Giuliana Rancic on Fertility Struggle: We Lost Our Last Embryo

04/01/2015 at 10:00 AM ET

Giuliana Rancic Fertility Struggle: We Lost Our Last Embryo

Giuliana Rancic finally speaks out about her Fashion Police controversy, the health problems she’s kept secret, and why she’s become shockingly thin. Subscribe now for instant access to the exclusive interview, only in PEOPLE.

Her struggle with infertility was chronicled on Giuliana Rancic‘s reality show, and now, the E! News host is sharing another devastating personal blow.

Giuliana and her husband Bill, who welcomed son Duke via surrogate in 2012, learned on New Year’s Eve that their surrogate — who was pregnant with their third and last remaining embryo — had miscarried.

“It was painful,” Giuliana, 40, tells PEOPLE. “We were so optimistic with this last embryo. We thought, ‘This is definitely going to work. This is our last shot.’ ”

After Duke, now 2½, was born, the Rancics had three remaining embryos. Two were successfully implanted in their surrogate in 2014; she miscarried weeks later. The latest loss, however, “was the toughest blow,” Giuliana says. “It was a really hard time.”

Getting pregnant herself would be a risk for the reality star, who is taking cancer-suppressing medication following her 2011 breast cancer diagnosis (and subsequent double mastectomy), but Giuliana remains hopeful about growing her family.

“We’re open to everything,” says the E! personality, whose memoir, Going Off Script, hits shelves April 7. “I think adoption is a beautiful gift you’re giving each other. And it’s funny, I’m even more open to [adoption] than I was before. Because I think to myself, ‘I love Duke so much, if I couldn’t take care of him, I hope there would be someone else who would love him.’ ”

For much more from Rancic, including a very personal reveal and the truth about the Fashion Police controversy, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

— Aili Nahas

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AvaElizabeth on

I’m sorry for her, that’s really hard news and maybe it explains, why she is sooooo thin the last time.

Hope she will start taking care for her health soon and gain weight.

I’m happy that she thinks positive about adoption and wish her all the best.

Bhavana on

I feel sorry that she lost the last embryo, but she has one child and that’a more than many women trying to have a baby can say. I feel that everything happens for a reason. Maybe she should just concentrate on the one child she already has, her marriage and her health. She does not look healthy at all.

kaye on

This is sad.

IMO on

Sad for her ;-(.

IMO on

Carrie, there is also an article published today in people which indicates her cancer meds is what prevents her from weight gain.

Amber on

I’m so sorry for her situation. I’ve been struggling with infertility for over 3 years. At least she was able to have a child via surrogate. She’s lucky.

Lauren! on

This is awful to hear. Also, I didn’t realize that she was still taking cancer suppressing medication. This explains her skeletal figure. My mom was taking cancer suppressants and was at 90 lbs. She refused / could not eat. Anyway, along with the situation with Fashion Police, sounds like Giuliana is having a very tough year.

lisasride on

I’m so sorry. I hope that they are able to find another way to expand their family. They have a lot of love to give.

Cass on

At least they are lucky enough to have a large disposable income which opens up a lot of options. Doesn’t lessen the blow but at least they were able to try. That’s a lot more than a lot of women can ask for.

Just a Duck on

She hopes someone would love her kid if she died?? WTF? These are wealthy people with a big, loving family, and I assume good estate planning. If something happened to both of them Duke would be well cared for. It’s ridiculous to suggest that he would ever be put up for adoption.

However, if the Rancic’s want to expand their family, adoption is a great way to go. Doesn’t expand the carbon footprint and gives a deserving kid or kids a home. It’s a much better use of the dollars that they have been wasting on IVF. Time to move on.

rowansmom711 on

I love having 1 child. Many look at it as a negative, but it’s perfect. I can give him 100%, I can afford it, and as he gets older, I’m not starting over again with a little one.

Enjoy it-it’s the best!

Mon on

Well, for someone as busy as she is, maybe one child is enough???? Who knows, maybe she would not be able to care after more kids the way she should because of her busy job. Everything happens for a reason.

julie on

As been said by many, she has a healthy baby boy and that is a lot to be grateful for. Goodness, just a couple of decades ago, women who waited too long to have babies, had cancer, etc, didn’t have any options and missed their opportunity to have a baby biologically related to them.

Guiliana has survived a lot physically, had a baby via a surrogate and had at least the chance of more babies bio hers. It didn’t happen. Be grateful for not only what you have but the opportunity of a shot for more that most women never had and will never have.

Alison on

People – Please stop saying “be grateful for the child you do have.” It’s one of the WORST things you can say to a mother who has suffered loss. Guiliana has now suffered 2 losses via surrogate. Having one living child does not “make up” for those losses. If she wants more children, that is certainly her right. I’m hoping she does go through with adoption. Her heart is obviously aching for more children and she deserves to have them.

Rebeccah on

It’s too bad it had to happen that way but honestly, she needs to worry less about having kids and worry more about her health. She’s clearly battling some kind of eating disorder; she’s skinny as a rail! Wishing her good health and happiness.

Jac on

It really does upset me when people talk about adoption being the right way to go. Adoption is NOT for everyone. Some people want their own biological children. I’m all for adoption, especially since I do have a brother and sister that are adopted, but I don’t think it’s for everyone. You have to love an adopted child as you would love your biological child. You cannot treat them any different. When a friend talks to me about their problem(s) conceiving I never mention adoption. They are entitled to follow any (legal) path necessary to have their own biological child. With that said, and I know I’m ranting, she should be satisfied that she has one biologically child. I was all for following her journey for her son, but it’s rather annoying hearing about not being able to have more.

Cami on

be happy with the one you are blessed with. Lots of us women out here wanted children and do not have any.

cds on

Interesting . . . in reading these comments, it’s as if there is a competition between women on who can have and how many children a woman can produce. Simply amazing!

Jac on

Emma, do you personally having any dealings with her to make such a statement that she is rarely with her child? That’s a very strong assumption. If she’s not photographed every minute of every day with her child then she’s never with her child? Is that what you’re saying? Ridiculous.

Maria on

She needs to get a donor egg, and use Bill’s s perm. He seems healthy enough. She needs to make the sacrifice and do that for the family. At least it will have half of their DNA.

Mandy on

Wow so many hateful people on here. If she wants another child, that is her & her husband’s business. I do hope they get a sibling for their son. I hated being an only child & can’t wait to give my daughter a younger brother or sister.

Kris on

I wonder what has caused the last few miscarriages. Did she get the PGD screening done on the embryos prior to implantation? That checks for any chromosomal abnormalities and is almost mandatory when you’re eggs are older. She can also cycle again- she has the money and I dont think the cancer drugs will prevent her from doing this again will they? And if she can handle another round of treatment, I would honestly try a couple more cycles. I know a few people who conceived naturally at 40 and there she likely has a few good eggs left. I know she cant carry but it’s worth cycling again and trying with the surrogate. Best of luck to her.

anne on

Adoption is an option–did they think of that?

JD on

Anne – did you not read the whole article? She DID mention adoption.

stacey on

VERY well said, Alison!

Tanya on

I feel so bad for her. Every time she makes a move someone has a rude comment to make about her. From what I am reading now people are bashing her for making the statement that her cancer medication is making her too thin. Chemo, Radiation, Surgery, Tamoxifen, they all do each person differently. Yes, she was skinny before she had cancer. But my doctor has explained to me many times that just because the person in the chemo chair next to me is taking chemo for breast cancer too we both will have a different experience.

Having cancer is tough. Recovering from cancer is tough. All I know is I am walking in the shoes of a cancer patient and I will not judge her or throw rude remarks out about her.

anne on

JD–she mentioned adoption NOW—she has spurned it for the last several years opting over and over for procedures. I’m not being critical–I guess if someone wanted children that much, they would have thought of adoption first.

lulu on

She needs to get herself healthy before she adopts a child. I would hate to see her raise a daughter. The poor girl would not be allowed to eat.

WaterFaery on

Do you guys not know she is on cancer suppression drugs which cause her to lose weight, even tho she eats healthy? Stop judging her and look to your own lives.

Alison on

Anne – who are you to say which method she should have done first? Every woman is entitled to try and create a family in any way that is right for them. She had the money to be able to try to conceive a biological child and is doesn’t work out. Many couples do not first turn to adoption because is as a VERY lengthy and expensive option. Fortunately, the Rancics have the money to do so. Many couples do not. My own brother was adopted because my mother had extreme hyperemesis with me and my sister and could not physically make it through another pregnancy. She started the adoption procedures while still pregnant with me, and we weren’t able to bring my brother home until I was almost 4. And we had to wait until he was 14 months old so his biological father gave up paternity rights. It’s not an easy road and I fully understand why couples do not immediately jump to that option.

Kim on

I’m sorry for their struggles, and I wish they could conceive. However, they maybe need to consider and be thankful for the wonderful child they already have and maybe think that that is enough. You are in your forties now, you don’t want to be too old to enjoy life with the child.

sure on

Just because she wants more children doesn’t mean she’s not grateful for the one she has. Hope you people are as clear on your opinion when some human wants to become the opposite sex. Hey, you’re human, at least be grateful for that!

anne on

Another article today indicates that her low weight is because of cancer meds she has to take that affect her metabolism. Hope a lot of the idiots that ridiculed her a few weeks ago about her weight read the article.

yasmine on

Wow, some people can be mean and disgusting! This poor woman wanted nothing more than a large happy family. She suffered her own pregnancy losses, was diagnosed with, and beat cancer, became a mom through the beauty and selflessness of surrogacy, and then lost 3 more of her children in surrogacy attempts. Maybe she didn’t want to adopt previously, but has obviously had a change of heart. Great for her. I wish nothing but the best for her and her family.

guest on

Giuliana eats very well and is exceedingly health conscious. The Meds have everything to do with her inability to maintain her weight.

rowansmom711 on

I have one child and its the best! I can give him 100% of me, I can afford him, and as he gets more independent, I don’t have to worry about starting over with a little one. Traveling is a breeze now! Enjoy it and focus on the positives of only having one child!

anon on

I’m sorry for her, but I don’t think she cares much for being a mother

Tara on

Carrie – You are a sick bitch.

carol on

iwish her the best .with her health i think she should be happy for the family she has.god gave you your son be with him,he needs you.

Eve on

They shouldn’t wait too much longer before they adopt a baby. They’re already in their 40s. If she’s still producing eggs, are they not viable? So sad but look – they have Duke!

lola on

To lose a child, no matter how many you have at home is still a painfull loss. So sorry to hear this. Hopefully a child will find their way into their family and hearts if they decide on adoption.

dancer92136 on

Sorry for your loss, but there will a baby or a child that is waiting just for you, and they will be so lucky to live the life you can provide.

kathy from fla on

Hopefully she won’t have to take the cancer medications for too much longer. People need to be more empathetic-it’s not her fault that she is looking thinner and thinner-it’s the meds she’s on…I am very sorry for the family.They now need to focus all their love and attention on their little boy. Adoption would be a viable option for them.

Lisa on

Just because someone wants a second child doesn’t mean they aren’t grateful for the one they already have. Grief is grief- no matter how many times you’ve been through it or the blessings you already have. My heart goes out to the Rancics for all they’ve been through. I admire them for being public about something so private and for bringing awareness to an often-taboo topic. Yeah, they have money- but that doesn’t mean the struggle is any easier. I wish them nothing but the best.

Mary on

I’m so sad to hear about their loss and I think the users bashing Giuliana for her weight or sadness surrounding not being able to have another biological child, is horrible and heartless. She has already explained the reasoning behind her weight countless times and even if she hadn’t explained herself, there needs to be more respect and understanding. I hope her and Bill are able to fulfill their want for another child and that people start respecting her and her family more.

Mary on

People really need to learn to be more respectful of others’ situations. Just because she seems to be too skinny doesn’t mean she enjoys or wants to be that way and just because she already has one child doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt that she can’t physically have more, or have more children that are biologically hers. Be nice. Seriously.

JW on

Much love to her. What a strong woman! She has been so brave through so many struggles. I’m sure a baby would be so lucky to be welcomed into their family.

thora on

it’s not her last hope — yes, there is adoption, and she can choose to stop taking the tamoxifen (some people take it for 10 years, some for five…depending on her tumor grade, she could stop at three years and calibrate the risk). She’s still young enough to conceive. And presumably she could harvest more eggs. Yes, be glad for the one child…

thora on

I might be one of the few people who thinks she looks fine at the light weight. Audrey Hepburn didn’t take the grief this woman is taking (and Audrey conceived/bore two kids).

Callie on

That’s sad and very terrible news. I think if she gained some weight and was able to get off the medication she might be able to conceive but what do I know…….it’s all speculation. I’m sending good thoughts and prayers their way.

paisley on

Well, she should be glad that she has her son. I think that when you have 1 child, there is a closer parent-child relationship.

unknown3213513 on

I’ve heard stories whether in various media like tv or on the internet and even in real life that those who adopt will have their own child…if they decide to have another one of their own again or try to have their first born child. in her case its a little different because she’s taking cancer-suppressing medication…don’t know what will happen who knows she and Bill would possibly try again with their surrogate….and be pregnant!

Angelic on

My condolences to Guiliana & Bill. I hope they considers domestic adoption because there are so many children here in need of a good home. My daughter is adopted and she is my soul. It feels like I gave birth to her and many people told me that it wasn’t the same as having your own. After the adoption I did have my own at 40 years old and I have to admit my girl is even more special to me now.

ja on

I am sorry this happened, it is very tragic. I hope she will be able to have another child at some point, whether through surrogate again or adoption. In light of all this, she should reflect back upon her role on Fashion Police and remember how important it is to be kind to others.

Tricia on

This is sad and I am sorry to hear. On the other hand this was known from New Years Eve last year and the story is just coming to light. Even more sad that this is used to repair her image. Tell your publicist nice try.

JEN on

That’s too bad. I am glad that they have one healthy child. Adoption is a great idea! Maybe that will be a way they can extend their family.

happy on

Oh yes Anita!!!! Because something like this shouldn’t actually in reality effect her right. Go crawl under the rock you just came from! You are mean and heartless.

Kelly122 on

Wow, her PR team is really pulling out all the stops just before her book comes out! First she reminds us all repeatedly about her cancer, and now she can’t have anymore children. This is nothing more than an attempt for people to feel sorry for her since her career took a nosedive following the Fashion Police debacle. Now there’s a book she wants to sell, so boo hoo, poor me! And as usual, people are falling for it. She treats her son like an accessory, her wonderful husband like a servant, and she doesn’t seem to appreciate anything in her life. I think she’s an awful person, and I don’t buy her sob stories for a minute.

Jay on

That is hard news. I suffered from infertility too but after many procedures and attempts and years I got pregnant through IUI with my amazing 8 year old son. I tried to get pregnant for two years when he was four but it never happened and I was getting older. I would have loved to give him a sibling but it didn’t work out and I believe it worked out how it was meant to be.

So many parents have a second child solely for the first because they don’t want that child to be an “only.” Which is the wrong reason to have another child. I’m sure Giuliana and Bill realize how lucky they are to have Duke and whether they choose to adopt or not, they will be happy in their decision. Best of luck to them.

Anonymous on

It is very sad not to get what you think you want. But, maybe there is a message from above that you wonderful son needs all of your time and attention. That you should be appreciative for what you have rather than what you think YOU DO NOT have.

Kay Pasa on

It’s hard for a severely underweight woman to carry a baby, add to that the advanced age, she’s lucky to have a child at all.

anallyse on

She’s trying all she can to redeem her image.

caroline on

Very sad. I hope she didn’t use the same surrogate who previously miscarried that baby also. She is lucky to have her one healthy child though.

Nancy on

Stop whining and adopt…
in fact adopt older kids who really need a home and love…then you will feel VERY good and will have contributed something VERY worthwhile to the world instead of vapid “entertainment.” (i.e. E! )

Amy on

God Bless you Guiliana. We have one daughter through IVF so I hope you can just cherish your one wonderful blessing, Duke. And I wish you and Blll other many more blessings in your future. God has a plan for you. Stay strong, girl. Sending you positive thoughts and best wishes.

rubyovertherainbow* on

If she cares about her son she will take better care of herself, eat something, and stop worrying about fitting into sample dresses.

Tiffany on

I think she should count her blessings. I really feel bad for her but she is lucky to have one child. Maybe adopting is in her plan, to help out a baby/child that needs her.

BilllyJean on

I’ve only caught their reality show once but have seem them both do guest spots. Such lovely people-She seems like she would be such a wonderful partner and friend. Minor setbacks end up becoming incredible journeys. Best of luck to them.

CGB on

Interesting timing following her faux pas on air, and that he new book is coming out soon. Trying to drum up some sympathy and interest. Typically, adoption is not an option with a history of cancer, but they can probably buy there way around that. She should focus on not being so cruel and snarky on E!

racoon61 on

Sorry for her struggle, but, she was starving herself well before the cancer came along. The doctor told her to gain weight to get pregnant and she refused. She’s anorexic. It’s plain as day. The meds are not the issue.

rachel on

I’m so sorry for her loss. Infertility is an incredibly difficult and emotional trial. Women and couples who haven’t been through it will never fully understand. It’s not helpful to say “well, you’re lucky you have one.” It’s true she is blessed with one, but the hope for a certain family that will never come true is a loss and requires a grieving process.

I had my 3rd child when I was 30 and hoped for 2 more kids. It didn’t happen after multiple infertility treatments and IVF while in my early 30s. I feel very blessed to have 3 kids and I’m incredibly grateful for them. I heart hurts for other couples who are unable to complete their families. I understand the pain. If I were in her shoes I would most definitely adopt. I have seen how much parents love their adopted children just as much as their biological children.

Valarie on

Wow, some of you people are so heartless. I’ve read so many comments about how she should just be happy about the child she does have, as if it’s not okay for her to be sad about losing two babies. Would you people say the same to a mother that had a 6 year old and a 4 year old and then one of them died? Just be happy you have one left! Really???

And then the comments about how she doesn’t even like being a mother… How do you know that exactly? Has Giuliana Rancic called you herself and told you that? Do you think she would be trying so hard to have another child if she didn’t like her current one? This woman struggled through multiple miscarriages, was diagnosed with cancer, underwent a double mastectomy and lost her last two embryos through miscarriages as well. And that’s just what she’s made public.

I am inspired by the strength she has shown through it all and I hope if she wants to adopt, she is able to. Or if she wants to try and have another baby using her own embryo she can do that. But most of all, I hope some of the people who have made awful comments about her never have to go through what she has. It’s so easy to judge someone, but not so easy to walk in their shoes.

Julie on

Be thankful for the son that you have, lots of women who want to be mothers don’t even get that chance.

April on

People doing lot of press for her since she has a book coming out. Can see right through this….

Maxine on

Yes she needs to eat little more to gain some weight, so she will look more healthier and probably look more happier.

Katie on

Allison, I love what you said!!!! I can totally relate. I’ve had 2 lossees myself. People tell me just be happy with my daughter. I am but I want more too! Thanks for your comment! So sorry for Guiliana. So sad! I bet they’ll find a way to have another one. Maybe adopt?

Karen on

My prayers and thoughts to her and Bill. It’s heart breaking it’s not easyl They have a beautiful child now and wonder if they ever consider adopting.

Kestrel on

One of the things that boggles my mind is how so many people call babies miracles, how birthing a baby is s blessing from God and children are gifts from heaven yet when a women is infertile, many never view it as God saying they he doesn’t want them to be mothers.

I’m an atheist and a mother and an active advocate for adoption but this is definitely abhypocrisy that drives me crazy. Adoption is not the last reort as parenthood. It IS parenthood and many people who have biological kids want to adopt, too. Not every child must be created to look like you. Both of my bio boys look nothing like my husband or myself – you’d think they were adopted!

I’m sorry her dream was dashed, I am. I hope she gets past the “4th best” thought, though. A beautiful child somewhere in this planet needs a forever home.

Best wishes to them.

Shaunnainca on

Both Giuliana Rancic stories are a publicity move for sympathy since she has been called out on her eating disorder. Due to the fact she is blaming her weight loss on a “medical” issue the network can not force her into treatment or termination for all the bad publicity. Why would Bill agree to this “cover” for her really serious issue? Sad!

Jo on

People are so rude! If you don’t know her story, DON’T COMMENT! She had a hard time getting pregnant because of the shape of her uterus. The doctor did tell her to gain weight, but that doesn’t mean she would’ve gotten pregnant. During her struggle, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had to go on pills to treat the cancer after, thus not being able to even try to get pregnant. She had her son via surrogate because of this.

People are so disgusting and rude. Unless you’ve seen her purposely not eat, don’t call her anorexic. Some people are just thin. Would you like it if people commented on your body shapes?I don’t think so.

Judy Pokras on

Not that adoption is not a wonderful thing, but for couples wanting their own biological children, can’t doctors place Giuliana’s and Bill’s DNA into a donor egg (whose own DNA has been removed) and then have a gestational surrogate carry that child to term?

elaine on

you know this woman i do feel sorry for her situation, but it still annoys me that she sat on that show laughing along and ripping people apart on that show fashion police. bullying at its finest.

sky on

There’s alternative options she has like adoption, donor egg with surrogate, etc. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and broadcasting this, and be proactive!

Ava on

My gosh. So much hate. You people saying she needs to do this or she needs to do that need to get a grip.

Anonymous on

She may have choice to adopt for another child since so many orphans needs a loving family, as they can provide a comfort home for the child.

sarah on

This seems like a good time to look into adopting. There are so many children in this world who need to be loved and cared for, and take it from me – all I ever wanted was to be a wife and Mom – and instead I have spent my adult life living with a chronic, incurable illness. No babies, no husband, not really sure who knows I am still around.
Stay healthy and keep an open mind to adopting – your story is not finished yet 🙂 I would be so, so happy to have one, and you do and have the means to care for more. Good thoughts for you – please have those for others, speak kind words and just love! 🙂

sarah on

Wow, the women judging each other and being hateful is sickening! Sometimes I wish this whole internet had never happened – it seems to have brought about an end to civility, to kindness.
I am one who would be the happiest girl in the world to have an amazing husband and one child, but I am not her – and it has NEVER been my job to judge her or tell her which choice is right for her family. Can we JUST especially as women – be KIND? I feel like a childless Mother so darn often, but I cant tell that to anyone I know. I have to pretend it’s OK. Maybe 3 people in my life, counting my own Mom, know how the shock of not having a family of my own and losing many before that – how it breaks me almost every day. But that is my reality and if I care about people like I say I do? I have to get out of my head and cheer on others. So all the very best to the Rancics – keep asking God about adding to your family. I think you have a lot of love to give & will happily cheer you on. 🙂

Anonymous on

Giuliana is kind of women very health conscious, focus on her image and mostly eating healthy food. She is underweight because is too health conscious, eating too picky. If she simply eat whatever she wants to eat, she will gain weight.

Marky on

I, for one, am sick of ignorant posters constantly commenting about her weight!! You go through long term cancer treatment and let me know how hungry YOU are! Do you have a clue as to how bad you can feel on long term oral chemo, and doing that for a long time, after you have had a double mastectomy?? My spouse has dealt with stage 4 colon cancer, and he said he felt the sorriest for women who had breast cancer and had to deal with lots of chemo, and lost their hair, puked their guts up all through the chemo, are miserable with mouth ulcers, and neuropathy, everything tastes nasty, and he feels fortunate that as horrible as his treatment has been, it doesn’t seem to be as bad as it is for those with breast cancer in some ways. Have a little mercy and remember, she is still taking meds for cancer, and still keeps a decent attitude, and still tries to live as normal a life as possible. What is the matter with so many of you that you can’t feel any empathy with anyone, but instead you just whine about the fact she’s skinny and needs to eat a burger!! Really?? You are part of the problem for every cancer patient. One of my spouse’s biggest problems has been trying to not lose too much weight, and that has been a huge struggle with little success. You people are so merciless and unkind…. You don’t really know this woman, so why be so hateful?

Frankie on

Her husband needs to get a real woman that has a real hoo hoo where he can put his special purpose.

Frankie on

She needs to eat a few vanilla wafers…

Frankie on

My cousin had the cancer and the meds make you p oop a lot.. I bet that is why they are getting a divorce.

Amazon on

Jiggaboos can reproduce but she can’t….wonder why?

Amazon on

Also she needs to eat… babies can’t thrive in a nutrient deprived body…ijs…AND….they are babies NOT embryos

sky on

@ Sarah and others who think this post is judging. Guiliana should not post her private life then. She cannot expect everyone to feel sorry for her, people always have opinions whether you like them or not. Everyone is free to express themselves on this blog. She does a great job of expressing her opinions on her E! show.

robin d on

She has always been thin and struggled with Anorexia. Her having had cancer is unfortunate but she chose to be that thin before the cancer.

m rojas on

guiliana is a tragedy. i don’t feel sorry for this dunce at all.

Truthfinder on

I am so sorry for their loss of the last baby. But adoption is a fabulous way to go…we couldn’t have children either, but our adopted niece is the apple of our eyes.

phil on

she can always adopt — there are so many children out there waiting for a mom & dad to love them and be part of a family

Hea on

I see so many expressing sympathy for HER but what about HIM? THEY, together as a couple, lost their embryo.

Barbara on

Be fortunate you have 1 child. Many can’t even do that. Us Peon’s can’t afford those kinds of treatments. Your Zendaya remark turned me off and I won’t watch Juliana anymore. She blew it with that racist comment. Funny thing is, she was the reason I watched. Not any more, now she is the reason I don’t watch!!!

storkchaser on

I’m so so sorry for your loss. I know how devastating this is. And while adoption is such a beautiful and special blessing, remember to take time to grieve the loss of having more bio kids before you start the process. You’ve been an inspiration to me during my own infertility and IVF journey. Thank you for sharing. My prayers are with you!

Amy on

Regarding Guiliana, love her. Stay strong. Regarding E!News, get RID of Terrence Jenkins please. He cannot speak anything resembling proper English. On a daily basis he says things like, “She should have WENT there” or “He should have TOOK time off.” Any 6 year old can speak better than he does. Such a POOR role model for anyone. Please get rid of him. He needs to go take an English lesson.

Mary Strickland on

I have watched this show since the beginning . I love them both, and when she was diagnosed with cancer I was floored, as I’m sure that they were also. All during the egg retrieval, the non pregnancies, the pain that sent her to the E.R., the surrogate, and everything from there. I FEEL for these people. I believe they are actually Good People, she has said time and time again, that her meds that She Has To Take for over Five years, makes her even smaller than she usually is weight wise. For people to criticize her without knowledge is not only judgmental and wrong, it’s irresponsible to say such things without facts. As a Mother, My Own mother struggled for 13 years until they decided to adopt me. Surrogates weren’t really popular back in the 1960”s / 1970’s. That’s all I have to say, I just wish that people would lay off of the chick long enough to get off her cancer medicine. Thats it 😛

Pod on

If they want another child, adoption is an option. They have means to give the child a loving family.

Mama panda on

I believe not losing hope is a great human power. People like me and you that are actually going through infertility can actually understand this. Other people just have an opinion not knowing how frustrating and emotional draining is to go through the process of IVF. I admired the fact that you are not giving up. You are fight to build your family. I God will honor and blessed you and your beautiful family. You are not allow trust me 🙂

TinaC on

What is wrong with just having 1 child? I wasn’t an old child or was my husband. My kid gets all the love and attention she needs. Looks like many women do compete against others, it’s all about jealousy!

nancy on

I desperately wanted to adopt a 252nd child but couldn’t so I settled for one. There are many advantages of having 1 child. Sometimes the stress of that 2nd one is not worth it

Guest on

I do feel for Bill & Juliana……..they seem like such a nice couple. The reality is that they will have to either adopt or be satisfied with their son Duke.