So Cute! How Celeb Kids Are Celebrating Easter

04/05/2015 at 12:00 PM ET

Hoppy Easter!

The Easter Bunny has officially hopped into our homes, hid all the eggs and left lots of loot for some bunny to find.

But before the bunny’s big arrival, everyone from Kim Kardashian to Alyson Hannigan went to work creating the best baskets for their littlest loves. Meanwhile, Mario Lopez‘s daughter Gia and son Nico had a mini meet and greet with their new furry friend.

And the snapshots celebs shared on Sunday morning were to dye for: Country star Justin Moore‘s candid moment of his daughters with their colorful confections was eggs-tra adorable.

See how celeb kids celebrated the sp-egg-tacular holiday below!

Mario Lopez kids Easter bunny
Courtesy Mario Lopez; Inset:Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

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dd on

thanks for sharing all of the family pics!

Guest on

Cute kids buts I have no idea who half of them are.

Jood on

If you view the pictures as a slide show it says on the top who is posting the pictures. There were a few that I still did not know who they were

kaye on

@Guest – me too. Only certain celebs seem to use their kids like this to court publicity for themselves. You would never see Nicole Kidman or Sandra Bullock or Angelina doing this…..Makes me feel sorry for the kids.

LaVonda on

Y would u want to know who’s kid it is? So you can find which one to talk badly about? Just enjoy the pictures. They did not have to post them. Some people are just so dramatic. My goodness. Like really?

Sara K on

Great pictures! I love how the couples who are no longer together made today a family day with their children nonetheless.

Anonymous on

rachel- Plenty of “regular” people like showing their children off to the world on social media. Why should celebs be any different?

Sara K.- I like that, too. Good for Mariah/Nick and Jewell/Ty for putting their kids first! 🙂

With all of that out of the way…the kids are adorable! And some of them have grown quite a bit. It took me a couple minutes, for example, to realize that the handsome young man standing next to Dean (McDermott) is, in fact, Jack! Also, my first thought upon seeing the picture of Tamera Mowry’s family (I didn’t recognize them right away) was “What an adorable little girl!” Whoops!

Kate on

How about some names?

Suzi on

I loved each and every single one of those pictures! Those are all great! Beautiful families.

HappyTappyEaster on

Just a couple thoughts: First, cute kids all the way around. Second, don’t understand why people think we want to see the back of their babies head. If you don’t want to show your baby, then don’t show them. It seems kind of creepy to me just to show the back of their heads (but that’s just me). Finally, my GAWD does Kelly Rippa’s older son resemble his father. Every time I see him I think he’s Mark.

Heidi on

Adorable kids & of course love the Bunny……:)

Xoxo on

Kelly Ripa’s daugther is her mini-me, but has her father’s coloring. Amazing. Beautiful kids!

Marky on

Kelly Ripa’s children look so happy, and the oldest looks so much like Mark it is amazing. Lovely family! I like the fact that these celebs were nice enough to share these pictures with their fans, and those who take a picture of the back of their heads…whatever, people. Don’t want anyone to see your child, don’t post a picture of anything…. It just seems nonsensical. Stars bigger than these used to show pictures of their children a few times a year, and no one expected more, and the kids were fine. Ever hear anything negative about Jimmy Stewart’s children? Yet their pictures were seen several times a year, and fans even knocked on their door sometimes, and were given and 8×10 picture by whoever answered the door. Frankly, these celebs have created their own misery by thinking they are so much more than they really are, and instead of appreciating fans, they treat their fans like the enemy. Fans themselves have added to the problem by being judgmental about everything from hairstyles to baby shoes…..

GZ on

Lovely pictures! Need to know these kids names.