Smiling North West Scores Big During Easter Egg Hunt

03/30/2015 at 03:30 PM ET

The Easter Bunny better watch out — North West is hot on his trail!

The 21-month-old celebrated the holiday early with an Easter egg hunt, smiling and showing off her bounty in a photo posted by mom Kim Kardashian West on Monday.

“Northie was so proud of all the eggs she found!” Kardashian West, 34, Tweeted. “She wouldn’t stop talking about it all night!”

North West Easter Egg Hunt Courtesy Kim Kardashian

Ever the fashionista, little Nori collected the plastic prizes in a pink and purple basket lined with fluffy faux fur.

And if her parents have their way, she could be sharing her strategy for finding eggs with a baby brother or sister next year.

“We’ve really been trying for another kid,” Kardashian West told PEOPLE in January. “More kids can’t come soon enough!”

See more photos from North’s fun hunt below.

— Michele Corriston

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Sarah on

Please tighten your daughter’s straps on the car seat and bump the chest clip up. Looks twisted too.

Anonymous on

She looks like a regular kid having fun, for once.

Lisa on

Finally, little North gets to do something fun! I hope her parents see how happy she is doing normal kid’s things! Remember how she cried during a visit to that fashion show ??? Learn from that…….

sue on

She finally got something pink. Colors are wonderful Kim.

Darlene on

She looks so adorable! Love her little cheeks. What a lovely way to spend Sunday with your child. I hope Kim gets pregnant soon, & has lots of children. And North has her mothers good looks too. 💖

Tina on

A smiling North West, with an Easter basket. Yay! Kid’s stuff.

Darlene on

The ignorant comments on here about letting North have fun is so ridiculas. North has a wonderful fun life playing all the time with her cousins. Just because she was at a show, doesn’t mean she does that everyday. She is a lucky little Princess. She will have the best of everything.

Darlene on

She really is adorable though, especially that first picture. She is growing so fast!

Callie on

She is adorable! They both looked like they were having a good time.

Sandra on

Holidays are so for the kids, just seeing all the joy on their little faces makes the holiday for me. Well that and some good eats!

Guest on

Ryan is a girl? Whats wrong with people and naming their kids these days. RYAN IS A BOY’s NAME

Sharon on

She is a cutie! Looks like a happy kid!

They grow so fast !!!

Patti on

What another child. They do not take care of the one they have.

Carrie M on

She really is cute. It’s so nice to see her smile!!

jessica on

that car seat install is all wrong! i hope she’s rear facing.

Pfft on

I’m surprised the little darling didn’t have a basket made out of baby bunny fur and Diamond encrusted easter eggs with thousand dollar bills in them.

paisley on

She is super cute!

Smithy on

It’s really troubling that a toddler’s eyebrows have been waxed.

Lilly on

Glad to see North dressed like a kid and having fun. I guess it took Anna Wintour speaking out about North’s wardrobe for them to stop dressing their kid in all black and leather.

Truthfinder on

This is the first time I saw a smile on this precious little girl’s face! She is adorable doing normal, kid stuff and not pounced on by the paparazzi all the time.

Amy on

I’m not a Kim/Kanye fan, but this little girl is adorable! And the whole car seat thing….my son rode front-facing before he was her age. It depends on the size of the kid. Relax….I’m sure they don’t want anything to happens to their child anymore than you want something to happen to yours!

Anonymous on

Ugliest kid ever!

Ndjpbp on

It makes me crazy when kids are not buckled into their car seats properly. Chest clip is too low and those straps are not tight enough.

jeanlund on

Interracial babies are the cutest dang babies–she is flawless! ❤

Lexie on

This little girl is adorable, no doubt. Why do we see pictures of her though when they’ve quit showing pictures of other celebrities kids? Like Jennifer Garner’s, and Katie Holmes daughter, Suri.

I thought there was something passed that their kids weren’t supposed to be photographed anymore.

Emily on

Amy- why would you freely admit to putting your child in danger and likely breaking the law to do so? Look up internal decapitation. Babies, by most state laws, have to be rear facing until they hit one year AND 20 lbs. at least! It is reccomended to keep them rear facing until 2 (and beyond!). Weight is not the only factor’s about neck/muscle control and it’s been proven time and time again that rear facing saves lives.

End rant.

Tara on

How sad is it that the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture is that they probably don’t release pics of North smiling because they think she’s not as cute when she is smiling….because clearly looks are the most important thing.

Olivia on

She is cute but unfortunate!! Too bad she has morons for parents.

kathy from fla on

North is adorable! Just sorry she has the parents she has!

And on

While it’s nice to see North in seemingly normal kid clothes having seemingly normal kid fun, notice that neither of her parents are in any of the pictures? If it were me, I would have pictures of myself with the child, at least one. Just strikes me as a bit odd.

Charlie on

I’m surprised she is not dressed in black.


They actually let her have a basket with color! There has been a disturbance in The Force!

Jen on


All children are recommended to ride rear facing until AT LEAST the age of 2. My daughter sat rear facing until she was nearly three and only turned around because she reached the rear facing weight limit, which is how it should be.

If you’re child is below the rear facing weight limit, and their at at least an inch above your child’s head, they fit. End of story. Children are so much safer sitting rear facing. In countries like Sweden, children often ride rear facing until the age of 5 and their child fatalities from car accidents is literally in the single digits.

Not only that, but North is not even bucked in correctly. Her straps are loose and the chest clip is far below where it should be. That automatically lowers her safety level in the event of an accident, even a minor one.

It’s not a parenting issue, it’s safety issue.

Marilyn on

Glad she’s not in black for once.

Hello Kitty on

She is wearing a white shirt and the shorts are blue denim….dressed gender neutral instead of boyish so that’s a plus! Pink basket doesn’t count as clothing. They must have pick it up last minute at Target. Must have been fresh out of black Easter baskets!

Hello Kitty on

I forgot to mention it is nice to see a pic of North smiling! The straps are disturbing me too. With all their resources Kim or whoever responsible for North that day doesn’t know basic safety for toddlers.

gina stoll on


Vanessa on

cutie but the loose carseat straps are just driving me nuts. Please tighten the straps when putting your kiddos in their carseats, it’s what will save their lives in case of an accident!

Shirley on

Finally a photo with North smiling. Adorable! Does Kim really look like she wants to be pregnant again? Trying to shrink her waist is all she cares about.

Mandi on

I bet she’ll name her next one South…mark my words.

Angie on

She does smile. Which is nice to see for a change. Also the fact that she is actually in appropriate kid clothes that aren’t black, leather, and see through for something like this. Maybe her parents will finally realize she needs to do something other than fashion shows and gaining frequent flyer miles. She looks like a kid for a change which is nice to see

Jennifer on

I am no way a Kardashian/West fan, however, each time an article about this child is published, I read the most ridiculous things. Her eyebrows are waxed, her parents don’t take care of her, all she wears is black…This is all presumptuous speculation. We see very few pictures of this child in reality.

North is a beautiful child, who doesn’t deserve to have people calling her ugly, regardless of how you feel about her parents.

Kaitlin on

To all of you commenting about the straps not being tight etc… Maybe North was happy and smiling and Kim took the picture BEFORE she finished buckling her in!?!?! It could happen. My niece always has loose straps/low chest clip when we first put her in, and then it gets adjusted to make it safe… I know my sister has stopped to take a photo when she’s in the seat but not properly buckled since she’s doing something cute etc.

Think about stuff like that before you post – I’m sure Kim and Kanye keep her safe.

charlotte on

Surprised her easter basket isn’t black, white or gray! cute little girl, with a cute little pink easter basket, as it should be. Now perhaps her mother will put some color on North too 😦

Mom on

Please please for the sake of your daughter’s safety visit your local CHP office or a Firehouse on proper car seat safety.

Dee on

Notice Kim isn’t in in ANY OF these pictures as she wasn’t even there, the nanny was. She is a horrible mother and should just drop her off at a fire station.

susanna lynn on

who cares about these people??? if you do, why???!!!!