this so-called security measure really is. Alyssa has every right to be angry, I would be too.

Linda on

Follow the rules, stop complaining. You are not special.

Anonymous on

They can test the milk to check for contaminants – I’ve had that done with mine many times while going through the airport. They should have at least told her what they were doing so that she had the option to transfer the milk to different containers. Pumping is important not only to keep her milk going but also to replenish the stash at home that her baby would likely have used up while she was away. I understand the importance of rules but seems I think it’s important to keep in mind the reason for the rules – for safety – and it’s unlikely that 10 oz of breastmilk pumped for a baby to drink would be a safety breach.

Annie on

I would like to echo the comment that this has not ALWAYS been the rule. In fact, it is quite arbitrary and is a recent addition. Moreover, you can only reform rules to make them more efficient by voicing these types of complaints, rather than remaining silent.

Sarah on

Totally agree with the airport, the rule is you’re not aloud to have liquids over 100ml with you. just because it’s breast milk doesn’t mean you get to break the rules, and just because a “celeberity” doesn’t mean she gets special treatment. that’s the rule deal with it

Liz on

I have traveled with over 90+ oz of pumped milk while I was away from my baby for 3 days. I was all in containers 3oz or smaller (milk bags). TSA tested the milk bags (I was planning for this), and were very carful with it. I was by my precious milk the entire time. I am horrified that this happened to you Alyssa. My heart goes out to you! *HUGS*

Kimberly on

Call me weird if you want but do we really have to see her big boob hanging out, cover up!! I just think some moms really have to feel superior that they breast feed ,the whole breast is best thing! Another thing while it’s wrong they made her throw away her breast milk remember we have all lost certain right after 9/11. Sorry I just think this isn’t something major, there are so many other things to talk about, I just think the girl isn’t relevant, personally I just never cared for her at all.

Lori on

I feel for her, it was hard enough having to pump it . I didn’t produce that much and when I did even four ounces I was at least lucky. They can’t test breast milk ?they do with formula
It’s a shame all she was trying to feed her child

dawn on

rules are rules, follow them or i don’t.

Just Sayin' on

Ok Kimberly, you are weird. Happy now?

Roze on

Oh boo hoo, why you carrying it around with you anyway? Just stay home with your kid. It’s not like you have a job anyway, bimbo.

Ken on

I would gladly drink her breast milk so it doesn’t go to waste.

Cyndi on

Last time I went through, I put the cooler through security and told everyone and no one even looked in the cooler!

Anonymous on

Well now she knows, need smaller containers. TSA was just doing their job. It’s not like they have a choice in the matter.

Ologius on

She is someone who flys a lot, you think she would double check the regulations of another country, so it is mostly her fault. Though if she had other containers, she should have been able to spread it out.

Me on

In her defense, the US rules are different. We can take breast milk, formula, milk, etc. for our babies in any quantity. They do a quick test and no questions are asked. She probably should have looked into the rules for it internationally, I imagine customs was involved. That would be her only fault. It’s a shame what some of you are writing, obviously you didn’t pump or breastfeed.

T on

@Roze You are disgusting. Get a life.

Sarah on

Too bad she was in England – the American TSA would have allowed it. Per the TSA guidelines that much breast milk would have been completely fine to bring, no need to put in smaller containers.

twinkle on

The onus is on her to check what the rules and regulations are not get someone to tell her and then hard come back later when she’s swapped bottles. Seriously? You’re at an airport, hardly a shock that you can’t just do what you want. Stupid woman.

Nikole on

As a mom who pumped exclusively I find this appalling. Not every woman who breastfeed a has the option to stay home. Sometimes a job involves travel and when you travel you pump. It would be suspicious if she didn’t have a pump or other materials clearly used for pumping milk. You shouldn’t have to pump and dump if you have the option of freezing it or getting it to your chikd within the allotted time.

Dayle on

I’m sorry for her frustration but rules are made for a reason. First people complain if the rules are lax at an airport and then they complain when they won’t break a rule for their convenience. Now THAT’S frustrating! In this day and age with everything that has happened with mentally unstable pilots flying planes and terrorist attacks on planes wouldn’t you check and make sure what rules you need to follow???

Jessy on

Unfortunately, without a baby present, the government requires all liquids in carry-ons to follow the 100ml rule.” from airport post so why did they just take away instead of offering the option to switch bottles?? Sorry, they are in the wrong, not her…..

em on

I have traveled with breastmilk multiple times and never once have had issues. Everyone I’ve come in contact with from airline employees & flight staff to airport personnel and security have always been wonderful. My milk was usually in 2-5 oz milk bottles. This is such an unfortunate situation. I would have cried!

Holly on

Silly celebrity, for thinking the airline rules don’t apply to them.

Lisa on

Oh Gag. Clearly she has found a new focus in her life!!!!

Rebeccah on

I feel bad that she lost her pumped breast milk but rules are rules. Breastfeeding mothers are no exception. Moms don’t get a free pass.

Andrea on

Don’t breastfeed! It’s disgusting anyways. No one wants saggy milk tits!

Rachel on

I just flew from Miami to Connecticut with 130 Oz of Breast milk which was roughly 26 bags with out a problem they scanned them and tested them with their machine and handed it back to me with no issues. This is ABSOLUTELY absurd.

Poppy on

Has she never flown before? She knew the liquids rule was 3 oz or less. she choose not to abide by it. No sympathy here.

Angie on

Roze- Did you see the picture above? She’s breastfeeding her baby while getting her makeup done for her JOB. That was a dumb thing to call her out for when there is a photo of her at work on this very article.

Those of you implying that she thought she should get a free pass because she’s a celebrity must not understand what it takes to breastfeed, especially if you’re traveling and away from your baby for any amount of time. It’s a lot of work! They should have given her a chance to put it into separate containers..not because she is a celebrity, but because she is a breastfeeding mother.

ktdlzll on

Why did she have shampoo with her? I thought she used WEN

Ursula tresvan on

She wasn’t traveling with her baby, she should not be given an exception terrorists might use that reasoning, is she stupid?

Sara on

Lisa and Andrea, both of you should probably graduate from high school before you comment on an article about breastfeeding. You’re obviously children who don’t understand the importance of feeding your child! I’m not dissing bottle feeding, I bottle fed exclusively with my youngest child, but feeding your child milk from those “saggy milk tits” is the best thing for them and any man who doesn’t want his wife afterwards isn’t worth being with anyways. I can’t even describe how appalled I am at both of your responses!

Kel on

Disgusting picture. Put your freaking udder away!

Lizzy on

Ridiculous! I just boarded 2 flights with 4 bottles of milk each way (2 little ones), security checked the liquids, and off we went up up and away! That’s just security insanity… Sometimes a bit of profiling is necessary… But this was stupidly extreme!

Anonymous on

Not true K, I traveled without my baby and they tested the milk with strips and let me through.

EED on

She is allowed to have it without having a child:
“travelers flying with or without a child may bring medically necessary liquids, such as formula, breast milk and juice, in quantities greater than 3.4 ounces in their carry-on baggage. The formula, breast milk and juice need not fit within a quart-sized bag. ”

Michelle on

I have to agree with “K” here. The law is the law. It might suck, but it’s in place for everyone’s safety.

guest on

1. Its not a tragedy…she will make more. 2. follow the rules, breast feeding moms are not special, if they have jobs where they can’t or aren’t allowed to carry their milk then they should reconsider having children or breast feeding. Get your priorities straight. 3. its a stupid rule. What is the difference if the same liquid is in 5 2 oz bottles or 2 5 oz bottles. Either accept the milk or don’t spreading it out makes no difference.

Kat on

This is ridiculous! Look up the TSA rules, breast milk is an EXCEPTION to the ounce limitation rules, with or without a baby! I’d post the link here, but I don’t want my comment to get deleted. I printed it out and brought it with me to go through security with my breast pump and stored milk just in case they tried to pull this sort of trick on me. They took my milk containers and “visually inspected” them and that was that. I’d be furious, and I’d file a formal complaint at the very least if I were Alyssa. Shame on them!!

J on

I am SOOOOO over breastfeeding mothers thinking they’re entitles to EVERYTHING. Rules don’t apply to you? She did NOT have her baby with her. What exactly was she going to do with breast milk and NO baby? Hmmm. A few weeks ago I had to read about a fast food employee complaining that the only location to pump was in a restroom because there isn’t an office and they should build a space for people so that they don’t pump in a restroom… Are you kidding me?!?!?!? Oh the entitlement mentality! I’m 100% for breastfeed by the way. 😉 I just feel like some people are fanatical about everything.

P on

Would someone point out where a rule specifically states this amount is not allowed? A tweet is not a reg/law.

Alissa on

Alyssa needs to check with the regulations of each country she travels to and comply. She is not above the law! There are real threats out there and celebrity or not, you need to adhere to airport security.

amyinoaktown on

Rules are rules and are meant for everyone to follow…not just the little peope.

Debbe on

Alyssa, this is sad, but, when you go into other countries, make sure you know their rules. That way you don’t encounter such an issue. I am sure you could not have known but at least you can spread this out to other mothers. I don’t know why the rule is so harsh but I would prefer them to be more strict than to let someone with a bomb get on my plane.

Dee on

Seems to me she should have checked with TSA’s website first to see what was allowed. If she didn’t and wasn’t in compliance then it is clearly her fault. In which case, suck it up. If you were in compliance then file a complaint. Don’t just whine.

Casey on

lol @ J, are you serious? Let me help you. If she had her baby with her there would be no need for her to pump. When you are away from your baby the body is still producing milk and your breasts will get engorged and painful if you don’t pump. She was taking the pumped milk back home to use on her little girl. I can’t believe there are people as ignorant as you to ask “What exactly was she going to do with breast milk and NO baby? Hmmm.” Educate yourself please.

Debbe on

I do know how hard it is to breast feed, and pumping did not work for me at all even though hospital tried to help me. If you don’t pump you get gorged and it feels like your breasts are on fire. With all that said, I think she should have gracefully pointed out the ridiculous law and not seem above it or so shocked. When we go to other countries, we need to check up on their regulations.

Mia on

Maybe actors need different rules. After all they are far superior lol boo hoo. Also, no more breast feeding pics. We get it. And half of us did it respectfully covered up years ago.

arabrabbra on

Why is she pumping if her kid is THREE AND A HALF???

arabrabbra on

Sorry I see 7 months now

Anne on

J: I can’t tell if you’re a man, which would give you the teensiest of excuses for such a high degree of ignorance, or if you’re simply an idiot. A breastfeeding mother HAS to pump milk every few hours when she’s away from her baby; she doesn’t have a choice. That milk is then brought home to feed the baby when the mother is away (such as when she works). THAT is what she was doing with milk and no baby. Babies need up to 30oz of milk a day; a mother is lucky if she gets 5oz in a 1/2hr pumping session. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to see it thrown away by inflexible airport employees. As for pumping milk in a restroom, would you make yourself a meal in the toilets? Working moms who breastfeed have it crazy hard – show some support.

Kim on

@Sara: that is what breastfeeding working moms do. They bring home the refrigerated breast milk for their babies. Because they’re good moms. The only disgusting thing is your judgmental attitude.

ann on

i breastfed my 4 kids, however i always believe this is something good for them and a good bonding moment that i want to be keep priviate, meaning i would cover up,,,No one should be seeing my boob, specially with so much perverts out there… Please cover up let a beautiful experience be kept that way, We breastfed, we dont need special accomodations.. its our decision to give our kids the best we can when they are born.. and this is one of the best we can do…there’s very pretty breastfeeding items out there to cover up, or u can just use any pretty light blancket out there, so much varieties.. for the sake of privacy use them…

Anne on

@J: I can’t tell if you’re a man, which would give you the teensiest of excuses for such a high degree of ignorance, or if you’re simply an idiot. A breastfeeding mother HAS to pump milk every few hours when she’s away from her baby; she doesn’t have a choice. That milk is then brought home to feed the baby when the mother is away (such as when she works). THAT is what she was doing with milk and no baby. Babies need up to 30oz of milk a day; a mother is lucky if she gets 5oz in a 1/2hr pumping session. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to see it thrown away by inflexible airport employees. As for pumping milk in a restroom, would you make yourself a meal in the toilets?

Liz on

For all of those harping on the fact that she did not have her baby with her – that’s the main time when you pump breast milk, when you are not with your baby. If she had her baby with her, she could have breastfed her baby on the plane. In order to keep the whole breastmilk factory rolling, you have to get the milk out of your breasts, either via feeding the baby directly, or pumping for a later time. Women who are apart from their babies (like for work) often pump during that time so that they can keep the milk production going, and save the breast milk to be given to their baby while they are separated. Breast milk is the best nutrition for a baby, and pumping & storing isn’t an easy thing. to accomplish – that milk was wasted in the end. Any breastfeeding mother will tell you that the breast milk is so valuable, and to lose any amount is really defeating.

Kim on

J: I can’t tell if you’re a man, which would give you the teensiest of excuses for such a high degree of ignorance, or if you’re simply an idiot. A breastfeeding mother has to pump milk when she’s away from her baby; she doesn’t have a choice. That milk is then brought home to feed the baby when the mother is away (such as when she works). THAT is what she was doing with milk and no baby. Babies need up to 30oz of milk a day; a mother is lucky if she gets 5oz in a 1/2hr pumping session. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to see it thrown away by inflexible airport employees. As for pumping milk in a restroom, would you make yourself a meal in the toilets?

Jimbo on

Oh diddums. Follow the rules. Bring your baby with you if you are that concerned.

klutzy_girl on

Hate to break it to you, Alyssa but you’re in the wrong. Airlines have rules and everyone has to abide by them. You could have spared yourself the disappointment and further embarrassment of flapping your gums if you did your own research on the matter.

Is it just me or is all she in the news for these days is discussing breastfeeding? Such a martyr. *eyeroll*

Anonymous on

At least she’ll be able to wash her hair! REALLY? Why didn’t they just taste it. lol

Kim on

@J: A breastfeeding mother has to pump milk when she’s away from her baby; she doesn’t have a choice. That milk is then brought home to feed the baby when the mother is away (such as when she works). THAT is what she was doing with milk and no baby. Babies need up to 30oz of milk a day; a mother is lucky if she gets 5oz in a 1/2hr pumping session. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to see it thrown away by inflexible airport employees. As for pumping milk in a restroom, would you make yourself a meal in the toilets?

Anne on

@J: A breastfeeding mother has to pump milk when she’s away from her baby; she doesn’t have a choice. That milk is then brought home to feed the baby when the mother is away (such as when she works). THAT is what she was doing with milk and no baby. Babies need up to 30oz of milk a day; a mother is lucky if she gets 5oz in a 1/2hr pumping session. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to see it thrown away by inflexible airport employees. As for pumping milk in a restroom, would you make yourself a meal in the toilets?

SMH on

RULES ARE RULES! It went to waste because she decided to travel without her baby. I don’t care if it’s work related either. I would NEVER leave me baby behind. I currently have a baby, too! If my baby can’t go then I can’t go. Simple. I find it hard to believe she doesn’t have a stockpile of some sort at home. That little bit of milk, while wasted, isn’t going to starve her baby. To top it off, she complains about breastfeeding on a plane being difficult. Sweetheart, not everything in life is easy. Stop your whining.

Maggie on

I would cry, that is a lot of milk and pumping can be hard and stressful.

Kat on

Disregard part of my previous comment, can’t edit or delete unfortunately. Wasn’t paying close enough attention to notice it was Heathrow airport, which of course is not subject to TSA. However, I STILL think they failed to handle this situation appropriately, and I’m glad Alyssa brought her experience to the public so we can all encourage the changing of their ridiculous and inappropriate rule.

Lauren on

umm 3 1/2 years old is not a baby.

SMH on

*pumping on a plane

What?! on

@Kat, so the rules need to be changed because someone doesn’t know how to follow them? That’s what’s wrong with the world. People think they can do whatever they want to do. Everyone feels entitled.

Anonymous on

What was she going to do save the milk for the baby? It seems odd that she thought that would be okay!

RTftE1219 on

That sucks! (No pun intended)
I could never even get pumping to work for me!! I can only imagine pumping out that much and having it chunked in the trash!!

Laurie on

@SMH: I take it you don’t pump. It’s a nightmare on a plane. Unless you use a hand pump, it’s a big machine that needs to be plugged in or run on a battery pack. So your choices are: occupy a tiny restroom for 20-30mn while others wait, or hook yourself up to the machine right at your seat and hope that the businessman you’re sitting next to is cool with that. Either way, good luck getting much milk in those conditions.

Lucy on

For those who don’t understand why would you pump if you have a baby with you: well, unfortunately not all breastfed babies take the boob, I have a 7 month old baby that never got to latch on, but I wanted to feed her breastmilk anyway so I exclusively pump. I have travelled from the US to Portugal, Spain and the UK and always with my baby, my pump, and my breastmilk in a cooler. And although I more than anybody know how precious that liquid is (after spending months pumping every 3 hours, night and day), rules are rules, and in the UK milk has to be in <100ml containers, and if you do that, you will find no problems at all. Not only that, the ice packs to keep the milk refrigerated also have to fit in the small plastic bags and be <100ml too. Sorry Alyssa, no exceptions for VIPs.

Janice on

Alyssa, I really like you, but look at the other side, Now you can breathe a sigh of relief that when your little girl has to fly, that she is a whole lot safer due to rules like this. I know I am for my kids. Nothing is worth the chance of a plane going down.

Janice on

I can sympathize, but the other side of the coin is think how much safer your little on evil be when traveling. Nothing is worth a plane going down, Nothing. Google some of the thinks that people try to sneak on board.

STS on

I am all about protecting our boarders but it is time that we revisit some of the rules and regulations. If a mother can’t pump milk for her child on an airplane and then allow her to bring it off the plane – did she smuggle evil chemicals in her breasts to then pump it out? Makes no sense. Again, safety first but it’s time we get smart and start treating the overwhelming majority of travelers not like terrorists, but like humans.

hmm on

I’d rather see breast milk thrown out than a plane blown up. I get her frustration though. All of the rules are there to be read I advance. I just flew three different flights with three kids and all of their stuff. I spent about 15 mins going over the TSA rules so I wouldn’t run into any trouble

Mom on

This is insane. I have traveled with breast milk in a cooler and they are kind every time. They test each bottle (I exclusively pump so 12 bottles filled with 5 oz each is a lot for them to test) and didn’t complain. I don’t think she is asking for special treatment. Breast milk is under the same guidelines as a medically necessary liquid which they have rules in place for…I would have cried. How awful.

Guest on

It appears she doesn’t know basic math. 100 ml is 3.8 oz. That is less than 5. Same rules have been in place for years for ALL liquids. So next time buy containers under 4 oz

Lucy on

STS: you can pump milk and bring it off the plane, you just need to store it in <100ml containers, they will be scanned and that's all. You cna bring as many containers as you want, as long as all are <100ml. Regulations are different in different countries, and it is one's responsibility to check them before traveling.

Guest on

Kat — she wasn’t in the USA so TSA rules don’t matter….. At all

Ann — inflexible maybe, but those rules are for a reason. The reason being the safety of all passengers and folks on the ground. Error on the side of caution.

gymluv on

They will not allow breast milk because they are worried about explosives. Someone should tell them what happens when a nursing mom does not pump for a long time, it feels like her chest will explode.

Guest on

Jessy — if they offered to let you switch stuff vs tossing, you would be in line for hours. They don’t argue with you, they confiscate what is against the rules and move on. You can always ask before you hand them your things though.

Jamie on

Osama bin laden has been dead for a few years, yet hes still winning at hurting law abiding citizens, breast pumping mommies….. look 10 oz of acid, or gasoline is plenty enough to terrorize a plane….soon terrorist will catch on….and soon you wont be able to carry toothpaste, shampoo……….if I was her, id bring my baby to the air port, plop out my big boobie and breast feed infront of everyone….just to get even….lol….

ALU on

Breastmilk is and always should be considered MEDICAL LIQUIDS. You should be allowed to bring it on the plane, and she agreed to have it tested. She is so right: why would you be pumping if you had your baby with you? When that rule was written, it was clearly done by someone who has no clue about human nourishment and breastfeeding/pumping. Heathrow’s decision is disappointing and discouraging. And I don’t think she’s asking to be treated differently, either. She’s saying the rule is stupid, and it is.

Constance on

To all those saying “rules are rules”, I’m pretty sure part of the reason she is expressing frustration is pointing out that this is a nonsensical rule. It’s not the norm in western countries, and it’s a succinct way to point out maybe the UK needs to “catch up” here. For all the other judgmental questions about breastfeeding, educate yourself and/or don’t breastfeed (and trust that those who do have reasonable justifications for why this makes sense).

Lorz on

I had to pay to ship mine – refrigerated and overnight – because it would not be allowed on the plane. It sucks, but that’s the rules.

Lynette on

I’m sorry but I do not think Alyssa is trying to use her “celebrity” to get special treatment. Alyssa is just a mom who has a baby that is fed by breast milk. Pumping sucks…it’s hard and tedious. I would have been upset under those circumstances. But since she is a celebrity, and assuming she has an assistant (or manager), I would entrust those whom I employ to help me with traveling rules/guidelines. Maybe next time she will be better prepared.

Anon1 on

Good for Alyssa for speaking out on Twitter! Heathrow should have figured out a solution as surely they could have figured out a way to test it and had her put in other containers. Wonder if security person who dumped it never breast fed or pumped themselves?!

Lucy on

To Constance: probably you haven’t seen the machine that they use to scan the milk, but it can only fit containers of limited size. I don’t see why is such an terrible offense that they ask you to put the milk in several bottle/bags instead of all in a big one. Alyssa’s frustration shouldn’t be directed to this “nonsensical rule” as you say, it should be directed to herself for not doing her research before traveling internationally.

Emma on

“They said they would let the pumped milk through if I had the baby with me. Why would I need to pump if I had the baby with me????”

Did she seriously ask that question? I don’t even….wow Why the heck is she carrying breast milk on the plane on a transatlantic flight if the baby is not with her? I must be missing something here…

I get that she’s not a terrorist but there are plenty of female terrorists who could use this as an excuse. I don’t even agree with bringing it on when the baby is with the mother. Unless there is some way of testing breast milk..

Lucy on

… and there is a reason why they didn’t let her change the milk to other containers after that, it would be a total chaos if they let people reorganizing their stuff at the security lane

V on

Hard yes, could have been handled differently by both parties, yes. Quit acting better than other people just because you can breast feed. Not everyone can nor choose to and I know people with a stronger bond than those who breastfed it’s all in how you are with your baby.

Valerie on

This is a total SHAM! Is this an international law?! I just traveled (In February) from Arizona to Washington state with about 60 oz of milk in the pump bags, 5-6 oz per bag and NO ONE SAID A DAMN THING! You better believe I would not have let some A-Hole throw my milk away! And how stupid to say if the baby isn’t with her, uh, hello morons, she is pumping BECAUSE THE BABY ISN’T WITH HER!

Marty on

Scanning through the comments, it’s pretty easy to see which people have children, which people have never had children, and which people *should* never have children.

M on

I really feel sorry for her because they just tossed the breast milk away.! ! When a woman is breast feeding & has to be away from the baby she has to pump the milk.! ! A woman has to keep pumping the milk keeps coming in.! ! If she doesn’t pump the breast are very, very painful plus they will leak.! It’s the only thing she can do to give her baby a great start in life.! ! Those of you who say because she is famous she is trying to get special treatment.! No she is being a good mom.! ! ! That the airport just tossed the milk away was terrible.! ! ! She offered to put it in smaller containers & they wouldn’t even allow her to do that.! That is just not right.! ! I wonder if the people who were at the gate were against someone who is famous, because they wouldn’t even allow her to put it in smaller containers.? ? Would they have let another person put the milk in smaller containers.? ? ? People who ask why she was pumping when she didn’t have the baby with her need to brush up on breast feeding.! ! A woman has to pump the milk when she is going to be away from the baby.! ! The milk is then put in a cooler or refrigerator to be used at times when she is away.! ! No, I’m not famous but the people who think being an actress, actor or singer is not a job are so wrong.! Actresses, actors & singers most of the time put more hours in a day then people who work 8 hours a day.! ! Until the part they are playing or the song that they are singing is just right for YOU.! ! My daughter isn’t famous all over the USA but she is popular around the Atlanta & she puts in hours of practice before a show & that’s after her regular 8 hour job.! ! I can just imagine how someone who is famous all over the world has to practice.! ! To make the movie so YOU will like it, or perform on stage so YOU will want to continue to see him/her in another play, make that TV show so YOU keep watching it or sing that song so YOU will want to buy it.! ! Sorry, I know this article is not about actors or actresses but I just get so tired of people saying that they have it easy.!~!~~! Anyway I did breast feed my daughter until she wasn’t able to handle my milk & while I was breast feeding her I had to make sure she was fed on time & didn’t over sleep.! ! When the milk is there & ready for the baby it can be very, very painful if it builds up too much. When I couldn’t breast feed anymore I was in agonizing pain while I was waiting for the milk to dry up.! Plus my breasts would leak & even with the breast pads it could leak past the pads.! ! A woman has no choice but to pump her milk. ! Those of you who say if she has a baby she should stay home. That isn’t always possible.! She famous so she can do what she wants, NOT.! She still has a job to do & other people counting on her.! ! Heathrow Airport needs to rethink their rules.! Yes, rules are there for a purpose but some rules do get changed because of what someone went through because of them.! ! It is so sad, the amount of rules that have had to be put in place because of 9-11. But as I said some of the rules can be changed when it found that it is wrong for so many people.! ! ! I think Alyssa was right in letting the news know what happened to her. Maybe it has happened to other who were just afraid or didn’t know how to let it be known. Maybe it will help others in the long run.

trowbdon on

She didn’t have the baby with her, so why is she caring it around?

Andrea on

All the saggy boob mommies are defending this ex-celebrity. Rules are rules. No kid is EVER going near my chest. This was for cavemen times. It’s 2015. Bottle feed your kids. No after saggy tits that your husband or boyfriend will no longer to stand looking at.

nelle on

The rule is the rule! She is not special and her baby will get nutrients when she gets to her. YOu cannot get special treatment because you are famous or a mom, moms and stars can be criminals too!

marie on

Hey Merry, there’s a reason why formula exist. She’s has a lot of money, and obviously free time so it’s not the end of the world if her kid doesn’t get breast milk

erica harvey on

Really Breast milk! That is liquid gold and it was just thrown away!! Its hard to pump sometimes and its a plus if you get extra. Crazy I dont get this rule at all. MILK FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

heathrowIsLame on

heathrow harrasses everybody. they’re not nice people. get in line, alyssa.

Amy on

For all of you saying that’s the rule and follow the rules. It’s not the rule. I traveled with a friend like 2 years ago and she was able to go through with her breast milk without her baby. And anyone saying she didn’t follow the amount rule didn’t read the article. She offered to spread it out even more. Whoever tossed it should be fired.

lex on

I’ve flown in and out of Heathrow several times. I checked up the rules before I flying out in 2014. The rules are that the container can hold 100ml or less. She should have checked before she boarded the plane. Just because you are a mother does not mean you are exempt from the rules.

S on

Please give her a break. She tried to take breastmilk on a plane and was disappointed that it was thrown away. We all get lazy or busy or preoccupied and forget to check regulations like that. She’s frustrated, venting and asking legitimate questions. I tried to take baby food on board when I was with my baby and because one or two of the pouches was 110ml, they wanted me to taste it….but if i opened it, I’d have to refrigerate it for a 14 hr flight! I had to throw them…and I was frustrated too!

Anonymous on

Lauren- She has two children. Her son is 3 1/2. Her daughter, the one she is breastfeeding (and pumping for!) is seven months. 🙂

Anyway, this is terrible! They should have at least given her the opportunity to switch containers!

Layla on

Sorry Kimberly but you’re wrong. Breast is best. It’s not about feeling superior it’s the fact that breastfeeding is superior to any other forms of nutrition out there. Go Alyssa Milano. Sorry you had to deal with that. I breast fed until my daughter was two and would have gone longer if I could have. And obviously “K” must be a man… genitals really?

CO_Mom on

I feel for Alyssa. Losing even 2 ounces of breast milk is hard. 10 ounces could take days to replenish. I used to travel for work and would sometimes be returning with a cooler full of milk from an entire week away. I never had any confiscated…almost the opposite. Some of the agents simply didn’t want to be near it. However they were packaged in 2-3 ounce bottles/bags. Never did I have a child with me so that was a silly statement for them to make. It’s hard to be a nursing mother, especially when working/traveling…it’s unfortunate some airports make it that much harder to do so. I don’t agree she should get a ‘pass’, but they should have allowed her to transfer it to smaller containers. You can just ‘buy’ more food for the baby…breast milk is like liquid gold to nursing mothers!

CO_Mom on

I meant you CAN’T just ‘buy’ more food for the baby…

Paula McConnell on

LHR is probably one of the strictest airports in the world. Rules are rules and laws are laws…I’ve had several things confiscated there because they did not meet the 3.4 oz rule…live and learn…Sorry about the breast milk. It is a precious commodity, but it was too much per container..

Pixy14 on

Some mom’s pump even if baby is with them. I Exclusively pumped for my son who was a preemie. We never got the hang of BF’ing and EP’ing worked for us. If TSA confiscated milk that I pumped while on the plane regardless of whether I had baby or not I would have been LIVID. They can screen breast milk and generally require extra screening (been there done that). That aside…..I’m confused as to why they confiscated it after her flight….that seems kind of silly. It would be like them taking my water bottle from me that I bought on the plane. I’m a little confused about this story.

maria on

This is not about Alyssa Milano. This is about the ludicrous rules of the government to confiscate n without testing dump the the powerful liquid known to man. A liquid that can sustain human life alone n the government says DUMP IT. But toiletries that are hazardous to man n to our earth r confiscated but find important enough to be tested n given back. As she stated her shampoo broke the amt of ounces allowed in a single container. America lives by rules. Rules that are implemented not by the people but by a select group of elite. If America was truly the land of the free..we the people wld need to be heard and made part of all these rules. If u haven’t notice lately..Most rules implemented favor the government. We the people r thrown doggie bones..left over to make us feel that we matter. That the government is working for the people. Indeed we need rules. Make rules that don’t contradict their own rules. Ex. This story.. To throw away breast milk but not shampoo shows u how the government thinks. The doggie bone was the shampoo. Soon the government will try to tell us we r not permitted to breastfeed. Rules r made to protect. To keep calm and order. Had they confiscated n dumped the toiletries than I wld have no problem with this rules. But they did not. The rule can not be justified

P on

Alyssa Milano’s breast milk supply OR enforcing rules that ensure the safety of passengers on the plane!! I for one, feel reassured that airport security is doing their job!!

Guest on

That rule really sucks! No consideration for special situation like moms!

Dana on

This is NOT OK. I was Away from my daughter 3 days when she was 3 mos and did fine w/ taking pumped milk on plane and thru security. They see it’s a breatpump! She should have seriously spoken to a supervisor and make a rucus, instead of just posting on Twitter.

Give me a break on

Poor, poor Uber mothers and their special widdle needs, huh? Life must suck being the pampered, spoiled darlings you are, and with ALL that free, easy time, too. Ah, isn’t life just tragic?

Give me a break on

Marty on April 9th, 2015

Scanning through the comments, it’s pretty easy to see which people have children, which people have never had children, and which people *should* never have children.

So, only the self-righteous, arrogant whiners should have children? Thank goodness that only these parents’ children will have to suffer for their arrogance and not decent people who respect basic rules.

Toni on

Rules apply to us all… If you don’t know how much liquid you can take check before you go to the airport.duh really it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. They are trying to keep us safe…

Phoebe on

Hello folks,

Some of you appear to be confusing US law with UK law. The US law may well differ on this matter. However, as London Heathrow is located in the United Kingdom, UK law is applicable.

As stated at in the United Kingdom you may not carry more than 100ml of liquid in a single container. An exception is made in the case of breast milk if the baby is present.

I am sure to mothers everywhere this restriction seems very unfair and a waste of perfectly good milk. However, Heathrow is bound to act by UK law and the law is very clear and stringently enforced.

As always, international travellers owe it to themselves to be aware of the laws and customs of foreign nations so as to avoid aggravations caused by differences.

Valarie on

Heathrow is kinda strict comparing other airports. Next time she travels to Heathrow be prepared, so this wouldn’t have to happen again.