January Jones: ‘I Wish My Son Thought I Was Cooler’

04/03/2015 at 03:00 PM ET

January Jones might be an A-list star, but when it comes to her son, the actress is still just a mom.

“I kinda wish he thought I was cooler,” Jones, 37, tells PEOPLE of her 3½-year-old Xander Dane.

“I don’t know if he gets it, what I do. I’m not sure. He’ll see me on a billboard or on TV and be like, ‘Oh, that’s you.’ ”

While the toddler hasn’t actually watched his mom in action on her hit show Mad Men, Jones says he has favorites when it comes the close-knit cast.

“It would be Jon Hamm or Aaron Staton, because he would play with Aaron,” she shares. “Even though he knows everyone, he gravitates more toward the dudes.”

January Jones Mad Men series finale
Peter Yang

But even when it comes to starring in her brand-new comedy series on Fox, Jones says it’s not easy to impress her son.

“He watched 10 minutes of The Last Man on Earth and was like, ‘Oh, that’s funny,’ but I think he only said that because he knew that’s what I wanted him to say,” she jokes. “After 10 minutes, he asked if we could turn on Octonauts.”

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— Emily Strohm

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Your son Xander probably gravitates towards ‘THE DUDES’ ,trying to figure out …………………..WHO IS HIS DADDY ! So JANUARY , WHO – IS-HIS- DADDYO ?

anna on

Well he’s 3 so of course he’d prefer to watch Octonauts instead of an adult comedy. I’m 30 and I admit I love watching Octonauts with my nephew. It’s a cool show.

Hea on

Avery – That’s between January and her son.



Anonymous on

Her son has a cute name.

Marie on

@Avery – Why are you so interested in who the father is?

guest on

Your son is only three. When he gets older you will be so cool to him.boys really love their mom. Just let him be a boy.

amyinoaktown on

Why are you so concerned that he thinks you are cool because you are an actress?? I would think you would want to be known as a good MOM.

Anonymous on

Her comment is so weird. What 3 year old knows or cares if his mother is “cool”? Just love him.

Gigi on

ALIST star?? Lol, don’t think so. She’s pretentious and annoying.

julie on

This whole topic is annoying. Who wants to be cool to their child? You are his Mom.

Olga on

She doesn’t have to be cool to her son, he is only 3 years old.

Niko on

She sounds like a narcissist. Her kid is 3 years old…with a 3 year old developing brain/mind for Christ’s sake. In 2 years or so, he’ll actually be able to verbally express how cool her mom is. Patience, Jan, patience…..

Chuck on

You should wish that your son doesn’t find out how much of a witch you are.

Susan on

Don’t worry, most kids don’t think their parents are cool. Just continue to be the parent, make sensible decisions for them, and love them. Later down the line they will tell you how much they appreciated you.

Paul on

She should instead learn how to teach her son to be cool when he is older.

mrsshya on

That’s silly IMO. Your child is not a fan who needs to think you are cool. You’re his mom, all he needs is your love and guidance whether he thinks you are cool or not. But ok just an interview, I get it.

Hea on

Avery – Never!

blt on

I get what she’s saying most moms and dads know the chopped liver treatment. it’s a sign of security he knows mom will always be there.