Doutzen Kroes Promotes Breastfeeding with Pumping Photo

04/06/2015 at 02:00 PM ET

Just call it mama behavior!

Model Doutzen Kroes took to Instagram on Sunday to give her followers a glimpse into her everyday life — and show her support for fellow breastfeeding mamas — by sharing a black-and-white snapshot of her pumping with Medela’s Freestyle Breastpump.

“Daily routine! I’m promoting breastfeeding, it’s the best for your baby when possible!” she captioned the candid photo.

The Victoria’s Secret stunner, 30, and husband Sunnery James welcomed their second child, daughter Myllena Mae, in July. They are also parents to 4-year-old son Phyllon Joy.

Doutzen Kroes breastfeeding pumping photo
Courtesy Doutzen Kroes

All that breastfeeding does a body good: Kroes flaunted her incredible post-baby shape while walking the runway during the Victoria’s Secret London fashion show in November — four months after giving birth to her now 8-month-old daughter.

“I’m very active and [play] lots of sports and [it’s] also genetics I think — a little bit of everything,” she told PEOPLE of her fit figure in October. “I’m very mindful of what I do and how much I work out and what I eat.”

— Anya Leon

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Rebeccah on

I guess nothing is private anymore. Sick of these breastfeeding/pumping pics.

Tina on

Ummm, I don’t think we (women, mothers) need her to endorse breastfeeding. She didn’t invent it or discover it. The arrogance.

LB on

Good for her for promoting something that some people still think is shameful. She is providing the most essential nutrients for her children. Kudos to Doutzen pumping proudly.

freya on

GOOD FOR HER. I guess people are just too ignorant about the main purpose of women’s breast to criticize her or any mothers who are breast feeding their kids in public. BREAST ARE NOT SEXUAL TOOLS THEY ARE USED TO FEED THEIR YOUNG NO MATTER WHAT SPECIES OF MAMMALS WE ARE. THAT’S WHY THEY PLUMPED AND GROW WHEN WHEN WOMEN GETS PREGNANT.

Kim on

I love Doutzen. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world –far more beautiful than Gazelle. I also like the fact that she said.. WHEN POSSIBLE.

seabot on

The first few comments on this only prove how ignorant and closeminded people still are about breastfeeding and pumping.

Kimberly on

Oh! Oh! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! Jeez…..enough already.

ClassyMom on

…I pump/breastfeed—but I have enough respect for myself/others…to do it privately/discreetly/and *NOT* with an agenda.

Angelica on

Breast is best! I breastfed all of my children.

meghan on

Oh! Thank you! I had no opinion of breast feeding until this very moment, but if underwear models do it, sign me up!!! Thank you, Underwear Model Lady! Thank you!

Marky on

Freya, breasts are made to feed babies, and that is very important. It is ignorant, however, to say there is no sexual component to breasts; they are definitely stimulating to both men and women and usually part of sexual activity. Why can it not be acknowledged they are both? I am a big proponent of BF, but there’s no doubt that breasts are sexual as well.

Erica on

The closed minded people that shame and/or are “sick of” breastfeeding photos need to be slapped. The more women that promote breastfeeding and pumping, the more the stigma is erased that it should be done behind closed doors. I breastfeed my son, and plan on continuing to do so until he does not seek it any longer. I was lucky to work in a place that let me pump in the office, instead of in a bathroom, that sadly, some mothers have to resort to. I don’t understand how other WOMEN can shame Doutzen’s beautiful choice!

ladyd7 on

I am so sick of people pushing their agenda on other people. I do mot care if you breast feed or not – I don’t want to see it and neither do a lot of other people. What we have here are very selfish women who do not want to alter their lives in order to accommodate their child’s needs. They also are trying to push their personal agenda down others throats. I had considered breast feeling and when I discussed it with my pediatrician, who was one of the top in my state his answer was”we do not live in a third world country and our formula’s are just as good as breast feeding.” My daughter is the healthiest child in the family. My nephews and nieces – most who have been breast fed have allergies, asthma and frequent colds etc… I will say none of my sister inlaws and relatives ever breast fed their children in public. I asked them about it and they felt it was a private time for them to be with their child. Sorry but breast feeding in public is classless.

florence on

It’s a beautiful and serene picture of a woman, who happens to be supermodel Doutzen and not flaunting that at all! With her busy life she can still provide her child with breastmilk when she is not around, like so many mothers do around the world. Cheers for her!

Lana94 on

She’s the most beautiful person ever. Both outside and inside. Love her and wish her the best

Heather on

For those saying that they or their female relatives/friends never felt the need to breast feed in public, well congrats, that is your decision. The point is that babies are living breathing beings that don’t always stick to a schedule and that means parents need to do things when the baby wants to. Sometimes that means getting up in the middle of the night, or taking a baby for a walk at any time just so they will sleep. Sometimes that means you need to go out even if your baby hasn’t wanted to feed yet. For all those times and all those mothers who have to breast feed when there isn’t somewhere private to go – because it’s not like we have private rooms for them other than family toilets – they shouldn’t feel persecuted or embarrassed for just doing something natural; feeding their child. That is what breast feeding campaigns are about.

CF on

This is ridiculous. I have two daughters and I pumped, lots. But while I think a baby nursing is lovely and sweet and does normalize breastfeeding (which is should be–if you want and can breastfeed, you shouldn’t have to hide under a blanket to do so), pumping is absolutely neither. It is a horrible necessity of life and is dreadful on every level. I don’t think anyone needs to see this from anyone. All the arguments about not wanting to eat your lunch while covered up or hiding in a closet that apply to actually nursing your baby do not in any way apply to pumping. As I said, I did it. So many of us did it. I did it in the car, on planes, in the bathtub, and at my office desk–pretty much anywhere and everywhere. But always with a cover over me at least if I wasn’t alone. Because, dear god, no one needs to see that. This is such egregious self-promotion it kind of hurts me.” Look how beautiful I am, even attached to a milking machine that stretches my nipples out two inches and squelches milk into a plastic funnel. So so sexy am I.”

KL on

I have nothing against breastfeeding but really?? It doesn’t need to be popped out like that

Amanda on

I breastfed all 4 of my kids, each well over a year, I find tasteful nursing photos beautiful….but this? Really?

Anonymous on

Heather- Exactly! I’d also like to add that some breastfed babies refuse to take a bottle, so that’s not always an option, either!