Jenna Bush Hager Expecting Second Daughter

04/06/2015 at 07:50 AM ET

Break out the confetti: Jenna Bush Hager is pregnant!

“We’re so excited,” she confirms to PEOPLE. “I’m ready to tell the world!”

The Today correspondent — who is 20 weeks along with a baby girl and due in August — wed Henry Hager in 2008. The couple are already parents to daughter Mila, 2 next week.

In the sweet video announcement, Mila announces that Baby Sissy is in her mama’s belly and blows Bush Hager’s bump a quick kiss.

“I appreciate life so much more as a mom. And I feel so lucky,” Bush Hager, 33, says. “I know how wonderful motherhood is and that makes it so much sweeter.”

Jenna Bush Hager Expecting Second Child Henry Hager
Courtesy Hager Family

The couple broke the joyful news to Bush Hager’s parents, former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura, the day after Christmas. “They were thrilled!” she says.

And Mila’s grandparents — “Grammy and Jefe” — are “obsessed with her,” the mom-to-be tells PEOPLE. “Mila is so bossy! She’ll be like, ‘Jefe, sit down! Grammy come here!’ and they do whatever she says. They can’t get enough of her.”

Happily, her second pregnancy has been smooth sailing for Bush Hager, who has been so busy. “My husband even said, ‘I keep forgetting you’re pregnant,’ ” she jokes.

After a delivery surprise with Mila turned out to be a complete shock — they thought all along that she was to be a son! — the parents-to-be decided to find out the sex of their second child and were excited to learn they would be welcoming a second daughter.

“We didn’t find out with Mila and we were convinced she was a boy, to the point that we painted the nursery a pale blue. And it was a girl! We were thrilled, but shocked,” she recalls. “So with the second, we decided to find out.”

Big-sister-to-be Mila is already getting prepped for the new addition. “We started talking [to her] about it,” says Bush Hager. “And she’ll say, ‘Hi baby!’ to my stomach. She is very precocious. I think she’ll be a great big sister, but there may be a learning curve. She definitely likes attention!”

And in her last few months as an only child, Mila is getting plenty of it. Dad Hager is “a very present father,” shares the expectant mama. “He is so fun with Mila.”

Good thing, because Bush Hager’s not ruling out baby number three … yet. “I want a big family. We’ll see what happens,” she shares.

— Aili Nahas

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Amy on

That’s great. Congrats!

bette on

Congratulations to the Hagers! Mila is adorable!

Myra on

What made her think she was having a boy the first time? You wanted it to be a surprise, there you had it. Anyway, congrats, it’s good to have a sister.

BAP on

I will never understand why people convince themselves what they’re having. It’s 50/50 draw. Unless you’re told what you’re having (even then it’s not for sure!) then it’s going to be a surprise.

Leigh on

For the life of me, I’m trying to figure out why 2 ppl so far would post unhappy face reactions above?? Really? hate or love her family or her tv work… whatever. She’s having a baby. Are ppl that mean-spirited? Yikes. God Bless her and baby for a healthy & safe delivery!

Lexie on

You seem to love being a mother, and that’s so wonderful!! Such a blessing!

Deb on

I’m happy for them, but they need to get a grip on her bossy talk now before it is too late.

Guest on

Now this is great news! Instead of hearing about the cult Duggars! Congrats!!

Brittany on

Little Mila resembles her Grandpa George!

Brittany on

Little Mila resembles her Grandpa George! Bet he is one proud granparent.

CAMaleResident on

Thank God.

The last thing this world needs is another Bush male.

shirley curtis on

I never hear Bush Hager speaking about her in-laws in Virginia. Do they visit them or vise versa?

julie on

Good for them. They look happy with their daughter.

button on

Sometimes you do kind of know what you’re having. I told the ob-gyn not to tell me every time I got an ultrasound, but the first time he said in about 50 seconds “Well, I see it! Are you sure you don’t want to know?!”. So that kinda got me thinking it was a boy, and it was!! Then with my daughter, her weight was so much lower in utero that I kinda figured out it was a girl!

emrok on


SAR on

There’s something to be said for finding out the gender beforehand. My sister knew her baby was a boy, which made decorating and choosing presents for the baby shower easier.

SAR on

I don’t like George W. Bush at all but his daughter had nothing to do with his rotten Presidency.

Sherry on

Awesome!! Congrats to them!

Suzi on

Love this whole family!!! Congrats to them!

leoangel on

Pale blue for a girl is actually cute 🙂 We didn’t find out with ours, and I swore ours was also a boy…. and nope, it was a girl! I also did the room in a pale sky blue, but it was fine, as it was a beach theme of green, blue and white ❤ It was perfect, even for our lil lady!

Anonymous on

Why would you say “very present father.” Would you ever say “very present mother”? Father are not babysitters or jovial uncles.

shazam on

Congrats…hubby looks creepy though .

disgusted on

Pluto you are a misogynist pig with a filthy mouth.
If you have nothing nice to say keep it to your self

try again on

Really Bush made up 9/11 or was responsible for it
Fact check much WOW ?

Ann on

Wonderful! Little girl will have a sibling! Jenna’s bio clock is tickng too.

auds on nice.9/11 happened didn’t where was the lie?i don’t get that comment.Jenna is truly a very smart person with a cutie daughter..I hope they will be happy with 2 girls.My mottoa is when you don’t know the sex of baby,buy all white outfits and supplies.always can decorate with color trims.

Pam Whiteford on

Who cares that she’s having a baby, women around the world are having babies and no one is writing about them, its just proves that she “mattress dances” like the rest of us…

kaye on

She seems young to be taking the risk of invasive testing – amnio – just to be sure of the gender. Any doctor will tell you that ultrasound is not foolproof – I’ve known people who had a son when they were told it was a girl(!!!) – so I’m assuming they did go for amniocentesis.

Kate on

Congratulations! What a beautiful family! I miss her dad in charge! There I said it. I don’t care what others think. He was way better than the idiot we have now! He’s running the good old U.S. of A!

shannon on

I thought she looked like she was pregnant 🙂 Sweet!

KiKi on

So happy for her and her family! Her personalty is so contagious! Love her!

Bev on

So cute! Love the name Mila ….. different. Toddler is combo of mama and papa of course. Mila will absolutely adore “sissy.” My poochies know that they each are “sissies” also. Ha!

yahoo on

Such an u g l y family.

meghan on

Congratulations! I’m sure she will be as darling as her big sister.

LindaBlair on

It’s been widely reported that Dubya is the baby daddy.

Cindy on

Who the hell cares?

ML on

This is great news for their family but why aren’t we discussing that little Mila calls her granddad “Jefe”?! That’s absolutely hilarious- I like them more now.

Kathy on

Congratulations to the happy family!

Marky on

Very happy for this family, just as I was for Chelsea and her husband. These children of former presidents have nothing to do with their fathers’ presidencies, and shouldn’t have to deal with insults when they are just excited about having a baby. Many of us have parents who may be less than we wish, but we still love them and it is cruel to hold the child responsible for what you think their parent did wrong. As to 9/11, we all know it happened and we all know who did it, so no lie there, and if you want to have a fit, remember all of Congress voted YES, so……

Anonymous on

Pam, you do know you clicked on a Celebrity Baby site, right? She is a celebrity and is having a baby. When non celebrities have babies, they don’t post the story. Get it? Whether people want to accept it, she is a celebrity. She is a first daughter, correspondent for The a Today Show and works for NBC Nightly News. Millions of people across the world know her and they don’t know you or I, so that is why they post about her.

Why is this concept do difficult? Why do some constantly question why certain celebs stories are published when regular folks are doing the same thing? Millions of people don’t know me, but know Kristen Cavellari, The Kardashians, and all the other reality stars. Whether you like them is irrelevant.

Mandy on

So happy for Jenna and Hager! Congrats.